Mathematics is a study in abstraction, logical reasoning, calculation, counting and measurement and of the systematic study of shapes of objects. If you need help with mathematics then you can hire talented math freelancers to obtain help from. You can get started today! Simply post your mathematics job on this site.

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    System VLC Model • Optical Transmitter: The entire mathematical approach of the LED, its lighting and irradiation model (typical of the works I have reviewed). • Optical propagation model: This would include the electrical signal received by the PD, which would be in general the signal emitted by the desired LED convolved with the impulse response of the channel between the PD and the ...

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    Busco una persona con amplios conocimientos y fundamentos matematicos para crear un algoritmo de prediccion I want a person who have knowledgment in math to do an algorithm to predict

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    need someone to help me with few functional Analysis theorems. I need to present in Latex. can pay $60 for same. total only 4 theorem approx 4500 words

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    I would like a tutor to help with a sample assessment task to prepare for a HackerRank Interview Test. The programming assessment is allotted 90 minutes and the math assessment is allotted 60 minutes. I am looking to someone with statstics, probability and programming experience, the sample will take approx two hours and I am willing to pay $200 for your time. Please send me your Hackerrank prof...

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    I have a simple task requiring a report and a design in matlab. Please whosoever can do this should place a bid. I am willing to hire now. More info to be shared on chat to interested freelancners

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    Hi, I am looking to build a model to analyze data for stocks. I wish to be able to have a link in excel to retrieve the latest and historical prices of the stocks, commodities, currencies and economic indicators. I have started a spreadsheet, but open to using a template. Any templates on running covariance and trend analysis on the data is also desired. Thanks,

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    Project for Cezainne S. 6 天 left

    ・The purchase of the most used math textbooks in Philippines and shipping to Japan We are having a project for reviewing free matheworksheet on our educational website related to junior high school to high school level mathematics, scope of work is mentioned below. Please make use of your professional math teaching background and experiences. [登录来查看链接] the math textbooks for secondary schoo...

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    Forex Algorithm back testing 6 天 left

    I own and created a Forex trading Algorithm, I need someone who can back test the robot and optimize it for me. Using proper backtesting software with a specific broker I use.

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    statistical professor 6 天 left

    I want expert in statistics can help in writing and analyse at least have PhD

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    How cold is the box? 5 天 left

    I am looking for a freelancer to tell me how cold the box in the attachment would be if the process that is done in the video was done to the box. [登录来查看链接]

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    Creation of 10 sets of Quantitative Reasoning Tests with 50 multiple choice questions (4 options and to provide answers). The tests are to identify the top 3% of grade 7 students. Questions must be reasonably difficult for students who are 13 to 14 years old. The tests are based more on logic rather than learned knowledge. Questions should include graphs, diagrams and magic square etc. Attached fi...

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    I am looking for Aptitude and Vocabulary Trainers for my company in Chennai.

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    Looking for someone to hire to tutor in math, algebra -- discrete math for information technology. Not looking to hire per question. Roughly about 5 sheets with several questions, maybe around 16 + or -. Lowest budget and best availability wins.

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    Financial mathematics 5 天 left

    i need to hire a Financial mathematics freelancer. Kindly note that, i prefer Financial mathematics with strong back ground in mathematics

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    US Army Logistics Officer, we mainly transport ammunition to training units. Based on army regulation, certain types of ammo cannot be transported on the same truck or trailer. I am looking to create “trucks” on excel and “pallets” on the backs of said trucks. I would ideally be able to “place” a pallet of ammo on a truck. If I place 2 pallets of ammo on a truck...

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    can any body do the mathematical modelling for optimal motion estimation and compensation in video compression. Related details will be provided by me.

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    Hello, We want to calculate the similarity of several thousands of texts. The number of texts can go upto 100 K. Each text is in 1 .txt file and each file is named with a number: [登录来查看链接], [登录来查看链接], etc. When this calculation is done for all the pairs of texts, a table must be generated, indicating the number of texts we can extract with a maximum similarity ratio of x % with the value of x go...

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    Need an 8 question exam paper in business statistics done. With some explanation for the solutions.

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    need someone to help me with few functional Analysis theorems. I need to present in Latex. can pay $ 60 for same. total only 5 theorem approx 5000 words

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    the file is uploaded it has three question they should be answered

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    predict faulty MAtlab Task 4 天 left

    I want to do parameter estimation with PSO and using model of the susupension system

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    simulation of vision based lane keeping assist using fuzzy logic

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    looking for someone who knows Mixed-Integer Linear Programming and can implement an MILP model using python or Matlab. Model will be given.

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    find the Probability density function

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    i need just one formula for solve one problem for who have much experience in mathematic

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    Gravity Forms Expert 4 天 left

    Looking for help with Gravity Forms. Calculations/Math Problem.

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    MATLAB help 4 天 left

    I have some MATLAB calcs I need help with some data formatting charts and loops

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    R hands on session 3 天 left

    I need someone who can solve my queries with R language and provide me the codes for my requirements. My work basically revolves around statistics and data manipulation and usually, I get stuck with basic codes and functions.

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    I need someone who have a strong skills in all subjects in mathematics.

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    I need derivation for the uploaded paper and matlab code to validate the derivation part.

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    I need derivation of the uploaded paper and matlab code for validation of derivated part.

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    I need derivation of uploaded paper and a matlab code to validate the derivation .

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    matlab expert 3 天 left

    Matlab expert who is familiar with Matlab simulations

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    fluid dynamics in a syringe 3 天 left

    I need a maths model/spreadsheet creating for the attached. It’s a basic setup of a syringe and plunger. My main aim is to determine the output pressure, whilst being able to replace the values for the other variables in the spreadsheet. I must also be able to change the dynamic viscosity of the fluid. (use water initially) I would like to determine SP from the formular and F1. The ...

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    Finite Element Analysis using ANSYS for Master project

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    Can you generate ORIGINAL mechanical comprehension questions, similar to what is seen here: [登录来查看链接]

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    I want to usea code to sampling the signal comes from picoscope

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    maths problems 2 天 left

    maths problems solves of school chidrens

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    build indicators 2 天 left

    Read all the requirements and documents. If you cannot complete within 2 weeks including testing, do not bid. We need a person or team have good skills and deep knowledge in stock market and mathematics. We have got data api to use in indicator creation. skills -PHP -Tradingview -Mathematics -API integration -RESTful

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    We are drone manufacturing company and are looking for Optimisation and Testing of Drone Design. It will involve following:- 1. Static Test Analyisis 2. Thrust Load Analysis 3. Drop Test Analysis 4. Water Pressure Test Analysis 5. Vibration Test Analysis [登录来查看链接] Analysis

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    I have few Linear Programming Problems need to be solved using Excel

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    I don't have a topic in mind yet, please choose a topic and write me a Chemistry IA. Prefer someone who has worked with ib projects before.

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    A young media company is looking for canditates

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    Expert in Epidemiology 1 天 left

    I need some person who is expert in Epidemiology

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    Preciso de ajuda com o trabalho de pós, explico caso alguem se interesse

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    For this project you need an understanding of 3D shapes and geometric sensibilities You will deliver 10 shapes in one of several categories: Bacteria shapes Magnified insect images Complex geometric shapes Stylish hats Sports cars (brands) Expressive faces Numbers (1 to 100) Letters (English alphabet) Shapes you select must be pre-approved Deliverables: Ten (10) ASCII .txt format files 120x120...

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    its a typing job using METLAB and Math Type software.

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