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    Hello there , we run a web game based on php script . we use a vps hosting , it was working just fine . but in the past 4 days , it became slow , moving from page to another , or taking longer than it should in processing mysql threads we need someone good to identify the source of issue and fix it .

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    I need to fix an NGINX configuration

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    SETUP Autoscaling - Launching instance - Creating AMI - Creating launch configuration - Applying autoscaling

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    SETUP Autoscaling - Launching instance - Creating AMI - Creating launch configuration - Applying autoscaling

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    We are looking for a person who can help us build the AWS instance server. Needs to come with best practice to make sure site speed is good for node based application As an AWS Administrator (Expert Level) you must be good at the skills mentioned below: - 1. Setup and Manage Infrastructure in AWS. 2. Setup VM's Instances as required. 3. Virtual Networks 4. Monitoring and Maintenance 5. Abilit...

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    docker help required 6 天 left

    docker help required for heroku deployment

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    C++ Expert -- 2 6 天 left

    Hello I need to complete c project that is pattern matching and string matching It is similar to 'grep' command(linux command) that is used to find patterns in each file If you are expert in c++, please bid with 'c++' words. thanks

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    - We need to develop shell script for MongoDB instead of Manual Setup. - Which will be utilized CICD simple pipeline. - Define input variant such as instance type, storage, account id - Based on above script will install the MongoDB - It will adapt DataDog monitoring also

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    l need you to convert this apache rules into a nginx rules for a nginx servers

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    I would love to install a Nodejs project on a Centos Server, the backend works fine, but the frontend doesn't work correctly on the Server. It does works locally well, but it doesn't work correctly on the Centos Server (Cloud VPS). The Server is a WHM. The project works correctly on Localhost. The project would be run in two Phases (Milestones): 1) Install on sub-domain : Here I need ...

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    Hello Freelancers, We run VPN services via OpenVPN so that customers can view UK TV from abroad. Some of the UK Channels have blocked our access. We are looking for someone to see if they can take a look at our setup and perhaps resolve this for us. Looking for someone highly skilled in VPN's/Linux to get in touch. Work needs to start ASAP and would need to be carried our via TeamViewer or A...

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    I want to you to install openstack in my centos os, i am getting lotvof errors

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    Hi there I am looking for an AWS Trainer to Teach a 12 Week AWS CLoud Practitioner course (remotely but live) between 3-5 days per week with adult trainers. I need someone available 930am-330pm AEST (Sydney, Australia) which would be 3.30pm-9.30pm LA time. Starting 8th November. Happy to pay $40/hr for 30 hours per week training. I need someone who has excellent training skills and can clearly br...

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    troubleshoot DNS 6 天 left

    find ouot why a domain does not resolve must be expert in DNS

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    Tengo un servidor Asterisk Instalado y en el mismo tengo Vicidial instalado. Tengo un problema al momento de interconectar mi Asterisk con un Softswitch y es que el puerto de comunicación de mi Softswitch es el 6060 no acepta peticiones por el 5060 que es el puerto estándar de Asterisk. La cuestión es que he intentado establecer la conexión y no he podido. Tengo bien co...

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    Hello, if you dont know what is [登录来查看链接] dont open this work. We have code , in winrar and here is everything ready almost it just need to fix some detail

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    API Twitter with Python 6 天 left

    I need support to connect to twitter by Oficial API in Python, configuring credentials such as Bearer

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    Hello, I have a Python script that is working good. I need to implement a WebInterface + DB + Wordpress API

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    Needed Python Developer - Need To run script in my computer threw remote desktop i want to run btcrecover code in python to find blockchain wallet password

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    all in title, only for person that will begin to work now because its urgent

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    hello freelancer i need install ssl in may server

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    I need someone who can tell command to run audio speaker of my monitor for ubuntu 20-04

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    Audio ip broadcast 6 天 left

    One to one and one to many audio ip broadcast File and device mic on any linux based system or mobile system like android and IOS

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    Python Crawler Error 6 天 left

    I have built a crawler that crawls the dark web and it was running successfully, however now I'm witnessing an error that I cant seem to get rid off. Every time I run the crawler it says there has been an error connecting to tor however when I test tor it is running successfully. Is there a chance someone can help me fix this bug through team viewer please?

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    simple Unix shell program that supports job control and I/O piping using C

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    Need Zabbix DEVELOPER / Coder 6 天 left

    I need someone that knows the zabbix agent / server inside out. NOT looking for someone that knows how to use it but someone that knows how to code. The requirement is as follows; -Install the remote agent as usual -On the server side, Intercept incoming agent data and store that into a Mariadb table. -No actual need for the zabbix server other than the bare components if needed. -The point is t...

