NumPy, short for Numerical Python, is an open source package for scientific computing and data analysis. NumPy serves as the foundation of Python’s scientific computing stack. Among the features of NumPy is ndarray, or N-dimensional array object, which is a flexible storage for data sets in Python. It also contains tools for integrating C/C++ and has capabilities for random number generation and Fourier transform.


NumPy is often preferred over regular Python lists for a variety of reasons. It is seen to be convenient, owing to its many free vector and matrix operations. Data structures in NumPy also takes up less space and performance in terms of speed is better, as well.

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    Request details The morphological feature are: Nuclear/cell area ratio Nucleus eccentricity Nucleus circularity orientation perimeter solidity The non-morphological features: entropy Moran index Deliverables I need a Python script that takes an input image and produces the measurement for the above morphological and non-morphological features.

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    need to track events like basket player movement etc in a basket ball game video.

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