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Are you an awesome Photographer, Designer, Marketer, Advertiser or entrepreneur who is finding yourself spending more and more time on Photoshop and less time on the the things that make your business awesome? With all of the powerful functionality and features that Photoshop offers it can take the average entrepreneur years to master.

Great image editing gives websites, advertisements and photography the slick edge they need to separate themselves from the rest but why waste time giving your customers sub-par editing when you can spend your time giving them the best version of your product? By hiring a great freelance Photoshop expert you can have the best of both worlds; great design and an excellent product.

With you can find the best freelance Photoshop designers from around the world to produce great results for reasonable prices on all of your projects, of any size. By posting a Photoshop project right now you will start receiving bids from our most reliable and experienced Freelancers within minutes. Hire a great Photoshop Freelancer today and get back to doing what you do best.

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    I have a graphic of our logo that was done by a gentleman in our company in Photoshop. He did not save the original file, so all we have is an image file. I have a base Photoshop logo file, but I need it colored and enhanced to recreate the original. Once that is done I need another version recolored and the name changed for Aviator Cycles, which is also part of our company. Please see the at...

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    I need a logo preferably in minimalistic style for a new group on Instagram and Facebook The name is: Phone Fit The main idea is all about phone cases and accessories! Thank you and good luck

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    Hello i m look for clothes pattern designer i have my denim jacket and i would like to have digital pattern accorded to my measurement for each panel + i d like to have it with a little bit tolerance (extra 1 cm) thx

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    I run a small private investment firm, as it has become more successful I believe I need to take the next steps in branding and visual legitimacy. I have been recommended all sorts of agencies that seem like logo and branding factories. While I can appreciate that side of the business, some of my biggest wins have come from empowering the 'little guy'. Im not a huge fan of the term, but ...

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    Hi my name is Elyse. I am disabled and spend a lot of time at home. I can't do much. I was playing with my dog Max and my ferret Piper when I came up with the idea of writing a children's book. The book is about Max and Piper. It's fun to be able to share a fun story about my little family. Maybe even do something bigger with it. It makes me feel fullfiled. I hope I can find someone...

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    A still Picture of me and my girlfriend, I would like it to be drawn by a paintbrush or crayons for her birthday

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    Design Logo 6 天 left

    I need Logo Design for Online/ shopify store. Metal Wall Art Decorations (Removed by admin)

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    Trophy icon Business Logo 23 小时 left

    I recently started a new land development and property management company and need a new logo. The new business name is Expedition Development Services LLC. My main business is Rochon Corporation of Iowa, I have no idea what I want, but this business is going to supplement my main business.

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    加急 加保
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    I need to place the face with another face in this photo but i need to keep the eyes original

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    Trophy icon Logo resigned 6 天 left

    We are a new innovative lighter accessory called FLKR LYTR! It is the perfect marriage between a fidget spinner and a lighter. The user will take a lighter put it inside the FLKR sleeve, which then allows the user to spin the FLKR LYTR freely. We aim to inspire creativity, dialogue, and the entrepreneurial spirit in us all. We are looking to simplify our logo so we can continue to grow brand aware...

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    Graphic Designer needed to design packaging box and render respirator mask, please contact for more information

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    Hello. The logo was created many years ago and has never been updated. I would like to create a new, better looking logo to increase sales through an ecommerce website. Could anyone help me recreate the logo into an updated version of itself? - The logo represents the business name: T'nix Zapaterias (or shoe store T'nix) - The business is located in a spanish speaking country - It must...

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    Fantasy knight 6 天 left

    Hi there I am looking for an illustrator to create artwork of knights using the specific colours, motifs, and symbols, of a football team, one knight per project. I hope this will be an on going project with a new commission each month. The artwork should be full colour with one full body image. The knight should be largely realistic with some fantasy element. All knights should wear a helmet and ...

