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An illustration refers to visualization as in a painting, photograph or other art work. Illustrations aim to elucidate information conveyed in text format (such as a newspaper article, poem or story). The visual representation provided by illustrations greatly aid understanding and comprehension by the reader. You can hire artists, painters and photographers for illustrating your concept article or write-up. Professional illustrators sometimes work as freelancers and you can find them right here. Simply post a job today to find them!

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    poster art for our hot air balloon festival june 19-20-2021 [登录来查看链接] would like something like this with everything line drawn in black and the balloons in color

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    Trophy icon A logo for a cosmetic app 6 天 left

    I need an experienced logo designer to design an e-commerce logo called "Mia Chery" which sells stuffs online. The background logo should be in red and the text in white.

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    Trophy icon PlayLikePoo Logo 6 天 left

    My son is launching a YouTube channel and needs a logo. His YouTube name and gamer name is "Play Like Poo", but he has it in camel case like this PlayLikePoo. The logo will need to be in camel case PlayLikePoo He wants the logo to be highly visible in the colors of his Fortnite character skin Guff (see attached [登录来查看链接] and [登录来查看链接]). One version of logo in Guff blue and one version...

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    Looking to create an ABC's of Colorado Springs Poster. "painted" / cartoon pictures VS real pictures that represent each letter of the Alphabet...A-Air Force Academy, B-The Broadmoor, C-Cheyenne Canon etc etc

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    I need an 80's themed creation also themed around Call of Duty Warzone and some things such as guns/characters/and landmarks that might be recognizable. This piece will be put on shirts so it does not need to be too big. but I would like to have it in black and white value (grayscale with shading). This design I want inspired by the attached image, and want it to look like it was painted or d...

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    Trophy icon Highly Visible Social Media Icon 6 天 left

    My son needs an icon for his YouTube channel he is launching soon. His YouTube name is PlayLikePoo and he is a Fortnite gamer. Need the poop icon to stand out brighter than the rainbow poop emoji attached. He needs it to be highly visible and lure people to want to click on it. The icon needed will the "poop" emoji (see [登录来查看链接] attached). He wants it to match his Guff skin on Fo...

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    Looking for a cool colorful logo with an Arizona Design. Company: 480 [登录来查看链接] I would like 480 large on top and stickers underneath with the .com sideways at the end of the s Please include colorful yet basic design. I have attached logo that I love, please do not copy, change it up

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    Architecture design samples 6 天 left

    i need 100 picture for home design to be used in social media

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    Trophy icon Convert logo to vector 6 天 left

    Please convert this jpeg logo to an adobe illustrator vector for screen printing.

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    Turn my two characters in pixelated pokemon style graphics. Background id like to be synthwave style. Should look just like 3rd generation pokemon battle. I uploaded assets for reference

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    Caricature for two people to resemble actual persons.

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    Doodly style video for dental clinics. Change logo at end for other dental clinics.

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    Hello! I am a small business owner looking to expand my brand by employing a regular artist to create for me. I run "Mountain Momma Prints" which is a literature and play-based learning company. I create learning printables for homeschooling families, and within that use a LOT of art to make them fun, engaging, and honestly, just beautiful. So far I have been purchasing packs of clipart ...

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    Trophy icon Consulting Logo 13 天 left

    Need help creating a logo and style guide for a bee consulting/professional services firm. The logo should incorporate the concept that money expires, time is money, or a play off of a clock or timing. Needs to be simple and project high end or luxury, not overly cartoon. Focus is on travel, hospitality (casino, resort, hotel) business. Name of the company: B & C Associates

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    Hi Need to make one image a prototype is ready. Need someone to quickly do it now in 1 hour. Would corel or illustrator file. [Removed by]

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    We are a small publishing house seeking an illustrator to provide a painting of at least A3 size (possibly a bit larger) for a new book on Cuban cigars. Ideally this will be a painting but may potentially be a digital illustration depending on rates. We are looking for someone who can create a 'vista' in the style of those on vintage cigar boxes. Specific details of the image can be prov...

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    I am working on a book series called "Specials", about super heroes versus Demons and other demonic antagonists. While I do not require are for the other books yet or the other art in this book, this project only requires Cover Art for the first book. The cover would require art of the main characters: Kano, a 21 year old male, who is a moderate build of a man with brown hair and has n...

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    Trophy icon Design a Logo 6 天 left

    The Poay Clan is the name. We're an african american family of five... and we need a logo. Dad, mom, son 14, daughters 13 and 7. Would like a family friendly logo, based on life, faith, and fun. As far as color we are open. Would like some type of characters included that represent each member of our family.

