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An illustration refers to visualization as in a painting, photograph or other art work. Illustrations aim to elucidate information conveyed in text format (such as a newspaper article, poem or story). The visual representation provided by illustrations greatly aid understanding and comprehension by the reader. You can hire artists, painters and photographers for illustrating your concept article or write-up. Professional illustrators sometimes work as freelancers and you can find them right here. Simply post a job today to find them!

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    I need a logo for my business Tekskillup. In .ai , . PNG formats

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    League of legends art 6 天 left

    I have a friend obsessed with dr. Mundo from league of legends and the McRib. Can you draw him eating a McRib? Does not have to be incredibly detailed, just a bit of a cheap gag gift

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    I need a simple cartoon graphic of a 'fruit fly' or 'fungus gnat' (see attached images for reference)

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    Pour une boutique e-commerce, nous recherchons quelqu'un pour dessiner un produit en photo réaliste. Il y aura plusieurs visuels à créer. Voir la photo du produit à reproduire. Nous écrire pour plus d'infos.

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    Evoke Care - Children Care agency Flow chart needed on step by step guide for absent, missing and absconded children. Content is ready

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    need a visual, see text file for details

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    El proyecto es una web de visibilizacion de artistas que busca resignificar la remuneración que reciben a través de un símbolo como una tacita de té o café. Necesito un dibujo de una sola línea de una tacita. Es para el logo.

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    Develop a book series and then tabletop and electronic games about a small group of summer kids who get together to have adventures and go on quests.

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    Paxton's Paws Children's Book 6 天 left

    A 12-page children's book about the misadventures of an Old English Sheepdog named Paxton. Looking for line illustrations that can be watercolor or strict B&W line drawings Attachments include proposed illustrations to illustrate the story. Story about a dog who years to go out and play with the children. Wanders off into the woods and gets lost, then returns home.

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    I am looking for DIGITAL artists who can create custom japanese tattoo designs in black & grey shading. I would like similar illustration to these examples with japanese art. Refer to 'EXAMPLE LAYOUT' for the design shape / example layout.

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    nous sommes un binome d'attachés de recherche clinique , qui sommes spécialisés dans les dispositifs médicaux .

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    Custom map 6 天 left

    Hello! Our client wants a custom map for their new website. The map will be programmed to be interactive and display additional information. - Create English version only - Build in different layers - Provide vectoriel files (especially typo) - Keep original colours - Keep all elements and information currently present Add the following elements in layers: - Metro lines - Transcanadian highway...

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    I need illustrations done for a children´s book. Tooth Fairy, Tooth Mouse, a hamster and twin six year olds. Limited budget I am afraid.

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    Bear face 6 天 left

    I want a bear face ? that doesn’t look evil but more on the friendly side biting down on the words Rare Breed with a halo above the bear head.

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    Clothing/Streetwear A subtle logo, French style writing maybe

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    We are looking for graphic designed using Adobe Illustrator using vectors

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    I am looking for an illustrator to work along side an Audiobook production company

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    Trophy icon Design an anime girl 6 天 left

    Design an anime girl according to the below points. 1. The dress needs to be like the attached picture. (In a s*xy way) 2. The anime must look shy 3. Upper body(b*bs) must be big, as well as the back(A$$) 4. Must need to show the legs 5. You are free to select any pose (As long as it looks h*ot) DO NOT COPY THE ATTACHMENT, It is just for the dress reference.

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    Trophy icon Reading between the lions 2 天 left

    I need a black only design that shows a man reading a book between 2 lions and the sentence “Reading between the lions” written underneath. This will be printed on a white shirt to give as a present to a 35 year old guy. Attached is version from kids clothing to give you an idea, but I want something simple and only in black ink. Thank you

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    We are lunching a new business that concerns technologies for Motorsport focused on telemetry and data science for vehicles involved in road racing competitions. We need a new logo that should represents the car telematic solution. It should be composed by the name Zigliani and the concept of Internet of Things, Data Science and Motorsport. It should be clean, serious and it should clearly identi...

