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You may invest a huge sum of money in the market research department but still you may not have reached the targeted mark in your business, this may be due to the inefficient work force of the department. If you really want an outstanding result you have to outsource this job to the freelancer market researcher from freelancer.com and get the service of this researching done through them, as they not only charge a cost fraction but will do it in a productive way, the results of which can be easily seen within no time.

The freelance market researcher will be able to plan your marketing research by implementing the best strategy, define the goals of the project, and challenge the competitors by using the latest tools and plan for the targeted traffic generation. They will make an effective marketing strategy and marketing plan for any of the projects which are given to them within the stipulated time and help in the related adjoining process of marketing research. If you are a freelancer having deep insight of the outside world, and can employ the best practice for the marketing strategy, look out for jobs from Freelancer.com

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Market research for Muslima fashion industry In need of fast data on the muslima fashion industry in UK, EU and Middle East. Need to know the type of fashion, price per clothing and the buying power. 14 研究, 市场, 商业分析, 市场调研, 网络研究 Nov 21, 2017 今天6天 19时 $250
Khata-Bahi - 21/11/2017 04:00 EST The project "Khata-Bahi" is a web and app project, which help us to improve our daily, monthly and yearly expenses. It suggests us, how we can save our salary and how we can make a systematic and effective time-table and report of our incomes and expenses. 3 SEO, 谷歌Adwords, 市场调研, Digital Marketing Nov 21, 2017 今天6天 17时 $851
Online Focus Group Moderator We need someone to be able to Moderate a series of 8 online focus groups of 2 hours each including 2 participants per focus group. The schedule for the focus groups so far is but it could slightly change so I would suggest that the person could be available from 4pm UK time onward on these days Mon 4th Dec – 4pm UK time (5pm Geneva) for 2 hours. · Tues 5th Dec &n... 1 市场调研, 英语(英国), 英语(美国), 交流 Nov 21, 2017 今天6天 15时 $19528
Power Point Slides - ready slides to purchase - Qual Market Research, Customer journey, Store Layout General information for the business: Market Research or Marketing Slides illustrating customer journey, store layout, super markets layout Industry: Business Data to include: I need to urgently purchase examples of power point slides showing anything related to the following: customer journey, customer store layout, super markets layout qualitative data reporting This task relates to... 17 研究, 市场, 商业分析, 市场调研, 商业写作 Nov 21, 2017 今天6天 15时 $796
Business Plan for Tyre Plant My client is planning to open a Tyre Manufacturing Plant in Qatar. Project will be funded by the bank 100%. We need a fully fledged business plan which covers all aspects including production process, operation and financials for 5 years. 47 报告写作, 商业计划, 商业分析, 融资写作, 市场调研 Nov 21, 2017 今天6天 13时 $3679
Analysts to work on a new venture in the InsurTech space Looking for Analysts to work on a new venture in the InsurTech space. If you are an experienced analyst in financial services in search of new opportunity in the digital space, get in touch! Role ideal for someone with 2-5 years experience in the financial services industry. Insurance experience will be highly preferable. Key skills:  Strong market research skills and an analytical mindse... 1 研究, Excel, 财务调查, 商业分析, 市场调研 Nov 20, 2017 今天6天 11时 $31
Create Marketing Profiles We are a Christian church doing some research in our area. We have researched some basic audience profiles. We need them enhanced with relevant brands and then some graphic design to present them well. The attached MS Word document is our research. The three *.jpg files are examples of what we want the finished profiles to look like. You will need to: 1. use market research to discove... 5 平面设计, 市场调研 Nov 20, 2017 今天6天 7时 $748
