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    I have a project for my graduation and I am in a hurry to finish it , the project is a simple project in react and nodejs using mongodb. I need a hand to finish the following tasks: - Implementing auth0 with admin role - create 4 tables more (and respective interfaces, such like add a tag, add a rating and two more like these) - create a react dashboard for the admin which the admin can delete a user or a item of this user, and two simple charts showing some status of the websites. Please send your price and how long you would take to do the task (aproximadely, i'll give more details after that and we can adjust the hours)

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    i want backend project with this features 1-authentication for user in data base (postgres) 2-another data base for user that pay for specific service and get file json for this user data 3-response with 2 files json to user that already pay for the service 4-upload the project and database to server 5-admin dashboard

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    We are building an e-learning website that requires students to hold video conferences, and join instructor led training sessions. We want to use the open source Jitsi If you have previous experience developing such a solution, please apply for this gig

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    i want to develop node js app server i want to develop node js app server

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    Rarible API 6 天 left

    implementing Rarible API to fetch nft data.

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    cloudscraper 6 天 left

    need expert node.js cloudscraper to make vfs appointments

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    I'm looking for a Full-Stack Developer, but maybe someone who has a bit more interest in the backend. Essentially, we had a working prototype with Angular/Bootstrap and Firebase and we are modernising it, starting with fresh designs and fresh code. We have great designs, all done in Figma and now it's time to implement them. As we had a working prototype, the DB structure and functions are largely done, but now is the time to rethink our approach, so the first step will be to map out the DB structure and plan out our backend API (as inevitably we will use it as well in a React Native app down the road)... Our stack; React () TailwindCSS (TailwindUI components) Figma Storybook Docusaurus BackEnd Firebase Functions Firebase Storage Firebase Authentication - image workflow Algo...

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    I am looking for Node.js - JavaScript code to GeoQuery Firebase Firestore collection using GeoFire. I need complete code as I am new to javascript and node.js. Experts are welcome.

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    Hello Freelancers Looking for someone who has done some work or changes in this script If you have done any similar project then only bid on the project This will be long term project

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    *URGENT* Bid only if you can start right away !!! Please answer this: 2+2 = ? I am looking for a independent dev who is able to bring our own designed UI to any CMS (Wordpress, Webflow any CMS is welcome). frontend should be animated. Project is a Real Estate / Construction Website: Landing Page (Home) Project Page > Projects Inner 1 > Projects Inner 2 > Projects Inner 3 About Us Blog > Blog Inner Career > Career Inner Contact Sales Enquiry 404 Privacy Policy (Imprint) will be only text, so no function website is multilingual, we can use goole api for that Project Page with 3 Templates: - Apartment Project Template should work like this: create Project, add Images into the Project, add google Maps into the Project, Floor Plans, in which phase the project is, contact fu...

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    Hello how are you I have hosting on godaddy cpanel I want to install nuxtjs3 with strapi Aslo lunch to online Also want to install modules for nuxtjs3 - image - ui - routing - tailwindcss - content - search in page - get api from link Strapi/ - strapi library images - admin - upload multiple images in fiolders - edit and delete from custom foldes Npm, Yarn. and used laste version Thak you

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    Senior Full Stack developer hiring for long term job as project leader and trainer, committment 2h a day 5 days week, inititaly 6 month, 1 week trial

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    We are going to build a wedding website. It contains a lot of content and we will show you a reference site similar to what we are trying to do with charting.

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    We're searching for a full-stack developer to join our team part-time. This role will collaborate with our lead developer and founder to continue to improve our iOS app and build our web-based backend. Must have mobile app experience in iOS and eventually facilitate our Android launch. We have consistent workloads over the next few months. We will hire at $10/hour for 10 hours a week for two developers.

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    Need a React JS with My SQL skill developer for an ongoing project.

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    buscando empleo y tienes conocimientos y destrezas prácticas en programación , diseño web , lenguajes , base de datos , servidores , API's , sistemas de control de versiones y además tienes habilidades de comunicación efectiva , déjame decirte que puedes buscar ofertas como desarrollador full stack , el rol más demandado en la actualidad

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    buscando empleo y tienes conocimientos y destrezas prácticas en programación, diseño web, lenguajes, base de datos, servidores, API’s, sistemas de control de versiones y además tienes habilidades de comunicación efectiva, déjame decirte que puedes buscar ofertas como desarrollador full stack, el rol más demandado en la actualidad.

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    web scraper - node.js 6 天 left

    I need someone to build a webscraper for binance announcements. It must be in node.js

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    We're looking for a Node.js Developer, located in Latin America. A minimum of 80 hours a month available are required. We offer up to 160 hours a month, for 3 months, to work on a mobile app project from scratch for an important Multinational Company. The hiring modality is "contractor", with an hourly paid rate in USD. After the project is done, there will be a posibility to stay on an indetermided contract. Soft skills - English reading and writing - Team work (with Agile methodologies) - Fluid communication - Proactivity & problem solving Backend - Node.js - Relational and non-relational databases - Usage and implementation of REST and/or GraphQL APIs - Experience implementing public-facing APIs is desirable - Object Oriented Programming - Knowledge of patterns &a...

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    We have C++ project which for searching in text files. we need to rewrite this project for nodejs.

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    SetupNSearch 6 天 left

    We have C++ project which for searching in text files. we need to rewrite this project for nodejs.

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    i want to use webview of our web app with native notification and this native notification will be link to webapp web push notification through webhooks and JS I am looking for an apps developer who can easily develop Android and iPhone apps and send Onesignal web push notifications to Onesignal native notifications based on UID. Since this is our messaging website, when a user messages another user, a notification is immediately sent to them through One Signal Push Notification, but it is through web notification. And I want this notification to go to him in the same way through Android or iPhone native application. Because iPhone doesn't support web notification. Just like when a user is messaging another user and he gets a notification through web push, he will get the same notif...

