A database could be anything from a simple shopping list to a picture gallery or the vast amount of information in a corporate network. To add, access, and process data stored in a computer database, you need a database management system such as a MySQL Server. MySQL is the world's most widely used Open Source database management system. It is developed, distributed, and supported by Oracle Corporation. Your business might be using MySQL databases, so you may need help from MySQL experts and administrators. Freelancer.com offers you a lot of professional and expert MySQL freelancers ready to help you having your jobs done.

Do you have the experience and the ability to do MySQL projects? Freelancer.com offers you a lot of MySQL projects with clients who want help with establishing a MySQL database or edit one that already exists, converting an Excel database to MySQL, and solving MySQL problems.

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    A site similar to chegg 6 天 left

    Hello, I'm looking for a project that is similar to with all functionality and it must be Laravel framework

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    I've dealing with a lot of indian developers and Polish people that sucked 30k to 40k and got nothing done so I'm looking for cheaper developers and the following countries that should be in my dating website Ukrainians, Belarussian and Russians

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    1.- Corregir error de margen inferior de una cotización pdf(no tiene margen de pie de pagina) creada en Laravel 8. Solución: margen inferior debe de tener 2.5 cm. 2.- Corregir error de pie de pagina de la cotización pdf (se mueve hacia abajo al ingresar mas productos), creada en laravel 8. Solución: el texto de pie de pagina debe estar estático. 3. El avatar del perfil de usuario no se muestra pero si carga a la base de datos. Solución: mostrar el avatar del perfil de usuario). ADJUNTO ARCHIVO PARA LOS CASOS 1, 2, 3 Gracias

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    We are looking for a expert in mqsql and ubuntu expert.

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    Audio Upload 6 天 left

    I am looking for a single page code that accept a input box that upload audio file using HTML, jQuery and PHP without the page refresh. Check file to ensure it is a audio file and check the file size. The file should be save in a folder on the server side and the file name save in the database.

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    Moodle Customization 6 天 left

    Deadline: this weekend 95% complete and ready to launch. got stuck with a few small issues as we would like to go live before the weekend. The theme developer does not respond at all so a bit stuck Bought the Edumy - Premium Moodle LMS Theme Some of the issues we have - Setup Stripe payment gateway Language pack settings Customise Welcome emails Duplicate courses to scale quicker Discussion forum reply button setup Upcoming events set up Customise registration email Help to setup course features per course remove some blocks from the homepage Help with SCORM packages in Moodle and display them properly

    $126 - $252 / hr
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    $126 - $252 / hr
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    Develop complex input forms in visual basic. Forms must be able to be entered, edited and printed. Then, with the data, reports and graphs must be processed. 2 types of form are sent, where data is currently entered manually and then processed via EXCEL. The idea is to develop a system in Visual Basic 6 + Mysql that processes all this information and then generates reports and graphs

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    We need an time increase of Max Execution time to 600 secs for incoming HTTP requests via API Require PHP coding The server is on Default server time is 180 secs

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    Laravel Project Stack: - Laravel 9 - Inertia with Vue 3 Already have a Square Account For now, I need the payment getaway to charge customers upon setting an appointment. Later on, I'd like to have the same setup to call other APIs I might need to create an order.

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    install a2billing on my server

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    Fin tech tool 6 天 left

    Need to build a trading strategy tool in web interface. The web page should do the following history - Page would display visualization based on trade history data 2. System page - user would enter information and page would display strategy system based on some logic which is already created. 3. Live trading page - user would execute algo trading based on above strategy

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    Need to build a trading strategy tool in web interface

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    hi, I am looking for one page offline billing application sync with our online Rest API. Our customer 80% will use our online tool. 20% sometime customer internet is down they want to use offline Simple billing with thermal printing option. when customer press sync button you need to send all your local database order to live using rest API. Very simple need quickly Cheers DCS

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    Apartment Management System 6 天 left

    Dear Freelancers, I need an apartment management system I need an apartment management system with 15 apartments. Those who are ready, please apply. BUDGET is 500 $ - We will buy source codes. Kind Regards

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    I'm currently building a new website with Wordpress which displays upcoming shows of local theaters. Those theaters works with an xml link, example: (it's possible that you cannot access this because they had to whitelist the IP address of my hosting, so I added a copy of the feed as an xml file in the attachment. I tried several plugins like WP All Import, Feedzy, XML Import etc. to import this, but all plugins says the url is invalid. But when I open it in Safari I get a nice overview of all shows in a XML sheet. Therefore I would like to get my own plugin. Important is that I would like to customize the feed myself, so I want to choose which data I want to import and which not, because I don't need everything of the feed. Also important is that I could add more feeds. ...