Need a buyer from thailand , korea ,land indonesia I need buyers , whome i send bem photos of products so that they locate , buy and ship for my company. 3 买方采购, 市场调研 Nov 20, 2017 今天6天 2时 $1469
write 25 articles about different subjects FIXED PRICE PROJECT 15$. Please do not waste our time bidding different. We need ~1000 words articles for 25 titles. The articles must be in english, using the given key words, it must offer relevant information and most of all, it should not be copied. We will check all articles and if we find duplicate content on www, payment will not be made until deliver. business plan rent office space re... 22 市场, Article Writing, 市场调研, 内容写作 Nov 20, 2017 Nov 20, 20175天 23时 $172
Market Research opportunities in China Hello, We will be needing some support with our upcoming market research projects in China. Support can involve various forms, from conducting interviews in Chinese to helping out with translations, to moderating focus groups, to potentially managing projects. Preferred but not mandatory: -Based in Mainland China -Having experience of Market Research Mandatory: -Fluent/Native Mandarin... 23 翻译, 研究, 市场调研, 简体中文(中国) Nov 20, 2017 Nov 20, 20175天 16时 $430
Do some internet research Some research need to be done on the internet and it shall be submitted in excel in one week. The details shall be given once the candidate is selected. 90 数据输入, 研究, Excel, 市场调研, 网络研究 Nov 20, 2017 Nov 20, 20175天 14时 $29
american freelancer is needed for market research and telemarketing american freelancer is needed for market research and telemarketing 15 研究, 电话销售, 销售, 市场, 市场调研 Nov 19, 2017 Nov 19, 20175天 10时 $86
Write a useful and user-friendly pocket guide on 'Doing business in North America' Write a useful and user-friendly pocket guide on 'Doing business in North America' Example of 2 topics to be covered: 1. The market and its segmentation 2. Tax considerations Will provide specific details. Please send sample extract of work. 22 研究, Research Writing, 市场调研, 商业写作, 商务智能 Nov 19, 2017 Nov 19, 20175天 6时 $1051
needs a salesman to achieve the sales target of an app on iOS devices a person is needed with good communication skills who should be a good marketer and have knowledge of apps and games for iOS. that person should be able to achieve the target of 100 sales of a paid product made for iOS users. this work could be done over the internet as marketing or personally by convincing the users to use the product. 4 销售, 市场, 市场调研 Nov 19, 2017 Nov 19, 20175天 3时 $547
Northern Nevada r Research the following topics. Send me what you have discovered after the preliminary research, and I will direct the research as you go more in depth. Please provide links to helpful resources. Provide a summary of your research. To give context, I sell vacant land in Northern Nevada and this research will help me to better market my properties. Do not limit your research to just my questi... 16 研究, 报告写作, Research Writing, 市场调研, 网络研究 Nov 19, 2017 Nov 19, 20174天 19时 $2671
Instagram Research - Influencers (Watches, Fashion) We are looking for an individual to provide market research using Instagram. You will present the data in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. We will provide the Excel spreadsheet and include examples to help you get started. You will be asked to provide the following data across three niches – watch pictures, watch brands and watch bloggers. We are looking for influencers on Instagram that a... 25 数据输入, 研究, Excel, 市场调研, 网络研究 Nov 19, 2017 Nov 19, 20174天 19时 $31
Project for Kanica B. Hi Kanica B., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat. 4 传销, 谷歌 Adsense, 市场调研, 广告计划 与 购买, , 搜索引擎销售 Nov 19, 2017 Nov 19, 20177天 15时 $2109
salesforce blogger reachout im looking for a dedicated person who will reachout saleasforce bloggers and will ask them prices about product review banners advertisment newsletter advertisment. the task is to give me list of 50 blooggers with review price,newsletter price,banner price,num of monthly visitors, num of newsletter users, num of est banners click, size of review IM NOT LOOKING FOR ANY SEO,SEM,if u cant un... 9 数据输入, 市场调研, 网络研究 Nov 18, 2017 Nov 18, 20174天 2时 $844
