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    Tuya Zigbee Smart App 5 天 left

    I need a App Android/iOs with same functions like Tuya Smart / Smart Life. The app must be able to manage the functions of Zigbee sensors focusing on Smart Home.

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    Create a Taxi request app, with online payment and gps. Must be able to use on both android and apple.

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    I need an application that runs on current IOS devices ( iphones and Ipads) I would like to be able to reboot the device with a command from a linux machine and lock the device for a set period of hours with a code of my choosing. Once that set period of hours expires the lock screen with the password I set gracefully disappears and returns the device to its original state. Also, the application...

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    OBDII Scanner App 5 天 left

    Need a hybrid app to receive and display data from an ELM327 (OBDII bluetooth scanner). Preferably done in Ionic 4. Design will be provided. Phone should auto-connect to device when available.

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    Social engine development of the site, customization of native apps and integration of plugins into the native apps with customization. Experience in the following would be great: 1. Admob/Tapjoy 2. PHP 3. Social engine expertise 4. Native iOS and Android app development This job is on a budget and prices/cost can be discussed therefore please get in touch if you have the above skills.

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    I'm looking for a partner to start a project with. My purpose is to generate massive value for people, and I have ideas for some apps and businesses. The person must: - Be located in California ( South California) - Have intermediate-specialized knowledge in app development/coding - Preferably be between 18-25 years old - be fluent in english or portuguese speaker - Willing to work - Be crea...

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    UX/UI design of a Mobile app (Android & iOS) on Adobe XD Base color #C52127, #676767 , #FFFFFF Events App like Eventbrite Onboarding page Login page Signup Page Forgot Password Page Home Page (list of events) Detail of Event page Detail of Organiser Event page Purchase ticket (Visa Card, Mobile Payment) My Event (Event subscribe) Page Gift cards Page Settings Page

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    Gnrous app 5 天 left

    We are a cashback app that you can link your bank cards to and earn in great places! We need developers to build the app for us, and an API.

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    Looking for a highly experienced Android and iOS expert to build a quick app. the expert also needs to have experience in writing APIs to interact (save, edit, delete, query) with mysql database tables. Looking for someone who can work long hours and complete the project in both iOS and android by Aug 31st. Only looking for freelancers, teams and firms will not get any response

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    Hello, We have an app in ionic 4, our app already generates an alert when pressing the SOS button inside the app and it that sends your location but we need to be able to generate the same alert with the volumeUp button.

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    Unfleek App (IOS & ANDROID) 5 天 left

    Unfleek is a potential app which will allow user's to upload a selfie from their phone gallery or take a picture using their camera. The app's back-end will analyse the picture and use a face detection to detect and track the eyebrows. Then the app will use a photo editor of some sort to automatically remove the eyebrows of the person in the picture and cover the removed area of the pers...

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    I want someone to make an android app for logistic services

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    La idea es hacer una app que pueda leer un ticket (ya sea de comida, combustible, taxi, etc) y pueda extraer (parsear) todos los datos pertinentes como: - Cuit - Monto - Impuestos - Conceptos o prudctos Para después hacer una descarga masiva de esos datos. Las fotos deberían poder subirse o bien abrir la cámara desde la app. Referencias: [登录来查看链接] [登录来查看链接] [登录来查看链接]

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    I need an iPhone app. I already have a design for it, I just need it to be built.

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    Build a app 5 天 left

    I need to have built an app.. the app needs to be able to function with different engagement functions. the back end management dashboard should be able to create different forms to interact with. the manager of the app needs ability to ask certain questions and the app user needs to be able to answer. so the app manager creates a series of questions on a form builder platform .. these questions t...

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    We need to implement into 10 mobile applications a WebView based SDK, the main challenge is that the applications are SpriteKit applications and the SDK doesn't support it yet. Min. work to get done would be changing the SDK to support also SpriteKit and getting an example reference implementation where the current SDK is implemented with a SpriteKit application and having all the 10 games im...

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    We have an iOS app currently on the market, called "Meme Machine". It currently functions, but there are several bugs we want to fix to improve the app. Please note: - We do not want a new app to be built - This job is purely to take our existing code, and then make changes as needed Please view attached file to see how the app currently functions. It loads in .plist data from the cl...

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    Here is the breakdown of features and functionality for the app: Apps to reference: Uber, Lyft (GPS System) 1. To create an app that will enable us to a. Control, maintain, regulate the flow of our trucks/drivers – location, time of location, ETA call features already existing on MAP and other apps. All trucks must be trackable b. Sign up new drivers with their own trucks. c. Sign up new d...

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    We are looking for Creative, Transformational, Innovative and Entrepreneurial Leaders, who wish to "Change The World Of Child Care". About The Company Name: Neokindergarten Learning Pvt. Ltd. Website : [登录来查看链接] Facebook Page: [登录来查看链接] LinkedIn Page: [登录来查看链接] Our Vision: Promote Learning and Growth of Children through Play Our Mission: Ensure a Fulfilling Childhood for Children Our...

