JSON, short for JavaScript Object Notation, is an open-standard file format originally used for representing structured data based on JavaScript object syntax. It can also be used independently from Javascript and is currently supported by different application programming interfaces. Files on the JSON format are characterized as text-based, hierarchical, lightweight, and can be edited using a text editor.


JSON has become a popular alternative to other formats due to a variety of reasons. It provides a simple notation that allows developers to adopt quickly. Being lightweight, it also leads to better Web user experience due to reduced performance bottlenecks. JSON also allows for easier data transfer due to its data being stored in arrays.

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    I need someone with good communication skills and is well versed in c++ and the following to instruct me on some of the following Firmware Engineering principles - Qt / QML - Embedded Linux systems - Data Acquisition systems - User interface design - JSON - TCP/IP

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    Project Scraper -- 3 6 天 left

    Hi! We have developed scraper program to gather data from Internet. We need some help to make some improvements and updates on this program. You need to have great knowledge in C# .NET, OpenQA, Selenium, HTML, Javascript, JSON, and HtmlAgilityPack. Regards

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    We have a JSON object given below. {"label":"Country","value":"1","children":[{"label":"USA","value":"2","children":[{"label":"AZ","value":"3","children":[{"label":"Tempe","value":"4","children":[{"label":"Cotton","value":"5","children":[{"label":"Lake","value":"6","leaf":true},{"label":"Sweet","value":"7","leaf":true}]},{"label":"Sun","value":"9","leaf":true}]},{"label":"Mesa&quo...

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    Android App Enhancement 5 天 left

    In existing tabular application. following function should be implemented as seperate tab. 1. Screen 1: Display list of novels category by reading the json 2. Screen 2: Once category selected list all the novels for this category by reading the json 3. Screen 3: Display novel detail screen. In this screen, we will provide the following options a. Download PDF b. Download HTML c. Play Reward Video To enable above two buttons. Display admob mediation reward video * No avoid repeated user click, display 30 seconds waiting period after button C is clicked. * Once downloded above download button should be renamed as "Read PDF" or Read HTML

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    Case 1 : source json will be { "a":"val_a", "b": { "b1":"val_b1", "b2":"val_b2" }, "c": { "c1":"val_c1", "c2": { "c21":"val_c21", "c22":"val_c22" } } } mapping json will be { "oa" :"a" , "ob" : "", "oc" : "", "oc1": "" } output should be { "oa":"val_a", "ob":"val_b1", "oc":"val_c1", "oc1" : "val_c21" }

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    Create an ElectronJS Application [working on Linux], that will do the following functionality - The user interface will allow the user to select a directory, after the selection is done, the files in the directory are listed in the application. - The user can create a new folder/file from the same interface in the directory selected above

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    I need help to create a data analysis dashboard prototype. We are currently doing front-end work now, so only client-side calls to sample json files. Work will be done on Zoom collaborative sessions, good English communication skills required. Experience with Ag-Grid and AMCharts is a huge plus.

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    JSON file translations 3 天 left

    We are looking for a translation company to translate below file in various languages. Please provide us a fixed price for translating file in a language.

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    You need to add a token exchange button on the Tron blockchain to the site. The user gives Tether (USDT), Tron TRX token and receives another Token. During the payment, the Tronlink Wallet is used. 1. The user downloads Tronlink Wallet for the Google Chrome browser. Adds my token to Tronlink Wallet. user sends me their USDT token or Tron TRX token. user receives my token to his wallet. the parameters of the script, there should be a setting parameter for the minimum and maximum purchase amount. the script, a configurable exchange parameter my Token Price ≈ 0.01 Tether (USDT) or Tron TRX token.

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    This project is a filling plant for air. Similar to a gas station First Point: We need for an already existing Symfony project, we need the option of integrating a translation. We are happy to discuss details in the chat 1. The project should be translated into several languages ​​(German, English, French, Italian) 2. This project has a backend for administrators and operators. (Administrator had full access to all tables and settings. The operator may only see his settings and his table entries) 3. The administrator should be able to define a primary language for each operator (all customers of the operator and the operator themselves have then preselected this language) 4. The operator should be able to adapt the language for each of his customers. 5. The administrator should be able...

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    I'd like a self-hosted application for receiving data and then using that data to post to Zendesk's ticket API. The required workflow is as follows: 1. A new Zendesk ticket is created and data is received via an endpoint notification. (POST / JSON) 2. Depending on the 'priority' of the ticket, the application should wait a defined amount of time (ie. 15 minutes for urgent, 30 minutes for high) 3. The application should then post to the Zendesk Ticket API using: a) one of 5 pre-determined responses (these should be cycled through or chosen randomly each time the application runs) b) a different authentication (zendesk user) depending on who we define as being as on duty within the application So key features: - Ability to receive and make use of data posted by Zend...

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    HTML Dashboard Building 2 天 left

    Looking for a full stack developer to implement a dashboard service. The data will be provided to the service through POST messages in JSON format. The service should parse the received data, save it and display it in a HTML dashboard according to our needs.

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    Mobile App, Hybrid, to work on Apple, Android and Web Technologies Currently in use. Php, MySQL, JSON Need data to be displayed live from Database. Pages, Tournament List 1. Master List of Tournament Names 2. Subtext of Date String Filter By Year, International, Domestic Tournament Details Details for tournament that was clicked from Tournament List by TOURN_ID parameter. Schedule from tournament List by TOURN_ID parameter • Displays List of games TEAM_A vs TEAM_B • Subtext - Show date and Time if game not final, If Final display Score TEAM_A_SCORE – TEAM_B_SCORE • Filter By TEAM_A or TEAM_B Names, Gender, Game Final Game Details • From Schedule list by ID and TOURN_ID parameters Pool Standings • Displays Pool Standing for Men and Women for TOURN_ID ...

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    Odoo Ghost developer 1 天 left

    implement odoo custom plugins and integrations with external systems based on REST API

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    Scraping/extraction data (lines/odds) from bookmakers PLEASE- only apply if you worked on something similar before. Budget is not fixed- suggest whatever you think this will cost. I need scripts that will scrape NBA player performance market from several bookies and place it into an already existing table (so they can be compared easily). In attachments there will be a photo of how the table should look like when the data is added in). I will provide you with proxies in case you have issues accessing any of these. I also had something already done before (old scripts that worked before) which I will forward to you when before you start working (so you can see if you can salvage anything out of it). This is the list of bookies I need: * (sportsbook)* * * ; * *For these I alread...

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    Desarrollo de una pwa para llevar el control de nomina a partir del reconocimiento facial realizado por la cámara de cualqueir celular y que los datos afecten una base de datos en mysql.

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    Beds24 own site 22 小时 left

    Looking for individual two work in building connection and layout on Beds24 with direct booking option using JSON. Knowledge of JOMRES a big plus.

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    El proyecto consiste en la creación de un sistema de registro y cobranza a usuarios registrados a través de una pasarela de pago. Cada cliente debe elegir un plan (suscripción) a partir de la cual se le realizarán cargos automáticos a su tarjeta de crédito. El registro de los datos de su tarjeta es confidencial ya que el ambiente es aportado por la pasarela. Se utilizará API REST para conectar nuestro sitio con el de la pasarela (que es donde quedarán almacenados los datos del cliente). Además, la pasarela cuenta con la documentación requerida para trabajar en su API (si cuentas con Postman, la pasarela dispone de collections en la misma para facilitar el trabajo).

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    I have 9 animations I created in SVG and I want to create them in JSON as lottie to Elementor

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