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Adobe Illustrator is a vector graphic editing software package from Adobe Systems. An illustrator also refers to a graphic artist who specializes in providing visual representations of the content of a text. The illustration is intended to clarify concepts described literally in the copy. If your business needs help with Illustrator software or the process of making illustrations, then you can get the help of freelance experts for the same.

Start bidding on Illustrator jobs if you are creative, professional, and talented. offers you many clients that need your help with Illustrator designs, Illustrator logo, cartoon Illustrator, vector Illustrator, and children\'s book Illustrator.

If you believe you can do that, then start bidding on Illustrator projects and get paid with an average of $200 per project depending on the size and nature of your work.

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    I need a graphic designer who can create a logo and app icon and some graphic for my app

    $1281 (Avg Bid)
    $1281 平均报价
    2 个竞标

    Urgently requiring styled furniture images put into empty room backgrounds. Message me for more information please

    $318 (Avg Bid)
    $318 平均报价
    20 个竞标

    in need of colouring book cover and contents illustrated for adults including mandalas and stress relieving pictures

    $171 (Avg Bid)
    $171 平均报价
    24 个竞标
    Trophy icon Design Cute Photography Logo 6 天 left

    I am looking for something simple but pretty that i can put on my website. I want to keep it all one color, so black or white would be best. My business name is "Sydney Jane Photo".

    $155 (Avg Bid)
    36 项参赛作品
    fix this design 6 天 left

    Fix the design with the following specs. 300 DPI, PDF, CMYK, make the black color 100% black. The ad specs for the 4 Block ad: 5" x 5" inches.

    $163 (Avg Bid)
    $163 平均报价
    37 个竞标

    poster art for our hot air balloon festival june 19-20-2021 [登录来查看链接] would like something like this with everything line drawn in black and the balloons in color

    $2422 (Avg Bid)
    $2422 平均报价
    34 个竞标
    Trophy icon A logo for a cosmetic app 6 天 left

    I need an experienced logo designer to design an e-commerce logo called "Mia Chery" which sells stuffs online. The background logo should be in red and the text in white.

    $776 (Avg Bid)
    37 项参赛作品
    Trophy icon Billion Man March 4 天 left

    This march is to save the planet. Ecofriendly, stop the pollution. Want to get 1 Billion People Marching for a Carbon Neutral Planet. Save the Planet.

    $388 (Avg Bid)
    5 项参赛作品

    Preciso de uma logotipo e identidade visual para receituário e prontuários, um design moderno utilizando as iniciais do meu nome.

    $520 (Avg Bid)
    $520 平均报价
    32 个竞标
    Trophy icon PlayLikePoo Logo 6 天 left

    My son is launching a YouTube channel and needs a logo. His YouTube name and gamer name is "Play Like Poo", but he has it in camel case like this PlayLikePoo. The logo will need to be in camel case PlayLikePoo He wants the logo to be highly visible in the colors of his Fortnite character skin Guff (see attached [登录来查看链接] and [登录来查看链接]). One version of logo in Guff blue and one version...

    $776 (Avg Bid)
    17 项参赛作品

    Looking to create an ABC's of Colorado Springs Poster. "painted" / cartoon pictures VS real pictures that represent each letter of the Alphabet...A-Air Force Academy, B-The Broadmoor, C-Cheyenne Canon etc etc

    $6708 (Avg Bid)
    $6708 平均报价
    22 个竞标

    I need an 80's themed creation also themed around Call of Duty Warzone and some things such as guns/characters/and landmarks that might be recognizable. This piece will be put on shirts so it does not need to be too big. but I would like to have it in black and white value (grayscale with shading). This design I want inspired by the attached image, and want it to look like it was painted or d...

    $194 (Avg Bid)
    $194 平均报价
    8 个竞标
    Trophy icon Create a Logo 2 天 left

    We need a Logo choices for our Bakery. We are"The Vintage Bakery Company"" we need some logo choices and vector files when completed.

    $776 (Avg Bid)
    25 项参赛作品
    I need a logo designer artist 6 天 left

    We are a travel agency with the name of NT TRAVELS. We promote tours, packages, flights and hotels. We are also promoting eco tourism, green tourism and we are fighting against pollution of travel destination by tourists. We also promote adventure tourism too. We want someone to design a logo for us keeping all that in mind.