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    UX/UI Designer 5 天 left

    We are looking for a freelance UX designer to take part in web design, including app design on phone, tablet, and computer. While we have a specific project in mind related to an existing health-related app, there are other projects and clients that will also need this expertise if the relationship works out. It is important that the person we hire is proactive in the way they are approaching bo...

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    Hello i am looking for iOS developers. Who have iOS Enterprise Developer Program accounts. Please stay away those persons who have not. and mention in your proposal in first line "Yes i have iOS enterprise accounts". If you have not you will be reject for this project. Thanks

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    Do only simple work for me,, a flutter project.. Make a page with grid view items from json Another page with item details where Color or size selection available ,,, or add to cart button on detail page

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    Hello anyone with extra skill to build an app and website like vedantu for e learning purposes

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    We wil design the app, but need a experienced developer to help us develop the app.

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    Created a MapBox MapViewController that works in another app and I'm trying to implement it in a new app, but I keep getting an error. Would probably be an easy, 5 min fix for an experienced iOS developer.

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    We have already designed the app and its ready to go. We need someone responsible and creative to help us cross the finish line'with amazing development skills. App is for Android & iOS.

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    Need app for financial services

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    iPhone/iPad app 5 天 left

    I need an iPhone/iPad app. I would like it designed and built.

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    Data entry

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    Build me a App 5 天 left

    Build me a App for a product based company. Looking for efficient, creative and honest person to have a long term contract.

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    I need professional crypto wallet app developer, crypto wallet app that will allow people to buy and selling coins like blockchain wallet

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    Build Bus Tracking System 5 天 left

    need a website ( webforms c#) and mobile application (native android and iOS) every bus have a mobile phone (gps) and have RFID reader (1-1.5 meter range) any student get in the bus he have an RFID tag the phone connected to RFID reader reads the tags and send the the data to sqlserver using a web service parameters are tagid, and busid, status (get in or get out), the webservice search fo...

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    I need an iPhone app. I would like it designed and built.

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    this is a very simple project, and I need this project ASAP

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    New project we are going to take over

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    I need an iPhone app. I already have a design for it, I just need it to be built.

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    dating app 5 天 left

    I am looking for developer to develop mobile app using ionic 4 and firebase. plz bid to me. welcome to new freelancer. regards

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    I need an iPhone app. I would like it designed and built.

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    WE ARE LOOKING FOR PEOPLE THAT WILL WORK IN work from home level pdf

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    Desarrollo de una app 5 天 left

    Mi interés hacer un proyecto similar a [登录来查看链接] la diferencia Es que quiero que sea como uber. Que el cliente toma la desicion si quiere una video chat privado o grupal y pague por el diferentes servicios. Las chicas pueden promocionarse con su propio link directo y asignar horarios.

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    Boosted I need iPhone APP installation. I've designed it. You can only install it, but you have to have an Apple Enterprise developer account.

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    We are a new app-development company who is looking to fortify our small team with out-sourced, sub-contracted work. We develop many apps IN-HOUSE, however our small firm makes it difficult to accept certain jobs. Rather than turn those clients down we have found ways to share the work with other developers, or even pass the jobs along totally in exchange for a commission. - Delivery company need...

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    I want to hire an expert react native developer to build static UI from design. All designs will be provided with Adobe Photoshop images, PSDs. I want full time developer who can reply me with in 30 minutes every my calling. Need to type 'RN expert' on your first line of bid, otherwise will be ignored. Please bid to start work immediately.

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    Hi, i need ui/ux filters to ios app and adding another filter dropmenu filter, fixing the source code in website and adding another subvalue for filter . all this new filters must also added in apk file and ios. Android Yii mysql jquery php objective c xcode ONLY PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPERS OVER 2 YEARS OF CODING! ESTIMATED TIME : 3 TO 7 DAYS PAYMENT AFTER 100 % COMPLETED WORK AND WITHOUT BUGS . ...

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    Develop Native iOS app Database: PostgreSQL Home page with horizontal menu on the bottom, Login and Registration , as core features, Language selection Login and Registration with standard field validation and visual validation (can be green tick on OK or red cross if not correct) Secure password storage This is first part of work if I like it we can continue UI will be provided Happy work

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    Any trending language on android phones. Details will be provided when you contact me. 4 players game!

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    Mvp mobile app 5 天 left

    Network for local recommendations

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    Food ordering app which requires member login and payment link. Need realtime data of the orders placed and send out notifications to the customers.

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    The project is to create a mobile app that interacts with an existent API that allows the users to unlock a charging station for electric cars. The ideia is to virtualize the existent physical cards.

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