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If you are a JavaScript guru, can finish tasks with high level standards and in a timeless manner, then this is the right place for you! supplies JavaScript freelancers with thousands of projects, having clients from all over the world looking for having their job done professionally and settling for nothing but the best. Jobs vary from building a dynamic web & desktop applications to fixing errors and malfunctions with Scripts. Those clients are looking for someone like you to get the job done. If you believe you can do that, then start bidding on JavaScript project and get paid with an average of $200 per project!

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Macro/Meal Plan Calculator *PLEASE READ BEFORE AUTOMATIC BIDS* Knowledge of IIFYM/Macros is beneficial but not essential. I have a macro calculator that gives the user their macros (carbs/fat/protein/calories) to eat in order to meet their goals (weight loss/gain). The user can take these results and eat what they want to fit within those figures. I want to take those figures and based on pre-determined calculations a... 11 Java, Javascript, WordPress, CSS, 营养 Sep 25, 2017 今天6天 23时 $5599
PHP Run Script At 2:25PM Daily Every day at 2:25 PM I want to add 1 to a variable. So it starts at 1 and every day at 2:25 it adds one and exports this variable to a txt file. So it goes to 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and then back to 1. 16 PHP, Javascript, HTML Sep 25, 2017 今天6天 23时 $203
Excel Web Add In - Import Facebook Data from Graph API develop Excel Web Add in to import data from Facebook Graph Api Business Manageger. Select Account / Date Range Import all invoices with Campaign Details. I have a "Working" version but need some help to handle paging. 11 Javascript, Excel, 网络服务, Facebook API Sep 25, 2017 今天6天 23时 $4287
Make a website from medecine center I need to make a website with back and front end. From the back only I need to show the information and connect from one plugin to appointment reservation. Other point that i need it's integrate payment suscription from the courses. 46 PHP, Javascript, HTML5, 编程, CSS3 Sep 25, 2017 今天6天 23时 $2329
Chrome Console I need an extension that will return as a text all elements of a webpage as they are generated when we press F12 and choose "Console" in Chrome or any other browser 17 Javascript, HTML Sep 25, 2017 今天6天 23时 $4016
Java EE/GWT Senior Software Engineer Role Profile · Your commitment to develop professional web application software for the finance industry in an international environment for data quality indicators, full stack · Excellent know-how of Java web development technologies · Writing well designed, documented and testable Java code · Unit testing of the developed software components · Assist the S... 12 Java, Javascript, SQL, 谷歌网页工具, 软件开发 Sep 25, 2017 今天6天 22时 $5882
Hook AWS Gateway API to Vue.js component Create a form to send and receive objects from AWS gateway API. You need to have prior experience with AWS gateway API and [链接已删除,请登录查看] I will provide the basic [链接已删除,请登录查看] repo and AWS access. Thanks. 5 Javascript, Azure, 亚马逊网络服务, jQuery / Prototype, Heroku Sep 25, 2017 今天6天 22时 $414
Build a Website I need a presentation website, landing page to showcase my transportation comapny. I would like a very clean, simple design that testifies to our professionalism and explains what we do and why we are better in a graphic way, with minimal text. A design is needed for tablet and phone screens as well. Design is my top concern. I will consider awarding the contest in full only for a design o... 0 平面设计, HTML, Javascript, React.js, 网站设计 Sep 25, 2017 今天6天 22时 $1953
Build the front End Build front End for website Using the design given in png or pdf format. Icons and all other design related things will be provided by us. 39 Javascript, 网站设计, CSS, HTML, Web Development Sep 25, 2017 今天6天 21时 $172
Fix three Google Apps Scripts See attached for instructions and documentation. You must be experienced with Google Apps scripts to complete this project. 4 Javascript, 谷歌应用引擎 Sep 25, 2017 今天6天 21时 $1235
Prestashop TM Search Modul Error 404 If you go to the search (TM search module) at our shop and either press enter or click on the magnifying glass, you arrive at Error 404 Immediate search when entering a search word works, but with "Enter" comes the error! 15 PHP, Javascript, Prestashop Sep 25, 2017 今天6天 21时 $362