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    some issue in nodejs api want fix issue api and set Proper data responses

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    Fashion e-Commerce site and mobile app build in REACT JS

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    Node API to hostname 6 天 left

    I have node api with ip add and port , on pushing to production , its not working with https , so can we just fix that

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    Typescript issue 6 天 left

    There are two task: - I am trying to give eventemitter when dialog closed on "clickOutside" - There are no space between number and % (example: 10%) When i select country "US" but for "DE" is working fine (example: 10 %)

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    Need assistance in MongoDB retrieve

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    Need someone to work as a full stack developer to work on developing a saas and integrate it with api Our stack: Sveltekit Mongodb Nodejs Digital Ocean Stripe

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    Need assistance for MongoDB Data retrieve etc..

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    I am looking for MERN Stack Developer

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    eCommerce 6 天 left

    Angular based project for providing goods and services

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    Hello, everyone. Thanks for your attention. I built powerful prediction bot with 67.28% of accuracy. Good money to be made if we work together. Hope chat soon.

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    I am looking to get a Discord bot which posts a message when I tweet, and allows users to like and retweet it to receive "points" This is the only functionality I need for now, I do not need any features relating to viewing/redeeming points, etc Users will need to be able to link their Discord & Twitter accounts (via Twitter OAuth). When a tweet is posted, the bot should post it in an embed, with 3 buttons (see attached image demo): 1. Like button 2. Retweet button 3. "Get my points" button - query the Twitter API to verify the user actually liked/retweeted, and then the bot gives them points. IDEAL TECH STACK: Javascript/Typescript (TS is ideal, but JS will be fine), , Prisma (as the database ORM)

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    we required a nodeJS backend developer for dynamic pages and Dash board for

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    Apply only if you are Node.JS + .NET Full Stack Developer available on contract basis. Mandatory skill - Strong expertise in node js Secondary skill - C# and dot net Requirements: ● Proven experience as a Full Stack Developer or similar role. ● Experience developing desktop and mobile applications. ● Familiarity with common stacks ● Knowledge of multiple front-end languages and libraries (e.g. HTML/ CSS, JavaScript, Nodejs and .Net). ● Familiarity with databases (e.g. MySQL, MS SQL, Mogo DB) ● Good to have- Cloud knowledge (Azure, AWS) ● Strong command on API Development with C# .Net, Nodejs ● Good to have- knowledge on multiple back-end languages ( Java, Python) and knowledge of JavaScript frameworks ( React, Angular, Node ) ● Excellent communication and teamwork skills • Great atte...

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    Hi, We are looking for an angular with node js developer for 2-3 hours of job support on daily basis after 9 0r 10 PM IST.

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    Dexscreener 6 天 left

    Hey I'm looking to create a site like for Binance smart chain and Ethereum The frontend will be in a Coinmarketcap layout format. Users can see all the coins that went up in a certain time frame 5mins, 30 mins, 1hr, 6hr, 24hrs Front end needs to be done in Javascript and backend in node.js Must have knowledge in Binance smart chain and Ethereum

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    Hello, We are looking for a developer having good experience on Angular JS and Node JS for Auditing Ecommerce website. Payment will be made on success only. There will be no advance payment for analysing the website. Thanks

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    Web application that takes user's orders, generate reports and manage user's profile such as available credits. Application must support 500 users activities concurrently and make avail real-time reports. Application must support multi-tenancy and user credit management. Stacks React MongoDB/Redis

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    ( Please read description before sending proposal) GPT3 - Create a SAS Platform with AI Copywriting software ( GPT3 lib) With content scraping library for creating texts according to the selected framework. Exactly the same as the platform below: Resources: GPT3: We’ll be using the most powerful NLP model we have reached till now. It’s trained on 175 billion parameters. What are the API functionalities (Use cases)? - Copywriting using frameworks below: Tools - Framework BAB - Unique Proposal - Framework AIDA - Framework PAS - content expander - content enhancer - prospecting email - professional answer - Resume - professional answer - product description - Product Name Generator Ideas () Social Media - Posts to Social Media - TikTo...

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    Hi guys. I developed a project. It was used React.Js. There is one profound bug here. Anyone who can find this should have a connection with me.

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    hello,I am finding a react expert who can build my site. I am busy.

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    Necesito integrar mi e-commerce con 2checkout. El backend utilizado es nodejs.

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    hello everyone. I am looking for a block expert who can build business site with blockchain. If you are a expert,please bid to me. Good luck.

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    @Field((type) => ID) id: string; I can change some like this: @Field({description:"Fecha de la Inscripcion de la Escritura"}) fechaInscripcion!: string; I have found this online tutorial but I cannot change the ones with @Field((type))

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    You must follow instruction.txt. I want to finish it in 12hours.

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    I'm looking for MERN developer (upto 10 freelancers) having sound knowledge of Full Stack Web development (React, Node, , TypeScript, or Tailwind CSS, MongoDB, etc). Please bid if you are available for long term Full Time position. Please start your proposal with the word "success" and share your past projects

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    i want create ui in react js only 4 pages

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    merhaba Bir uygulama ve bir web sitesi tasarlama isteğim var gibi ol Lütfen daha önce böyle bir site tasarlamış olan serbest çalışanları talep edin. Hazır betikler kabul edilmez Özel tasarlanmış olmalı

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    NodeJS/TS dev for MMORPG -- 2 5 天 left

    Hello! We're looking for an intermediate-senior node dev to implement assets in our MMORPG Things like items, creatures, npcs, quests, etc Please bid between 2-3 CAD hr and send me your Github portfolio!

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