Housework encompasses the multitude of difficult tasks, demands, and errands that appear in one's life. From sweeping and mopping your floors to handling the laundry and even organizing closets and storage, a Houseworker is ready to tackle it all. They can also take tasks off your hands like grocery shopping, pet sitting, and general errand running. Whether you need a little help sprucing up your home or simply don't have the time to clean your messes - our experienced Houseworkers are there to tackle any task that needs doing.

Here's some projects that our expert Houseworkers made real:

  • Organizing or cleaning new and existing spaces
  • Collecting samples for different activities
  • Making arrangements for errands or grocery shopping
  • Monitoring merchandising setups
  • Proctoring urine specimen tests
  • Carrying out pet sitting tasks

No matter the size or scale of the job you need done - from small upkeep projects to complex organizational chores - our Houseworkers are well-versed in tackling each and every task you have. We invite you start a new project and hire a Houseworker on today! Our experienced team has proven themselves capable of taking on any challenge head on - no mess or task is too big or too small for our Houseworkers!

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    I'm urgently seeking a skilled and experienced carpet cleaning instructor to lead sessions with groups of less than 10 individuals. Your main responsibilities include: - Instructing participants on deep carpet cleaning techniques. - Sharing your in-depth knowledge of different carpet types. - Demonstrating the proper use of various carpet cleaning equipment. You must be able to work swiftly and effectively, as I need this project completed as soon as possible. Ideal candidates will have: - Extensive experience in the carpet cleaning industry. - A strong understanding of different carpet materials. - Proven experience in using various carpet cleaning equipment. - Excellent communication and teaching skills. Your role is crucial, as you will be responsible for imparti...

    min $390 / hr
    min $390 / hr
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