Programming is a skill in use of computer programming languages to understand, modify or create anything between web sites, computer applications and even embedded software controlling specific hardware. As a broad skill, programming comes in a many flavors of languages and orientations, and is used world-wide for a variety of purposes such as scientific research, commercial application development.

For any business interested in developing their own software or automating some of their processes, programming can be a valuable skill to acquire or retain; even if development is outsourced to a different party, the transferable nature of programming skills can support communicating technical requirements and evaluating deliverables.



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    I need technical articles for my technical blog. The articles need to be related to technology, gadgets, softwares, programming, coding, computer science, information technology. The articles should be minimum 600 words and good quality. Initially, it will be 2-3 articles per week. Going forward, it will increase.

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    Hi, I am currently building a data pipeline with lots of queries that execute in a certain order. The queries for the pipeline are set up in two Hive tables (and also in two Excel/CSV files), and we have an engine that executes them accordingly. What I need is a program to be able to process, parse the queries, infer the dependencies and visualize the result in a table/field diagram and be able ...

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    IP lookup page 6 天 left

    I need a page that shows: - the IP address of the visitor - IP address information - DNS servers used - checks the IP on several blacklists. It should be (somehow) similar to this one: [登录来查看链接] Please propose solutions for the page implementation (technology, framework), IP database (free), DNS detection, blacklist checks.

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    I am looking to create a website which includes an algorithm to fact check statements by public figures

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    A folder that has several subfolders. These subfolders have also many folders and files. I want to download the root folder on an external hard drive or the computer hard drive. The faster delivery is better. Max 10 USD

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    Buongiorno, sono un progettista d'interni e vorrei creare un programma che in automatico mi crei una palette colori basandosi su determinati parametri come i complementari, opposti ecc. Esiste già un sito che fa esattamente questa cosa e vorrei replicarlo, con qualche piccola modifica. Il sito é : [登录来查看链接]

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    Ищем специалиста с опытом внедрения 1С Документооборота, Необходимо внедрение ЭДО и ЭЦП на деревообрабатывающем предприятии. Работаем в программе 1 ЕРП. Куплен 1с документооборот. Задачи в документообороте: 1.оформление, хранение и обмен первичным документами с ЭЦП с контрагентами. 2. оформление, согласование и хранение договоров/приказов. 3. Работа с входящей и исходящей корреспонденции (возможно...

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    Bonjour à tous, je suis entrepreneur, et novice dans l'utilisation du code. Je possède un site Internet marchand et j'aimerai y intégrer une fonctionnalité qui est entièrement présentée sous forme de code. Je recherche donc un freelancer capable de me l'installer, et pourquoi pas y faire quelques retouches selon sa lecture de la licen...

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    We are looking to update a very old, independently developed windows program that was used in conjunction with a PC baseball game (High Heat 2003 by 3DO -- now defunct). We still use the program for a sim league website that uses High Heat 2003 to simulate baseball seasons ([登录来查看链接]). It's been going since around 2003 or 2004. The program is just an add on in order to manage rosters for the...

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    Using thread based parallelism in Dakota program that has interface with python to run 8 parallel simulations at time To be completed in one day

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    PROGRAMADOR WEB 6 天 left

    Quiero realizar una campaña para encontrar un PROGRAMADOR WEB que tenga los conocimientos básicos para instalar un archivo comprimido de Wordpress en Wordpress. Quiero una persona rápida, pro activa y con buena conexión a internet, con muy buena disponibilidad para trabajar. Si eres una persona responsable y con experiencia en el tema, ademas de tener disponibilidad d...

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    Dashboard URL 6 天 left

    I have a dashboard that performs API calls into a monitoring tool by Microfocus Openview Operations Bridge Manager via an API call to gather status code from a CMDB view dimension response and changes the color of the dashboard icon accordingly. I need a C++ resource to help me expand on this.

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    Link Shopify with Courier API 6 天 left

    I want to integrate my shopify site with an external courier API and provide shipping and fulfilment updates to customers directly from shopify.

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    Buy Sell Channel Cycle as Signal for Mujlticharts in Easylanguage or multicharts . net For mini NQ , Es and DAX FDAX Adjustable in two ways, free any price in tick chart, automatic average indicator

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    i want to hire an Operating Systems Expert!