Marketing for a Market Research website Hello, I would like to connect with people who have previously worked in market research industry and are from marketing background. Job is about getting leads through paid and unpaid channels. This is partially paid and partially target based job. P.S i dont need SEO. Thanks 13 网络市场, Link Building, 销售, 市场, 市场调研 Nov 18, 2017 Nov 18, 20174天 $3503
market research Freelancer will be searching the web for up to date statistic on tourism in the province of Quebec, Canada. They will transfer pertinent information on an excel spreadsheet that will be used in a business plan for an accommodation businesses. Ex of information needed: How much tourism visit the province and where they come from? How much they spend on accommodation? Witch region is the most visi... 22 研究, 市场, 商业分析, 市场调研 Nov 18, 2017 Nov 18, 20173天 21时 $201
Required uploading different 500 posts as an offers or advertisements from different categories & languages through single form. I have very simple work. I need someone to upload different 500 posts as an offers or advertisements from different categories & languages. For each post, it is required to copy the posts’ title and its description as well as the image into a simple form. There are 10 categories (Auto, beauty…), each category needs to have 50 different offers & different languages as followi... 10 市场, 市场调研, 分类发布, 一般劳动力 Nov 18, 2017 Nov 18, 20173天 21时 $211
I would like to hire an Amazon Web Services Expert -- 2 I have 10 products listed on [链接已删除,请登录查看] with the store name "verma learning solution" looking for expert for better ranking for my products. Who can get best possible key-words for showing my products on first page by 1) writing A+ content 2) Linking my products to other best-selling products with in my category, so that it have a better chances of finding my products. 3) finding ... 7 网络市场, 亚马逊网络服务, 市场调研, Sales Promotion Nov 17, 2017 Nov 17, 20173天 12时 $992
Regional manager (Korean market) for LAToken blockchain platform – full/part-time LAToken ([链接已删除,请登录查看]) – a global blockchain platform for tokenization and trading of real assets via cryptocurrencies. We are #1 blockchain tokenization project by contributions with ~$20m raised from 11,000+ community members via Token Sale. Our team brings top-notch hedge funds and consultancy expertise (McKinsey, BCG) as well as entrepreneurship and community development experience to ... 1 网络市场, 电话销售, 销售, 市场, 市场调研 Nov 17, 2017 Nov 17, 20173天 4时 $34714
i want a certified market research im trying to launch a new project and i need a certified market research that i can provide to my investors 25 网络市场, 研究, 市场, 商业分析, 市场调研 Nov 17, 2017 Nov 17, 20173天 2时 $3664
Lead Generation for an Local Internet Marketing SEO We're a growing SEO firm and we're looking for an individual who can help us grow our business. Here is the job: The Lead Generation Specialist will be responsible for identifying and developing new business prospects, qualifying and generating new sales leads from multiple sources including online business sites, marketing leads, prospect lists, and individual research to support the... 23 网络市场, 研究, 销售, 市场调研, 网络研究 Nov 17, 2017 Nov 17, 20173天 $2843
get university tuition fee loan for UNITED KINGDOM university ONLY please ASAP i need someone to help me get university tuition fee loan for my studies at university in the UNITED KINGDOM please. Also needs to be suited for someone with bad credit. thank you 5 研究, 市场调研, 网络研究 Nov 17, 2017 Nov 17, 20172天 15时 $196
Amazon FBA product research and listing Some with experience in Amazon FBA product research and listings. Who can research trends and sales volumes. To see what new products are in trend. Additionally after conducting the research, create viable listings with enhanced product descriptions and seo. 9 网络市场, 市场创​造​销​售​, 市场调研 Nov 16, 2017 Nov 16, 20172天 12时 $641
Survey at Asian Market at Sydney We are looking for asian at sydney to do market survey about product availability in Asian market at Sydney Australia. The topic product is topical analgesic. 4 Research Writing, 市场调研, 越南语, 简体中文(中国), Qualitative Research Nov 16, 2017 Nov 16, 20172天 6时 $6442
telesales consortium organisation need someone to organise consortiums for these projects : [链接已删除,请登录查看] 16 研究, 电话销售, 销售, 市场创​造​销​售​, 市场调研 Nov 16, 2017 Nov 16, 20172天 1时 $125
