JSON, short for JavaScript Object Notation, is an open-standard file format originally used for representing structured data based on JavaScript object syntax. It can also be used independently from Javascript and is currently supported by different application programming interfaces. Files on the JSON format are characterized as text-based, hierarchical, lightweight, and can be edited using a text editor.


JSON has become a popular alternative to other formats due to a variety of reasons. It provides a simple notation that allows developers to adopt quickly. Being lightweight, it also leads to better Web user experience due to reduced performance bottlenecks. JSON also allows for easier data transfer due to its data being stored in arrays.

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    Implement a file system using FUSE for displaying the contents of a JSON file

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    Needto implement cache in Redis for Oracle DB. Backend is using Java springboot. Currently its using in memory H2 DB, which will be removed Around 15 APIs are there. These are nested data in the APIs. Need to sync Redis with Oracle whenever there is update on Oracle DB. All API and flow of apl will be provided. Need to finish in 3-4 days.

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    I would like an API built that would download our orders from Amazon and dropped into an xml file or json file for our edi translator to pick up. i would like a similar api that would pick up our data output and generate a ship confirmation for amazon MFN orders i would like an API that would take our current inventory levels and upload to amazon

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    I need to update my mini-cart without page refresh.

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    Crear la integración del servicio web de la transportadora envía con un sitio web en wordpress. Se debe hacer en JSON. Se debe hacer la liquidación de un envio o generar la guia para el despacho. Se debe también consultar la guia.

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    Every week I get a csv file with a list of "ID" that I need to determine which json files has a match with that list. I need a script that: 1. Parses through all the json files in a folder 2. Find which json files contains a match with the ID 3. Output a json file that has all the matches. I am unable to provide any attachments due to the sensitivity of the data.

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    [登录来查看链接] is too slow. Bookmaker prices are inaccurately updated I need a live oddsfeed which can be made and installed onto my computer from all the bookmakers. This can then be integrated into my algorithm something a little like in this photo

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    I have a Facebook Messanger bot which I use Manychat and Botsheet. I am having some issues with JSON Parse, Json Path. So I need someone to help me on 3 issues, { "Toppings" : "item1,item2,item3" } I want to divide all items in the list and make them individual items ********************* Also, I am having an issue with JsonPath. Please check screenshots. I want to each of...

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    We have Dynamic Database, with Users information Stored in it. Information for Resume/CV document: Personal info Contact info Education Employment etc. We want to Make PDF format Resume/CV form it and send it to User. Resume template designs we provide in advance. Skills needed for this job are: HTML, CSS, API, JSON

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    Necesitamso integrar un Marketplace de ecommerce con un sistema de adminsitración de catalogos e inventarios.

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    I have an local network JSON file that contains data related to my offgrid solar system's components. I'd like to scrape some of that data regularly and push it to the internet such that an Alexa skill could then read it out loud when queried "Alexa - Solar Status?". I have a Win10 PC running 24x7 that could read the local network JSON and publish the data somewhere if I had ...

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    need someone who can alter some php and straighten out my problems with a youtube channel - breeze for an ace

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    We are looking for an experienced Data Engineer respectively Backend Developer to analyse user behaviour in a mobile app and generate a curated front-page in the same app. You will process a stream of user interactions. Based on a user's behaviour and network, the API will return a custom front-page as JSON payload. The UI assembly happens in the mobile app. For the API, it's required ...

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    Topics can be marked as interesting by the user and cause a re-ranking of the results if the user is searching for the same query or if he/she performs a new search. Everything needed for the task is enclosed in the attachments below. Similar to this below [登录来查看链接] [登录来查看链接]

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    Wir benötigen ein Programm, das alle verfügbaren Daten eines Amazon Seller Accounts über die Amazon Selling Partner API ausliest und als Web Frontend aufbereitet: 1) Backend Auslesen aller verfügbaren Daten unseres Amazon Seller Accounts über die Amazon Selling Partner API: Bestellungen mit allen Kundendaten Versanddaten mit Trackingnummern etc. Retouren Stornierungen Ers...

