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    1. write two java program sender and receiver 2. should be able connect using serial port using [登录来查看链接] 3. should be able connect using tcp ip port 3. should be able to send and receive data between program 4. able to auto deduct connection loss and reconnect serial and tcp connection without any ping message 5. java command line program using jdk 7

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    We need android developer urgently and if the work will be excellent then we can hire for long term...

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    We need android developer urgently and if the work will be excellent then we can hire for long term...

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    Hi, Freelancers. I have betting java project to maintain and fix some code. Only bid java expert. I will have one easy test.

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    It's an existing app where you will add some features in the app. The app is educational purpose so less budget and less effort. You just add booking features, messaging between client to admin, editing/deleting the pictures/price and description in the admin panel.

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    Hello, I have required a expert java developer who can proxy (on behalf)to my one round of interview on tomorrow night on telephonic conference call. Below are my JD, * Competent java,preferably in a low latency or financial services environment, * Core java,J2EE,springboot,hibernate ORM,SQL/oracle,basic angular,spring rest performance tinning tools. * Multi-threading,experience working in high th...

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    Need Java developers-5956 6 天 left

    Automating the Provisioning and Configuration of Devices in the Internet of Things

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    I need to start buying on ebay bulk, I need someone to create a program that will allow me to input bulk information on an excel sheet with customer order information and that program will automatically purchase them on my ebay account without me manually purchasing each order

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    Hello Everyone This is really simple project for those who is experienced in Android APP developments using java and cordova mobile application development

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    Java Simple Project -- 3 6 天 left

    Simple coding in JAVA is to be made Further details will be shared Make sure you are good java programmer

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    I have a mac osx machine upgraded that i need it to be setup and ready to start projects for both osx and android. you are required to login, install xcode, any required library, android studio sdk, java, node etc.

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    Description: We want to create a prototype for a router. Looking for freelancers to work on the project with us short term. - Developer needs to be very familiar with firmware development, especially with router. - Developer needs to understand and know about MESH technology. - Need consultancy and also develop the firmware of the prototype. - Pay negotiable.

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    - Connect to IRC server passing password protection - join chat room that has been defined - once connected and joined the room, provide custom message - pass input to public channel - only display private responses received - javascript/JSON application will be hosted on the server/website - need to have ability to give piece of javascript code/API that will be able to run once executed on par...

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    Programming Language: Java Support: Web for now & Mobilr later Language support: English and Arabic PRIORITY: Security/Wuality over looks

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    Andriod app development 6 天 left

    Hello, I need to develop an andriod app to be used in a small private special wine shop. The purpose of the app is to display wine information to customers who visit the shop by providing them an andriod tablet. The aim of the app is to display i WINE details like the country, taste, type, reviews etc by reading information directly from the Excel table. The process works like this - 1. The metad...

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    Searching for someone to build an android application

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    Desenvolvimento java spring boot; conhecimento de nota fiscal nfe, nfce; padrão 4.0 implementação da parte de contingencia somente backend, api rest

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    In the past I have had programs that ran UPC's through Amazon. I would like a new one built and would like to track the 1) Product name 2) UPC 3) Sales Rank 4) Sales Category 5) Is there Prime Listings 6) Lowest Seller 7) Lowest Price including shipping. 8) My unit price from the file. The final file should be in excel format. The program should be able to run 30,000 UPC's over the c...

    $158 - $1320
    $158 - $1320
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    A mobile application similar to STASH Invest / Robinhood Highly preferred an iOS Application, but a non native web mobile application is acceptable. RUDIMENTARY designs are provided, but as this would be a "first draft" the concept of a working model has more emphasis. The rudimentary design is a HTML web page that will be provided. Integration with Plaid required Deliverables - A...

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    Нужно создать с нуля систему CRM для агентств недвижимости! Для этого проекта потребуется команда ОПЫТНЫХ разработчиков и программистов. Примеры CRM: [登录来查看链接] [登录来查看链接] Вкратце: Агентства недвижимости с помесячной подпиской "арендуют услугу-сайт", где могут выставлять свои объекты недвижимости. Вся структура облачная и расширяемая. Программисты имеющие опыт, пишите.

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    Android Game 6 天 left

    Hi freelancer I want an android game. I want it with the source code and I wanted to have video ads with my Admob units ids. please, start your bid with word reeman to be sure you read the description. the game like this : [登录来查看链接]

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    Application will be used to connect consumers to the Marine & Airline industry.