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    I need ANNUAL quotes for workforce development web-based platform (similar to Career Edge) for up to 15 admin & 350+ users that provides a platform encouraging users to identify their goals and skills, customizable training modules, life skills and professional development modules, assignments, resume builder, soft skills and track progress.

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    Hi, Iam looking for enable my 3d model sell account is disable without any notice help me if anybody using cults account.

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    Add Form and Upload to Site 6 天 left

    I have a form that needs to be filled out online and emailed to me, also along with that form I need an attachment that the user uploads and also emailed to me. If there is no attachment, the form cannot be submitted and all fields of the form are required. The site framework is CakePHP. When the form is emailed to me it has to be printable and look exactly like the form I have attached. Here is what I would like the pop up to look like. There will be some changes this is just an example.

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    We have an existing ecommerce web site , we want to add some features like : Here is the details of the project 1- Fix problem in Update product ( not submitting any changes) 2-Make a page to view the orders of a certain category (Press category) 3- Send email when orders of a certain category (Press Category )is placed 4- Make a page for viewing remaining stock 5- we want to add another type for attribute value which shows for the user in the front end website input field instead of choices, you will have to add this property and fix all related pages You can view the ecommerce website / admin panel from here :

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    Hi - Heart Internet (host platform) finally pulled the rug from under us and have forced an update of the PHP version we use to 7.4. All fully understandable and we had been warned of potential problems! It's fairly straight forward - a website for a rare books seller, pulling book data from a mySQL database and presenting filtered data into relevant pages. The visitor can select the book(s) they are interested in buying and the system then emails the books names and contact data to the seller. Nothing particularly fancy - was written about 10 years ago! I just do not have time to fix it!

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    Seeking Youtube Analytics and/or Youtube APIs such that: General Info - Ideally, API will be a common programming language (e.g. PHP) that can run on a typical website and not require additional software (free or paid). - Can capture input from a typical web-based form - Can return output from query in a manner (e.g. JSON) that can be presented with a web view. Case 1: 1. Enter: a) dynamic keywords [e.g. kitchen pantry organization], b) time range [e.g. last 90 days] c) User Ratings [e.g. likes/dislikes] d) Geographic Info [e.g. Country, Country State] 2. API responds with list of most popular videos [i.e. by views] Case 2: 1. Enter: a) A General Category [e.g Organization], 2. API responds with a list of most popular keywords Case 3: 1. Enter: a) dynamic keywords [e.g. k...

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    Estamos en busca de un programador con experiencia y ganas de unirse a un proyecto grande en donde se estaría invirtiendo mucho dinero y tiempo. Se trataría de un proyecto con mucho futuro y gente profesional. No estamos interesados en negociar el precio en esta página, estaríamos dispuestos a realizar una llamada virtual para comentarle sobre el proyecto y llegar a un acuerdo. Si eres un programador con ganas en ser parte de un proyecto grande y quiere mas info contacte conmigo. IGNOREN EL PRECIO MOSTRADO

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    En Tinet estamos buscando a nuestra/o Data Analytics en formato Freelance! Somos una empresa de tecnología digital, ágil y dinámica, nos encantan los desafíos y la innovación, donde las personas están en el centro y su bienestar y desarrollo profesional son la clave de nuestro crecimiento ¿Qué esperamos de ti? - Que seas Ingeniero informático o carrera afín. - Conocimiento y experiencia +2 años en desarrollos con Power BI (excluyente) - Experiencia de al menos 2 años trabajando en Odoo (Excluyente) - ETL - Experiencia en análisis de datos y procesos para identificar oportunidades de mejora - Manejo de base de datos Postgres SQL Conocimientos deseables: - Contar con conocimiento en Python ...

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    You have to make a website on management system using HTML,CSS and bootstrap . Files given below.

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    Build a flutter app 6 天 left

    We are looking for flutter app development for WhatsApp Call Recording. It should be based on subscription. User can use our app for free at first for 7 days. After that call recordings will be stopped and user will have to pay some amount to continue our service. It's backend should be on firebase. There should be an admin panel on web. All the users, their recordings should be available on our admin panel. User will have to grant all required information to start recording WhatsApp calls. There should be option to record phone calls also. Its source code will be our property. Whenever we demand source code, you can not deny giving source code. Otherwise legal action will be taken. Payment will be made on milestones basis 30% + 30% + 40% . You can never ask the increase the budget o...

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    Develop complex input forms in visual basic. Forms must be able to be entered, edited and printed. Then, with the data, reports and graphs must be processed. 2 types of form are sent, where data is currently entered manually and then processed via EXCEL. The idea is to develop a system in Visual Basic 6 + Mysql that processes all this information and then generates reports and graphs.