Need someone to sell my Malaysia database 20 Million Complete Malaysia Database This is a complete database of 20 million Malaysia database. This database includes: name, addresses, telephone, fax, website and email address information. etc All in Excel Spread Sheets. I need someone to sell this database 2 电话销售, 批发市场, 广告, 市场调研, Digital Marketing Nov 16, 2017 Nov 16, 20171天 21时 $15623
research on market feeds-reuters and bloomberg I need a little market research on market data feeds providers like reuters and bloomberg from which all real time and historical stock data can be fetched using api service. Wanted to know the costs for each service and the process to fetch data 5 数据处理, 研究, 数据挖掘, 市场调研 Nov 16, 2017 Nov 16, 20171天 19时 $164
Business plan for my project named yourtrip I have an i idea of making a business in tourism where my main goal is to make the bookings for hotels, cars(chauffer service), tours, restaraunts(points of interest), guides, visa, activities and concierge service through the app and website. This app will strongly be sophisticated to work in one country for now. By this i mean that since we are doing it one country first, it will concentrate on ... 48 Mobile App Development, 商业计划, 市场调研, 应用设计 Nov 16, 2017 Nov 16, 20171天 18时 $4523
Need a person in Papua New Gunea for field work Need a person in Papua New Guinea for field work 3 市场调研, 微软Office Nov 16, 2017 Nov 16, 20171天 17时 $194
any expert having knowledge of Global marketing?? hello... i am in search of any expert having knowledge of global marketing interested freelancers can inbox me thank you.. 12 市场, 技术写作, Research Writing, 市场调研, 内容写作 Nov 16, 2017 Nov 16, 20171天 13时 $867
Contact help Hello freelancers, Need help in generating contacts in Malaysia on a long-term project. Happy bidding. 7 市场调研 Nov 16, 2017 Nov 16, 20171天 13时 $876
market research on horticulture business in Bengal I am working on a business project concetrating on in Horticulture Business in West Bengal, India. The study is to be focussed on concentrating on Garden and parks. 1. Segments and market sizes 2. Maintenance/landscaping Opportunities 3. Available Service Providers. 4. info on the works released in 2014-2017 through tenders or known sources 5. available parks/garden in Kolkata (focus on ko... 33 研究, 报告写作, 商业计划, 商业分析, 市场调研 Nov 16, 2017 Nov 16, 20171天 13时 $1094
Financial Research - Bank Financial Research - Bank The research. Find a community that may not be bankable now but they will determine future business in banking in ASIA Must Be Great idea 7 研究, 财务调查, Research Writing, 市场调研, 演示文稿 Nov 15, 2017 Nov 15, 20171天 10时 $120
European Retail Research I'm a manufacturer that currently sells in bricks and mortar stores. However, I'm looking to expand into europe via online sales and shopping channels. So firstly I need a list of all shopping channels in Europe as a whole, beginning with largest (revenue and size of customer base). I then need the typical demographic that they sells to. Secondly I need a list of all companies or websit... 25 数据输入, 研究, 网页查找, 市场调研, 网络研究 Nov 15, 2017 Nov 15, 20171天 4时 $878
help me to write a summary report I have a research avout one the biggest bank in Saudi arabia. called NCB or Alahli National Commercial Bank. I'd like to have in summay of plan distributional services Bank (branches local and international, devices ATM automated, customer service centers, etc ...) also talk about policies and promotional like advertisement and social media networking and activate sales plan. Also wirte a r... 12 市场, 市场调研 Nov 15, 2017 Nov 15, 20171天 3时 $211
Spread our service to India importer/resellers/wholesalers/shop owners We are a company helping resellers/wholesalers/shop owners purchase from [链接已删除,请登录查看] and [链接已删除,请登录查看], especially [链接已删除,请登录查看] the biggest wholesale site in China. What are the difference of [链接已删除,请登录查看] and [链接已删除,请登录查看] [链接已删除,请登录查看] is almost the same famous site as [链接已删除,请登录查看] but [链接已删除,请登录查看] is only for [链接已删除,请登录查看]'s the biggest wholesale website in China and is also know... 9 网络市场, Facebook营销, 市场, 市场调研 Nov 15, 2017 Nov 15, 20171天 $4906