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    I would have developed a customized Web-Based Student Information System software for my company. I would love to have a software that I can license to various schools. This software is best characterized as Software As A Service (SAAS).

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    Hi, We looking for a freelance who can program PIC controller to interface with android app. Develop Android app. PIC controller to logic solver for digital inputs and output relays. Analogue inputs.

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    We are a software company working with various non-profit groups in developing a simple reporting application to connect people with the agencies we serve. The application asks 3 questions in free text format, which then notify the agency. 1. App needs to be written in React Native: Note: It should not use the Expo framework. Expo speeds up development but limits certain features. It also add...

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    Looking to build a Bulk SMS text messaging program that can send out and deliver hundreds of thousands of numbers I am looking for the program that you can set the program to send the message to 123 999-0000 to 123 999-9999 and all numbers in between the message will be deliver example 999-0001 0002 0003 the app must be compatible with a free API like text now

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    I'm looking for who can build Bulk SMS Software web application using API. please contact me

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    Want to build an app which uses the Traveling salesman problem and the algorithm applied to it is ant colony optimisation. Want the app to be able to ask for the users interests such as museums, landmarks, restaurants etc.. and build a path from the hotel to the their interests and come back to where they started from.

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    I need help to this quick task to compile code after change some images and a text to rebuild output files. Budget: $2 per hour for this quick task

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    I need android app like 365 , for sports news and match times

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    Hi I will need a big Java code, and it needs to be run under different garbage collectors(maybe different version of java) and its output analysis is to be done by VisualVm.

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    please do not make a bid unless you are sure that you can provide the service. I have par pixel pos system for my restaurants file attached and if you have more questions about it you can visit their website and ask them. My project: I need to create android app to display menu for my dine-in customers .. then the waiter will take the tablet to confirm the order that a customer requested. A wait...

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    Pinpointer is a startup service that utilizes enhanced social content curation to enable independent musicians, writers, and other creative people to connect with the public. We'd like to find someone we can use for ongoing projects as the need [登录来查看链接] current project includes the following: * Textual and link/navigation changes to a series of "about us" HTML pages. * Restore...

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    Hello, I need expert php developer to work on the PHP membership and payment plugin. Thank you

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    Hi i need some selenium expert for my project . i want to login through api in amazon app

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    OpenNMS ([登录来查看链接]) is an open source monitoring and systems management platform written in Java. It includes support to monitor SIP devices registered to and asterisk server and it does it by connecting to Asterisk's AMI interface and querying for SIP registrations. If the list of registrations change, OpenNMS generates an event or an alarm. OpenNMS depends on a old version of asterisk-jav...

    $4460 (Avg Bid)
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    android NoSQL 6 天 left

    hello i need someone knows NOSQL DB and Android as well thank you

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    Developer of mobile applications multiplatform

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    Hi i need some selenium expert for my project . i want to login through api in amazon app

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    We need to develop a mobile application that enables customers to order goods from nearby hawkers and vendors.

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    I want a a dice blockchain game to be like this [登录来查看链接] Please if you cannot do it , don't message me because i will nor order reply your message Thanks

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    convert site to android app 6 天 left

    I would like to convert my site to an android app note : I'll make the design of the app - need a very good freelancer read the PDF included if you think you can do this then message me ( my site has a problem it is included so I need you to fix it )

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    Need an android developer to do a PoC for an android app. This will be done to test a functionality in android

    $1254 (Avg Bid)
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    Need an android developer to test implementation feasibility of few APIs

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    I require a bridge to connect my trading charting software to an AI package. The Ai software currently uses random parameters to to find good strategies. I would like to connect the 2 so that instead of using random parameters and variables, it uses the information from the charts.

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    i need matlab developer for implementing some algorithms

    $78 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    Build Scraping price platform 6 天 left

    I looking for Developer Expert in Scraping algorithm, Node.js/Express.js/Spring Boot/MongoDB to build Scraping price platform.

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    It is a sophisticated mobile game, compared to subway surfer.

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    Desarrollar un juego de ruleta para Tablet Android. El juego debe contener las siguientes caracteristicas: - Lectura de NFC (Tablet con NFC). - Cruce de información con base de datos. - Juego de ruleta. Además, debe poseer un menú especial para administrarlo, el cual incluye: • Login de usuario • Administrador de contenido (cambio de imagen inicial). • Carga ...

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    meu projeto tem base em um servidor de minecraft. preciso de um configurador de plugins

    $1624 (Avg Bid)
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