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Product design can be defined as idea and concept development related to a physical object or service. Product designers evaluate and conceptualize ideas and make them into tangible products using a systematic approach. If you need help with product design activities, you can hire talented freelancers for the same. Simply post your product design job today to get started!
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Need multiple High Quality Sneakers templates Need Multiple High-Quality Sneakers templates. Should be able to use in Adobe AI. 2 平面设计, 产品设计, Adobe Illustrator Feb 19, 2018 今天6天 22时 $1717
Inventor Designer We design tanks for various purposes and industrial processes 7 CAD/CAM, Solidworks, 机械工程, 制造设计, 产品设计 Feb 19, 2018 今天6天 20时 $2417
Detailed shop drawings for vanities I need detailed shop drawings for 2 vanities to give to the client for approval and then on to production. 3 CAD/CAM, 3D 渲染, AutoCAD, 产品设计, 3D建模 Feb 19, 2018 今天6天 17时 $2577
3D Design of Electric Scooter I need a CAD design of electric scooter with tiny details. Design like NIU scooter. You can visit niu.com. I need design of every single part so that its casting can be done. Even the bolts needed in manufacting should be in CAD design. 21 CAD/CAM, 3D 渲染, Solidworks, 产品设计, 3D建模 Feb 19, 2018 今天6天 17时 $4044
Diseño Industrial/mecanico/de producto Necesito diseñar una carcaza completa para una lightbar. [链接已删除,请登录查看] Se aclaran los detalles por chat o videoconferencia 3 工业设计, CAD/CAM, Solidworks, 产品设计, 3D建模 Feb 19, 2018 今天6天 16时 $1142
Production Planner Chronicled, the runaway leader in the supply chain market through block-chain technology. We want to copy their success. We are seeking someone who has good knowledge about business dealings. Preference will be shown to those who have had prior knowledge about Chronicled outlay. Give [链接已删除,请登录查看] a visit to know their business dealings before bidding for this job. 1 产品设计, 产品管理, 商务教练 Feb 19, 2018 今天6天 12时 $1518
Devilbiss Spray gun Require the burgundy body and chrome pull handle to be modelled in solidworks. Only them two parts. None of the chrome turn dials need to be done but holes cut so I can make the parts myself and insert them in an assembly 27 CAD/CAM, Solidworks, 机械工程, 产品设计, 3D建模 Feb 19, 2018 今天6天 9时 $1225
Industrial Mechanical 3D design I need design an case for a electronic PCB. 32 工业设计, CAD/CAM, Solidworks, 机械工程, 产品设计 Feb 19, 2018 今天6天 9时 $180
Create a tracksuit on photoshop I need some graphic design. Create a tracksuit on photoshop 26 平面设计, Photoshop, Photoshop 设计, 产品设计, 时尚模特 Feb 19, 2018 今天6天 8时 $285
Logo and Graphic Hello I have started making candles and use a picture that I have used to create my product, however I don't own the logo. I would like my own logo with some for FB, Insta, Round Stickers, Mouse Pads, Notepads, Business Cards. Logo company is MY CANDLE SMELLS, with the girl The logo just needs a bit of tweaking and bling added with names of the scents. The logo needs changing as such... 5 平面设计, 徽标设计, 产品设计 Feb 19, 2018 今天6天 5时 $860
Portable solar charger housing Design the mechanical housing to fit the size of 1W, 5V solar panel (150X80X22mm). Rectangular in shape, with sloping on one side where there is a handle. Material per your recommendation, quality. Features: Solar panel, PCB mounted inside with mounting screws, three LEDs openings, external access for Mini USB; USB, and TRS jack Solid works SW? 29 电子, 机械工程, 印制板布局, 制造设计, 产品设计 Feb 19, 2018 今天6天 3时 $2855
Analysis of Promising Altcoins - open to bidding Hi, We have a book comprising nearly 50 pages. Everything is ready only when we upload it to Amazon kindle as a word file things get messed up. The people purchasing from Amazon complain about formatting. Can you helps us urgently? 5 打印, PDF, Adobe InDesign, 模板, 产品设计 Feb 18, 2018 Feb 18, 20185天 15时 $321
