Hadoop is an open-source software platform that supports the distributed processing of large datasets across clusters of computers, enabling organizations to store and analyze unstructured data quickly and accurately. With the help of a Hadoop Consultant, this powerful software can scale your data architecture and allow organizations to capture, store, process and organize large volumes of data. Hadoop offers a variety of features including scalability, high availability and fault tolerance.

Having an experienced Hadoop Consultant at your side can help develop projects that take advantage of this powerful platform and maximize your big data initiatives. Hadoop Consultants can create custom applications that integrate with your existing infrastructure to help you accelerate analytics, process large amounts of web data, load different levels of insights from unstructured sources like internal emails, log files, streaming social media data and more for a wide variety of use cases.

Here’s some projects our expert Hadoop Consultant created using this platform:

  • Desgined arrays of algorithms to support spring boot and microservices
  • Wrote code to efficiently process unstructured text data
  • Built python programs for parallel breadth-first search executions
  • Used Scala to create machine learning solutions with Big Data integration
  • Developed recommendation systems as part of a tailored solution for customer profiles
  • Constructed applications which profiled and cleaned data using MapReduce with Java
  • Created dashboards in Tableau displaying various visualizations based on Big Data Analytics

Thanks to the capabilities offered by Hadoop, businesses can quickly gain insights from their unstructured dataset. With the power of this robust platform at their fingertips, Freelancer clients have access to professionals who bring the experience necessary to build solutions from the platform. You too can take advantage of these benefits - simply post your Hadoop project on Freelancer and hire your own expert Hadoop Consultant today!

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    Require ETL script to be written in Python /Django Task :Pull data from source and transform it into desired response API endpoint would be final delivery

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    I'm currently seeking a Hadoop Professional with strong expertise in Pyspark for a multi-faceted project. Your responsibilities will extend to but not limited to: - Data analysis: You'll be working with diverse datasets including customer data, sales data and sensor data. Your role will involve deciphering this data, identifying key patterns and drawing out impactful insights. - Data processing: A major part of this role will be processing the mentioned datasets, and preparing them effectively for analysis. - Performance optimization: The ultimate aim is to enhance our customer targeting, boost sales revenue and identify patterns in sensor data. Utilizing your skills to optimize performance in these sectors will be highly appreciated. The ideal candidate will be skilled in Ha...

    $3528 (Avg Bid)
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    AWS Lex V2 & OpenSearch Tutor 2 天 left

    I'm seeking an expert who can share their knowledge with me (screen share and teams call) on how to effectively customize a Q&A bot solution () that I have successfully deployed. Although the implementation is up and running, I'm struggling with how to tailor it to my specific needs. **Specific Learning Goals:** - **Collecting User Data**: Specifically, gathering and storing users’ phone numbers in DynamoDB. Need to understand the working and function of each resource. **Ideal Skills and Experience for the Job:** - Proficient in AWS Lex V2 and OpenSearch. - Experience in building and customizing conversational bots. - In-depth knowledge of AWS services, particularly Lex, DynamoDB, and Lambda. - Ability to teach and explain concepts clearly via screen sharing. - Pre...

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    I'm launching an extensive project that needs a proficient expert in Google Cloud Platform (including BigQuery, GCS, Airflow/Composer), Hadoop, Java, Python, and Splunk. The selected candidate should display exemplary skills in these tools, and offer long-term support. Key Responsibilities: - Data analysis and reporting - Application development - Log monitoring and analysis Skills Requirements: - Google Cloud Platform (BigQuery, GCS, Airflow/Composer) - Hadoop - Java - Python - Splunk The data size is unknown at the moment, but proficiency in managing large datasets will be advantageous. Please place your bid taking into account all these factors. Your prior experience handling similar projects will be a plus. I look forward to working with a dedicated and knowledgeable indi...

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