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Internet research involves searching via Internet for information. Simply put, it means looking up for something on the internet. It involves all activities channel towards the actively gathering of information from the internet for the purpose of broadening and improving one’s understanding.

Internet research provides immediate, quick, and worldwide access to a whole range of information. Though this information may be affected by some unrecognized bias, which make it difficult to verify writer's credentials and the pertinence or accuracy of the obtained information.

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    Research grants offered in Australia that I can use to establish my business/company Research grants offered in Australia. Write grant proposals to assertain funding Apply for grants In Australia Assertain $200k AUD in 6months

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    Quick research 6 天 left

    I need someone to do a quick few point research on strategies on reddit. This must be done immediately as i need it asap

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    Criar um Programa que compare odd's e linhas em diferentes casas de Apostas: Busca Nome do jogador na Pinnacle, busca todo as linha dele disponíveis ( 3 pontos, assistencias, duplo duplo, Pontos+Rebotes+assistencias.....) e depois busca e compara com as mesmas linhas na bet365, mostrando assim quais linhas estão mais diferentes. Os sites tem layouts diferentes, então teria que buscar meios de realizar tal tarefa de modo automático.

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    I have found certain documents (see attached) which I woudl really like to have researched further. They refer, in German, to my Jewish ancestry in Eastern Europe. I would appreciate a researcher investigating this in detail and I would be happy to help. I suspect that the freelancer will need a very good working knowledge of German and even Czech as my grandfater was born in Brunn in 1893. The starting point appears to be my paternal great great grandmother. I also have a family tree. I am happy to discuss an appropriate fee. Many thanks Robin Dawson I am happy to discuss a fee

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    Trophy icon Form Software Research 1 天 left

    Looking to find a form software with the following features. Currently use Typeform but it is lacking. Find me a form software I can signup for that does all of the below to complete this project. Send me a link to the platform. First one to send me a link to a platform with all of the below wins the contest. 1. Address Field Connects With Google Maps 2. Signature Field 3. Stripe Or Other Payment Processor Connection 4. Hidden Fields 5. Conditional Logic 6. Ability To Add A Button To The Form To An External Website 7. Photo + Video Upload Field That Allows User To Select A File From Their Device Or Take A Photo Or Video With It Then Adjust That Photo Or Video Into A Pre-Defined Aspect Ratio 8. Connection With Zapier

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    Website name is OLD MYSTERIES SOLVED. Topics are: What really sank the Titanic and her sister ship? (See note 1) • Who really wrote the New Testament Book of John? (See note 2) • What was the Sin of Job according to the original King James Version of the Old Testament Book of Job? (See note 3) • How were the pyramids really constructed? (See note 4) Note 1: According to a Navy AE-A School Book on gyroscopes and their many uses the Titanic had a very large gyro mounted under the fake aft Stack. The story included a cut-away view showing the gyro mounted like a bicycle wheel under the fake aft smokestack. The idea was to stabilize the ship and keep it from making people seasick. The effect of the gyro is what caused a crash as they were leaving port on that fatal voyage. ...

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    I am looking to use publicly available information to get a sense for market share among software vendors of laboratory information management systems ("LIMS") to the water utility end market. I have compiled a list of the largest 600 water utilities. What I am looking to do next is find their websites, then use advanced Google searching to try to find award letters or other references to the LIMS vendors used by these utilities. Example searches would be the following lims site: lims AND award site: lims AND water site: I have started a spread sheet (attached) where I would like to record the results. I am looking to fill out up to 4 columns per row. These columns are 1) water utility's website (or the local government's website if the water utility does not h...

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    ¡Hola! Somos un grupo de profesionales que nos dedicamos al marketing. Necesitamos contar con una persona ágil que pueda realizar labores administrativas como: - Realizar diseños con Canva - Gestionar correos electrónicos - Subir ofertas de empleo - Gestionar clientes en plataformas como Freelancer, Upwork y Fiverr - Generar contratos Entre otras tareas administrativas. Necesitamos alguien dinámico y que se pueda adaptar a diferentes tareas. Buscamos una persona ágil y a ser posible que tenga conocimientos de mecanografía. Buscamos una persona que sea independiente y pueda realizar su trabajo sin supervisión constante :) Si tienes cualquier pregunta, contáctame por el chat ! :)

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    Hi i want to buy bulk Grade D iphones from usa. Grade D is mainly iphones with cracked screen or back but fully functional. I know there are some auction houses and also wholesalers in usa that sell bulk D grade/ Repair stock of iphones. I am looking for unlocked stock so phones should not be carrier or icloud locked. My target buying prices are Iphone 11 =$100 Iphone x,XR,XS =$60- $70 Looking for someone with very good internet research skills.