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    Hello i need a little customization with magento2 Pls read following i think that snippet must be insert in following file that is webkul file plugin for upload photo rule /home/web/ Currently they not check EXIF rotation issue for avoid rotation smartphone issue Waiting feedback about this thanks

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    Build a Web Page RTSP Video Streaming and Icons That Change Based on Bool Value in SQL Database Title Says it all, and Ill include an image to explain more of what I want it to look like. Basically I want a login page that logs a user in if the user exists in a database that I will create upon you giving me the structure and naming, once logged in it will direct to the page I included a rough sketch of that I will also need designed as well. My webhost is DreamHost and I'm using HTML/PHP/SQL.

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    A car rental management system. This is a web based application being developed in php and mysql.

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    *URGENT* Bid only if you can start right away !!! Please answer this: 2+2 = ? I am looking for a independent dev who is able to bring our own designed UI to any CMS (Wordpress, Webflow any CMS is welcome). frontend should be animated. Project is a Real Estate / Construction Website: Landing Page (Home) Project Page > Projects Inner 1 > Projects Inner 2 > Projects Inner 3 About Us Blog > Blog Inner Career > Career Inner Contact Sales Enquiry 404 Privacy Policy (Imprint) will be only text, so no function website is multilingual, we can use goole api for that Project Page with 3 Templates: - Apartment Project Template should work like this: create Project, add Images into the Project, add google Maps into the Project, Floor Plans, in which phase the project is, contact fu...

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    We are looking for PHP developer (upto 10 freelancers) having sound knowledge of backend development (PHP, Laravel, CodeIgniter, API implementation, Payment gateway integration, etc). Please bid if you are available for long term Full Time position. Please start your proposal with the word "success" and share your past projects Thanks

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    We need a website developer for our project

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    PHP Developer 6 天 left

    Need custimization in PHP Website. There is a technical error, which only an expert can resolve.

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    Hello how are you I have hosting on godaddy cpanel I want to install nuxtjs3 with strapi Aslo lunch to online Also want to install modules for nuxtjs3 - image - ui - routing - tailwindcss - content - search in page - get api from link Strapi/ - strapi library images - admin - upload multiple images in fiolders - edit and delete from custom foldes Npm, Yarn. and used laste version Thak you

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    Dear all, We have a project of Dcim and need an expert of Sunbird dcim to make the configuration and commissionning

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    I want to create a whmcs module from API of another site.

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    Have to develop a website for construction and interior design company

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    Woocommerce Plugin 6 天 left

    Build Payment Gateway for Woocommerce. More details available

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    Google Sheet Connect MySql 6 天 left

    1. Create script to connect seet with mysql database 2. Create function to select table and search by field and display variable 3. Create function to display a table from mysql into sheet

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    Necesito soporte técnico para un sitio que se migró de un hosting a otro pero en el nuevo hosting dejo de funcionar los insert que tienen los archivos php del sitio, para poder configurar o ver porque en el nuevo hosting ya no me deja insertar en MySQL.

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    we looking for someone to help us install cracked active code panel

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    Hola, tengo una aplicación desarrollada con el patrón de diseño mvc. Necesito transformarla completamente en laravel 9 y adaptarla a una plantilla ya comprada.

    $1962 - $5887
    $1962 - $5887
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    A centralized ecosystem for Token management, consisting of touch screen kiosk for passengers, touch screen device for clerk’s action at reservation counter, a monitor screen to show token status and a web module for Admins to manage the system.

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    Solve MySQL Problem 6 天 left

    I have a problem in MySQL and need some expert to solve. I will provide the file to have a look at the problem before hiring to check if you are able to solve it.

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    Hello. I have a matrimonial script that i boight from Codecanyon. The script name is "Active matrimonial script '. I need help to install on server and activate it. Thank you

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    I currently have a full version MVP iOS app called Tapper Legacy and an Android beta version of the app. I am looking for someone that can build the app in Android and place it in the various Android app stores including Google. I already have the DB for the iOS and website and the android app must connect seemingly. To be hired you must have experience doing this. Let me know your timeline, cost and share me examples of apps you have done in the past. Tapper Legacy website: iOS version: Android Version:

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    Each action from a user of our software needs to be logged according to CRUDE (Create, Read, Update, Delete, Execute)

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    Hello, i have an php appointment form that needs a captcha to make it more save. I need you to add it to all the forms on my website so they are save. Please contact me if you are interested in this small job

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    We are entrepreneurs that want to offer QRCode services to companies and other businesses in our country. We are seeking experienced web developers to design a web platform to accommodate our requirements. We want to generate custom QR codes to restaurants and allow owners to upload their menu (pdf, jpg or even interactive menus). In the future, customers should be able to order from the website.

    $9200 (Avg Bid)
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