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Mathematica and Matlab are two software packages related to mathematics. They are used in engineering, scientific as well as mathematical branches of study. They includes features such as special mathematical library, 2D and 3D data routines as well as tools for image processing. Experts with experience in working on such programs can play a crucial role in data mining, parallel programming, cluster analysis and biomedical engineering. So, hire an Matlab or Mathematica expert and add a new dimension to your business.

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    You are given the code of the petrophysical properties, and you are required to use the Modified Hagedorn-Brown Method to have a pressure VS depth graph.

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    $78 - $233
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    problem math and statistics 6 天 left

    need help with math and statistics

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    This Project is based on Image processing and multi SVM technique . This can be used to sort the fruits according to the diseased fruit & good fruits. The GUI is there to interact with the program very easily.

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    I am looking for someone who can help me on my Matlab based project which is related to mathematics.

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    I need a tool That I will import a text file like this : [登录来查看链接] 35.099871 32.176557 402.696000 [登录来查看链接] 35.099769 32.176574 402.737000 And the output will be a text like this: [登录来查看链接] 163591.317340 592879.824323 175.919834 [登录来查看链接] 163585.875093 592889.991478 175.963068 You need to transform from WGS84 to WGS80, then a projection then another transfer to the local grid. Plea...

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    My Name is Naresh I need a matlab code for brest canser detection using deep learning.

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    we are an engineering firm in dubai we want to be able to calculate our cnc machining time and cost accurately using simulation software , by this we want to make our estimation process quicker, anyone has experience in doing so can please help us out budget is flexible

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    Maths modelling 6 天 left

    Complete within three days, APA format, about 400 words. 1. Describe the problem you tried to solve using your own words. 2. State how you obtain the accelerations due to gravity on the Moon and Mars. 3. Show your calculations and analysis clearly. You can use your word processor to type the equations, or take a picture of your hand-written equations and insert it into your document. It’s im...

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    Signals and systems project 6 天 left

    I need help in signals and systems project

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    Inventory Management Using Receding Horizon Method

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    mathematis with the open gl 6 天 left

    computer mathematics with open GL

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    computer graphics mathematics 6 天 left

    computer graphics with mathematics

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    draw roadway centerline -- 2 6 天 left

    hello, i have an aerial image for some road ramp,I want to draw ramp center-line which assumed to be located in the middle of the road lane,considering the widening factors that exists in some places, after determining the center-line, I want to divide it every 0.5 meter and extract the x,y coordinate at each point.. the line should be smooth. please find the attached example of the aerial image.....

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    As I mentioned on the subject, I wanted a model of a Retrofitted RC beam to column joint to study the nonlinear behavior of the joint. The specimens of the experimentally studied under the cyclic loading and the numerical model shall be compared to study the nonlinear behavior of Retrofitted RC BEAM-COLUMN Joints. The input data for the numerical modeling shall be used from the experimental data. ...

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    web developer 6 天 left

    I need Indore based web developer.

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    I need someone to help me understand my statics problems!

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    I want someone who has experience in matlab and simulink to do the data for simulation and calculation

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    MATLAB Programming Task More details will be sent over message.

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    Project about quantizers,midthread and midrise, PCM transmitter, PCM decode/receiver, etc.. in MatLab

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    MATLAB project 6 天 left

    building a calculator will be tested with 1-3 MATLAB questions before we begin. Must be very good with MATLAB. Bid if you are ready

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    Wireless Sensor Network Engineering Project Complete in 3 days Matlab Version: R2017b But make sure no plagiarism or copy-paste code from any source as there will be board of regulatory to check it The objective of this project are: 1. To develop the best WSN topology that can enhance the power consumption. 2. To ensure the efficiency of energy and life longevity in the WSN system. * First ...

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    write matlab code to perform engineering analysis, simulation, and comparison (function of random variable)

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    Attached File 5 天 left

    Please check and confirm to me if it is doable.