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    Logo for the creation company of TELECOMMUNICATIONS NETWORKS Name that should appear on the Logo: JuicyMountain - Telecomunicações (tagline) Symbol: Related to telecommunications networks ... wire towers ... something like that. Good job everyone

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    Trophy icon Logo to be refreshed 9 天 left

    Hi there. I own a very busy cafe that is located in a garden centre in Sydney New South Wales. that serves fabulous coffee and food. I took over this business nearly 3 years ago and with a lot of hard work and time have turned it around to be very successful. With the planning of renovations i have decided I want the logo refreshed also. Ideally i want something symbolic of 'two birds&#...

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    Trophy icon May I Pet Your Triceratops 13 天 left

    I wrote a children's book with my son. Looking for an illustrator. Contest is for one page. Subsequent contract would be for the whole book (~10 pages). I'll upload some of the copy and direction shortly.

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    For an e-commerce business we will launch a new product. This product is in the baby niche and is a eco refill that can be used for certain types of diaper thrash bins. I currently have 4 of these new product launches in the baby niche planned in the upcoming weeks, I'm looking for someone who is reliable and can get this work done in a timely, qualitative way. This will be a first test to fi...

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    We sell a handwashing station: [登录来查看链接] We need a drawing of Santa standing by his sleigh, washing his hands with a ShoulderSink (it can be red also)... hose down with the hands under the water, looking up and smiling to the viewer ... And the text " We wash you a Merry Christmas!" Maybe ShoulderSink as a signature below (maybe one with and one with out this). A little inspiration e...

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    After a logo My business is concrete and building

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    I want to create a white crew neck sweatshirt that reads “we all try”. MINIMAL feel, STENCIL, black and white, should feel hopeful, development like, growth, happy. I like the idea of plants maybe plants growing in stages? But I’m open to anything to wherever your mind take you. I want it to read “We All Try” in text font, separate from the image. I’m plannin...

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    Each person takes 8 outdoor images at different background and with different postures.2 of the photos shall be taking on the front, 4 on the side and 2 on the back. - Most of the pictures shall be taken from 3-7meters away. The person in the picture who is too far to see is not acceptable. - Photos taken at night outdoor with weak light. Taking pictures outdoor at night should be cl...

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    Trophy icon Draw a Fictional Character 6 天 left

    I have written a series of children's books about a squirrel called Squirrel McNaughty. To begin with, I need one illustration of the character. In the future i will need an illustrator to illustrate various pages of the books. For this first illustration i just need Squirrel McNaughty standing upright with a tartan vest and a knapsack on a pole over his shoulder. The Knapsack to be the sam...

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    Trophy icon Logo for Ramraika 6 天 left

    Need a royal look logo for the promoters of my company. The last name is Ramraika. The logo should have R as the letter along with Ramraika wrote alongside or below or anywhere. Aesthetically should look very royal. The logo must resemble royal style & looks. It must have a luxurious feel. CDR files to be submitted

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    It is called "Shaping Tea" and is a special blend of tea leaves for health, fitness and weight loss. Attached are some images for reference...Please create something unique and memorable. Thank you. @Mike

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    Ich suche einen Designer für zusammenarbeit. Ich brauche ein Templet welches zu Gestaltung von personalisierten Bilder gebraucht wird. Ich möchte gerne Fitness ideale ( z.b schlanker Frauen Körper oder gut gebauter Männer Körper) in verschiedenen Graden ( Topmodel schlank , durchschnitt schlank, durchschnittlich breit gebaut oder sehr breit wie ein Bodybuilder gebaut ) ...

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    Trophy icon >30 second cartoon ad 13 天 left

    My name is Jessy Long and I'm the founder of Yo Bro Eco. We're creating a short animated advertisement (less than 30 seconds) to run on social media platforms. Below is the script (2 characters). It's important the mouths of the characters somewhat reflect the words they are using. Voices must be included as well (english). Imagine an animated turtle (male character) swimming t...

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    Dementia has reached epidemic proportions worldwide . In Ontario Canada alone, there are more than 255,000 people living with dementia. It is touching a lot of lives. In my line of work, I meet a lot of individuals who do not fully grasp the dementia journey through to the end. Every painful stage is a surprise and quite confusing for them. This is why I decided to draw from my experience of carin...