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    En nuestra empresa nos encontramos con la problemática de no poder compartir los archivos de relevamiento de manera eficaz con nuestros clientes, hablando con otras empresas nos dimos cuenta que tenemos la misma dificultad. Con el fin de brindar un servicio de presentación de los proyectos que realizamos tanto nosotros como nuestros colegas quisiera generar una pagina Web en la cual ...

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    Preciso de uma aplicação que rode online e consiga coletar dados de todos leilões disponíveis em diversos sites, e que consiga segmentá-los com todas informações disponiveis em seu local original. Local: Data/Valor do 1o Leilão: Data/Leilao do 2o Leilão: Descrição: ID/Link do Site Original: O objetivo maior é ter ...

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    Software Development 5 天 left

    I want a Livestock Management Software that will cover from Poultry, Rabbitry, Piggery, Goats, Sheep, Cattle which should include tagging, inventory, records collection including births, vaccinations, sales, deaths, breeding, profitabilities, projections etc

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    I need a Shopify Developer 5 天 left

    So i need to put a phone number in the header on the top right side It will be like this : (canada flag) 1-(877)-912-0020 I need to put a heading on product pages that will show minimum monthly financing payment I need the “PayBright” payment logo in the footer where it says “We Accept” And on the dining room chairs made by ashley furniture, millenium by ashley, signat...

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    Необходимо сделать оповещения (алерты) на готовый индикатор написанный в Pinescript. А также сделать скрипт использующий от 1 до 3 сигналов разных индикаторов для открытия и закрытия позиций в Pinesript. 2.1 Скрипт должен также иметь систему управления деньгами ( - Stop loss в пипсах / в цене - Take profit в пипсах / в цене - Trailing SL в пипсах - Trailing SL start в пипса...

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    Please tell me how to easily make or buy a mobile phone app (audio equalizer/bass boost app) for my own company. provide a free - cheap - expensive methods thanks. Be fast! the first applicant to explain a easy method will win.

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    Grupo CAR MAB es una empresa que funciona desde 2018 en la localidad de Pilar, Bs As, Argentina. En la actualidad es una de las tantas pymes que se ve forzada a adaptarse a los cambios. Estamos adaptando una empresa que se dedica a la venta de vehículos a una empresa que prestará servicios digitales, no solo en nuestro país sino también en el exterior. EL PRIMER TRABAJ...

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    NLP Python Linux Tool needed 5 天 left

    I need a tool that will work similarly to [登录来查看链接] pipeline and support following languages PL DE IT EN UA FR CZ The tool should process parallel texts in pure text format, as can be found in the [登录来查看链接] repository (to be more precise, moses format). Based on file extension, the program should automatically detect what language it is. The tool should have the following capabilities, executed on...

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    programma gestione piccola azienda fatturazione, fornitori gesione scoperti e anticipi creazione proforma e fatture

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    Es una aplicación en un boton dentro de una hoja google, que tambien se ejecutará automáticamente todos los días a las 11:00 am. La hoja de control contendrá el programa, y la lista de hojas de calculo: Hoja control de ejemplo, donde además se detalla el procedimiento exacto de copia: VER ADJUNTO Desde la hoja de control, se van copiando filas de las ...

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    Нужен настройщик модулей на Open Card для маркетплейса. Если все будет хорошо, будем дальше сотрудничать.

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    Deseo integrar un POP UP totalmente responsive a mi sitio web. El mismo debe aparecer con sonido (para alertar), además ser plegable. También debe llevar una flecha animada señalando al Chat de Whatsapp. La idea es que llame la atención, ya que se trata de ofertas. El diseño está elaborado. Se deja imágenes de referencia.

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    I am looking for someone who is exert in coding on OMNET++.

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    Unity AR game 3 天 left

    I need simple game in Unity and Vuforia or any other sdk. Can be any game (maybe Jump Ball or Brain Game for kids). Game should have User friendly interface. Time frame is short, but game should be really basic. So, please, do not bid too high.

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    Dear Team, We have some work in Arduno Programming specialy in ESP 8266 12 F, If Anyone have Experiance in this Work Please msg us so we have huge work related to this

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    Hi, I need an experienced Python coder to develop a program for me.

