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    I need someone to tutoring on numerical methods and algorithms using python. I'm terrible at maths and need someone who can break things down easily for me to understand

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    numerical and verbal 6 天 left

    numerical and verbal assessment

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    excel master 6 天 left

    Data entry work in excel recovery to before time

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    I require a Dashboard/Panel in Python that works with a Brokers api (Thinkorswim). Where i can Set Entry points, Take Profits and Stop Losses. (Multiple Entries, Tp, SLs). To Monitor open positions it will print key Stats/Data on the Panel. I can open,close,change orders trough the Panel ->Broker. This is the base of a bigger project; will involve working with multiples APIs/Webhooks, Machine Learning and AI. (Skills required) Constant improvements. Developer Profile: high Skills in Python, Statistics/Math, Machine Learning and AI, worked with Thinkscript before, very good with apis, Ethic, friendly/easy going. Overall interested in ongoing updates/new projects. I have worked with Devs before and im a firm believer of having a great communication with my workteam. Specifics will b...

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    I would like to automate some indicators ,please attached sheet to understand what information I need to have

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    Requirement: Looking for someone with skills in Algebra/Trig that knows how to work with LOGIX in NEOS. I am looking to move an object to oscilate in a 4 quadrant graph that will have to move in a perfect circle. << This is already accomplished and easy. The hard part is that this object will have to move based on a 365 days of the year time span from 21st of December 3am on a bigger diameter than closing slowly to the 22nd of june 12.20am to a smaller diameter on a specific point of the graph about 184 days or about 6 months. The other object will have to oscilate in almost the same manner but faster with a slightly bigger diameter on the outside also with a slighty smaller diameter in the inside running in a shorter time (14 days). This has to be tied to the UTC time system in ...

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    Need a STATA expert -- 3 6 天 left

    Need a STATA expert ..........

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    see the attached file and do as per the requirement exactly

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    Automata theory teaching -- 3 5 天 left

    I need someone to teach theory of automata one must have required skills. For long term teaching collaboration with my team to teach students

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    Need help with a data entry formula for sheets. I need to note down the time stamp or even the counts of when the data changes in a drop down list. If you've got any ideas share them with me. Best video I’ve got so far is this one:

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    I need help in a project on image sampling and quantization

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    Threejs expert - urgent -- 3 5 天 left

    I am looking for someone who can control camera movement smoothly in three.js. If you are interested and can figure out quickly, please mention " Expert" in you bid to avoid autobid. Thanks, Witalij

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    Threejs expert - urgent -- 2 5 天 left

    I am looking for someone who can control camera movement smoothly in three.js. If you are interested and can figure out quickly, please mention " Expert" in you bid to avoid autobid. Thanks, Witalij

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    I need a well qualified person to Make me a GST Balance Sheet of my business to be submitted in bank.

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    I would like to create an R code for acoustic analysis... basically... i need to feed it an audio file, and then would like to set a certain threshold parameter (amplitude, frequency, which ever) that determines the start time of the highest peaks in the file....

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    Would like to change the formula calcuation for each time off category to be able to put hours off versus full days

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    simple Mathematics project. 5 天 left

    I am going to calculate shortest path. I'm trying to find the shortest route to my house, and I need someone to help me with it.

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    i have a c++ project where i need to develop a car rental application that is console based. This needs to be in visual studio (2022), please take a look at the file to view the project

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    I need some one to perform fuzzy analysis for me

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    I need a computational model that helps the users predict the success of their malaria eradication efforts based on possible resource allocation and rainy season variables. Contact me for more information.

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    I am using a XRF device to measure elements in paper sample. The measurement process provides a PPM value and range, in which I can select 1-3 standard deviations. The test can be as short as 30 seconds, as long as 180 seconds. The longer the test, the narrower the error range. My goal is to get as narrow an error range as possible. I need to know if I should be conducting multiple short tests and calculate the range independently or whether to conduct longer tests and average the results. It is a long term internal project that is likely to be reviewed externally. I need to be able to defend the process, we won't be able to go back and remeasure. Deadline within the next 3 weeks

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    Need to code a simple mathematical equation

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    Mathematical problem 5 天 left

    Need help with maths, statistics.

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    I have a trading idea in mind which I want to convert into a trading bot. Python is my preferred language for coding. This strategy involves time based position opening and square off.

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    Matlab Questions 4 天 left

    I have 10 questions that id like done. Look at the pdf attached inside the zip file and let me know. The pdf has 2 sections and each section has 5 questions.

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    Our project is human body vibration analysis in siting, supine and semi supine position. So, we need to design mathematical modal in Simulink and other matlab code for vibrational analysis.

