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Medical writing is a term originating in the pharma world. It refers to the activity of producing scientific documentation related to medicines by specialized writers. Medical writing involves describing research results, product use and medical information for regulatory authorities or for medical journals. It is a highly specialized field of writing as it involves adherence to clinical trial regulatory procedures. If you are in a business dealing with medical writing you can find freelancer medical writing experts to help with your tasks. Simply start by posting a medical writing job!

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    Looking for someone to review/summarize medical records on on-going basis. experience preferred, but will train.

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    Skin rashes can be red, inflamed, bumpy as well as dry, itchy or painful. The main cause is dermatitis, which is when your skin reacts to allergens or irritants. Bacteria, viruses, allergens and conditions including eczema, hives, and psoriasis can be the source of skin rashes. Write a medical research on skin rashes and how to avoid them

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    Job for Tiana WALKER 6 天 left

    Develop Health and Safety and Risk Management Policies, Procedures, and Practices in Health and Social Care.

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    write a medical chapter 5 天 left

    I am looking for an expert to write a chapter on mortality data and research limitation in Heart failure. Its a 800 to 1000 word chapter and should have 8 references in APA style. The turn around time is 3 days after the hiring. One key important thing. IT SHOULD BE PLAGIRISM FREE.

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    I need a quote for a sientific journal, indexed in scholar, 4 issues per year, 8 articles per issue. And i want to get it indexed in scopus in less than 3 years.

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    Research about the Beneficial of high flow nasal cannula with infants

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    Research review - medical 5 天 left

    Research about the Beneficial of high flow nasal cannula with infants

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    1. Please submit a one-page sample of something you have written. 2. Please submit your educations credentials. Please submit your degrees and what your degrees are in. 3. Have you ever written any online classes? I wonder if there are any writers out there who could put together 18,000 words on a topic. They would have to assure that the work is orignal and not a copy of someone else's paper. 18,000 words (three hour class) about how to prevent medical errors.? Course Description Preventing Medical Errors addresses the impact of medical errors on today’s healthcare with a focus on root cause analysis, error reduction and prevention, and patient safety. The course highlights the importance of critical thinking in assessment and planning and discusses health literacy, cu...

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    We are looking for a highly skilled candidate to handle over 30 products that contain supplements (multivitamins). we need the following points to be covered : 1- Most well-studied indications. 2- Proposed mechanism of actions 3- Figures simplified to explain the mechanism. 4- Data from Clinical trials to support the claimed indications. 5- Similar products available on the internet and their claimed messages (with details). 6-others *all data should be referenced and from very good sources . more details will be discuses later.

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    Medical report for claim 4 天 left

    Needing a medical report done up showing that I attended the hospital on the 12/02/2021 and then was seeking on going active treatment from that date until when I had surgery on the 13/12/2021. I will add my discharge papers plus other documentation that I have dates for although you may have to add more regular appointments throughout the year. I had a follow up appointment also on the 11/03/2022.

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    Need content writer who can write 2-3 articles every week related to medicine and health. Please share quotation on per article basis.

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    Need writing skills writing 3000 words in the mentioned project title.

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    A Medicinal Chemistry background is needed to do some search for midicinal company.

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    Seeking a ghost writer with a moderate level of medical knowledge to write an e-book on the benefits of sleep. The writer must have a portfolio and must be a native English speaker.

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    Creat a clinic algorithm 3 天 left

    Medical field require knowledge of disease and understanding medical guidelines

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    We need an Accurate and detail conscious individual with a genuine interest in the development of skills in accounts and administration.. All details of what's needed will be sent to you for you to work and the payment per page that should be work on will be explained to you

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    Brief is below: We are running a programme called Phenomenal Physiology. This involves Year 10 students who take part in a series of weekly workshops, focussing on different areas of physiology each week. Each week, a different topic is covered: Week 1: Heart Function Week 2: Muscle Function Week 3: Respiratory Function As part of the workshop, students must: Come up with a hypothesis Carry out an experiment to test their hypothesis Record and analyse their results Write up their conclusions In weeks 4 and 5, the students focus on creating a scientific poster which they will present at the Phenomenal Physiology Conference to academics at UEL. The conference day also includes a tour of the facilities, a question and answer session with ambassadors, and a talk on careers in Medica...

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    I am starting to a new first aid and CPR training business. The blog is to assist in building useful content on my website and in turn, optimising search Doesn’t need to be extensive material, just relevant and incorporating key words/tags that optimise search Work would be 4 x blogs initially and then 1 x per month thereafter (subject to quality being in line with expectations)

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    Youll be provided with an ICF template as well as an ICF checklist. You'll review and complete the ICF while making sure that all the elements of the checklist are contained in the ICF.

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    Queremos iniciar un Blog enfocado en la Preparación para Examen Único de Residencias Médicas de la República Dominicana. El contenido de nuestro blog estará enfocado en mejorar los hábitos de estudios de médicos en formación que buscan prepararse para el ENURM. Tomando esto como punto de partida los temas a abarcar son: generalidades del ENURM, generalidades de la formación médica, técnicas de estudio y técnicas de toma de exámenes. Planeamos hacer una serie de 20-50 posts con los siguientes requerimientos: -Las piezas deben tener entre 1500 y 2500 palabras. -Deben estar escritas en español -Serán evaluadas en su ortografía y calidad de redacción -Serán evaluadas...

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    Narrativr medicine 15 小时 left

    I am a primary care physician who is looking for partner in writing my patient's stories. I have published several narratives in medical journals and I am looking for an editor with a background in psychology .I attach one of my stories . My special interest is now adays end of life care .

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    Case report . Medical writing 9 小时 left

    I have a medical case report planned for publication. I need a skilled medical writer for rewriting the paper to be ready for submission for publication

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    genetics expert 9 小时 left

    I want some person with good knowledge in genetics.

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    Children are extremely adventurous and playful and this may sometimes leave them prone to contacting diseases and illnesses from various means, the common diseases in Spain include: Chickenpox (varicella) Whooping cough (pertussis) Measles , Mumps , Rubella. ... Rotavirus. ... Tetanus. ... Influenza. ... Hepatitis B. ... Meningococcal ACWY I'd like a Spanish writer to help in creating a few articles and ebooks to raise awareness on how to avoid these contaminations and much more.

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