Yii 1.xx EXPERT - KARENDERIA script CUSTOMIZATION I'm looking for a TRULY RELIABRE and HONEST person who is experienced in Yii [链接已删除,请登录查看] framework and, he knows what it is KARENDERIA script. Overview in [链接已删除,请登录查看] and details in [链接已删除,请登录查看] Link [链接已删除,请登录查看]:[链接已删除,请登录查看] I need a person to contact then periodically for other projects 8 Javascript, AJAX, MySQL, Yii, PhoneGap Sep 25, 2017 今天6天 21时 $1672
Hotclues webdesigner Converting existing site with better expertness. Bench-marking webpage is [链接已删除,请登录查看] in same domain and front end easy posting 10 PHP, Javascript, 网站管理, LESS/Sass/SCSS Sep 25, 2017 今天6天 21时 $2773
Provisioning API automations for pfHollyville For pfHollyville only. This will involve integrating a provisioning API to enable automations to take place and creation, updating and deleting web chat accounts in my CRM. 17 Javascript Sep 25, 2017 今天6天 20时 $1977
Need WordPress Developer I invite freelancer and agencies to bid on this project. I am looking for WordPress expert who can design/develop the WordPress website from scratch. Please bid if you have following qualities 1. Theme and Plugin customization. 2. Having working experience in configuration of payment gateway. 3. Experience in bootstarp theme and make responsive design 4. Using My SQL as backend. 5. Good desig... 80 PHP, Javascript, AJAX, WordPress, 引导程序 Sep 25, 2017 今天6天 20时 $3084
Responsive HTML / CSS for a Project We want responsive HTML / CSS pages with Jquery. Our Documentation is ready and our Budget is around 150 USD 172 Javascript, CSS, HTML5, HTML, jQuery / Prototype Sep 25, 2017 今天6天 20时 $1086
hire java script develober make an game with java script using html5 and candlls i want to make an game on java script usiing html5 with candlls i have an small sample that show what i need but i do it flash and i the game consist of 6 mini game all game are multible choise game the first game i make an small sample for it and you will see it in the attachment as like i said i make it in flash this mini game you mu... 16 Javascript, 动画, HTML5, 软件开发 Sep 25, 2017 今天6天 20时 $1321
Build a wordpress website Hi, we are looking for a Developper to create a website to present our agency 185 Javascript, WordPress, HTML5, CSS3 Sep 25, 2017 今天6天 20时 $1547
Flights Booking Engine - Travelport UAPI The project concerns the interconnection of "Flights'" service, based on Travelport's UAPI([链接已删除,请登录查看]), regarding to a Website Template, while aiming to develop a new responsive Tourism Portal. The project files attached, include a detailed description of the initial development of "Flights'" based on Travelports UAPI, in the past, which, also, is going to ... 41 Javascript, 零度聚变, AJAX, 引导程序 Sep 25, 2017 今天6天 19时 $11418
Build a PHP photo voting component Add a photo voting component to an existing PHP website. This will allow users to vote on the competition and after the contest is over see a gallery of the final winners. You may add additional database tables as necessary. The component needs to work with 4 existing DB tables (account, submission, contest group & contest). The accounts table holds the account ID and user info required fo... 53 PHP, Javascript, 网站设计, 平面设计, CSS Sep 25, 2017 今天6天 19时 $1688
OpenCart Live Price Update Hi. I'm using version. I want to OpenCart Live Price Update. 12 PHP, Javascript, Open Cart Sep 25, 2017 今天6天 19时 $148
Build a Website for theme sailing platform We are looking for experience Developer for my WordPress Theme Sailing platform site [链接已删除,请登录查看] We have provide you the PSDs for the design/layout of the website. What you need to do this: Theme Store Website Development – Development of Pages, Functions like theme uploading in back-end and show on front-end with latest theme, featured themes, best sellers categories,Product Des... 14 PHP, Javascript, WordPress, jQuery / Prototype, WooCommerce Sep 25, 2017 今天6天 19时 $2055
Freelance Web Developer (PHP) - various projects Buscamos programadores freelance para desarrollo de proyectos web (fullstack php) en coordinación con el equipo de desarrollo interno. Entorno PHP/MySQL/HTML/CSS/JavaScript-Ajax. Mobile. Testings. UX. Qué tipo de proyectos : Manejamos un conjunto de proyectos externalizables y que nos gustaría agilizar con colaboradores externos. • Conexiones API-XML con partners ... 60 PHP, Javascript, AJAX, CSS, HTML Sep 25, 2017 今天6天 18时 $22121
