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    hello as you know strongswan is used to ipsec + ikev2 we dont have any issue for ipsec but for ikev2 we can not connect it to our ibsng radius server , because it needed another library (mschapv2 or something ... ) so easily we need to change source on server to make auhtentication also FROM ikev2 TO ibsng radius server, its like ibsng can not read encoded passwords from auth.. you must done it ...

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    I think this is very simple. You have to read all files in some directory using recursive and get all file names. After that you have to delete files which contains .txt in name.

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    Hello, we have an application running fine on CentOS 7 but we need to be able to run it on CentOS 6. We have our application build using Electron.

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    Install vue project in digital ocean server Here is the link to the project. [登录来查看链接] Thanks

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    Bitcoin RPC configure -- 2 6 天 left

    Bitcoin wallet access remotely, Work on remotly i can not share server detail

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    Bitcoin RPC configure 6 天 left

    Bitcoin wallet access remotely, Work on remotly i can not share server detail

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    fix networking issue 6 天 left

    I use a lot Chrome Remote Desktop form Google. I have an old Win7 laptop. I have also a ChromeBook. When I am outside my LAN everything is OK and I can connect my Chromebook via Chrome Remote Desktop to my Win7 laptop. Unfortunately I can't do this when both laptops are in the same LAN. I need help to fix this. Most probably this is an easy task for someone more experienced than me. More task...

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    Need to setup Asterisk server and Setup 2 SIP trunk providers and do call routing Integrate with Skype for Business server. Once done SFB users should be able to make outbound calls and receive calls using the SIP trunks created in Asterisk. Setup auto provisioning for Yealink and Polycom phones.

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    Cisco ASA 5505 to Cisco Meraki MX 67 Migration, who can help me right away. Tech is on remote site

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    Captive portal 6 天 left

    I am looking for someone to create captive portal for wifi access, I would like the captive portals to show ads sourced from local companies. I would like the landing page to show a video, and users can access the internet after about one minute of video, accept terms and conditions and only after then get access to the internet. I already have marketing routers which allows me to link to a we...

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    exim configuration 6 天 left

    hi please we need to configure a text in all incoming emails in exim server inside a cpanel server we want that this text appear in all incoming email for certain domains: "please do not open attached files" i want that text in all incoming emails can you help us to configure exim for only certain incoming domains?

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    We are looking for experienced ansible expert who can write playbook to complete different automation processes and help implementing them over Ansible AWX . There are approx 10-15 different playbooks to be written using already available roles and customize them.

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    Unix Access control 6 天 left

    Need an expert in Unix access control urgently

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    Traccar Server 6 天 left

    I need someone expert on the traccar server

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    Wir haben einen xcp-ng Server mit insgesamt 5 VM's am laufen, sowie einen weiteren Server mit xcp-ng der derzeitig ungenutzt ist. Aufgabe: - Analyse der Raidzusammenstellung der Server für evtl. Verbesserungsvorschläge - Erstellung einer Backup Strategie, evtl. mit Xen-Orchestra - beantwortung evtl. weiterer Fragen welche vielleicht noch aufkommen Zugriff: - über einen Clien...

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    Here is requirement. make .[登录来查看链接] template 1, auto config to push repo to digital ocean server (init) 2, run Ln nginx command to config nginx (init) 3, run certbot command to generate ssl key (init) 4, run docker-compose command to deploy instance (init) 5, whenever local update code => auto push to server & redeploy docker-compose (everytime)

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    Provide full Operations Support on MSSQL and Postgres databases, for maximum uptime. Tasks include Monitoring, Troubleshooting, Tuning and Database Administration Pre-reqs - SQL, Good knowledge of Relational databases, Good Linux/Windows Skills, Good documentation, Good written and oral communication skills

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    Hi we wish to have a web application for converting images per second into various video format in php 5.2 onwards support on both windows and linux platform. The appliction will convert non sequence images into video on the basis dynamic selection. Any query is welcomed.

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    Desenvolvimento de um sistema usando o framework laravel para consulta de laudos em diferentes níveis de acesso. Os laudos serão enviados via FTP através de outro sistema para o servidor da aplicação no formato PDF onde os dados/parâmetros serão passados através do nome do arquivo. Exemplo do formato do nome dos arquivos: 01066191_T#NOME DO ...

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    Server admin 6 天 left

    To resolve error below on OVH server 403 Forbidden nginx

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    Make a rule on iptables 6 天 left

    Hello i want Make a rule on iptables or (Another protection free software that you suggest) for Centos 7 limit TCP [PSH,ACK] ON PORT max X per second per IP Drop if it exceeds

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    Need help with VMWARE esxi image failing to start due to simple “directory not found” hard drive location configuration. Other vm images work fine

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    build a vpn server 6 天 left

    specific instructions on build a vpn server in ubuntu 18.04 using openvpn Would be nice it works with debian 9.5 as well

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    Réalisation d’un programme d’envoi de messages sécurisé entre les utilisateurs d’une même machine.

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    $69 - $260
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    # all erc20 eth based coin are available # all masternode coin supported in our exchange # secqurity (google2fa for confirm withdraw) # user transer coin user to user # some extra factional talk to latter i have not enough time if u have previous experience and if r capable to show some demo then u can bit

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    Ask for details...................................

