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    I need a professional website designer

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    Zoho Landing Page 6 天 left

    I am looking for services to make a Zoho Landing Page and connect it to my website (). Zoho Landing page is required like this

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    I'm in need of a good website building specialist who can build a website with a dashboard for clients showing their portfolios

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    Sales site 6 天 left

    I want to create a simple website that provides a subscription in exchange for sales leads. The site will have a hub for all data entered by users allowing users to book calls with contacts. The website will need to have a calendar scheduler so that the user and the lead can agree on a date and time for a call. Once agreed the user and lead will need to have a video call generated through the scheduled booking.

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    i want backend project with this features 1-authentication for user in data base (postgres) 2-another data base for user that pay for specific service and get file json for this user data 3-response with 2 files json to user that already pay for the service 4-upload the project and database to server 5-admin dashboard

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    Hi i have a Laravel task site which is private and i use myself The site is fully working but has a couple of annoying bugs 1st. On add customer it uses goggle maps auto fill. If i put in for a house/unit then it adds but doesn't show properly. ie unit 2/34 walker road. and it also doesn't fill in properly if edit the address updating it. 2. I have a functioning button on my job list for adding a new job, I want this button added to 2 other pages too. 3. On my customer list it shows the customer lines, at the end it has delete customer icon, i click that and it asked if i want to delete, i click yes but then it does nothing.,

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    I will share details in chat, the task is for project management

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    i would like to have an app for my business and i would like people pay for my app

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    Trophy icon ERP Logo Project 13 天 left

    Create a new modern company logo in variation of designs to choose from. Can be the same blend of colors as existing. Logo can be same style or different with different font usage. Incorporate with Bull design with "ERP Pro" and without. Looking for a clean, cool, modern, sleek design that can be used across different media platforms on website, promo items, social media etc. Also whoever wins this one will also get access to 25+ other design projects to work on so bring your "A" game to the table to be my future "go-to" team. Thanks and good luck!

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    we have a wordpress website already, now we want to customize it , need to add around 100+ pages on our website than need to make apis as we will build game apps so our users can login on app and can play games too

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    I need a website built using HTML and I need to know how much does it's going to coast me and also I want to see some examples

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    we have already designed and coded the website our project consist of 5 pages -player profile -player search -comparative analysis(benchmark) on players on scatter plots -shortlists -client requests we have a landing page, all we need is the get the endpoint and add some extra features we are in Turkey Istanbul so we prefer Turkish speaking developer

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    Media compressor 6 天 left

    I would like to have a really simple program. I would like to be able to specify multiple directories in a config file The program will scan the directory and all it's sub directories looking for media video files mkv, dvd, blueray I would like to be able to edit what it scans for in config file once it finds a media file that meets scan criteria, it will queue them to be converted to the smallest video format. I think it maybe MP4. It will need to move the file from its current directory to a new processing directory do the conversion and then copy it back. I would like to be able to control how many files it can process at a time. Default 2 This program will run on windows 2019 server Please msg if you've any questions.

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    Video Encoder 6 天 left

    I would like a program that would monitor specified directory's. I want to convert video files from mkv,mp4,xvid, etc to h265 smallest format or a format that I specify. I would like this software to have a gui that will show me the next 10 files to be converted from each monitoring section in addition show current status on the video that it is converting at that time. I would like this to be multi threaded where it can take advantage of higher core/thread cpus. I would like to be able to specify how many videos that it can convert at a time from the specified directory's ie first dir c:work 5 threads sec dir c:homevideo 5 threads third dir c:homemovies 5 threads

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    backup restore wordpress 6 天 left

    I need someone that can restore my website from a backup file created by a wp plugin: updraft plus

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    Decent dating site -- 2 6 天 left

    Ukraine, Belarus and Russia targeted site wanted

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    I need to upload my flutter web app to hostinger

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    Rarible API 6 天 left

    implementing Rarible API to fetch nft data.

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    I need someone who can help me with my website I need a 3 pg. simple website for my dispatch company.

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    I have a store from 2018 that has ads and is making a very good profit. I have added a minimal booze code. I am currently restricting ads and the profit percentage is lost. I want a programmer to return these needs and return the ads provided that the store is linked to this site The required period is 7 days in return 2500 dollars.

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    Audio Upload 6 天 left

    I am looking for a single page code that accept a input box that upload audio file using HTML, jQuery and PHP without the page refresh. Check file to ensure it is a audio file and check the file size. The file should be save in a folder on the server side and the file name save in the database.

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    Moodle Customization 6 天 left

    95% complete and ready to launch. got stuck with a few small issues as we would like to go live before the weekend. The theme developer does not respond at all so a bit stuck Bought the Edumy - Premium Moodle LMS Theme Some of the issues we have - Setup Stripe payment gateway Language pack settings Customise Welcome emails Duplicate courses to scale quicker Discussion forum reply button setup Upcoming events set up Customise registration email Help to setup course features per course remove some blocks from the homepage Help with SCORM packages in Moodle and display them properly

    $127 - $255 / hr
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    $127 - $255 / hr
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    Develop complex input forms in visual basic. Forms must be able to be entered, edited and printed. Then, with the data, reports and graphs must be processed. 2 types of form are sent, where data is currently entered manually and then processed via EXCEL. The idea is to develop a system in Visual Basic 6 + Mysql that processes all this information and then generates reports and graphs

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    I would like to have a subscription section on my home page where users can buy a "featured" spot on the home page.