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    Poszukujemy wykonawcy aplikacji mobilnej Android + iOS. Aplikacja ma być interfejsem dla danych z serwera PHP. Proponowana komunikacja JSON. Aplikacja nie będzie posiadała bazy danych, wszystkie dane pobierane z serwera. Aplikacja musi dźwiękowo oraz tekstowo powiadamiać o nowych zdarzeniach oczekujących akcji. Dysponujemy klikalnymi mockupami do wglądu.

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    Extraer texto en PDF 2 天 left

    Extracción de datos de un PDF Tenemos que extraer los datos de forma automática que hay en los PDFs, utilizando el lenguaje PHP y el resultado debe ser en formato JSON. Queremos un software que los haga automáticamente. El PDF enviado es de un día, cada día nos llegarán otros diferentes. En el PDF hay textos e imágenes que son textos y hay que c...

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    Angular expert needed 2 天 left

    Angular Forms (either reactive or template driven) Use GET, POST, PUT, DELETE (2 or more) to communicate between frontend and backend Single Page Application (client side routing) Use a UI component framework (eg. Bootstrap, Material, Ant Design, Prime-NG, etc.) Abstract common functionalities into Services ‘Semi-PWA’ Express Use of POST to handle either x-www-form-urlencoded or JSON p...

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    Personal investor looking for better tools to make investing faster

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    Hi we are looking for someone to create levels for our new mobile game. You must know the follow 1 - Required: Comprehensive knowledge of Unity3D, Json data structure. 2 - Required: Must have access to a android device or emulator 3 - Optional: Have played word games before such as workstacks or similar. More details will be provided via chat.

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    faculty members 2 天 left

    i need a search done on university websites for faculty that are interested in several different science studies. can be done in python or other

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    Tenemos que extraer los datos que hay en los pdfs, utilizando el lenguaje php y el resultado debe ser en formato JSON. El pdf enviado es de un día, cada día nos llegarán otros diferentes. Se piden los siguientes datos: - Tabla PREVISION con los datos de dentro - Buques en CAMPO DE BOYAS - Buques en FONDEO - Buques ATRACADOS, los que están pegados a las líneas, ...

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    Project Scraper -- 2 1 天 left

    Hi! We have developed scraper program to gather data. We need some help to make some improvements on this program. You need to have great knowledge in C# .NET, OpenQA, Selenium, HTML, Javascript, JSON, and HtmlAgilityPack. Regards

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    Do you consider yourself reliable, focused and want regular work this year? If so, I am looking for a skilled and experienced full-stack PHP developer for long-term project. Requirements • Good written English communication and medium-fast typing skills. • Stable and fast broadband connection with Windows 10 to use screensharing apps. Job Description • Proficiency with PHP, HTML,...

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    Hello, i looking for some one what is able to add a download function on an existing JSON API. The Api is based on Wordpress he provide information about open orders. Related to this Information i need an function what download the connected pdf file and save it for future proccessing on an raspberry and update the order 1) In Fax Case with the Hylafax queue id 2) In letter Case if needfull wit...

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    Tenho um site que está sendo desenvolvido na linguagem HTML via Vscode, porém preciso que coloque dados estruturados do [登录来查看链接] pela linguagem Json. Sou do Brasil.

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    Witam, Do napisania aplikacja webowa zarządzania użytkownikami urządzeń oraz konfiguracją. Każde urządzenie ma 4 typy użytkowników: - Administrator - Serwis - Rozładunek - Klient Każdy użytkownik poza login i hasło posiada numeryczny Pin (6 cyfr) oraz numer karty RFID. Administartor (najwyższy typ użytkowników) po zalogowaniu może dodawać, usuwać innych użytkowników. Może tak...

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    We are a startup that wants to build a peer-tube video hosting network. Because bandwidth is very expensive in Germany we want to offer a miniserver that people with fiber connections can set up at home. This is a first attempt. A peer tube server is to be installed on a Raspberry Pi 4 model B 8GB. And be made executable. A dataset shall be delivered that can be copied to a MicroSD card. The sof...

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    Hello, i looking some one what are able to write me an Wordpress API. I have there already some examples and also the another client part on a printing services CUPS based. The another topic is there to provide also a small api for fax delivery what is based on Hylafax Some topics already finish, queue overview as example for fax and post, what is missing is the download part. Also the Cron Job...

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