    $116 (Avg Bid)
    $116 平均报价
    21 个竞标

    Freedom Logistics is a new National logistics broker. We handle the shipping of large freight, primarily construction materials and business to business inventory. We are a veteran, minority, and women owned and operated company. Our mission is to provide outstanding service to our customers in all industries. We need a logo design that is sleek and modern. Hopefully your design is the winner.

    $776 (Avg Bid)
    35 项参赛作品

    Looking for a cool colorful logo with an Arizona Design. Company: 480 [登录来查看链接] I would like 480 large on top and stickers underneath with the .com sideways at the end of the s Please include colorful yet basic design. I have attached logo that I love, please do not copy, change it up

    $233 (Avg Bid)
    5 项参赛作品
    Logo designer 6 天 left

    I am starting new business, just want an expert who can give me nice ideas and design a logo for me

    $241 (Avg Bid)
    $241 平均报价
    74 个竞标
    Trophy icon Convert logo to vector 6 天 left

    Please convert this jpeg logo to an adobe illustrator vector for screen printing.

    $116 (Avg Bid)
    20 项参赛作品
    Trophy icon Logo contest for Confidence Call 15 天 left

    My target client is people who want to purchase a session for the sake of gaining confidence in a decision they need to make or need confidence to make an important call or a deal. The product I am selling is a coaching call. This logo needs to make the client feel confident and calm all at the same time. I picture a logo with the letters C C on it somewhere and also Confidence-Call or Confiden...

    $621 (Avg Bid)
    75 项参赛作品

    Diseñar un catalogo de los productos del negocio. Diseñar un tríptico con código QR para que los clientes se descarguen el catalogo Diseñar publicidad para imprimir en gigantografía

    $264 (Avg Bid)
    $264 平均报价
    27 个竞标

    I am a home organizer that also specializes in thorough home cleans. I need help designing a logo that I can use for advertising and possibly business cards.

    $210 (Avg Bid)
    $210 平均报价
    89 个竞标

    This is for Amazon so I need it to be a pure white background and in square shape. If it is hard to photo shop pure white around the rope don't worry about it too much... I just need the outside of the picture to flow and transition purely with a white page. Infographics. I will provide an example picture. BUT it's 4 inches on the top opening. The full disco ball width is 6 inches. Fr...

    $155 (Avg Bid)
    6 项参赛作品
    create a custom logo -- 2 6 天 left

    make a custom logo and edit it

    $210 (Avg Bid)
    $210 平均报价
    60 个竞标

    Bonsai online shop, the logo needs to be responsive and we also need at leas 3 proposes

    $163 (Avg Bid)
    $163 平均报价
    62 个竞标

    Subir informes, enlaces de eventos, flyers, noticias, artículos algo que podría tomar unos 7 días

    $893 (Avg Bid)
    $893 平均报价
    12 个竞标
    Logo creation 6 天 left

    I am starting a new business involves selling perfumed wood (bakoor) and I would like a logo design for my new small business..

    $497 (Avg Bid)
    $497 平均报价
    100 个竞标
    Create a logo 6 天 left

    We need a Logo choices for our Bakery. We are"The Vintage Bakery Company"" we need some logo choices and vector files when completed.

    $1149 (Avg Bid)
    $1149 平均报价
    115 个竞标

    Turn my two characters in pixelated pokemon style graphics. Background id like to be synthwave style. Should look just like 3rd generation pokemon battle. I uploaded assets for reference

    $1941 (Avg Bid)
    4 项参赛作品

    I’m setting up a living history group and we display at WW1 and WW2 events. We are called RK Living History and we need a logo designed for our group. I have attached an image of the rough idea we are looking for and various ideas for the logo. We would like the logo to be in an Art Deco style it also has to be able to be printed in various sizes

    $838 (Avg Bid)
    $838 平均报价
    103 个竞标
    create a custom logo 6 天 left

    make a custom logo, simple task

    $62 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $62 / hr 平均报价
    56 个竞标
    Trophy icon Create a logo 9 天 left

    Create a logo for the business, check word document for more details.

    $311 (Avg Bid)
    58 项参赛作品
    Create a logo 6 天 left

    Need a logo on social media platforms, mainly Instagram and discord. We run a stock investment group and would like a logo related to the stock market (mainly bull market)

    $225 (Avg Bid)
    $225 平均报价
    85 个竞标
    Trophy icon Logo for Docket 2 天 left

    Hi, I need logo created, with thematic of Docket. Dockets are paper form. We are making site about Dockets and we need a logo. In 512x512 px and 250x250px. No text, only logo. I uploaded some image of paper dockets if it is not clear what the Docket is. So, we need some logo with little docket picture or similar. Generally with docket thematic. On logo it can be only one docket. Maybe it will be ...