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    Is a social media a threat to democracy? Argument essay, 3/4 researched sources to support your position, 1/2 researched sources to support the counter - argument, 4-5 pages, double spaced, MLA style FIRST BODY: state your 1st reason for your position and present the evidence. Use first supporting source. SECOND BODY: state your 2nd reason for your position... THIRD BODY: state your 3rd reason for your position... FOURTH BODY: state the counter argument/look at the evidence ->respond to the counter argument. Why is it wrong? ->conclusion: Review your thesis/main points and with a call to action (or some other action-oriented statement) ->work cited page

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    Part-Time Researcher (USA) 4 天 left

    Confirmis is a Singapore-based business information provider specializing in connecting businesses with global capabilities; comprised of industry veterans, Confirmis business model is designed to overcome perennial lack of data (let alone quality data) to support effective decision making, particularly in developing economies. A. Job Descriptions: This is desktop internet research work, and connect with the Former Employment The native researcher will be provided with the subject name and relevant information/documents to Conduct checks for Civil Litigation, Criminal Records & Bankruptcy, personal credit record checks, and news/social media checks and also connect with the former employment. B. Requirements: Have good research skills, and experience in internet research, ...

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    Become a long-term top data curator – 100% Remote Job! Join us to become a long-term top data curator for one of the biggest cloud computing companies in the life science industry. What’s in it for you? - Learn how to capture online available data by following specific rules within a 1-month intensive training with full pay - Advance in your ability to gather data by significantly increasing your web research skills - Follow clear Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) based on error rates and time spent on each task - Become comfortable with medical terms, degrees, specialties & workplaces - Join and integrate into an international curator base of +1200 people Job requirements: - Personal computer/laptop - Good to great internet (10 mbs +) () - Fluent English, focus on ...

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    Confirmis () is a Singapore-based business information provider specializing in connecting businesses with global capabilities; comprised of industry veterans, Confirmis business model is designed to overcome perennial lack of data (let alone quality data) to support effective decision making, particularly in developing economies. As a Site Verifier, you will be responsible for verifying a company’s existence through visual data by conducting a site visit to ensure that we provide reliable and accurate information to our client. JOB DESCRIPTION: • Conduct basic verification with the subject company’s authorized representative, such as line of business, key executives' name, etc. • Take pictures of the subject company and its vicinity, as per Confirmis&rsq...

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    I need some data for my project. What you should do is retrieve the data from the net and submit it to me. For example, I need a lot of information about table tennis rubbers. Name, country of origin, price, review, etc.

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    I'm looking for a virtual assistant to help with a variety of things related to my website related to gift giving, relationships, party ideas and more. First: You'll be helping with researching digital products that we'll be creating for our visitors. You'll need to work closely with our graphic designer. Once the digital product is ready, you'll need to upload it to our website, write the title / description & price it correctly. I'll walk you through the process. Second: I'll need your help with keyword research for new articles to write for our website. Please rate yourself from 1-10 (10=best): WordPress Internet Research Email Marketing SEO Link Building Keyword Research Writing Experience Typing - please take this typing test and includ...

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    Die Tätigkeit umfasst das Recherchieren von qualifizierten Leads (Firmendaten) aus dem Bereich Produktion (CNC/etc.) Hierzu nutzen wir die Google Suche und tragen Firmendaten wie Name, Adresse, Name Ansprechpartner, Rolle Ansprechpartner - in unser CRM (). Hierbei geht es mehr um Qualität als reine Quantität. Deutsche Sprachkenntnisse sind vorausgesetzt!