Ionic Developer for adding new features Please reply to me if you are Ionic expert. I will share details via chatting. Thanks. 89 Javascript, iPhone, 安卓, PayPal API, 离子工作框架 Sep 25, 2017 今天6天 18时 $4602
Hire a Javascript Developer for a start-up tech company We are hiring experienced javascript developers to cooperate to build our website. 30 Javascript, HTML Sep 25, 2017 今天6天 17时 $4008
Project for Dipesh S. Hi Dipesh S., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat. 3 PHP, C 编程, Java, Javascript, XML, Sep 25, 2017 今天9天 17时 $62
Require some MySQL, Javascript & AJAX/JSON coding I am customising a web application made with Appgini php/mysql code generator ([链接已删除,请登录查看]). I have basic coding skills myself but require some assistance with more advanced SQL syntax and some jQuery/AJAX scripts. Some knowledge or experience of the Appgini generated code and the associated "hooks" files would be an advantage. I basically require advanced SQL statements to limit ... 76 PHP, Javascript, AJAX, MySQL, jQuery / Prototype Sep 25, 2017 今天6天 17时 $118
Project for Anup K. Hi Anup K., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat. 1 PHP, ASP, Java, Javascript, Python, Sep 25, 2017 今天9天 16时 $70
displaying first 2 pages of PDF and word in iFrames I have a site where user can upload documents - documents can be in any format like PDf, word, PPT and can have 10-15 pages. This document is uploaded on server and when user views it - it is opened in iFrame - In iFrame - right now all the 10-15 pages are displayed but I want to show only first 2 pages. 5 PHP, Javascript, Codeigniter, jQuery / Prototype Sep 25, 2017 今天6天 16时 $150
Custom Web Development Custom web development with google API 86 Javascript, Ruby, 谷歌地图应用程序界面 Sep 25, 2017 今天6天 16时 $3167
Need software for my catering business. I need you to develop some software for me. I would like this software to be developed using .NET. This software is for my catering business, where I can manage all things including accounts, orders, menu manager, event manage, staff management, etc... kindly send proposal including "How", "When", " How Much more features can also be added", "Numbers of modules... 19 Javascript, .NET, 软件构架, HTML5, 引导程序 Sep 25, 2017 今天6天 16时 $1384
Create new high quality social network for Startup project #Giới thiệu Hiện nay, nhu cầu tiếp cận thông tin của con người ngày một nâng cao, mục đích chủ yếu gồm : học hỏi những kiến thức, kinh nghiệm bổ ích, nắm bắt thông tin trong cuộc sống, giải trí. Đặc biệt, với sự ra đời của mạng xã hội, cũng như sự phát triển mạnh của internet ngày nay đã thúc đẩy nhu cầu tiếp cận th&... 14 Java, Javascript, 软件构架, NoSQL Couch 和 Mongo, Web Development Sep 25, 2017 今天6天 15时 $598851
cloaker script about search and bot Set up normal page A and page B 1, the search engine spiders show normal page A, block suspicious traffic (mainly machine traffic), and record the number of suspicious traffic access (in days) 2, cookie set time 24 hours, 24 hours each IP repeat access, display normal page A 3, if not the search engine spiders, not suspicious traffic, 24 hours (according to the cookie) within each IP first visi... 5 PHP, Javascript, CSS, 谷歌 Adsense, HTML Sep 25, 2017 今天6天 14时 $1399
I need someone who can teach me Advance PHP, Angular JS, javascript or anything over TeamViewer online. I am student. 3rd-year polytechnic computer. I know html, bootstrap,php. I do want to learn these things. advance php, Angular JS, Javascript, JSON, AJAX, or any advance web development like a composer, materialize. I will be more comfortable with Hindi. Also, I do understand English well. Also, my budget is between 2k. but negotiation available. 8 PHP, Javascript, AJAX, Angular.js, JSON Sep 25, 2017 今天6天 14时 $922
selling source code - Messenger web application HI, i want to sale my source code, It exactly looks like Facebook Tools and Technologies used: Elipse, J2EE, java, javascript, jquery, web sockets, mysql, Jersey web services Features implemented yet: 1- One to One chat 2- Group chat 3- Inbox For more details about features, see attached file ... 4 Java, Javascript, J2EE, jQuery / Prototype Sep 25, 2017 今天6天 14时 $2328
