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Pine Script is a language created by TradingView, a website that offers charting services to track market insights. But TradingView users can also create their own charts, share and learn ideas from other traders, and improve their own trading skills.

Pine Script is that which enables users to create their custom charts or modify the available Pine Scripts depending on their needs. Learning the Pine Script language is most beneficial to financial analysts and stock exchange traders.

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    18 份搜到的工作,货币单位为 HKD

    I would like to to create an Automatic Crypto trading code using TradingView Pine Script . Which has the ability to buy and sell in my binance account automatically without me to interfere. In addtion I want this code to be customized in multiple time frame

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    I would like to add an existing indicator: Plain-Stochastic-Divergence [登录来查看链接] to 1 chart and have it alert on any time frame of my choice. For example, open BTCUSD Daily Chart and add this Indicator and i would like to get an Alert if a Divergence occurs on 15m, 1hr, 4hrs or Daily Time Frame. 1-Basically add the Indicator to BTCUSD, ETHUSD, LTCUSD Daily charts and the Indicator should alert m...

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    Есть два закрых индикатора, к которым имеется доступ. Необходимо создать стратегию, которая даёт сигнал при совпадении условий сигналов из двух этих закрытых индикаторов. Один индюк там все понятно, поменялась стрелочка вверх/вниз, а второй он графический и его условие срабатывание это смена цвета (тренда). Нужно от объединить их в одно и создать уведомление для сервиса автоматизации

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    I am looking for someone who has experience in pine script.

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    we are looking for an experienced programmer for Tradingview who can create our strategy to a beautiful signal generator with all our requirements. It would be useful if you have experience in trading, the faster you can understand our strategy. Our trading strategy should be suitable for : 1. tradingview programmed 2. backtesting will be done at final completion 3. make future optimizations T...

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    I have an indicator of prorealtime code and want to conver to use in tradingview platform. Need the entire source code of pine script.

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    Pinescript to AFL conversion 4 天 left

    I want exact pinescript replica to amibroker and also want to include Telegram alert. Thanks, Allen.

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    I want an indicator which is follows my formula. That is including previous day high and low data's. from INDIA

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    The indicator is already built and all the alert settings have been added to the setting GUI. 6 alerts are required to be built for this indicator. Each of the alerts contains many conditions.

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    looking for coder to convert my pine script to webull script p

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    A/F Capital 2 天 left

    Mi nombre es Carlos Andres Castaño Franco soy de Colombia, curso decimo semestre de Ingenieria industrial, y me gusta el trading, tengo una idea y quiero saber si se puede automatizar, pero no tengo mucho dinero y necesito alguien que me pueda colaborar con esa idea.

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    I need to extract pinescript in a protected script. More details in the chat

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    Buenas, Cuando realizo backtesting, necesito exportar datos automaticamente a una hoja excel o google sheet. Cuando realizo backtesting voy poniendo operaciones con la herramienta "risk to reward" y necesito que datos como precio de entrada, precio de salida, stop loss, drawdown de la operación, direccion (corto o largo), se vaya exportando autimaticamente a una hoja excel o goo...

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    Добрый день! Есть два публичных индикатора на TradingView, хотел бы их обьеденить вместе (если это возможно). Пытался сделать это сам, но почему-то при копировании кода и сохранении файла – показывает ошибку. Названия индикаторов, которые нужно обьеденить: 1. VuManChu Cipher A 2. VuManChu Cipher B + Divergences Также нужна короткая консультация по публикации приватных Индикаторов (с замко...

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    I have a very simple ThinkScript (Thin or Swim) indicator that I want converted to pine script so that it can be used in the tradingview charts. The file it can be seen in Notepad

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    The indicator is already built in tradingview. All I need is a strategy that makes alert based on this indicator with a simple stop order along with sl and tp. That's all

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    Pine script development 1 小时 left

    Pinescript code to add an alert in the [登录来查看链接] to automate entry and exit of the trades in Indian stock market. Index trading. Based on the signal of uptrend or downtrend, select a strike price in weekly options. Add stop loss in the script, add trailing stop loss and add target. Everything automated. Lot of scripts are there for giving signals. Need to get the code to take the proper stri...

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