Project for Gregory Bair, MBA -- 3 Hi Gregory Bair, MBA, I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat. 2 市场, 商业计划, 财务, 商业分析, 市场调研, Nov 15, 2017 Nov 15, 20173天 23时 $1211
Telemarketing to Chinese restaurant and Chinese wholesaler buinesss in the U.K My new project is to do Telemarketing to Chinese restaurant and Chinese wholesaler buinesss in the U.K , Business and commercial loans Only.(SME business loan) we are proud with our high approval rate, (over 88% of our applicants get approved the same day) thanks to our fast approval system. we understands the needs of business owners and doing our best to get them the funds they need within 24 ho... 3 电话销售, 销售, 市场, 市场调研, 简体中文(中国) Nov 15, 2017 Nov 15, 201722时 26分 $1885
APPAREL SOURCING IN INDIA We are one of the genuine apparel sourcing providers located in India. We are all about the details in our work and we cherish designs and bring it to life. We source • Women’s wear • Men’s wear • Kid’s wear • Home textile • Accessories Our services • Sample development Fabric sampling, CADD pattern making, product sampling • Vendor s... 0 产品采购, 生产, 供应商采购, 产品设计, 市场调研 Nov 15, 2017 Nov 15, 201722时 13分 -
Marketing research Research of the market of stairs on a metal frame, steps of a beech, an individual project of a ladder. You need to call and get the cost from 10 companies of this project stairs. We need to get an idea of ​​the volume and price offer in the Polish market of stairs on the metal frame of individual design. 17 网络市场, 研究, 销售, 市场, 市场调研 Nov 15, 2017 Nov 15, 201720时 36分 $1070
TELECOMS CONFERENCE - produce agenda and source speakers Hi. I am looking for a conference producer, or an editor familiar with the b2b telecoms market, who may want to do an event project. This is for a b2b conference in telecoms - about the Internet of Things and related subjects. PLEASE NOTE - YOU MUST BE ABLE TO DEMONSTRATE WORKING KNOWLEDGE OF THE SUBJECT (B2B TELECOMS MARKET), either by working for a b2b publisher, website or an event orga... 1 市场调研, 商业写作 Nov 15, 2017 Nov 15, 201720时 8分 $15471
Virtual assistance chinese-italian Our Company is looking for a virtual assistant with fashion retails/wholesales knowledge (preferred) to help us run business, starting with 10 hours per month The work will include the following tasks: - translate email or document from to chinese - Respond / make some phone calls - Internet research, marketing research - Making travel arrangements / booking travel accommodations You ... 10 翻译, 数据输入, 虚拟助手, 市场调研, 意大利语 Nov 15, 2017 Nov 15, 201719时 39分 $129
Help to Create a Business Model I need help to investigate a company called Plum Grove and understand they Business Model, how they work. Company link bellow [链接已删除,请登录查看] To qualify for this project you will need to have experience in Business Model. I would like to see some examples. The Business Model should have Plum Grove information, like a BIG SUMMARY of them, how they work, how they do, etc.... BASICALLY, I NEED ... 4 市场调研, 商务智能 Nov 15, 2017 Nov 15, 201718时 46分 $1481
Market research I need to prepare a questionnaire especially targetting Kerala commutators in the age group of 15 and above on the challenges faced by them regarding transportation. Eg what is the preferred way of transportation. Is transportation on easily available near their doorstep. How far they have to walk to get a transportation. 24 研究, 市场, 财务调查, 商业分析, 市场调研 Nov 15, 2017 Nov 15, 201718时 8分 $242
Product Listings 300 Words Included (Per product) 1 Title Included (Per Product) 1 Product Listing Up to 7 Focus keywords Competitor Research 5 Bulletpoint Included (Per Product) 39 文案写作, 翻译, Research Writing, 市场调研 Nov 15, 2017 Nov 15, 201714时 5分 $820
GSA Airline PROFESSIONAL PROPOSAL Dearest Freelancers, We are a travel agency in one of GULF COUNTRIES and we are intending to provide proposal to some airlines in order to be their GSA (GENERAL SALES AGENT) and we are IATA CERTIFIED travel agency. I am looking for someone PROFESSIONAL and EXPERIENCED who could assist me with this project. Proposal should contain: - Market research and analyzation. - business analyzation and ... 23 财务调查, 商业分析, 市场调研, 英语(英国), 商业写作 Nov 14, 2017 Nov 14, 201711时 14分 $1242
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