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Node.js is a platform built on Chrome's JavaScript runtime for easily building fast, scalable network applications. If you need a professional node.js developer to work with you or your business, post a node.js project today!

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    create in website mqtt broker server with aws api

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    I need export to capture api for Ludo king game which generate team joining code. For reference you can check some sites like , khelbro etc same we need

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    Please consider applying if you are an expert in the above technologies and would like to help us complete the creation of a platform. >It's essential that you have experience with Elastic Search and SEO implementation (not SEO optimize) >Use Google Meet to communicate and share updates. >Updates on the status of the proposed plan every day or every other day. -providing timelines, task tracking, and other relevant information alongside updating to-do list ocasionaly. -Must be aware of communicating in English. -Providing live updates - hosting the files on Heroku/Netlify/Vercel. When the platform is ready to publish, deploy the platform to a better hosting (suggest online hosting like AWS/Digital Ocean) The front end is nearly complete, and a little amount of back-end w...

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    Accounting and Inventory software like quickbooks

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    I have a website and an established NFT platform that need to be integrated on our website. Looking for developers to help on this project. Contact me for more details.

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    I'm looking for a developer to create a small code that will send a notification to a discord webhook when a script that is already coded sends a status update. (it's all in the code.I will show you in the screen) The script from trading view is public and is called: Nadaraya-Watson Envelope [LUX] So here is how it works: 1. when a candle finishes, the script might show an arrow on the screen. 2. if it is shown, send a notification through webhook on discord with the coin This needs to be done on around 50 different coins monitored 24/7 using an AWS server where you will be hosting the code.

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    Node JS eCommerce webapp 6 天 left

    Hello, I need a simple ecommerce website in NodeJs. Main features of an ecommerce. Payment integration with Stripe and with PayPal. Frontend and admin panel html+css+js files will be provided.

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    I need to develop react native app with back end using node.js with client account and admin account , client account have location detection option . app must be android version and IOS version , please write Dear Ali in starting of your proposal .

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    blsspain visa appointments 6 天 left

    need expert node.js for bot blsspain visa appointments for mutiple accounts bot must handle 504 and 502 badgetway bypass otp BYPASS ERROR 403 FORBIDDEN MULTI SEND REQUESTE rotat proxies

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    I am looking for matrimonial web application using MERN stack, Anyone having prior experience in dating or matrimonial app would be preferred.

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    Looking for a Node.js dev who can build a video play structure, details are below. Node Server A Where we will upload Node.js code and player file, player should be on Node Server. Server A Example URL ------------------------ Stream Server B Where we will upload HLS encoded video and play them from Node Sever A. Sever B Example URL (0e374f49cc3fde949ef973b3e1b69351 this is folder name and containing and all ts files) Above is video file URL and should be play under Server A URL. so public play file URL look like below Play URL We have to run this URL with Node Server URL and hide this direct file URL (Stream Server B URL) from public and prevent downloading, So it would be like below Note: we have to use Strapi or any good Node CMS for this purpose.

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    I am hiring 10 Full Stack software engineers. 1- Work on remote (Life Time) 2- Daily min 9 Hrs. (Remote Screen) Billed 3- Get official contract to work (Registered company in USA, Colombia and India) 4- Daily Call (Teams) video call mandatory 5- Daily Timesheet/Jira Ticket updates are mandatory 6- No Leaves other than (Saturday/Sunday) and 1 Sick leave monthly. 7- Salary is paid in account directly between 30th to 2nd every month. 8- Min exp. 7 yrs.

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    Requires Web and Mobile Applications. Preferred Tools: ReactJs, React Native and NodeJs Project Stakeholders: 1. Users (with 2 Roles) 2. Admin Users Requirement Briefs: A) User Registration under a Profile Category B) Login with Authentication and Authorization C) User Dashboard with Statistics D) Profile View, Edit (reflects only after admin approval) E) User Search with Filters F) Payment Gateway Integration G) Push Notifications H) Role based Call and Chat facilities Admin Requirement Briefs: A) CMS based Profile Category manipulations, where users can register under one of these categories B) Manage Users C) Manage Payments and Payment Renewals D) Ads Manager to both Mobile and Web Applications.

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    Hello, We are a startup based in Belgium focusing on providing digital tools for travel professionals across the globe. I am the co-founder and I am in charge of all IT services. We are searching for a (part-time or) full-time full-stack JavaScript/TypeScript developer to help take some burden off of me. We have many different and versatile projects (both bigger and smaller projects) currently sitting in our pipeline. We are searching for someone that not only wants to finish the projects but also thinks critically about them in order to help grow the company. We are very open to all kinds of new ideas such as new internal or external projects, new ideas to further automate our IT services/infrastructure, new tools or technologies, … Some of the current tools we are using: Express...