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    Omnet++ expert needed for coding

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    I need an expert who can code for me on omnet++ .

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    I need a new website. I need you to design and build it.

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    Assembly 8086 Project -- 2 3 天 left

    DISCLAIMER: This project has to be completed BEFORE 13th Jul, 2020 +3:00 GMT, only if you think you can do this, place a bid. Hello. I need a project written in assembly 8086 language with the following specifications: Let's suppose you have a PPI chip to interface with a 4x3 keypad. (An example 4x4 keypad is attached in picture (1), the only difference is that this keypad has 3 columns only...

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    we are looking for an expert programmer and proxy expert to join our marketing company. we are looking for the best of the best. You must be a master at programming, software development,coding,etc.. you must also be an expert when it comes to proxies,vpn,etc...

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    I just want a simple code sheet for Ai program, its just an example for my school students competition ( a phone app that when sees a tree recognizes it and give information about, like which kind of tree is it and where does it grow )

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    desarrollo web 2 天 left

    Necesito una aplicación web que este enlazada a una tabla de google sheets para alimentar esta base de datos y que tenga opción de imprimir en el momento en el que se meten datos a esta app (es para ser usada como punto de venta)

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    Story Time 2 天 left

    I need prototype program for children. This program or app Will allow children to type a small story of 3 to 5 sentences. And based on that small story the program will translated into anime using characters, figures and personage from the child culture, country and languages.

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    I need prototype program for children. This program or app Will allow children to type a small story of 3 to 5 sentences. And based on that small story the program will translated into anime using characters, figures and personage from the child culture, country and languages.

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    Contact form and address form 2 天 left

    Hi I need this doing [登录来查看链接] i want to copy the form from [登录来查看链接] I also need to amend the contact form colour - where its blue needs to be the logo colour in pink where possible and this [登录来查看链接]

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    I want to reconfigure some settings of my app, but i dont know how to modify my meridian files (*MER and MERDEBUG extension files). I need help to understand and edit them son my app can work according to my needs.

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    Anyone who is expert on flutter and can make packages related bluetooth

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    APP BLACK FOOD 1 天 left

    Necesito una persona que pueda crear una app tipo Uber Eats en APPHIVE. Realmente no es tan complicado en apphive

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    The software I need has the purpose of generating a path for a robot inside a terrain. The route is made up of a series of GPS points in succession that the robot must follow in the order in which they are described. The points should be a few meters apart. In addition, it will have to add flags "works" or just "pass". The system will start from some lists of GPS points that d...

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    Website Scraping -- 2 23 小时 left

    Hi - we would like to scrape the email address of people holding accounts via the following websites: We need the email address and the names of all people registered here: [登录来查看链接] We need the email address and the names of all people registered here in the host-forum: [登录来查看链接] We need the email address and the names of all people registered here [登录来查看链接] Please let me know if that works....

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    I need a program to go through a list of webpages provided by me, find articles/research papers and then upload data onto a spreadsheet filling in title, author, download link, publish date, author. There are over 2700 websites that need to be searched, with over 200,000 webpages/articles within them.

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    This project is Linux based UBUNTA on the Odroid XU4 or N4 the system it is designed to capture picture in picture video from two or three cameras of an event like a rollercoaster or entertainment rides the footage may be several clips recorded live then compiled in to one file and saved to 8 USB flash drives at the same time. Specifications attached. We will pay for hardware to test the software...

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    Looking for an online tutor (over Skype, WhatsApp) for 3-6 hours per week to help learn programming language Racket (Beginning Student Language) . Would prefer tutors from Asia speaking good English (e.g. India, but that is not a must). Should accept payment via credit card or netbanking. Please let me know your rate in USD/INR per hour.

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    online teacher 13 小时 left

    Psittacus, offers courses which are intrinsically designed by IT professionals, keeping in mind the curriculum standards of kids. Children learn new concepts in a fun way. We believe that children learn best through hands-on activity. We are looking for a teacher who will be teaching coding to kids age 5 - 14 via LIVE online classes, either 1-on-1 or in small groups. Job responsibilities: Communi...

    $31 / hr (Avg Bid)
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