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Legal research refers to the process of identifying and retrieving information pertinent to support legal decision making. Legal research involves finding sources of authority law, in a given jurisdiction by law professionals such as lawyers and paralegals. If your business needs legal research work done, you can hire freelancers for the same. Simply post your legal research job today in order to get competitive bids from freelancers! 雇佣 Legal Researchers


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    Contract between author and illustrator

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    My husband and I are Australian citizens who reside with legal residence in Portugal. We would like to move to Sweden. We have moved internationally several times before so we are familiar with the documentation that is required. We would like to find a Swedish lawyer who could help us. We have tried to find one on the internet, but the ones we have called have all dealt with companies only. We ...

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    Employment lawyer 6 天 left

    I need advice on setting up a 501c3 or 501c4 that will be able to pay volunteers stipend.

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    Se requiere términos y condiciones, cookies y políticas empresariales de una app de mantenimiento Requisitos, conocimientos en leyes mexicanas, con dominio de idioma español.

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    I have a website that has been posted defamatory and false claims about my company. I wish to issue the recipient a letter to begin legal proceedings.

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    vet a contract 5 天 left

    vet a commercial contract of 8 pages

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    USA accountant 5 天 left

    I need an accountant in the USA

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    need a legal researcher who can help us in building our policy and system based on the UAE education regulations

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    I own 25% of an LLC. It owns one large building. The tenant of the building is also an owner of the LLC. I want to know how to get out of ownership or to force the owner with the conflict of interest to act in our LLC's best interest.

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    Need representative(lawyer) for legal case in Coimbatore Specialised domains : Cyber law, Criminal law

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    Experienced in drafting contracts, legal research, and legal translate.

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    I'm looking for a simple contract for a small freelance recruiting LLC - basically saying there are no guarantees for finding a candidate for the employer and hold harmless clause. Ideally it will be a "fill in the blank" contract so I can sign the document and then send to the employer and have that person sign it online. Basically I am being hired by a company that is an employme...

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    My father, who may be a member of an outlaw motorcycle club, has had me charged with intimidation that never happened. I am currently unable to go to our local town so I am finding it hard to find a lawyer and the few that have said they can do it pull out soon after. I do have a history but I am seriously trying to turn my life around and this is going to really hurt my chances with my kids. I ha...

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    Propose best alternatives of Software Licenses in the market that match requirements according the attached requirement table. Indicate your experience or curriculum in Software License. Questions in Chat will be answered only once a day before close the Bid.

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    I have a biological son in Brazil to whom I wish to transmit US citizenship. The US consulate insists that he and his mother fly over 2,000 miles to provide a DNA sample, and for the first appointment, they only gave us two days' notice to make the trip. Since then, they've been unwilling to schedule another appointment. I've already tested positive on two paternity tests and paid $...

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    I was not aware of a hearing date and the city has imposed a ruling on me and my family to take our dogs away

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    This project is intended for someone with experience in writing legal briefs. The first segment is to assemble a pdf file in page number format from many different legal exhibits. The second segment is to create a table of contents for all the exhibits . See sample attached

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    We are looking for corporate/commercial lawyer for contract review. The contract in discussion here is between 2 limited companies in the UK. The contract should be reviewed in line with the English court of law. An experienced lawyer with 20 5-star reviews - This is what we are looking for. Length of document - 20 pages.

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    I need to file BK chapter 7 , Im on Disability , and trying to keep my cost down

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    We need a German-speaking or English-speaking person talented at either 1. User research. 2. Understanding how the product should work. ie. understanding of user experience, pain points, user journey/stories/ etc). + and who has a legal background (in a legal firm preferred, but purely educational also can be considered) ie. paralegal, assistant You will be working alongside our product m...

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    加精 保密协议
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    I prefer those who had succeeded in the exact case of mine, or who’s sure %99 will be succeeded. My Wise formerly TransferWise account was deactivated for buying/selling cryptocurrency while they mentioned on their website that’s ok: “You can receive money to your Wise account from a platform that deals with cryptocurrencies — as long as the platform is regulated and/...