Modify 8-bit graphics for HTML5 game. - 01 *** READ ALL THE POST BEFORE YOU BID *** We would like to modify this game, mostly the graphics. PLAY: [链接已删除,请登录查看] *** How to Play: Arrows: Move - S: Jump - A: Run/Fireballs *** Use 'S' on the overworld to select a stage SOURCE: [链接已删除,请登录查看] We love the game play and the feel of it when on desktop, however its currently themed towards Mario. We would like to change all the... 6 Javascript, 平面设计, 游戏设计, HTML5, 游戏开发 Sep 25, 2017 今天6天 14时 $1219
Replicate a website I need to replicate the auction website [链接已删除,请登录查看] for my own usage to sell our own goods on auction. I liked the concept of it and would love to use it but not allow anyone to sell but we will sell only our own products in auction starting from $1. 125 PHP, Java, Javascript, 网站设计, 电子商务 Sep 24, 2017 今天6天 14时 $8030
Three.js Scene We need a [链接已删除,请登录查看] expert to create (or get as close as possible) to creating a scene in [链接已删除,请登录查看] that closely matches a comp we've produced in Cinema 4D 21 Javascript, Dthreejs Sep 24, 2017 今天6天 13时 $15830
Personal Website I wish for my life story, personal pictures, and resume to be combined into a website for prospective employers 78 Javascript, CSS, HTML Sep 24, 2017 今天6天 13时 $1352
Build a Website I want to build a travel website which lists all the destinations and the rates for hiring. 40 PHP, Javascript, 网站设计, 平面设计, HTML Sep 24, 2017 今天6天 13时 $3913
Need to record mp3 audio from web browser I have project that record audio from [链接已删除,请登录查看] in wav format. The problem is file size is too large. I want that file size of 1 minute audio recording in kbs. And upload this file on server using php 14 PHP, Javascript, 音频服务, 视频服务, 抄写 Sep 24, 2017 今天6天 13时 $791
create simple guild bases for my game from existing code I want someone to take my [链接已删除,请登录查看] and convert to make it use demo1 guild page that lets users join it and a leave button. using php 7 and pdo. i already have the code it just needs converted using pdo queries. uploaded an example of [链接已删除,请登录查看] below thanks. 10 PHP, Javascript, MySQL, HTML5 Sep 24, 2017 今天6天 13时 $297
[JS] Right sidebar floats to right upon refresh 1. Navigate to my website here: [链接已删除,请登录查看] 2. Login with the following credentials: username: 0, password: 0 3. Resize your web browser and make the window smaller (so that it adapts to phone devices). 4. Next, refresh the website and you'll see that the right sidebar is visible a few milliseconds. If you can't see it, refresh a couple of times and you'll eventually notice i... 20 PHP, Javascript, CSS, HTML, jQuery / Prototype Sep 24, 2017 今天6天 12时 $201
Hire an Angular Javascript Developer Quick Angular Assessment. Needs to be professional, experienced, and must score on the high 22 Javascript, node.js, 软件开发, Angular.js Sep 24, 2017 今天6天 12时 $1141
manufacture a chat script product for me in php/mysql/ajax/jquery i want you to manufacture a chat script just like i designed in images with same features and easy to use chat which can be used on any websites as widgets by inserting javascript code on the bottom of pages. I have some progress of chat script design completed. 4 PHP, Javascript, AJAX, MySQL, jQuery / Prototype Sep 24, 2017 今天6天 12时 $419
Design 4 responsive pages. Add 4 new responsive pages to an existing website. Page are designed in Adobe XD. Desktop designs are done, let me know if you can translate design to mobile responsive too 65 Javascript, CSS, HTML5, HTML, CSS3 Sep 24, 2017 今天6天 11时 $1188
I would like to hire WebGL expert -- 2 I would like to hire WebGL expert. I will provide the details via chat. Thanks. 23 Javascript, HTML, Unity 3D, OpenGL Sep 24, 2017 今天6天 11时 $4352
design a game in java design a game listed in the assignment. there is two submissions in first submit the coding only in java. and in second the GUI will be submit. 29 Java, Javascript Sep 24, 2017 今天6天 11时 $3320
[CSS] Problem with displaying left sidebar Send me a private message for more specific information. 38 PHP, Javascript, CSS, 软件构架, HTML Sep 24, 2017 今天6天 11时 $191
Simple Code .js to .iim(iMacros) Converting I need someone to convert my .js imacros file to .iim file. The code is below: for (i = 1; i < 100000000; i++) { var macro = "CODE:"; macro += "SET !TIMEOUT_STEP 0n"; macro += "SET !ERRORIGNORE YESn"; macro += "URL GOTO=http://xxx/n"; macro += "TAG POS=1 TYPE=DT ATTR=TXT:xxx EXTRACT=TXTn"; iimPlay(macro) extract = iimGetLastExt... 4 PHP, Javascript, 软件构架, jQuery / Prototype, 软件开发 Sep 24, 2017 今天6天 11时 $102
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