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    directory on the side Compilation should be done in the 'threads' directioy. The Pintos reference material can be found in: -cis345s/pub/[登录来查看链接] .pdf Task I: Efficient Alarm Clock In Pintos. threads may, call this function to put themsehes to sleep /•• •This function suspends execution of the call, thread until time hasadvanced by at least x timer ticks. Unless the syst...

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    Hi, I'm trying to setup Wordpress on Linode, and have run into an issue setting up nginx. Would like some remote help to fix the problem. Probably via screenshare. Thanks

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    VPS service 6 天 left

    Need to build a VPS on Kubernetes cluster with 30,000 text messaging

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    Program a Raspberry Pi 3 6 天 left

    I need someone to install a DHCP and TFTP server on a raspberry Pi 3. Please be proficient in navigating Linux.

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    It has to done in C programming in linux . it must run as in ubuntu virtual box. 2 separate program processes and threads. It has to be done as soon as possible. Only accept this programming assignment if you know coding on c programming linux and have an idea on system programming. It should not match chegg

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    Network programmer in Linux environment.

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    in industrial project, Ive a apk that will run on android therefore I want to create a custom android rom for any 10inch tablet that has accelerometer I want to modify the following in android rom "Root is not an issue" 1- remove the startup logo add custom one 2- when opened from shutdown or reset it start my application automatically 3- doesn't allow to close the app and remove ...

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    Development and modifications in existing distributed database IOT application. Preferably based in India

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    i have installed PI hole or you can install it i want to run my DNS on my android device now any android device can use DNS [登录来查看链接] [登录来查看链接] or cloudflare same i want to make my DNS server its have to work on android device like go to settings and serach DNS u can see privet DNS and u can set there ur own domain. you have to make it for me. you can test it on your server and give me for check i...

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    deploye MERN stack project on digitalocean also mysql phpmyadmin also have to setup project already running in local and need to make it live on digitalocean

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    Hi, I need someone to give me the instructions and guide me to setting up a cron job that will run a larval script on a daily basis.

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    Programming task 6 天 left

    Hello, thank you for your interest in my programming task. Let me describe the task and please tell me what you think about it. What I want to achieve are all broadcastings on this website: [登录来查看链接], i.e. all the low quality (LQ) MP3s from 1995 to 2016. So the program would have to generate the download-links, starting from [登录来查看链接] to [登录来查看链接] and download the files. Be aware that the websit...

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    Server is down 6 天 left

    Server 'GRSAL-S-001' is down, Unable to take RDP, no RSA Device name: [登录来查看链接] Device type: IBM System x3650 M4 -[7915E2G]- Device serial number: KD5M2R9 IP address: [登录来查看链接] Address: Thessaloniki, 57001, Greece.

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    looking for qualified & Experienced python expert person who can do coding you must have strong experience in python you must know how to do codings you must expert in report writing thanks

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    Necesito un experto 3CX para emparejar mi tronco con el softphone de 3cx

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    i have vps server I'm install emby server and work but problem is if open https in cloudflare is not work emby server it's need ssl install

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    unable to connect aws rds mysql needs to be done in 1 hour low bids are preferred

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    Discord Server Helper 6 天 left

    We need a person experienced with Discord, to help us to configure our discord server: -create verification with captcha when users enter our channel, to prevent bots; -create community rules (just some standard rules); -force user to accept our rules when he enters the first time and ONLY after let him see all other categories; -do something to avoid spam, how to configure each channel? -giv...

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    Refer the image attached below. Should be able to read the code, test it and work on improvisations. (half of the work is already done)

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    Create SMTP servers, manage and assign IPs, etc.

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    Hi, I need someone to help me create a script that runs on Linux. The functionality of the script - detect a received coin and record it in the database - read the local database every 30 seconds or 1 minute to send coins according to the database. - read the local database and create a new wallet according to the database. Please suggest a good wallet provider that works best for the script. The...

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    Ansible - Expert & Teacher We create Linux servers for small businesses We always do the same thing over and over again. We want to use Ansible for the large amount of package installations and file configurations that are required on each server. We have never used Ansible before and have only an understanding of how it works. Yet we need to become an expert and need you to help us. * We...

    min $389 / hr
    min $389 / hr
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    I want to create a new mining pool with full setup.

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    We have website based on PHP and mail function is not working. Need someone to debug that and setup mail server as required. Unfortunately server access cannot be given. Need to fix this over screen sharing in anydesk/google meet/teams

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