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    This project is a chat messenger that uses hidden channels to hide secret messages in packets, which uses hidden channels to trick attackers by taking a different approach to how confidentiality is achieved by encrypting existing data, concealing data in a way that keeps it confidential, and delivering it with fake data. In addition, data with data concealment ensures security between senders and ...

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    Planning to develop marketing automation application.

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    Hi 1- I have an Application with Call and Call record option in that the Recorded Sound in the other side (speaker sound is not clear only capturing Mic sound even i am using MediaRecorder.AudioSource.VOICE_COMMUNICATION ) is not Clear that need to fix. 2- after recording the app upload the file directly to server -- now its saving in local and from there it is uploading using volly , i ne...

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    I have a android project. Someone must fix bugs. Via chatting i will share my detail. Thanks

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    java code to convert ADTA01 message to fhir bundle for patient and encounter resources using HAPPI library

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    Its a very simple android project that create to notify if vehicle license is expire using firebase

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    Hello! I am in need of a coder who is familiar with both Java and JSON and can work on some simple API integration. If you're able to take data and enter it into multiple API's and also have that data entered into applications and forms as though a live user was doing so, please take a quick bit of time to fill out this form just for some additional information. [登录来查看链接]

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    Solve these two problems of my assignment: 1. Plan a Guessing Game on using pthreads; you compete against pthreads to guess a number between 1 and 1000; the pthreads are delayed between their guesses using a suitable delay of approximately 0.1 to 2 seconds. Moreover, while you can use an efficient binary search, implement sub-optimal search methods for the pthreads. Who wins? [登录来查看链接] described i...

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    I have a project which needs to be optimized for high performance. Project is developed in spring boot and mssql. Freelancer should be from Pune. Companies please do not bid.

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    An application based on information occurring during this period

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    Java Developer 5 天 left

    Seeking experience Full Stack Java developer for ERP development Hands on Experience Require: -Java 8, Spring Boot - Knowledge of React Js, CSS, HTML - Micro Services, Rest API, AWS - Experience in API Gateway (Zuul/kong) , Apache kafka Please apply if you wish to get constant work in this uncertain time. we will share project details in a telephone interview. Please apply with your recent re...

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    please provide your details with project duration and final quotation

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    looking for help to connect with hive in ide

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    Integrate flutterwave payment gateway on karenderia based Food delivery Android template from codecanyan

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    Create an Android app for advertising from Facebook on Google Play The main list of requirements for the application: The application is a regular webview or chrome tabs use deeplinks to show different landings. The application must be integrated with the Facebook SDK for event transfer. The application should be integrated with OneSygnal push notification service. The application should store co...

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    java JavaFX programmer needed. budget is $25

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    I need Aws Expert for Android 5 天 left

    Dear freelaners! I am finding aws expert for android [登录来查看链接] This link describes java code to use aws audio service for pc I want same function to be implemented in android by using andriod-aws-sdk Please msg me if you are sure you can do it Thank you

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    Position: Sr .Net Developer Duration: 12 Months · 5+ years’ experience in ASP .NET services/C# programming · Should have extensive work experience web application development using Micro services with ASP .NET and AZURE (MUST NEEDED) · Swagger documentation · Strong understanding of micro services concepts · Mu...

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    All info in the file .. SimpleDB is written in Java, Eclipse

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    I have some very urgent java work which I need to be done in 12-18 hours. I will add details soon.

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    Minecraft Developer Wanted 5 天 left

    Need an minecraft developer to assist me with some basic works. Nothing too complicated. Probably about 4 hrs. - custom server setup and setting server parameters - best workflow for creating a building and some custom objects in the server environment.

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    Need help with Apache spark tool! very minimal work

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    looking for an online tutor for java plus if one can speak Hindi beginner level expecting to pay $2 per hr. 6hrs/week

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    Java / Python developer 5 天 left

    Looking for a Freelancer to make consistent updates to an already existing code in Java/Python. We have a linux server with Tomcat and latest version of Java installed and need to improve/customize the web software for re-selling e-commerce purposes and for improving overall service for our agents/employees. Do you have Experience with Java (Latest Version)/Python Programming? if yes, describe l...

