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Jenkins is an open source automation server written in Java that helps to make automation more mainstream. It was created by Sun Microsytems in 2004, and released in 2005.

Essentially, the Jenkins software helps software developers to find defects and mistakes in their code, and to correct them, which allows human beings to enjoy so many applications and platforms today. It essentially seeks to problem solve code for by offering continuous integration and feedback of the software. In this manner, developers can detect whether there is some kind of mistake or bug in the code, and fix it before it causes other issues. It is completely free, as well, and is consistently praised for being user-friendly and easy to install.

When it comes to code, detecting one problem early on can lead to an immense amount of time and money saved. Of course, this amount depends on the project, company, platform, or application involved, but Jenkins helps to automate the software development process, and is considered an integral tool by developers worldwide.

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    1. There is a S3 bucket called "Bigdata". 2. Bigdata contains two sub folders "backup" and "logdata". 3. Have to move all the objects/files in logdata to backup folder everyday or as per the Jenkins cronjob setup. 5. To verify....the output should show what is being moved before and after.

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    Hi am looking for part time devops resource with strong below skills. Who must work daily 2-3 hours in fixed IST morning time 7 am to 10 am wia remotely(screen sharing) Must have strong proficiency in Jenkins and creating Jenkins pipelines (development of Jenkins files) for automation. • Must have experience in Virtualization.(vSphere, vRA, vRo) and in Hashicorp Packer, Yum • Must hav...

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    Resolve Jenkins 4 天 left

    The issue is on GitLab CI, it's the same as Jenkins CICD. I already have the [登录来查看链接] file built. Cypress tests work on local but tests don't work on GitLab and plugin crashes. I need you to debug and fix the GitLab-ci error, make sure all test cases execute on GitLab-ci and have Allure reports generated upon completion.

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    Fix Jenkins/Gitlab-CI 4 天 left

    I already have the [登录来查看链接] file built. But all cypress tests are not working on GitLab and plugin crashes. I need you to debug and fix the GitLab-ci error, make sure all test cases execute on gitlab-ci, and have Allure reports generated upon completion.

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    As part of an existing project, you will be required to Design / Build / Test and deliver either (1) Completely New Microsevices, or (2) Extend existing Microservices The project will last approximately 2-3 months and we expect to pay between SGD 1,500 - SGD 2,500 per month depending on your level of experience. In order to qualify, for this, you need to: 1. Be an independent Freelancer (not pa...

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    Want something that while packaging the app can identify the modules and how many lines it ran at build time. Basically I need a build configuration to make a build with coverage coge injected. This should all be done in automated way using the tool or the way you would suggest. Knowledge of React.js, Node for npm build, webpack which is used to package the app is required. Istanbul instrumentatio...

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    Deliverable: You will need to handhold me in the following: 1. We will check-in the source code in GitHub | large files 2. Make a change to a file 3. commit the change in GitHub 4. commit should trigger deployment into Azure AKS 5. This means when we change the file it should create a container image and deploy that image into AKS 6. It's end to end CI/CD pipeline I am open to using any to...

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    We can setup AWS EKS cluster and we can build and deploy application on to AWS EKS from Jenkins. So we can write Jenkins Pipeline for this.

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    Want to have a way to measure functional code coverage of JS code in automated way for windows uwp application. The application uses React.js. Webpack is used to package the app. Check the attached requirements file. So basically I need a build configuration to make a build with coverage code injected. Currently, I have a [登录来查看链接] node that is invoked via npm build. I want to add another node c...

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    Devops Engineer 1 小时 left

    Looking for online part time Devops support for below tools: Openshift Kubernetes Jenkins Groovy JUnit Jenkins Pipelines Shared library Helm SonarQube Unit testing Minimum 8 years experience in Devops, Minimum 5 years experience in Kubenetes/Openshift, Jenkins, SonarQube. Need online support 3-4 hours/day, need to complete the task. Project goes 6-12 months

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