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    Build an app 6 日 left

    An app for home services professionals websites

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    Hello, I am looking to build an app for my website! It has to be simple and easy going and most importantly has to be user friendly ! Kindly get in touch if you can create it for me! Thanks

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    we want to create a online delivering app and website.

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    I need to develop a mobile app (preferably for iPhone/iPad) to input boring data from the field. The idea would be to capture the data in real-time that can be viewed from an office anywhere in the world. It would require a simple user interface with basic inputs to be logged as samples are being recovered from the boring. It may help to explain the required input and the desired output: - Input...

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    Woowcomerc mobile app fixes 6 日 left

    I have finished recently mobile app that contains a shopping cart, we have done all parts of this cart but it is not 100% as I want, please find attached document for more detail the app is done using react native After fixing all these fixes you are required to provide iOS copy to be tested on real mobile, and Android copy to be tested on real mobile. the final source code as well if you have ...

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    Hello everyone, I need Swift Developer can developing some requirements in my project in shortest time. Requirements I want to develop in my project: 1. The volunteer shall be able to search for a key word 1.1 The system shall provide a search area. 1.2 The volunteer shall enter a key word. 1.3 The system shall display all events that contain that keyword. 2 The volunteer shall be able to rat...

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    we were a small startup company and we already built the android application with our knowledge and now we also want to make it run in ios version mobiles, we will provide the complete application of android to make .

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    Hi I want to make app like instacart which offers grocery delivery. I want my devleoper to make me that from start to end including back end where I can make changes etc. Many thanks

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    Iso App Editing 6 日 left

    I have a iso app I need to change the ID and prefix number and edit it if there is any crashes or problem. Then, upload it on my Apple store.

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    1) Покупать восстановленные телефоны Apple 4s, один телефон = три заявки (где покупать и деньги скидываем предварительно) 2) По предоставленным данным заводить заявки в Apple Developer (инструкция будет предоставлена) По времени это примерно 30-40 минут на одну заявку.

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    We provide rental computers and other accessories and I need a mobile app to rent a product and raise a ticket if the customer has any issues with the device.

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    Hello, we have a 2D game already prepared in unity (currently released for iOS and Android), we will need someone who will make the necessary changes to the game, which includes: -improving the code quality and bug hunting, especially there is one on the iOS version which terminates the game due to a memory issue. -Completely Re-desigining the main menu and pop ups while improving the graph qualit...

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    Build an app 6 日 left

    Take any (chat) native iOS and Android app from "sketch". Code functions and add backend.

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    Application 6 日 left

    I need an application for finding the indoor position of the trolley and displays the result into the screen. you might need to add some additional features like find the count of how many trolleys exist in an airport.

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    Droppein Inc 6 日 left

    A carpooling app for an African country.

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    Latest Status 6 日 left

    Create A status And shayari and sms App

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    Taxi App I will like to know what taxi app you build

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    Platform for restaurant mobile applications build is needed. Built mobile applications must run on ios and android. I call your attention that the task is more than just create single restaurant mobile application! Final product must include: 1). Online constructor of restaurant mobile application model. 2). Basis restaurant mobile applications templates library. 3). Technique of mobile applicatio...

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    Hi, I would like an app developed from an idea I have come up with. I am not entirely comfortable with sharing the exact description of it online but it would include the following: Communication between individuals, ability to send and receive mail,log dates on a calendar with reminders,upload and store images to a file with the ability to share via mail,add a friend,links to various services to ...

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    Beclocked App, [登录来查看链接] ( the iOS app from now on ) is the first digital contacts assistant worldwide. We want to hire a set of functionalities named Call History Fetching to access and fetch the Call History of an apple user from its iCloud space. Detailed scope: - Our iOS app must access and fetch the user's Call History stored in the user's iCloud space via Apple Sync (Not from back...

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    I need the best app developer for the development of Uber-like an app.

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    I want to get an earning application developed, with point reward system.

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    I want to find an Android and iPhone Developer. I need a simple app to built.

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    EKG reader 2 6 日 left

    Id like to creat an app that could read ekg exams. first the app will take a picture of the ekg paper. after that it would be able to measure the line and angles. with an algoritim that i made it would diagnose the dease .

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    I need simple mobile web and app in ionic.

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    General Delivery App 6 日 left

    I want a a freelancer who already developed a delivery app .. Ios and android ... APIs that deals with multi vendors and multi drivers and clients

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    POLISH-SPEAKERS PREFERRED Cześć! Jeśli potrafisz tworzyć aplikacje na oba w/w systemy, jesteś sumienny i rzetelny w swojej pracy, potrafisz pisać przejrzysty kod opatrzony jasnym komentarzem, to czytaj proszę dalej: Analizując poniższy schemat aplikacji, oszacuj najdokładniej jak to możliwe czas i koszt stworzenia aplikacji na iOS i Android. Aplikacja w stylu Nextbike, czy Revelo: 1. Rejestrac...