PCB Design - Small Circuit Board - Specific Dimensions A tailored PCB required for a small space. Dimensions of space: Diameter 5.5mm, Length upto 60mm. PCB required to operate a Micro-Buzzer from a 9v Power Source. Ideally non-polarised. Designers will have to consider component sizes and dimensions as well as circuit layout. 51 电子, 电機工程, 印制板布局, 产品设计, 电路设计 Feb 18, 2018 Feb 18, 20185天 15时 $1314
Silver chess set I am a goldsmith by trade and would like to produce a 925 Silver and Gold chess set. I believe I would need a CAD design done of a classic Staunton chess set to enable me to have it cast or printed. Is there anyone out there that could help? 58 平面设计, CAD/CAM, Solidworks, AutoCAD, 产品设计 Feb 18, 2018 Feb 18, 20185天 14时 $4347
Do new Graphics for existing products, design them and create corporate identity Please i invite graphixpower2 to bid again on my project I have a Logo that needs to be put into my old and new Products so that they have a corporate identity give a common look to the Graphics. I have already the Photoshop data for the CDS and DVD. You just need to change fotos and text. Many PRODUCTS have already been CREATED, others like a card set also as App WILL BE DONE SOON, All these ... 1 企业形象, Digital Marketing, 制造设计, Photoshop, 产品设计 Feb 18, 2018 Feb 18, 201818天 13时 $2910
Design a small device need a device design from scratch. all specs of internal parts that will make the device work. this device is rechargable device. it's a small hand held device for women 47 电子, 制造设计, 产品设计 Feb 18, 2018 Feb 18, 20185天 13时 $8339
Product Manager Chronicled is the top supply chain company in the world. We want to replicate their success. So we are searching for a manager who knows his products really well. Knowing a thing or two about Chronicled will be preferred. Please visit [链接已删除,请登录查看] to know more about their business model before applying for this job. 1 产品描述, 产品设计, 产品管理 Feb 18, 2018 Feb 18, 20185天 10时 $1564
Smart Football (Electronics already designed) Hi, How much would you quote for designing /prototyping a soccer ball with electronics + battery + wireless charging coil inside? The design would need to be light and balanced not to affect the flight of the football (too much) during a game. The electronics would also need to be cushioned to protect it. See attached the Adidas smart ball. The electronics PCB board has already been designed. 6... 7 产品采购, 生产, 供应商采购, 产品设计, 3D 设计 Feb 18, 2018 Feb 18, 20188天 5时 $23020
Commercial Bin Store I need a commercial bin store modelling 3d in catia or autocad with necessary views for client approval and manufacturing (Fabrication). 23 结构工程, 产品设计, 3D建模 Feb 18, 2018 Feb 18, 20185天 4时 $1673
design and find manufacturing source for custom bracelet Design and find bulk manufacturer of a low cost bracelet, similar (not identical) to one attached. will provide more specification. 2000 bracelets 13 产品采购, 生产, 网页查找, 供应商采购, 产品设计 Feb 17, 2018 Feb 17, 20184天 18时 $19736
Design a Gym Towel with a difference I am looking for a concept/product designer who loves problem solving and would like to design a product- a gym towel with a difference. Textile knowledge and experience is preferred. The ability to solve problems is a must, as the final design must work as per the brief that will be provided. 12 产品设计, 纺织工程 Feb 17, 2018 Feb 17, 20184天 16时 $970
Design me a Product Making toys for children such as boat. 18 产品设计 Feb 17, 2018 Feb 17, 20184天 14时 $219
Technical Drawing I've designed a new product for the food service industry, but lack the art skills to create a finished drawing. The product is exceedingly simple: a new condiment packet. I need a completed diagram (from 3 angles) of the product to present to manufacturers. 24 平面设计, 产品设计, Drawing Feb 17, 2018 Feb 17, 20184天 14时 $172
Optimisation of Bike Brake Caliper design Full Title : Optimisation of Bike Brake Caliper design using the method Topology Optimisation ( Bidirectional Evolutionary Structural Opt. (BESO) ). - You are require to investigate advanced methods of engineering design optimisation. You will adopt the role of a professional engineer who is required to investigate optimisation methods then apply a method to an engineering problem (Bike Brake C... 21 机械工程, 有限元分析, 产品设计, 3D 设计, 设计 Feb 17, 2018 Feb 17, 20184天 13时 $1510