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    I need an expert on Mathematics software packages to assist me on a project

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    MATLAB Image Processing 6 天 left

    Do you think you could be of help with this project? The word document is just to give you background on what to do. The project is a vision system using image processing on MATLAB. I have already developed some code and am looking for some guidance. I m currently stuck in finding out how to put the two different colored overlays over the one photo as well as putting everything in a while loop u...

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    ukkonnen algorithm .

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    Create a simulation for a segment of motorway that reduces from 3 lanes to 2 lanes. Sample code available.

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    The Machine learning algorithms for solving real-world problems in Regression, Classification, modelling data, and text mining, Fuzzy Logic Optimized Controller for a Commercial Greenhouse

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    Se requiere una persona con conocimiento amplio de estadistica para realizar un proyecto. Debera realizar una lista de ejercicios estaditicos con dos variables.

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    Digital Control System 6 天 left

    A project to build a Digital Control System

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    Mathematics Solution 6 天 left

    Don't be an idiot and be a professional. Read properly before you apply. I have also attached sample questions files. We are a group of individuals working to create solutions for CBSE and JEE content solutions. Currently, we need freelancers for creating solutions for Mathematics. The payment per question is Rs. 15. The candidate should have knowledge of the Mathtype tool. Using the Mathty...

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    Программа должна позволять админу загрузку фильмов в ЛК пользователя и их воспроизведение во встроенном плеере (через HDMI на ТВ, через проектор). Говорят это PWA-приложение. Фильмы могут быть воспроизведены только в указанную определенную дату. Желательно предусмотреть возможность тест-воспроизведения 2-3 мин фильма в любое время. После входа в ЛК клиент (при наличии Интернета) загружает фильмы...

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    Want to hire a freelancer who can help me in a project

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    Hello I need an expert in Statistics and Higher maths Please apply if you have the required expertise. No teams or companies please.

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    Hello I need an expert in Economics and Higher maths Please apply if you have the required expertise. No teams or companies please.

    $154 - $1287
    $154 - $1287
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    I'm looking for someone to create a sound annotator application in Matlab with both included and optional features. As I need more grades to pass the entire year, I must complete the included features and add extra features. This project must be completed within 7 days. There is an attached file where application scenario is included. Proper referencing should also be done. After going throug...

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    Maths expert 5 天 left

    i have 5 question i will share in chatbox

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    finite element analysis -- 2 5 天 left

    In this project should be done in Hyperworks you can choose any model only in mechanical model or aerospace except the airplane wing. In this, the project should be done the linear static analysis or normal mode analysis. I need a lab report with a screenshot of each step and a .hm file. I need two report

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    ALl project requirement and pdf i will send in chatbox

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    Industrial engineering 5 天 left

    industrial Engineering , variables, objective functions

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    TSP EN MATLAB. 5 天 left

    Tengo un código TSP en matlab terminado pero el programa tiene errores,necesito alguién que por favor lo revise y lo corrija.

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    New generation of the fiber optic systems : individual frequency, multiplexing, demultiplexing, system architecture, and main components

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    Simulation 5 天 left

    Simulation of CSP plant on SAM software

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    I have a project related to theory of computation

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    The program should prompt for a user input. User will provide an image of a sample maze. The program will plot the maze image as a Matlab Figure. The start search the end point by moving a character in the maze. Once a wall appears, the character should take left turn. If the path is closed, it will comes back to the previous turning node and take another left turn. In the mean time, if a user cl...

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    I am looking for someone who can tutor in this topic. I can pay 10 USD for 20 minutes of work. There are 10 questions. Need someone available now. Thanks!

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    I need a code in Matlab that respects the theory in the attached PDF. The SVM binary classifier must be used to detect grapes in the images. You need part of the code for the test and part for the training and results. The images used for the code are also attached. The images from Test sets and Training sets must be used. I need comments on almost every line of code to understand what each line d...

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    use matlab with viola_jonse to detect eye blinking then know if the driver is drowsy or not, if yes do alarm.

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