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    Looking for a QT/QML UI developer for camera control.

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    Live streaming of mobile applications – One end user can control applications, while multiple users can view live or recorded sessions of mobile applications. Live streaming can be used for video game walk-throughs and demos or instructional videos for mobile applications. Visibility into encrypted traffic that uses certificate pinning – An increasing number of mobile applications use ...

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    My Previous devolper is faild to proivde what I asked so I need to make sure I will get what I am looking for and not just cookiecut work. You need to create a copy of NEO coin but with a new own Blockchain and own Explorer with our details and supply also some of changes which we will ask you to do. You need to clear and provide all points including: SUPERBLOCK Privatekey Core Specification Wal...

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    Help me reach inbox 6 天 left

    Greetings, We are working with dedicated servers, and we are trying to send emails to our database, 50.000 Emails, and all of our emails are reaching Spam, we are searching for an expert to help us reach inbox. please post only if you are serious, this can be a long term job if it works out

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    I do not have that much experience when it comes to upgrading major RHEL distributions. My current situation is I have an old machine that is running Redhat enterprise Linux server 5 and I need it to be upgraded to a red hat enterprise 7. The server has a RAID5 and is being used to run our website with apache and expression engine. I have another machine that I would like to ssh to, to do the back...

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    Need to implement approximately 450 small functions call in C or C++ in one single file with small server code(we will provided sample code). We will be calling one or multiple functions through API calls to collect data. This code will be tested only at our facility though Remote connection(example: Anydesk). We will provided necessary library for 450 functions & manuals with explanations for...

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    Elastic Beanstalk - Environment dosn't pass the health check "ELB health is failing or not available for all instances". Instances are running well but having "Out of Service status in Load Balancer"

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    We're looking for an experienced technical writer to develop an Application Note that walks through best practices and recommendations for debugging device trees on an embedded Linux System. The content should be of similar detail and quality as what is provided in our other Application Notes found here: [登录来查看链接] Our technical experts will consult with you before writing to go over the ke...

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    I need you to develop some software for me. I would like this software to be developed for Linux using Java.

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    Need help closing port for security in putty via tv

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    WEBMIN setup 6 天 left

    i want to set up my domain to webmin with working mail system send and receive mail with webmin.

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    Network vmware 5 天 left

    I work in SAP ERP and use a VMware includes SAP server to work and study on it. It's a simple task, I want to access remotely my VMware through a static ip All what i need accessing the VMware remotely from anywhere because I cannot bring my VMware all the time

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    I'm searching for a capable person in vpns protocol

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    This position is for an experienced (or even fresher) Full Stack Engineer. We are offering up to $1500 per month + stock options. We are 22+ team working in space of Full Stack, Blockchain, IoT, NLP - doing some consulting gigs and building our own products. Some of which would change the shape of how mankind consumes Internet. Once you apply I will reply back to a select few candidates and will ...

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    I need customized tor browser, built using tor-rbm. Customizations :- Rebrand TorBrowser as ProxBrowser. Disable browser auto update. Make browser hardware dependent. Hardware dependency code to be placed in separate code file. Project steps :- 1. Identify and prove legality of TorBrowser. 2. Rebrand Tor browser as ProxBrowser.(provide source code with all dependencies. As a private git reposi...

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    Estoy buscando alguien que desarrolle el módulo GAME del Firewall de OVH para WHMCS. En ese módulo se podrá modificar el puerto a abrir, activar o desactivar la mitigración permanente y enviar un email al dueño del servidor en caso que haya un ataque DDoS. Todo esto se puede hacer mediante las API de OVH. [登录来查看链接]

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    Configure the system which monitor and find the failed services and restart them again in our CentOS7, Nginx web servers. Teamviewer and remote configuration required. Instruct us what system you are using beforehand.

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    SECURITY EXPERT (kali) TO check 3 urls if they are secure and check if access to mysql database is possible. please ask me urls by chat and then you can start approach to give an estimate of hours to have any result! Confidence and professional! Fast payment with credentials!

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    Need help with building instrument cluster with a infotainment center using raspberry pi 4 using multiple displays.

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    Help fix RHEL 8.1 Server for file and backup services. a. Drives and names (samba shares for Windows access) b. User names c. Network name d. Additional drives e. External Drives f. Cloudberry Backup program for external USB 3 Drives that will be rotated. g. VNC so I can remote into the GUI on the server.

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    Need some one to read near real time stock data from a mysql database and save the result back to a mysql database. I need to cluster the price change for about 90 different stocks

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    I need a small proof of concept in cmake with the following features: 1) uses ExternalData to fetch a binary from a URL based location. In that location, multiple versions of that file can co-exist. Selection of the right version of the file is done based on md5. 2) uses a dependency via ExternalProject. Any OSS from github or similar can be used in the POC. The cmake script must be able to get th...

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    Linux server admins / Linux - Ubuntu 18.04 LTS (Specialist needed) to restore admin panel / create new server then deploy the code

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    I am looking for someone to help me setup an ESXi Server on a Supermicro C9X299-PGF Motherboard utilizing Nvidia Grid K2 cards. The issues I am having: I have experience setting up the same configuration but on HP servers. Although the Supermicro is not a “qualified” motherboard to operate the K2 cards, there is no reason why it should not work and others have done this. This is a vir...

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