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    Trophy icon Nueleafhealth 6 天 left

    I have a health and skincare company called "Nueleafhealth & Skincare". I would like a logo made that embodies both health and skincare. I would like the logo to stand out and in color and design.

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    Looking for good logo for Tagline is "Data-Driven Factual Validation of News"

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    Redraw a Logo -- 3 6 天 left

    I need a professional designer to redraw attached logo and send it in AI, JPG, PNG format using attached font for Arabic and English words.

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    Trophy icon Contest to create a logo 13 天 left

    My theme and company name is Age Reversal Now. Basic colors - gold and black - perhaps some red or reddish-brown to contrast the gold color. The gold should glow and shimmer like the metal - not just yellow-orange color. I imagine a dragon whose body forms a circle, his tail reaching his open mouth. He is about to eat "AGE". HE has large wings and hind legs (no front legs) that are pushi...

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    Creating a graphic for the Higher Self Expo event, "Where Science Meets Spirituality" Graphic needs to include elements that represents both science and spirituality, and the merging of the two concepts. My go-to graphic designer is unable to do the work suddenly, so I need someone able to work quickly.

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    Looking for a logo design for a car wash service. The name of the venture is Crystal Clean. The logo can include the name or exclude it. The logo shall represent the illustration of a crystal & link it to cleanliness / shining / polishing /sparkle / bubbles or any relevant car wash aspects. The color palettes are Pink/Purple/Teal (Cotton Candy Colors) Logo needs to be original work and not an...

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    Ich suche jemand der zeitnahe und kostengünstig eine Visualisierung / Rendering von Wohngebäuden bzw. Plänen erstellen kann. Spezifisch Immobiliensektor. Fotos und Pläne liegen vor. Vorab wäre eine Referenz sinnvoll, damit wir sehen können, ob die Dienstleistung so passt wie gefordert.

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    need a clean, stylised logo for a fly fishing education company. Easily reproducible on hats, books, keychains, t-shirts, etc. The name is Fly Fishing for Leadership. Check out our website at [登录来查看链接]

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    This logo is for a trucking company. SMC Smokey Mountain Carriers LLC.. They are wanting maybe a simple mountain scene in the background of logo, maybe a moonshine steel. The Smokey Mountains are in the state of Tennessee and North Carolina. They requested NO square box looking fonts. They want the SMC over top of the name Smokey Mountain Carriers and under that put King, NC

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    Grassroot company seeking a talented artist to work on project that consist of illustrating a 24 page (including book cover) children's book then bringing the story to life through animation. This will be a 2 part project. Please provide samples of your illustration and animation. Thank you. Person hired must be: - Organized with good time management - Communicate clearly - Knowledgeable of ...

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    Looking for a graphics designer to create graphics and illustrations for a trading website.

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    Trophy icon I would like to create 2 logos 6 天 left

    I would like to design 2 logos for healthy snacking syrups. 1- Brand name "Alternative", it is a sugar free liquid sweetener for desert topping (pancake, Kunafa, etc...), the idea is it is a syrup dropping. 2= Brand name "Binding", it is a sugar free binding agent (thick slightly yellow material like syrup or thick honey, to bind the food ingredients together such as nuts b...

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    We're a lodge in Norway that offers year round activities, from fly fishing in the summer to dog sledding in the winter. We need a few different things: - Simple illustrated maps of our location / facilities (we have a lodge, cabin, fishing spots on site). - Simple illustrated icons for our pinned instagram stories & leaflets Find out more about us on our website [登录来查看链接]

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    Trophy icon Shark Tattoo 13 天 left

    Hi, I would like to create an illustration for a nurse shark tattoo. I've attached an image of where it will go (forearm) where there is a scar so I would like for it to work within the tattoo to sort of hide it. The tattoo example is cool, but I am hoping for more of a side view a bit like the other images attached. Looking for detail. Thanks!

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    Hello! About the project: - I need 10 illustration designs/week (with the graphic made from scratch) in the AI or EPS (Adobe Illustrator compatible) format or a similar format (vector); drawings will be, usually, niche-specific (animals doing sports, passions, or a combination of them). - each illustration will have a graphic and a text or quote. - I will give the topic of the book and some clea...

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    We are a uniform and textile company and we do outsource a few major projects to a third party. As the third party's manufacturing unit's name is not the same as our company "Fabrica", we want to have a few long stickers to put on the walls inside their unit. The vision behind the sticker is to inform anyone entering the unit to see our brand name and realize its originality ...

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    I'm looking for an artist for a 3 issue crowdfunded series. I am a published comic book writer. Prefer traditional media, brush and ink. Looking for someone with their own style: think European artists of the 70s - Mike McMahon, Fred Beltran, Georges Bess, Enki Bilal, François Boucq, Claire Bretécher, Florence Cestac, Nicolas De Crecy, Philippe Druillet, André Juillard...