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    We have an Android/ Ios including web based mobile application. We have to add on few functionalities.. Functionalities are: To send an alert (alarm like a ringtone) to the nearest volunteer or members in the family cluster.

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    its a social networking web/mobile application. but with a twist (NOT exactly like Facebook, etc) users are expected to create personal accounts/profile by registering on the sites portal. Part of the personal information they input upon sign up will display online as their status and should be visible to public view

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    App Quiz for Education 6 日 left

    I need an App similar to this one from the link below: [登录来查看链接] More information in private ...

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    IOS Application required 6 日 left

    Please message me fore more details. But I just need the Application IOS. I have an algorithm in C++ that needs to be embedded as well.

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    We are looking for an experienced developer near Ahmedabad with at least three years of experience in hybrid App development. We would like to intervju the to-be-hired person in person. The developer should have: - Excellent programing skills in Hybrid App development - Excellent communication skills in English - Be able to integrate existing softwares/frameworks - Be able to work independ...

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    This is the second sub project in project # 40-3-5 designing mobile app GUI and control panel GUI Around 20 page in mobile. the website we do not know but it is the management for the members on the mobile app. we have only understanding the bider must put his previous work he select only 3 The design will be Arabic and English. within 2 -3 week we will finalize the design with customer feedback.

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    ios apps for 9 apps at bit dot do/apps108. All these 9 are in json verses or json urls. Rest is tweaking.

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    Intuitive, customer-driven app similar to Waze where users can find spots across the UK e.g. petrol stations. Providing more details regarding the location, opening times, special offers. Also a user hub for special customer related rewards. There should also be a good scope to improve and extend the app for further features in the future.

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    Hi ,I have a adobe xd file for a app.I need it to be sliced into a flutter app

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    Build iOS Game 6 日 left

    I want to build stickman lik ios game. The game needs simple design and simple functionality. More details given to proper developer. Thanks.

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    1. 主要制作直播平台礼物特效等。 2. 需要长期合作的优秀服务商; 3. 寻求一个成熟的动画制作公司; 4. 希望承接的公司,有较高的水准、负责的态度,按时保质完成所接项目。 1. Looking for live broadcast platform gifts of special effects and so on; 2. Need long-term cooperation of excellent service providers; 3. Look for a mature animation company; 4. The company to undertake should have higher level, responsible attitude, and can finish the project on time with good quality.

    $1660 (Avg Bid)
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    I want a smooth working , modern looking app to advertise student specials on. The specials must be easy to add and remove. It must be available for anyone to use so no login and accounts needed for people who use it. Android and IOS

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    Hi, how are you ? I am seeking ReactNative developer that implement native code (swift/java) in react native. I have a native library that we need to implement inside a react native app. Thx

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    I need an iPhone/ipad/android app. I would like it designed and built.

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    I want you to develop iOS app and Android app and website,i have the design and you should make the same as design. below all specs Native iOS App Native Android App Admin panel to control all apps departments Website play all app functionality GPS and mas functions Notifications functions upload the app to play store and app store with warranty of publish one month warranty to edit deliver source...

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    I need an iPhone/iPad and android app and I would like it designed and built.

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    Looking for a website builder who can also make a Android and IOS Applications. For Reference of the work to be done, pls refer below:- For Website you can Refer-[登录来查看链接] For Android you can refer-[登录来查看链接] Our Q&A platform is -[登录来查看链接] in which some modifications are also required Pls share the approx. quotation so that i can move this forward.

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    I need an iPhone/iPad app. I would like it designed and built.

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    We have small issue in cordava ios app in iframe while scrolling.

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    I am building VR based mobile game and looking for European developer experienced with it. I have detailed requirements and will share with right candidate. Thank you.

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    (Development platform should Ubuntu Linux) Milestone #1 (budget is $15 CAD.) I would like an experienced freelancer to develop an iOS app for me. It is supposed to list all businesses given a keyword in the current neighbourhood. You might like to use Google Search API for this. (Development platform should Ubuntu Linux) Milestone #2 (budget is $15 CAD.) Also, I like to get a complete tour of ...

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    Hello all talented devs, I want to create Custom app STB Emulator Pro for Androidfor with Live TV Vod Series Radio TimeShift Replay

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    Hi, I have a small demo project to do in Angular 6 and PhoneGap (not Ionic). The app should upload pictures to a remote server. More specifically it is: 1. A demo app, just proof of concept that should work 2. A mobile web app for iOS and Android 3. User takes photos, one after the other, with the camera a. Using [登录来查看链接]() or similar 4. Photos uploads to a dummy URL (check 6 below) 5. Local n...

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