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    I am looking for a design in similar to style to late 90's/ early 2000's NBA championship t shirts, for Glasgow Celtic football team that next season (2020-2021) will be going for a tenth consecutive league title. This has never been done in Scottish football and both Celtic and their rivals rangers have previously reached 9 in a row, meaning this will be HUGE if they win next year. The...

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    Event is on 11th Apr Its a workshop for volunteers

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    Photo Retouching Clean and Fast

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    I have an AutoCAD sketch which I need to make in form a product inforgraphic by adding textures on it.

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    I'm working to build a global Learning App, I did skitches for the main pages now I need someone with experience in designing educational App

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    Trophy icon Calla Creek Spirits 2 天 left

    Calla Creek Spirits Craft Distillery: Thi is a logo for a craft distillery based in Belize. Making everything from Gin, run whiskey, Vodko

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    Experience Level: Entry I need a disigner to review a one page and propose flat (vector) character

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    - design a fillable invoice form with my logo and info ( I do have logo) - design a fillable letterhead form

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    professional brochure design for trading

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    Instagram logo 6 天 left

    es un logo sencillo para una imagen solo

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    Trophy icon Logo re-design BHL 13 天 left

    We are looking for domain re-design for Black Hills Leather. We are a leather product company so the logo needs to look good on leather. We also going to use the logo for Marketing material such as website, caps, shirts, etc. The Black Hills are a small and isolated mountain range rising from the Great Plains of North America in western South Dakota. If you need more information please let me kn...

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    Trophy icon Create a logo for my WISP -- 2 6 天 left

    I currently have a business set up called MotiveAudio with a logo already. What I want to do is create a logo for my sister company, MotiveConnect. It would begood if these two logos could have something in common. MotiveConnect will be a WISP (Wireless Internet Service Provider). Please search on google if you don't know what a WISP is. I have attached the current logo for MotiveAudio. I was...

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    Trophy icon BUSINESS CARD FOR MY COMPANY 2 天 left

    Hi. I need a business card design made for my company, I will provide logo. information on the business card should Include: Crodgers, Inc Inspection Services Charles Rodgers Owner Phone number email I need something simple and clean. Thanks.

    $116 (Avg Bid)
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    We need to design a logo for our business. Name: Great Bengal Media Main business: Youtubing

    $78 (Avg Bid)
    加精 加保
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    Create a logo for my WISP 6 天 left

    I currently have a business set up called MotiveAudio with a logo already. What I want to do is create a logo for my sister company, MotiveConnect. It would begood if these two logos could have something in common. MotiveConnect will be a WISP (Wireless Internet Service Provider). Please search on google if you don't know what a WISP is. I have attached the current logo for MotiveAudio. I was...

    $217 (Avg Bid)
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    I wanted to make a logo for my website - [登录来查看链接]

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    We are an international trading company and would like to create our own packaged medical mask. The brand name is "CooMask" but we dont have a logo yet but need fast production of artwork, expect cool and smart looking designs, more clean and Scandivian feeling but with necessary information. Attached guidelines of the design and a design reference of the box.

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    Je souhaiterais une bannière simple en 980x580 qui représenterais l'Intelligence Artificielle de la manière la plus fidèle, selon vous.

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    Trophy icon Logo refresh 6 天 left

    Hi, I want to refresh my company logotype. It is still OK, however, after a few years I think that it needs to be refined. Project goals: 1. refresh logo visually, and define color profile for 4 versions: a) full color logo b) grayscale (black + white) c) inverted onto dark background d) outline version 2. make three orientation versions: a) square/stacked logo b) horizontal/rectangular c) cir...

    $589 (Avg Bid)
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    Have ideas and rough sketches for Tshirts, posters, mugs and bumper stickers - but need a great artist to design make them stand out. Also have a couple of logos to spruce up.

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    Make a Presentation 6 天 left

    We are a vehicle loan collection agency and we want to make a presentation to email to clients. I am uploading a sample for reference.