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    Hello! About the project: - for each project, I need 40 illustrations for coloring in the AI or EPS (Adobe Illustrator compatible) format or a similar format (vector); drawings will be, usually, niche-specific ( animals doing sports, cars, or a combination of them). - each illustration consists of outline shapes made of black lines that can be colored; - I will give the topic of the book and som...

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    We are an educational publisher established for over 30 years. We are building sets of graphic novel readers on content related to education but presented in a low-literacy and graphic novel framework. The story board and text are being done by ourselves and we need a graphic novel illustrator to interpret and follow correctly. It is a substantial length of continuous work. Fluency in English and ...

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    Craft Case 6 天 left

    The Craft Case company deals with the construction of plywood transport boxes for lighting devices, sound mixers. concert industry

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    MULTIPULE WINNERS WILL BE SELECTED Will be paying up to $10 - 25AUD per image If you submit content not bases on the below options it will not be considered. I need 4 Images bases on the below: Company: [登录来查看链接] 1. Electrical Surround Sound Systems Installation - Make sure you use Australian Images - Make sure website & phone number, and logo on the image - Free Creation - Add your ...

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    Hello I am wondering what sort of price range I would be looking at to have an cartoon animation made for the attached audio comedy sketch. Many Thanks Jacob Hutchinson

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    Hi. We have a not for profit organisation that supports people with Aspergers (Autism) called Aspies: Find Your Tribe. We have a mock up (uploaded) of a logo that we want, however we need designs for the faces, which we might want to change on occasions to reflect things like women's week, children's week, etc. We would like the faces to be cute and colourful. In more detail: - The h...

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    I would like to have a 2D animated modern looking hourglass where it looks like a picture goes in the top, and another one comes out the bottom. So as the top picture is disappearing into sand, the bottom picture is forming. I will attach a picture with the idea of what I am looking at. It is a 1D picture. You can see the picture of the trees go in the top, and are replaced by the city scape. I ...

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    It is an artistic institution that produces works in theater and television, and the reason for its name is that we are attributed to the black tiger and also the Panther - Classic Plus Dolly - Panther GmbH device, and now we want to develop the logo to keep pace with time and development in modern times, and we want to integrate the black tiger into the device in a professional logo. Using the lo...

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    Hi, I am looking for a custom digital illustration of my town skyline to put on a wall vinyl 13 x 9 foot dimensions. I will attach below an example of what i want.

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    A newly made game that needs a fresh graphics, looking for a person to produce framemaps for characters wearing different clothing. Already have a basic designs just need an expert to finish it off,

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    Trophy icon Learn Sticker (alphabet) 4 天 left

    We are looking for a round sticker for kids (8,5cm ) about the theme LEARNING (learning the alphabet). The sticker will be used as a gift when you buy a learning book. Thank you for the ideas. Wir suchen zum Thema LERNEN einen runden Kindersticker (8,5 cm Durchmesser). Der Sticker sollte zu diversen Büchern zum Thema Lernen und Schule gratis beigelegt werden. Wir freuen uns auf Vorschlä...

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    We need three pictograms (single color silouhettes) that explain how to use (hold in hand) an object made of cardboard. The picograms should help the customer holding the object in the right way. They will be printed on one side of the object with a text like "use me this way...". In the attached pictures you can see four steps of usage, but they must be reduced to three. Produced can be...

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    Trophy icon I need a logo for a donut shop 6 天 left

    Wolf & Leo's Hi, The brand name is: Wolf & Leo's (Our kids' names) Strap Line: Crazy Little Donuts Our concept is unique because we will serve hot, delicious, uniquely sugared donuts made fresh in front of our customers, with seasonal homemade dipping sauces and/or topped with fruit. Our fresh ingredients combined with unique combinations and innovative cooking methods mak...

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    Looking to illustrator to create about 60 images. Must be whimsical fairies. I will be able to tell you the requirements of all images. Happy to negotiate on price on what works for both of us. Either hourly or fixed price. would need to sign a confidentiality agreement. To keep the work private and confidential. Must be rich bright colours, magical images

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    Trophy icon Logo design 29 天 left

    Need three logos for a family entertainment center (arcade, mini golf, race cars, etc.) next to a waterpark; think Dave and Busters or a Boomers next Raging Waters. The fun center is called The Reef, the waterpark is Waterworld Adventure. The themeing of the waterpark will be pirate/shipwreck and the fun center will have an underwater coral reef feel to it. Separate logos will be needed for each p...

    $776 (Avg Bid)
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