    $233 (Avg Bid)
    65 项参赛作品
    Create logo 6 天 left

    I need a event management logo branding with name fathia events with slagon of turning ideas into action

    $194 (Avg Bid)
    $194 平均报价
    75 个竞标

    Deseo diseñar un logo profesional para una empresa que vende accesorios para Automoviles, especificamente Escaners para computadora de automoviles. Adjunto un ejemplo aproximado.

    $155 (Avg Bid)
    8 项参赛作品

    Caricature for two people to resemble actual persons.

    $132 (Avg Bid)
    $132 平均报价
    7 个竞标
    Trophy icon Design attractive Logo 6 天 left

    Hello creative Designers, We need a Modern looking Logo Design for Limon Market online Food Market - Grocery store. Brand name is Limon Market if you have any questions pls feel free to ask. We will be waiting for your designs Thank You

    $155 (Avg Bid)
    63 项参赛作品

    Logo should describe professionalism with a simple and memorable sing to target audience and industry. ...

    $186 (Avg Bid)
    $186 平均报价
    55 个竞标

    Doodly style video for dental clinics. Change logo at end for other dental clinics.

    $2057 (Avg Bid)
    $2057 平均报价
    40 个竞标

    I am looking forward modern and fashionable logo designer with beautiful eye. Please share your previous works here. This is big plus to win bid. I will give same opportunity to all freelancers. Thanks.

    $2259 (Avg Bid)
    $2259 平均报价
    69 个竞标

    I am looking forward modern and fashionable web designer with beautiful eye If u have experience that design with Material UI, Ant Design is big plus. I will provide 100% clear requirement as my duty. I want this project finished by 1 ~ 3 weeks. Thanks.

    $2686 (Avg Bid)
    $2686 平均报价
    33 个竞标

    we need a good and innovative logo for our project Neuralift

    $2337 (Avg Bid)
    $2337 平均报价
    112 个竞标
    Trophy icon Instagram Logo 9 天 left

    I am a food blogger/ micro influencer & need a logo and I would really like some sort of matching circular highlights covers. Also possibly something that I could use on my blog @[登录来查看链接] is my Instagram

    $124 (Avg Bid)
    17 项参赛作品

    Szukam grafika z super wizja i doswiadczeniem, ktory pomoze mi w zaprojektowaniu okladki, wnetrza oraz skladu ksiazki o tresci zwiazanej z podrozami, lifestylem oraz filozofia pozytywnego myslenia. Ksiazka bedzie do druku, nie ebook. Jakies 40% / 50% tresci stanowic beda zdjecia. Chodzi mi o styl bardziej artystyczny niz komercjalny.

    $1708 (Avg Bid)
    $1708 平均报价
    5 个竞标

    We need a new and innovative logo for our new company

    $2306 (Avg Bid)
    $2306 平均报价
    137 个竞标

    Graphic designer needed for a music publishing logo

    $2290 (Avg Bid)
    $2290 平均报价
    113 个竞标

    I need a simple design - vector graphics for a printing company - to replace letters K and L in the attached airplane registrations by M and Z, respectively. The letters are 28 centimeters high and the replacement letters should be of the same font as those already there. Unfortunately the attached pictures are the most accurate representation I have. You will need to work within the place availab...

    $210 (Avg Bid)
    33 项参赛作品

    Logo for bottle packing and brand

    $101 (Avg Bid)
    $101 平均报价
    15 个竞标
    Trophy icon Logo for online e commerce store 2 天 left

    [登录来查看链接] is an exclusive brand that offers shoppers a variety of products from the comfort of their own home. We aim to provide clients with quality and eventually creating a loyal customer We require you to create a unique but catchy logo for us remember simplicity is beautiful but unique is something else Our theme is a light bright blue, just like the logo

    $776 (Avg Bid)
    462 项参赛作品
    Trophy icon Realtor Logo 6 天 left

    I need a logo as a realtor to use on my social media posts and advertising. I am open to using my whole name and/or my initials and no objection to some type of structure or something pertaining to a real estate. I like clean and neat. Nothing too busy. Thank you. Jami Montanari Realtor

    $194 (Avg Bid)
    59 项参赛作品