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    Bonjour , j'aimerais simplement une illustration de type couverture Youtube , nous représentant moi et mon chien avec un court texte. ( la photo est simplement à type d'exemple)

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    Hi! This is not for a business just a personal gift and I thought I would give this site a shot! My grandpa used to always tell my brother and I "Sammy the Squirrel" stories. I'd love for an artist to design a Sammy the Squirrel comic book cover that I could frame and give him for Christmas. There are a couple small details I'd like to include in the distant background- 4 peop...

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    Simple Caricature Sketch 6 天 left

    I want a simple caricature / sketch or cartoon to put on a fun greetings cards. Similar to the funny greeting cards, I have a sketch in mind and need someone to do the cartoon or caricature. It will be: - a bunch of boys standing in front of a juice shop - free and easy. You can even sketch it on paper and scan high res and send me. For me to select a freelancer; show me past similar work...

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    I've written a children's book (for ages 3 to 10) about traditional foods from around the world.

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    Trophy icon Athena's Playground Needs a Logo 6 天 left

    Athena's playground is a skill building platform. Looking for a logo that incorporates the name and tree of life imagery. Athena was the goddess of wisdom in Greek Mythology so potentially owl imagery could work as well. Think of orange for energy and brighter lighter greens for growth as part of the color palette. Perhaps a purple. Want something innovative that will appeal to a millennial a...

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    Trophy icon I need a new logo 8 小时 left

    I run a crystal shop online, we have a soft and somewhat hedgewitch vibes. Name is " Peabody's Paradise Crystals " Our 2 mascots are our cats 1 is a black oriental shorthair - Larger 1 is a blue seal point sphynx - Smaller photos of those breeds on google are true to what they look like Something simple and clean is more the style i am hoping to go with that can be easy to understa...

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    neon blue font 6 天 left

    Looking to make a neon blue font that says 1-1-21 Thats it....need it ASAP I only have $20 for it

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    Necesito un logo para una tienda de infusiones medicinales orgánicas. El nombre de la tienda es Azahares Sagrados (imagen 1), y me gustaría que el logo incluyera el dibujo de unas flores de azahar y unas naranjas, ya sea cortadas o en una rama (similares a las de la imagen 2). Quisiera un diseño sencillo, con o sin relleno (similares a los de la imagen 3), mientras no tenga mu...

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    Vectorize / logos / letters 6 天 left

    Hello, I need to fix / optimize these logos and letters, in one of the logos of the bear, the bear I need to turn around, I'll show you. pain

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    I have a logo for my restaurant. But I want to make some shirts with the logo in the style of a hockey teams logo. Instead of “Mighty Ducks”. I want one to say “Bird Talk” .And on the other one instead of “mighty ducks of Anaheim” I want it to say “Bird Talk of Los Angeles”

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    We need to transform these pictures to Van Gogh style paintings or designs

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    Trophy icon LOGO for Brand 6 天 left

    I want to do a competition for $150 we need a logo for a social media page / website named "Literally Throwbacks" Things I am looking for: - Our pages and websites will be posting throwback funny viral content from Vine, Youtube, Facebook and, Instagram. - We are looking for a late 90s and 2000s type of logo and colors (see below for examples) - Portray Fun - Nostalgia - Energy - Relat...

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    A work colleague is leaving and we'd like to present her with a caricature of her, with a few objects in the background that represent her time here at the company. Nothing too busy though, keeping it simple.

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    Trophy icon Sachawon Character Design 19 天 left

    Hello artists! My name is Angus and I want to start a streaming channel. This is to be my first attempt at the venture and I've been captivated by the Vtuber Phenomenon, anime-style personas that act as an avatar for streaming, videos and other virtual entertainment. However, the character I have in my head needs to be more defined before I want to commit to commissioning a model and get it ...

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    Trophy icon In need of a business logo 2 天 left

    Name of the business is Seventh Son Capital. I would like some play on the number 7 as my identifier symbol. Also some creativity with [Son/Sun]. Full name incorporated.

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