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    Looking for excellent writers, Only US/ British English writting style

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    I require some help to draft technical aspect for a patent application. We have developed a machine in house and looking to patent it. I can help with specifications etc however require help to draft the specification content

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    I have a preliminary patent application in Portugal and need to fill to PCT. Could you help me?

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    Suche freien Journalisten (m/w), der sich o.g. Thema annimmt und Kontakte zur Presse hat.

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    For this project you need background in prior Science patent research / analysis You will receive a written brief detailing a proposed invention, you will perform a patent search and Analysis. You will be provided with the deliverables once you are selected and have relevant experience. Wining bidder will sign an NDA

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    Dear all, I have an agreement that needs a bit of details on 3-4 points. It is not a big agreement and i would like to discuss how you could advice me on it since i am based in Cyprus and i have signed with a UK company. Let me know how we can proceed on discussing it further. Regards, Demetris Nikolaou

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    Looking for someone who is familiar with US Lawas regarding Reg-CF Crowdfunding laws, and can help us file for the regulation CF License. [登录来查看链接] Please quote your best price for the same.

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    We are looking for a Lawyer/DPO to assist with a variety of projects.

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    Looking for IP and Patent Consultants for INDIA only. We are looking to file few patents for India office, for domestics market.

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    Service warranty for a sale of a used equipment.

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    I got my study visa refused because of bad sop i want good sop with the reason that i will come back to india after my studies

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    Need a legal writer to upgraded my contract paper asap

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    Need a legal writer to upgraded my contract paper asap

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    Legal Research - Tort Law 1 天 left

    I am looking for someone who can do case analysis on tort law. you must be good at case research and must be able to explain laws in simple language. If you are interested, please answer the following questions: 1) Send the sample of your case analysis. 2) If you don't have a case analysis, then create a sample case analysis. Select 1 legislation and 1 case law. Do not use complex lang...

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    Before you bid please red carefully ( you will need to know what a digital frame is and what is blockchain and NFTs and basic understanding of mobile application design I have an idea that i want to turn into a patent and a product , looking for someone who can help with that by first researching if this patent exist , 2 if not making documentation for this patent and third help give suggestion on...

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    Need a legal writer to write agreement

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    Need a legal writer to write USA law

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    Need a legal expert also know as US law

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    I want someone who Can write these following for my E-commerce Website : 1. ABOUT US 2. Terms Of Service 3. Refund Policy 4. Shipping Policy 5. Privacy Policy Please Dont Ask me number of words . Only people who did this kind of work in past may bid .

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    Hi, i want a freelancer legal or lawyer to investigate the legality of a company. as we want to have a contract with them for the first time. the name and legal papers will be released after agreement with the freelancer location of freelancer to be in italy, prefer to be in Bologna.

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    I am looking for someone who can help me register a legal company within shortest time with bank account. Best would be with a nominee or trusted person. If someone know a company where it is very easy and fast, please message me.

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    Enrolled agents 21 小时 left

    Looking for a couple of enrolled agents to help my clients settle tax issues with the IRS. you must have your certification an id number. You must have experience. I pay on a project basis to complete tasks. Pricing to be discissed

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    The new business is an online educational academy that provides virtual lessons help and tutoring in specific subjects. The tutors that we hire are going to be classified as self-employed so a contract of employment is needed with some specific clauses such as how many weeks notice before they can leave, their stipulated salary etc. In addition, there are some new ideas in this business model so a...

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    Legal contract 13 小时 left

    Experienced lawyer to draf an Exclusive Distribution Agreement.

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    Trophy icon Reseacher needed 20 天 left

    Want to research 2000 or pro bono paralegal contact information. I need there office and address I will also need to the information uploadable to mail sender

    $777 (Avg Bid)
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