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    Trophy icon Facebook cover for a tea farm 3 天 left

    Renegade Tea Estate is looking for a design for their Facebook page. Text on the cover: "Spring Splash 2020. Coming soon" Cover should not be too corporate, more of a earthy and friendly vibe. Would be good to use one picture of the tea and other one from the people to show our two main values - Renegade farmers aim to be your personal tea faremers who you know and trust.. And well, al...

    $287 (Avg Bid)
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    Need a proprietary, bold, modern, sophisticated design to be applied to (2) water softener and filter vessels. Design needs to work as a single vessel only, but look amazing as a pair. See attached photo.

    $465 (Avg Bid)
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    Improve the Design of this existing Dashboard to look more impressive. Perhaps Status Icons for Scheduled, Completed, Overdue, Cancelled, In Progress.

    $775 (Avg Bid)
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    Logo Design for my website 6 天 left

    I need to design an innovative logo for my website. Theme : Astrology

    $124 (Avg Bid)
    $124 平均报价
    35 个竞标

    I have a detox online service called 7 day detox online , my page is not yet finished but here it is [登录来查看链接]

    $488 (Avg Bid)
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    95 个竞标

    I need a mock up design for t-shirts, tissue, hats, banners...for a family reunion - using three pictures I will provide and the text is - TRENTENAIRE GRANDE FAMILLE MAGNI SOUH - THIRTY YEAR CELEBRATION MAGNI SOUH FAMILY - BAMELO/BABADJOU

    $116 (Avg Bid)
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    Pessoal, Preciso de alguem que consiga fazer as artes para o canal Twitch de minha namorada. o que preciso: Ícone 1 Capa Capa Offline Banner de Donate Banner de Sub Overlay personalizado Preciso Tambem de um logo criativo para ela

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    Trophy icon Ticket for video on demand. 2 天 left

    Hello, for one of our Video on Demand portals, we want to design "concert/cinema" tickets to give to our affiliate members with their dedicated URL. Dimensions: [登录来查看链接](4_4_beidseitig_bedruckt)[登录来查看链接] -The design should be clean and with sexy background because its an adult service. - should include the message that customer gets 14 days free access - Flatrate - "Premium con...

    $504 (Avg Bid)
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    I am graduating from UTTyler and I am wanting to take images in my cap and gown at the school

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    build 3 facebook ads 6 天 left

    I need 3 graphic facebook ads designs and 3 landing pages

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    hi I am working on a gift for my girlfriend. it is a small book that will have 10 pages. I need 10 illustrations for it. Each page will have about one or two sentences and the illustration will have to correlate with the text. I have uploaded some examples of what I'm looking for

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    Trophy icon Design a Menu 6 天 left

    I need a menu and desiging in line with branding to a high quality and must not be a stock item. The restraunts is being reinvented and will have a buffet cart for hot and cold salad, the customers will be able to build their own pizza or order from the grill menu. The menu needs to look steak house but we do not have any photos to use. I have attached a file for content as this is how far I got...

    $775 (Avg Bid)
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    Trophy icon Let's Talk Topics 13 天 left

    This is a logo project for a KID podcast show on our company's station OTS Media. Specifically, we're looking for a sleek, eye-grabbing, and vivid logo. Logos should should capture the attention of an audience age 6-13 Logo designs could be asymmetrically, emblem, or just surprise us. The name of the show is called Let's Talk Topics The logo should include the following: Main He...

    $465 (Avg Bid)
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    Trophy icon Create a brand logo. 6 天 left

    I need a logo for my wax melt business. The business name is Name: Coco Luxe Subheader: Wax Melts Colour theme I'm looking for is baby pink/dusky pink/greys/rose gold/marble I like the idea of a brush mark behind the logo, few examples are shown in pics attached. Thanks

    $481 (Avg Bid)
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    Trophy icon Design logo 4 天 left

    I'm starting a danceschool and I want to have a logo. The name will be 'STREETS Dance Company'. It's urban/ hip-hop.

    $248 (Avg Bid)
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    I need formatting and design for an e-book onKDP

    $225 (Avg Bid)
    $225 平均报价
    9 个竞标