Pre prototyping project - Industrial Design We are a company that provides sensor devices. We are currently working on a new project and we're ready to star with the product design. We already have all the electronics. We're searching for someone who can help us with the prototype design, build and launch. 39 工业设计, 产品设计, 3D建模 Feb 17, 2018 Feb 17, 20184天 12时 $966
Product Designer Chronicled is the ultimate supply chain company in the world through blockchain leverage. We want to mimic their business model. We want to hire someone who is creative design wise. Prior knowledge about Chronicled and their business dealings will be preferred. Do go through [链接已删除,请登录查看] to know their business structure before registering for this post. 7 产品设计, 产品管理 Feb 17, 2018 Feb 17, 20184天 11时 $1572
Design a 3D Lion Ring Hello, I need a cad design for a male gold ring. I have attached pictures below for the combination I want for this ring. Please come back to me if you are able to help me with the project. I can give you further explanation and instructions when you contact me. Best Regards 35 CAD/CAM, 3D 渲染, Solidworks, 产品设计, 3D建模 Feb 17, 2018 Feb 17, 20184天 11时 $1160
Renewing of product design We are manufacturing electric motors for boats and we would like to renew our product design. The motor itselves are working for several years and we don´t like to change the technical components inside, only the outside design. So we are looking for a product designer. 39 工程, 工业设计, 产品设计, 设计 Feb 17, 2018 Feb 17, 20184天 10时 $52859
designing of paper bag you have to design a bag for promotionla use. the size is 17x27x8 cm, it will be full printed. 51 平面设计, 企业形象, 封面 与 包装, 宣传册设计, 产品设计 Feb 17, 2018 Feb 17, 20184天 8时 $587
Build me a CAD drawing for a Mechanical Machine I am looking for an experienced Mechanical Engineer with good understanding of engineering and a professional CAD designer to translate our mechanical paper designs to CAD. 108 CAD/CAM, Solidworks, 机械工程, AutoCAD, 产品设计 Feb 17, 2018 Feb 17, 20184天 7时 $2670
2D drawings for a pouch and able to help to figuring out measurements I am looking for someone who can draw a 2D drawing including dimensions, I would prefer someone who knows about pouches/ materials so dimensions are done accurate and are able to be sent to manufacturer. 50 CAD/CAM, 机械工程, AutoCAD, 制造设计, 产品设计 Feb 17, 2018 Feb 17, 20184天 7时 $180
sketch for perfume bottle need someone to design a sketch for perfume bottle (Transparent) 53 平面设计, CAD/CAM, 时尚设计, Illustration, 产品设计 Feb 17, 2018 Feb 17, 20184天 5时 $211
Soap Package Design We are soap manufacturer. We want to build a new design for 100 gr. Paper Wrapped soap. Target market is Europe. We want to launch the item with an attractive and European familiar design. The variant of design will be choice of designer. 63 平面设计, 徽标设计, 企业形象, 宣传册设计, 产品设计 Feb 17, 2018 Feb 17, 20184天 4时 $289
Do some CAD design for me Ihave some pdf of some part design i need 3D CAD model of same and autoCad file also for manufacturing purpose 40 产品设计 Feb 17, 2018 Feb 17, 20184天 1时 $1048
Mechanical/Industrial Design I need to design the housing of an electronic device. 61 工程, 工业设计, Solidworks, 机械工程, 产品设计 Feb 17, 2018 Feb 17, 20184天 1时 $313
CAD design I need a 3 D CAD design for a real estate project 101 CAD/CAM, Solidworks, AutoCAD, 产品设计, 3D建模 Feb 16, 2018 Feb 16, 20183天 23时 $1087
Die head for extrusion of 2 pvc pipes simultaneously we need extrusion die head CAD project for extrusion of rigid PVC electrical pipes, for a single screw 65/25 and for a twin screw 2x60, price is just for the first project. 17 CAD/CAM, Solidworks, 机械工程, AutoCAD, 产品设计 Feb 16, 2018 Feb 16, 20183天 20时 $1301
Creation of STP file for injection mold development I need to create an editable STP file for a device that's roughly the size & and shape of a computer mouse, such that the file can be sent to injection mold-makers, who in turn can bid on the creation of an injection mold. Surface is a little more complex than a standard mouse. I already have STL files, and 3D-printed working prototype. 22 产品设计 Feb 16, 2018 Feb 16, 20183天 16时 $3293