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    Hi we are looking for developer with latest coding knowledge to create simple and clean design website & app For rental of small agri equipments Apply if you done simliar projects

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    Need experienced developer who has good expertise in Python and REAC - JS Node and MS SQL and related programming languages.

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    I need someone to write a step by step guide on how to setup an IoT Javascript code on AWS. Also need to advise what AWS functionality is required (e.g IoT Core etc..) and advise on potential cost of hosting the code on AWS. The step by step guy must contain all information needed and also you will have to setup the code on AWS so the user interface can be accessible from a browser. Instructions: Explanation: Codes:

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    1. Sales Page as a Landing Page and a home page (Changes in Existing Pages) It is an existing e-commerce project. We are developing it from the scratch. We need to have some changes in existing page. Document is available for Sales Page improvement.

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    AWS deploy website 6 天 left


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    We are looking for an experienced freelance web developer with Full stack javascript development using MERN stack.

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    NO WORDPRESS - DONT WASTE MY TIME For reference check out for its features and design, I wanna have that type of very clean and modern design but obviously different. Only contact me if you would have been able to build doorloop, as I want something very similar.

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    I am looking to create an automated trading options strategy for Interactive Brokers around SPX and other index options. It would consist of using some indicators, then doing a combination of 0DTE (off the open) as well as intraday, and a weekly. You should have the ability to configure the index option (SPX/NDX/IWM), use any combination of the 3 trading strategies, set the profit/loss target for each trade individually, pull the latest information (futures, gaps, ATRs, etc.), open and close options, calculate the margins required for each trade, profit/loss, set the stop loss limits conditionals based on the profit/loss targets. The indicators are currently written in ThinkScript so it would need to be converted. I have the criteria, and can put them into a requirements document if you ha...

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    I have website written by Flask and AngularJS. There are some bugs need to be fixed and add google analytics. And then site is slow a bit. I would like to improve the site speed and SEO,. I need you to make the clean and commented code. So, I can fix the issue myself in the future. Best regards

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    $78 - $235
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    Good evening, everyone I need a MEAN stack developer. you should have experience with displaying data from mongo to Graph Please bid with past works similar to this

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    I am looking casino game developer. ASAP

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    Looking for someone proficient in Javascript, has experience mainly in front-end frameworks like Angular (12 & up), has worked with large corporate/enterprise applications (mono-repos). Topics including: -Angular 12 -Jenkins -Typescript -Test Driven Development -NX Console -Ngrx -Gitlab Enterprise accounts

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    Tengo un warning con los iconos de Stripe: Each dictionary in the list "icons" should contain a non-empty UTF8 string field "type". Y no termino de sacar el total en el backend, seria terminar de integrar stripe.

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    Hello My son has built a newspaper website using MERN structure for his high school, everything seems working from his local till to the deployment step using Vercel I am looking for an experienced pro who is a Vercel Expert and who can help us to fix this issue and help my son to deploy his website successfully Please note that this job is not only to fix the issue from your side but also you need to teach my son all of the setting and let him fully understand the setting from Vercel to prevent it from happening again We are NOT looking for MERN developer but Vercel EXPERT!!! Please don't bother us if you are not Vercel Expert! and there are too many bidders that I can't read them all. Many of them don't have any Vercel experience at all! If you are really expert and ser...

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    We need to create a new smart contract which included minting and halving features. And need to work specific fork of pancake customized for us just staking and reference model features. And the pair will be only BNB/our token, USDT/our token is enough. Halving details: Finding the maximum supply and performing a function like the one in MBOX. There should be a year-specific mint limit and distribution should be made according to this limit. should be ok. The swap we will make must be suitable for our platforms. For example, it is suitable for the staking platform. like this: “uint256 decimal = 10 ** uint256(decimals); /** * There will distribute 400,000,000 Mbox in year 1 * 225,000,000 Mbox in year 2 * 175,000,000 Mbox in year 3 * 125,000,000 Mbox in year 4 * 75,000,000 ...

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    Improvements needed for / react app.

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    I have implemented all your requirements. 1. If you want to store text in the database, go to http://localhost:3000/ckeditor, enter text in the text input window, and then click the "submit" button. 2. To keep image data in the data base, go to http://localhost:3000/ckeditor, choose file in windows exlorer, and then click the "Submit" button.(DB ;edduby, collection:todos) Then, the image data is uploaded to the directory(http://localhost:5000/public) of the server and then stored in the Mongo database.(DB ;edduby, collection :user) check text data and image data stored in the database, go to http://localhost:3000. data transfer was moved by axios.

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    Our startup helps musicians connect with record labels and industry experts. The platform was launched last year and has been constantly improved since then. Now we are looking for a talented programmer who can take our platform to the next level with us! Our Tech-Stack: Vue.js Angular Javascript Backend: AWS Serverless Framework - Lamda - Cognito - RDS - API Gateway Sounds just like you? Let's get in touch!