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    Customer service in Mexico 3 天 left

    I need a person to help me contact customers and update information. You would need to speak English and Spanish. You would need to be able to call customers via Skype. You would need. to research companies and people on Linkedin, google, etc. Must be confident and able to work at least 20 hours per week. DO NOT CONTACT ME UNLESS YOU LIVE IN MEXICO.

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    I would like a description/procedure for how to search for accounts on a given subject (for example politics or baseball) on each of the following social media sites. With the description, show it being used to find MATHEMATICS accounts with jpeg snips and words describing each step. 1 Facebook 2 Youtube 3 WhatsApp 4 Messenger 5 WeChat 6 Instagram 7 TikTok 8 QQ 9 Qzone 10 Sina Weibo 11 Pinterest 12 Tumblr 13 Reddit 14 Twitter 15 LinkedIn 16 Douban 17 Baidu Tieba 18 Snapchat 19 Viber 20 Discord 21 Vimeo 22 Telegam 23 Line 24 Twitch 25 Medium

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    Premise is a global research company mapping life for organizations working to improve your community. We pay people in specific countries to download our app and report on their daily life. For this particular project, we are looking for freelancers in Nuevo Leon state of Mexico who can visit Mom & Pop stores and report from the locations. We will pay USD 8 per task completed/successful visit. Send us a message for more details!

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    Need to be able to read, write, and speak english.

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    We will provide you with a book. Find pictures online and add the pictures to the book in order help readers understand the book. For example: If the book has a story about a boat accident- find pictures on google with boats crashing and add those pictures. If you do graphic design - even better

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    EMAIL LIST 2 天 left

    I need emails of small hotels in Cyprus (Greece part), Netherlands, Austria, Greece , Czech Republic, Germany, Portugal. $5 for 300 emails

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    We are creating a global macroeconomic database with data on activity, prices, external sector, markets, fiscal, debt, etc, and we are looking for economists freelancers or related in India, Korea, Czech Republic, Greece, Hungary, Poland, Turkey, Egypt, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, UAE, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, and Thailand. We need to identify the local sources of economic data for 55 topics. Some experience in economic data is recommended. See attached excel file for details. The expected outcome is: - The excel file with the URL of the website and the specific file where the data can be found. - A complimentary google doc specifying, for each topic, exactly where that data is, including screenshots and or observations if it's not straightforward. The list o...

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    An experienced researcher in needed, Who will provide interviews, studies and various information reports in various fields for international news agencies.

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    - We are looking for somebody being familiar with the Hungarian market and language. - English or German language skills are needed for the communication between you and us. - We need this person to search for companies (mostly found via internet) in Hungary who will close down due to voluntary reasons or due to insolvency reason (found via internet or maybe any Hungarian database existing?). - We are interested in purchasing all kinds of bigger quantities of used machinery coming on the market due to those company closures. - We need a helping person who is able to find those companies in Hungary and also maybe to make the first phone calls and get the the list of assets which are for sale either form the companies closing down volutarily and also companies dealing via an insolvency lawye...

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    Virtual assistance - Beirut 22 小时 left

    Hi, I want someone in Beirut to search some information from local companies and places by calling them and search there social accounts. you should speak Arabic and you should be from Lebanon and you should be in Beirut now. they will be around 30 places to call and get me the information i need about there activities. if you have past experience in tourism then its a plus. Thanks,,

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    Population activities and the detailed most occurrent activities in Tokyo, including industrial,cultural activities and also giving the accurate birth rate in the city.

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    Necesito redactar (Escritura Creativa) la descripción de 1000 artículos de bazar. Cada artículo necesita una descripción creativa, atractiva y especifica para el objeto a la venta. Cada descripción deberá ser de entre 15 y 60 palabras. La descripción irá en la página web y en Mercado Libre. Necesito las 1000 descripciones para el 28/12/2022 (28 de Diciembre). Dejo adjunto un ejemplo.

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    Product research -- 2 4 天 left

    I have a research request for a certain product to be produced by a Chinese manufacturer: We need a programmable device with screen, like this one: The device is to be used as a presence detection for employees in a cleaning company. It is supposed to show the actual time and a code which changes all 15 Minutes. We create apps for iOS and Android which tracks the code, so the employers have evidence of their presence. Production cost should be below 15$ / device.

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