JDF stands for Job Definition Format, and it is an XML based model that defines tasks in the print, prepress, and packaging workflows. A JDF expert can design new and more efficient processes for automating tasks and gaining better visibility into the workflow of documents moving through and organization. This helps to ensure an optimized production process. Additionally, a JDF Expert can create software solutions to handle JDF schedules, automate processes, establish real time data exchange between systems and can help troubleshoot faster.

Here’s some projects that our experts made real:

  • Developing stage based printing workflow to allow a business to manage and track multiple types of complex jobs automatically
  • Generating cost estimates and budgeting tools from completed products of a prepress process
  • Creating customized software development solutions to integrate existing systems with JDF-based applications
  • Automating streamlined document processes for preflighting
  • Tailoring specific data exchange for customers between prepress systems

As you can see, our JDF Expert Freelancers have a variety of experiences ranging from creating specialized software solutions to automating printing workflows. They help organizations gain visibility into theirdocuments' production processes while fostering efficiency by creating tailor-made solutions within the specified timeline and budget.

If you’re looking to optimize your digital printing workflow, improve cost estimates, or customize data exchange solutions between machines, then our JDF experts are here to make it happen! Post your project on Freelancer.com today to hire an expert and make your digital transformation dreams come true!

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