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    matlab setup help required 4 天 left

    matlab setup help required for a mini network to test throughput, latency etc

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    confidence interval fisher information

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    I need a person who knows how to solve problems about the subset construction algorithm.

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    Need formula checking 4 天 left

    Have a file I need to check if formulas correct.

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    statistics 4 天 left

    Any Research paper in statistics

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    Build an algorithm using MATLAB. Half of it is complete but it isn’t executing correctly. It needs improvement.

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    There is a classifier that identifies users with suspected energy fraud, a real consumption base, what is needed is to find the maximum values ​​that improve the performance of the qualified, it is needed in a matlab environment

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    Excel simulation 4 天 left

    Expert in creating simulation on excel .

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    Trophy icon Simplified Formula 4 小时 left

    I am creating a branded bioavailable testosterone calculator for my app. The user enters two values (SHBG and testosterone) and it is supposed to output their bioavailable testosterone ng/dL. I have the sources for the equation below, however I do not understand it. I need someone to simplify this equation and give me a formula so I can plug in the entered input to provide the output. Input: testosterone ng/dl and sex hormone binding globulin nmol/L Output: bioavailable testosterone Albumin is a factor but you can make it a constant by assuming to to be 4.3 g/dL. The equation you provide must result the same outputs as the calculator tool does below. PLEASE DO NOT GIVE ME A MULTI STEP EQUATION. SIMPLIFY IT. I AM LOOKING FOR ONE EQUATION. The calculator can be found here: The equati...

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    I want a person that can easily solve my chemistry questions with full explanation and reply me back in 10 minutes

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    I have 493 points in longitude and latitude over roughly a 25 square mile area. I need to know which square mile the most points are listed. This may be in the center or anywhere inside the area. Again I need to know the square mile in which most points show up not just the middle of the area. The data is in excel and in the format of the attached image.

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    I'm a machine learning engineer. I stumble upon many exciting papers. Most of those papers are in the ML and algorithmics fields and are based on many mathematics. I'm interested in strengthening mainly my math skills, primarily by reading papers and books in the field. I'm looking for a tutor for 2-3 sessions a week, 2 hours each session. That means around 20 hours a month. *** If you have: *** * AT LEAST Master's degree in Math / CS AND * Strong applied mathematics background, mainly in math related to ML AND * AT LEAST moderate computer science knowledge Please contact me, leave a price offer, have let's chat! :)

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    Your task is to perform numerical analysis and compare the results with the experimental data presented in the attached data sheet and write up a Lab Report.

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    Solve aptitue and logical reasoning 20 question compettion question 2 min high speed

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    Google sheet with formulas 3 天 left

    I am looking for someone to put in place google sheet VlookUp to keep track of my projects . A google sheet formula expert would be ideal match

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    Power bi charts 3 天 left

    I need someone who expert in power bi charts

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    Latex equation Editor 2 天 left

    I need a editor involve with latex equation.

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    looking for someone with strong derivate ,probability and statistics concept

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    【Job description】 To record an explanation video of a primary school topic. You need to use the recording template we provide and abide by our recording specifications (beginning, ending sentences, blackboard writing requirements, lecture specifications, etc.) 【Job requirement】 1. Bachelor degree or above, related background in mathematics 2. Able to provide relevant teaching qualification certificate 3. Be able to explain mathematics problems in grades 1-6 of primary school, explain ideas, logic and articulation clearly 4. Be able to explain according to our template and be serious and responsible for the topic 【Salary】 Single video salary = basic salary (8500 Indonesian Rupiah/video) + reward salary (1000-2000 Indonesian Rupiah/video) Total Salary = Salary per video * Total number of a...

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    MATLAB Expert -- 2 2 天 left

    I need an expert who is good at MATLAB and networks

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    F# project -- 3 2 天 left

    Urgent!!! Need someone with good engineering mathematics and F# skills.

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    Deseo modificar un código que ya tengo, modificar el agrupamiento por agrupamiento con inteligencia artificial y el criterio de agrupación es matriz de correlación! El código lo tengo en matlab

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    Hello all, We are looking for people who are electrical, mechanical, biology, chemical, science, mathematics , operation management, science engineer or have done specialization in these subjects in Tukey. They should be native to Turkey, should speak fluent Turkish and should be able to speak, write and understand English as well. Its a 6 month contract where you will be paid every month and can extend depending on the demand. Its a 9 hour full time job with 1 hour break in between. Payment will be made in USD.

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    Form Logic & Calculation 2 天 left

    Creating a form with calculation and logic which returns totals based on the user input

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