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    We have a reactJS and NodeJS project deployed among three different environments: TEST STAGE and PROD. Task 1: setting up the CICD so that a developer can push the code GIT after added restrictions code should move to GCP and get automatically deployed. And with some hooks, that image should get deployed to Stage and PROD. Task 2: Ensure that deployment to Stage and PROD can only be done from github (and not from developer's desktop) Task 3: Add a google tracker to the EAS Homepage and redeploy it to stage and Prod Task 4 Professionally Document the task 2 and 3

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    Hi, i need someone to make all of theys tasks the website is made in react, next js, typescript, and node js as backend

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    Fork Alpha EVM mobile wallet 5 天 left

    Job Requirements: 1) Fork Alpha mobile wallet - • Listed Networks: Same as the current list plus Chain #1 (TBD) & Chain #2 (TBD) 2) Customize the logo and color theme. 3) Submit to Apple Store/Google Store Functionalities: Same as the current Alpha Wallet • •

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    Using passport and nvm, I have installed Node.js through passport already however the site is not running , you MUST have dreamhost experience for this as dreamhost dose not provide root access This is a Freelance project need done asap.

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    Build growth charts using specific technologies & converting an open source environment to Angular & Node & MongoDB. Something very similar to with all possible combinations for different age group of the patient. No new technology strictly the one what I"ve mentioned above. Once the project is over, source code shall be shared to me and upon testing I'll release other projects to the same person.

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    We need a short video application in flutter and node js and budget is 60000 Dm on your interest

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    Hello Team, we are looking for node js & react js developer for my project, if any one interested, please feel free to contact us, so we can provide the details

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    Reinstall mongodb 5 天 left

    All you have to do is reinstall mongodb on my laptop , and make sure it is working and able to perform quries

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    WEBAPIforautomation 5 天 left

    Front End – Angular code ( Completed) WebAPIs - .NET (to be developed, planned ETA is one week) Backend Database – MySQL (Configured) • There are 2 different Angular applications(DiscoveryTool & Cloudmap) that need Web APIs to transfer data from one app to another. • For this, we need to build two web APIs in .Net to use by these 2 Angular apps. • The DiscoveryTool application needs a Web API that will store output data in the MySQL database. • the cloudmap application needs another Web API that will retrieve the data from MySQL to generate the report.

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    I need developer who able to build for me an instant messaging API and structure. And later it needs to be integrated with our existing Flutter app.

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    A full stuck developer needed to work on my flutter app for some modifications and add some new features. The candidate must be experiense with the following: - Frontend: Flutter (v2 with null safety), JWT Protocol (Bearer token), Dart, flutter_test, REST Protocol, Local Caching (using local databases), UI Design, Animations (if necessary for the application) - Backend: Nodejs (with Typescript), NoSQL, filesystem, backend security, REST Protocol, JWT Protocol, Software architecture, Jest (or other testing libraries), Lint We prefer who can speak Arabic and English as well.

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    I need about 4tb of scalable cloud based storage that will allow me to split large files into smaller chunks that can be reassembled at the end user (Windows machine). A function to convert download and convert .m3u8 files to .ts or .mp4 would be helpful but optional. I was looking at AWS S3 Glacier, Lamdba, and MediaConvert to do this but I'm too much of a tech noob to implement it. Requirements. Assuming it's done on AWS I'm sure I can get the S3 storage set up on my own. So I just need a function to split large files in an S3 bucket into chunks no larger than 50 Mb and a function to restore them. Need the ability to do the same functions at the Windows 10/11 end user. Can use already available commercial or freeware programs or if necessary simple CLI; no need for GUI....

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    MERN Expert from India 5 天 left

    I am looking for MERN expert. Only freelancer please apply.

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    Hello, We are looking to make a frontend for a python script of a scrapping code.

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    a small project which need use google account (passport) to login to nodejs application, (front end html+css, backend nodejs), it should check the mongodb to see if account already exist, if yes prompt user login with account xxxx, if not insert a new record in mongodb and prompt the same with google account detail. currently already develop the code but some bugs, so need some help here to fix the problem

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    Node.js expert 5 天 left

    I am looking for node.js expert for small task and its urgent job

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    This is a product similar to Essentially our aim is to build a platform for matching employers and freelancers for job shifts. An employer can post job shifts and freelancers can apply for it. Invoicing will be handled by the platform. Employers are paying their automatically created invoices to the platform. The platform will pay the freelancers automatically by bank transfer. Option: We can outsource the payment and invoicing part to They will do the debt management and money collecting. We are looking for a very simple solution that meets the requirements in the attached spec. Start your bid with "spec has # pages" so that I know you read both the description and the spec We have the designs and mockups ready, please review (no design work is req...

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    We have a requirement to migrate all the components of our AWS hosted website to hostinger VPS. Below are components - 1) Backend - Nodejs 2) Frontend - Angular 3)Wordpress - currently hosted on same domain on aws along with front end () All the components should be deployed with SSL (https).

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