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    Basically we need a python software done asap which does following 3 easy steps on my android device automatically at specified times during the day 1) turn on aeroplane mode 2) turn off aeroplane mode 3) turn on hotspot thats it! I want software to take control of my phone and do these at specified time during the day, lets say 3 pm, 6 pm, 9 pm, 3 am etc please apply only if you can do this within 24 hours

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    We plan to build ecommerce store using zoho commerce. Approx number of product <100 Please bid only if you can build using zoho commerce.

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    Integromat/make.com scenario 6 天 left

    Integromat/ scenario: update row based on ID

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    Requiero un resumen escrito en español a partir de un libro en inglés (200 a 300 páginas) siguiendo una metodología ya establecida, la cual se entrega después de la contratación (para no tener que leer el libro completo). El resumen requerido debe tener entre 2,000 y 3,000 palabras siguiendo un estilo y formato ya establecido. NO es traducción literal y se otorga cierto grado de autonomía en la redacción en español. Sólo se aceptan ofertas de profesionales bilingües debidamente identificados (no siglas por favor).

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    I need someone with experience using the Shopify App, "Easy Search" to fix the search bar functionality of my Shopify Store. My budget for this is only 50 CAD, any offers more then that will be ignored. Also YOU MUST HAVE EXPERIENCE WITH THIS APP.

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    A simple windows app to be built which can send email & SMS to employees on their birthdays. The software will check for today's birthday daily at a specific time and shoot SMS & email to them from the SSMS database. SMS API & email HTML will be provided

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    We need an time increase of Max Execution time to 600 secs for incoming HTTP requests via API Require PHP coding The server is on Default server time is 180 secs

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    Laravel Project Stack: - Laravel 9 - Inertia with Vue 3 Already have a Square Account For now, I need the payment getaway to charge customers upon setting an appointment. Later on, I'd like to have the same setup to call other APIs I might need to create an order.

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    I have just constructed a new website about our walks in Britain together with photos, and somebody to have a look at it to see if improvement can be made. the website is called "mollanwalksdiary" Thank you Peter Mollan

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    install a2billing on my server

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    I have a need for code/prototype where I can find all zip codes within certain distance/radius from a given zip code in USA. For example: Find out all zip codes within 50 miles from zip code = 91362. You will send me code in PHP/Laravel ideally.

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    kbarstrong 6 天 left

    I need a launch pad for a website

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    Apartment Management System 6 天 left

    Dear Freelancers, I need an apartment management system I need an apartment management system with 15 apartments. Those who are ready, please apply. BUDGET is 500 $ - We will buy source codes. Kind Regards

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    I would like a plugin that displays a button (text with icon or only text or only an icon) that can be clicked after which the camera of the phone is opened to scan the barcode of a product. Same idea as with QR codes. The product page that corresponds to the scanned barcode must then be opened. If no product exists based on the scanned barcode, a (sort of popup) message must be displayed that can be set yourself and it must be possible to scan a new code immediately. The barcode number must of course be stored somewhere with the products. Otherwise it cannot be searched for. I would like to see three choices: Advanced Custom Fields field, Wordpress core custom field and SKU field. So there must be a settings page to indicate (for example by means of a dropdown) where the plugin should s...

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    I'm currently building a new website with Wordpress which displays upcoming shows of local theaters. Those theaters works with an xml link, example: (it's possible that you cannot access this because they had to whitelist the IP address of my hosting, so I added a copy of the feed as an xml file in the attachment. I tried several plugins like WP All Import, Feedzy, XML Import etc. to import this, but all plugins says the url is invalid. But when I open it in Safari I get a nice overview of all shows in a XML sheet. Therefore I would like to get my own plugin. Important is that I would like to customize the feed myself, so I want to choose which data I want to import and which not, because I don't need everything of the feed. Also important is that I could add more feeds. ...

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    I need ANNUAL quotes for workforce development web-based platform (similar to Career Edge) for up to 15 admin & 350+ users that provides a platform encouraging users to identify their goals and skills, customizable training modules, life skills and professional development modules, assignments, resume builder, soft skills and track progress.

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    Hello Guys, I need to connect api with dhl. I have wsdl files and I have to get create shipping order. More information i will put into the chat.

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    I wanted a tech website like this

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    Sharepoint online tutor 6 天 left

    Developing a Sharepoint online site, need someone to help get the project off the ground

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    Check Call of duty stats 6 天 left

    I require someone to create a method through a desktop app or browser to test username on the Call of Duty servers to see if they are banned. There currently is a method, but in order to test it, you need to be signed it to that account to check if that user is banned. I want to be able to bypass this, search for a username to see the result. example: If I go to and create an account and name you can check only your account. so.... it must be possible to check others by some clever coding. All i want to see of a result for the search

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    Solo empresas en Colombia. Buscamos empresa legamente constituida en Colombia y con experiencia comprobable para culminar desarrollo de software para administración de consultorios médicos, los detalles están en el documento adjunto. No contratamos por paquetes de horas y sin metas

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    I want to specifically make both UK and US dating site. I want to target entire European countries if possible

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    I’m trying to build a marketing website for tout and pay per head sports betting software. It doesn’t have to be complex, simple is fine but something I can use to market on google. Not sure where how to do this.

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    Full Stack Developer Required 6 天 left

    i am looking for professional and experienced PHP & Laravel developer for my project

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    I have a client looking for a new website where they can sell both legal and show car registration plates for the UK market. Ideally looking to build this within Wordpress, however if you have any better suggestions then I am open to options. This plate builder should use javascript/react as all content should be loaded dynamically without reloading the page. End users will also have the option of uploading custom graphics/images to the plate builder also. Some example site below: Looking for experienced developers only who can deliver this on time and to budget. See the attached document for workflows and user messages.

    $18079 (Avg Bid)
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