3D Plastic Product Design The product is approximately the size of a regular drinks can. Full specifications will be provided once the project has been awarded, however the outline brief to assist with quoting: - An octagonal product, roughly the height and diameter of a regular drinks can. - The main lid to the product needs to be press fitted. - An internal compartment suspended from the lid of the product, accessible... 64 CAD/CAM, 3D 渲染, 制造设计, 产品设计, 3D建模 Feb 16, 2018 Feb 16, 20183天 16时 $142
product design I have a product and want to see what improvements can be made or a new way of thinking about the problem. I am open to all ideas- It is plastic- I may 3d print the next version so it can be complex. just fix the problems and i will try and get one made. This is a Hose Support for an RV Camper- it has an Accordion style plastic set up and extends out. Please take a look at photos of the product. ... 5 创意设计, 设计, 工程, 产品设计 Feb 16, 2018 Feb 16, 20186天 15时 $78
Scarf and Cape fashion designs I am looking for Scarf and Cape designs and would like to first start with one Scarf design and one Cape design. Few points that I would like to highlight as part of requirements: - These designs should be original/new designs and should not be a copy of other existing brands. - I am looking for designs that will be hand made i.e. these products will be handloom and not powerloom. So, the desig... 23 平面设计, 时尚设计, 产品设计 Feb 16, 2018 Feb 16, 20183天 12时 $1513
Dye Sublimation cut and sew jersey source I am looking for a source to have dye sublimation cut and sew jerseys made, other than in China. I prefer Central America if possible or I have heard there are some good ones in California. Will pay for a lead and/or introduction to a good quality manufacture with decent pricing. 8 产品采购, 生产, 时尚设计, 供应商采购, 产品设计 Feb 16, 2018 Feb 16, 20183天 11时 $798
Product packing design Need good product packing designer Please contact me it is urgent 72 平面设计, 企业形象, 封面 与 包装, 宣传册设计, 产品设计 Feb 16, 2018 Feb 16, 20183天 10时 $305
Product design for Fat Filled Milk Powder in 25kg Bag We need a designer to design our new product which is; "INSTANT FAT FILLED MILK POWDER" in 25kg paper bags. This is the first stage. Later we will need the designer to design 12 grams sachets for the same product. We need an appealing - appetizing design for the product which will carry our vision of premium quality products. The product will be imported from Europe and will be mar... 34 平面设计, 企业形象, 封面 与 包装, 产品设计 Feb 16, 2018 Feb 16, 20183天 8时 $516
develop hardware board i want to make a special PCB so I need a design from scratch for all the electronics components and complete board 40 电子, CAD/CAM, 电機工程, 印制板布局, 产品设计 Feb 16, 2018 Feb 16, 20183天 5时 $1369
MECHANICAL DESIGN -- 2 3D Modeling, Drafting 43 AutoCAD, 产品设计, 计算机图形辅助三维交互式应用 Feb 16, 2018 Feb 16, 20183天 3时 $844
MECHANICAL DESIGN 3D Modeling, Drafting 44 AutoCAD, 产品设计, 计算机图形辅助三维交互式应用 Feb 16, 2018 Feb 16, 20183天 3时 $718
Design a PCB for controlling a LPG filling scale our factory is specialized in manufacturing LPG bottling scales. Now we are planning to Produce our electronic controlled filling scale using a microcontroller-based control card, so can you support us in The issues related to design and manufacturing of this card. 34 电子, 电機工程, 印制板布局, 产品设计, 电路设计 Feb 16, 2018 Feb 16, 20183天 3时 $9097
Engineering Drawings with Annotations I need an experienced CAD designer to amend existing drawings to reflect before and after renovation works. Must be knowledgeable in designing interior floor plans for properties. 10 CAD/CAM, 建筑结构, AutoCAD, 产品设计, 拟稿 Feb 15, 2018 Feb 15, 20182天 10时 $1716
Smart Hybrid Charge Controller Need to make a hybrid charge controller with Solar 12v, 60w as primary input and grid 220v secondary input. Output to 12v battery for charge. Load output 48v, 0.5A. 11 产品设计 Feb 15, 2018 Feb 15, 20182天 9时 $4435
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