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Professional PowerPoint presentations can be used in a number of settings, from training to employment interview, and from board meetings to YouTube videos. However, creating a professional PowerPoint presentation with all the bells and whistles like animation, fonts, backgrounds, and charts, can be very difficult. Hiring a freelancer with experience and expertise in PowerPoint can save you time, effort and money by getting it right the first time and impressing your future boss, company, clients, or customers. 雇佣PowerPoint Designers


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    Hi i have tow CMS platforms which is (Drupal cms and Crafter cms) i want CMS developer to make search which one is better for our company all the comparison information should be in PowerPoint slides (better to have comparison table and pictures to explain ) the comparison should cover the below points 1-which one is the best powerful 2- which one is more secure 3-which one is best in Dev...

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    I need a feasiblity study 6 天 left

    I need a feasiblity study on a business idea that I will share. It should be done on a powerpoint.

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    I have a powerpoint presentation slide deck that needs to copied into another powerpoint presentation deck with everythinig remaining the same (intact). I'm having tight schedule and need this to be done asap.

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    Word typing 6 天 left

    A Buddhist temple in western t

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    I have to make some ppt files.

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    Convert dry text based technical training word document into live animated engaging powerpoint presentation

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    работа займет 4-6 часов и работа в сети

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    I have some slides I would like to create with our brand colours from content I have collated from various sources. We currently use google slides but could potential do in powerpoint and then convert. I have attached the initial slides I would like to convert in PDF format. The 1st page contains our brand colours.

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    Hi, I am looking for an academic writer who is good in power point presentation. just read an article and make 2 power point presentations Thanks.

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    Hi - I have a presentation that needs to be put into a nice format and some 'tables' put into nicely designed images, to outline a process. The entire project is about 10 pages long.

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    Hello, I need a presentation to which includes text, photo, details and financial graphs. It is explained in project what is the point of project and what is demanded from investors. I have official logo and it is used colours what logo includes. Project is not ready still but we can pre-talk about details. I am about to finish. Regards, Mert

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    We are looking for a reliable Virtual Assistant in full-time and for a long-term collaboration. As a Virtual Assistant your tasks will include, but not limited to, the following: - Assisting the CEO in Administrative Tasks - Assisting Project Managers and the bigger team with administrative tasks (When required) - Helping with HR, Finance and Sales tasks (If required) - Replying to and sorting...

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    CREATE A PPT 5 天 left


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    bu cok buyuk bir proje tek basina altindan kalkamam ama milyon getirisi olan bir fikir fikri detaylariyla paylasamiyorum ama projeme ortak bu isden anliyan insanlari istiyorum intrnet yazilim vs konularinda tecrubeli yardim sever dürust misyon ve vizyon sahihibi kisiler benle kontaga gecebilir saygilar

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    data entry 5 天 left

    I need you to fill in a spreadsheet with data.

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    Presentazione Powerpoint 5 天 left

    Avrei bisogno di una presentazione Powerpoint basata su un testo da me fornito. La presentazione deve essere scritta in italiano, sintetizzando i concetti chiave contenuti nel testo. Non è richiesta una presentazione grafica ricercata. Ciò che conta è la buona sintetizzazione dei concetti. La presentazione deve prestarsi a una discussione della durata di circa 10 minuti.

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    data entry 5 天 left

    I need you to fill in a spreadsheet with data.

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    Hi, I am looking for an academic writer who is good in power point presentation. just read an article and make 2 power point presentations Thanks.

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    HI, we have a list of items for which we need help in making presentations and their narrations in a word document. For each slide, you need to write simple english as if you are walking someone through that slide deck. Presentations slides design is NOT needed. You just need to follow our template and add content from given website names. You only need to pull content from a site source and m...

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    Hi Experts, This Project is about of Making English Video Tutorial for MS Office Word, Excel and PowerPoint. 1. Video Tutorial has to be in Parts from Basics to advance Stage. 2. Each video should contain detailed step by step tutorial explanation with examples. 3. There should be no skips in any Steps while explaining. 4. Video should be explained with original human voice ( NO ROBOTIC VOICE). 5...

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    Small summary of research (8 page Powerpoint presentation)

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    I am doing a speech/ presentation on American/ British pop culture and I just need to add more to the speech and some guidance with the slides. Attached below is my rough draft. Guidelines: You are required to speak for 5 full minutes. You will be timed in class. You are required to present a minimum of 5 slides, plus the a title slide. Please use Power Point for your presentations. Remember,...