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    I need you to develop some software for me. I would like this software to be developed for Windows using Java.

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    É sobre criar um simulador de processos

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    Need help in setting up Cluster on Databricks to automate start and destroy of Cluster per Job......

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    Please download and analyse the file provided in the following Google Drive Link before messaging me and genuine freelancers only please.I need a trusted person to complete this task and we could work in future [登录来查看链接] the assignment doc file. LINK:[登录来查看链接]

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    necesito un app que sea donde un cliente pueda hacer pedidos que cuando se registre pueda tener obtener la información básica ente otras, y donde solo tenga unas 4 opciones donde el cliente escoja. algo parecido a globo talves mas sencilla..

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    Create a client for csgo that can link players together

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    I need you to implement simple maven for me using java and some criteria and delivery should be two days

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    Build this simple java application using raw java code

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    Witam. Poszukuje młodych zorientowanych informatycznie osób. Jeśli jesteś w stanie połączyć się przez RDP (Remote Desktop Software) i pracować na moim serwerze to znalazłeś odpowiednie miejsce. Jestem w stanie wysłać Ci instrukcje "taskow" do wykonania i płacić za każdą godzinę pracy. Wszystkie czynności wymagają znajomości angielskiego, gdyż są wykonywane na zagranicznych stro...

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    Android version of POS 4 天 left

    I want to have android version of POS of 1. [登录来查看链接] check [登录来查看链接] to get an idea of requirement 2. [登录来查看链接] any one software or both I need only customer , supplier , and POS sales part

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    Necessito de Softphone para ANDROID, IOS e Windows. Com as características do 3CX e ZOIPER. Necessito do código fonte.

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    AWS Textract 4 天 left

    OCR data extraction work with PDFs. big plus image experinece Currently, we have a rough implementation using AWS Textract and written in Golang. We have some of the data fields coming through but not with much accuracy. We need someone to come in and improve the accuracy of the data extraction. Ideally, we want to keep it written in Golang since that is the language of the rest of our stack. Bu...

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    It a SOS type android app. 1. Register member or Volunteer 2. Request help - Geo loaction. 3. Chat box 4. Blood Donor 5. Organise event 6. Pick from one place and delivery

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    I need an developer for android to make iptv app that users can watch free channels with my line but to be monitized with ads. For examples pm me i send u

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    I'm interesed in a program about an agenda using linked list, it Just have to ask for what the user wants to do, 1 Add contact, 2 Delete a contact by name, 3 View all contacts and 4 Update the name or Phone. The requirements is that it appears in order of name and be a linked list .Technology :Java Ide : Netbeans

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    The app is a relativly simple one with few specialities.

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    I need someone to write a little Programm for a Stäubli Robot RS60. The Programm should collect pingpong balls from a slide and put it in a basket. Please make good offers.

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    I have some very urgent java work which I need to be done in 12-18 hours. I will add details soon.

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    Hadoop Mapreduce style application using Java RMI for client server communication

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    Java expert 4 天 left

    Java expert required - must be good with algorithms etc. More information via private message - this is a programming puzzle.

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    Auto generated levels with admob ads. *Fixed price only 5000*

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    Aplicación Android con interacción online, videos en vivo

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    Build a decision tree classifier for an input dataset in the form of redwine.csv. Assume all attributes except the class are numerical, and the last attribute is the class. The output should be written to a file called [登录来查看链接] describing the accuracy of the classifier when tested on the input dataset and also the parameters used to build the classifier. [登录来查看链接] will perform this task when give...

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    Earn quick money -- 2 4 天 left

    i have project foe 2 hours in java (blockchain)

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    I need android app which will help to track our events with all details, basically this APK should have vendor tracking, invoice with payment reminders to clients, tracking & report option. Contact me to discuss more.

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    I require a digital signature tool integrated with SAP ECC 6.0 to allow senior employees to attach digital signatures on documents such as invoices, Purchase orders, Reservations, Maintenance orders etc. This tool should also be used to sign non-sap documents e.g. HR appointment letter and and internal word document or PDF document. Currently documents are printed, signed, scanned and emailed to ...

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