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    we want a presentation to be done on the consultancy service of asset management & insurance. looking for professional person who could give a corporate presentation

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    Powerpoint Presentation Fixup 5 天 left

    I have a Powerpoint Presentation that I need help formatting and creating into a template professionally and into a stylish manner. Must have experience in powerpoint presentation/Microsoft Word and excellent design skills with a fast turnaround.

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    We would like to see what you can do with 8 slides designs. We are looking for someone ultimately to work on the full pitch deck of 25 slides, as well as some additional pitch decks. File needs to be in PPT Our logo is attached

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    We have a project that we are working on in building a product for a customer, from initial drawings to prototype, then taking the branding aspect, then to market. We are in the middle of the project and need to send our client a PowerPoint presentation that will provide updates on all aspects of where we are. It needs to be visual. This is something we need right away as we are a team that can wo...

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    Our presentation is a proposal for clients, we are providing cloud solutions for clients business needs. We have content, icon and images ready. A little tweak with the content might be needed and some icons and images might need redesigning.

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    Looking for graphic designer to design a cool PowerPoint background That include cover design and interior pages design Deadline: 3 hours Welcome to 0 freelancers

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    Tengo una presentación en el formato de power point, la cual no tiene fondo ni infografías. Quiero que se le ponga un diseño que refleje tecnología, es sobre una aplicación y se usa para ventas. Si es posible, añadir un video de esos que ya hay en la web de duración corta (3-5 segundos).

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    Hi I have a series of products I used to sell online. They are over 8 years old and need to be converted from static PDF's into powerpoints that I can easlity record on my screen and add them to an LMS as eLearnings. I’m looking for an ID who can help me go thru this existing content and break it up the PDF into modules and lessons, pull the content into PPT's and get it ready s...

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    PowerPoint 4 天 left

    Agile development presentation with 20 slides which covers the topic in Detail

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    This is for a creative presentation to a company The job will be only for two - three days

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    Need a presentation in PDF for our packaging business. We have uploaded a sample presentation need a similar to this not same and not copied from internet.

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    I'm looking for somebody who can help to put together a presentation in PowerPoint / PDF for our restaurant. We have an existing, successful restaurant and now looking for a new location. We need to present our concept, what we've done, who we are, awards what we've received, etc. We have of course all the details and photos. Look forward to hear from you. Many thanks in advance.

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    looking for content writer for [登录来查看链接]

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    i want full design for dewatering system for exit of tunnel

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    Crear dos presentaciones de alto impacto en Power Point en base a información que ya cuento. Las presentaciones deben estar basadas en plantillas relacionadas a dos temas: - Autos - Juego de mesa lúdico

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    Dengue PowerPoint ready made for presentation. Cute power point presentation on your way!

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    We are preparing a syllabus for a live class in a classroom, where we will teach Realtors about the basics of residential mortgage financing. We have already prepared the talking points in an outline using MS Word and it looks like we will need between 10-15 power point slides to transfer the MS Word Outline and Subjects on each topic. We would like to be able to use the power point slides as w...

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    Looking for a graphic designer to create a pitch deck to present to VCs. Project is 10-15 slides. Sprout Therapy Group is a pediatric PT, OT and Speech Therapy practice in Upstate New York.

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    Hello All, I needed a video animator who can create the video from the slides of MS PowerPoint but the size of text on the slides of powerpoint should be visible enough so it will be readable on instagram from across all the devices screens. the video you have to make for, is about showing the major specs of the handsets on those slides, as it shown in this web link [登录来查看链接](2019)[登录来查看链接] c...

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    Design a presentation 4 天 left

    I have a presentation fully built out I just am looking for a designer to make it look perfect with all of our branding elements.

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    hi, i need some one to make the start up deck with all requirements and the designer needs to ask us questions that he will be addressing in the presentation, the designer needs to have had worked with creating such presentations before.

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    Hi All! I am planning to design an Islamic calendar - i.e., 12 x each month will have a Verse from the Quran in Arabic & English. ***Example*** - see attached examples of what I was able to create for the content in Powerpoint. Powerpoint file is also attached as the typical source file for you to experiment. This content is 108th Chapter of the Quran, more chapters can be found at: [登录来查...

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    We have images and information we need to placed on PPT. This will be ongoing work and need help with it.

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    pronesentatin for an creative restaurant idea, professional writing for the content and elegant presentation for the idea , design

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    its an event company which provide services for rent car , organize supercar driving experinces , driving academy, for all ages..

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    [登录来查看链接] looking for best PPt designers

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    Design transformation 3 天 left

    Design powerpoint slides for business transformation process

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