Programming is a skill in use of computer programming languages to understand, modify or create anything between web sites, computer applications and even embedded software controlling specific hardware. As a broad skill, programming comes in a many flavors of languages and orientations, and is used world-wide for a variety of purposes such as scientific research, commercial application development.

For any business interested in developing their own software or automating some of their processes, programming can be a valuable skill to acquire or retain; even if development is outsourced to a different party, the transferable nature of programming skills can support communicating technical requirements and evaluating deliverables.



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    Controller with our end point 6 天 left

    Hi, I have a controller with a put end point that is used to deactivate values in the JSON body. This is done by comparing the new values with the existing values. However I can’t seem to get it working correctly. I think the issue is down to my repository methods. But I don’t know why.

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    Web App Programming - AI Web App I need an expert programmer with experience in different programming languages to design a AI integrated web app.

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    Hi everyone! David from here. We here at are calling for your help! Do you know COBOL? CNN recently put this article out: [登录来查看链接] "Wanted urgently: People who know a half century-old computer language so states can process unemployment claims" Many US state systems still run on older mainframes. Please bid on this project if you can help!

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    Necesito una función que haga que el usuario al entrar a un enlace ejemplo [登录来查看链接] ( ese es un enlace de mi pagina web, mi pagina web es un acortador de url ) como estaba indicando quiero que cuando la persona entre al enlace en los 3 segundos una ventana tape toda la pagina indicando que tiene que suscribirse a mi canal de youtube para desbloquear el enlace final acortado. sin tener ...

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    Hi, We are looking for freelancers having relevant significant experience in fields of programming,design,music,business and marketing to livestream on our [登录来查看链接] can also apply if you have no livestreaming experience but have relevant industry [登录来查看链接] started is easy you just need to pick up a schedule suitable to you and on a topic are pretty confident [登录来查看链接] tickets for your livestream...

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    1. Read [登录来查看链接]  Read line 1 and get the content $line# a. (ex. Line 1=10-10-10  $line1=10-10-10) 2. Open the program and navigate to input window a. Fill input fields with $line# content i. ex. Line1content=10-10-10 b. Click Solve c. Wait (Time=T) d. Click Accept 3. Click Hand  Click “Export Strategies”  Select “All Strategies” 4. Save as $line#.html without “...

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    SCRIPT 1. 1. Read [登录来查看链接]  Read line 1 and get the content $line# a. (ex. Line 1=10-10-10  $line1=10-10-10) 2. Open the program and navigate to input a. Fill input with $line# i. ex. Line1content=10-10-10 b. Click Solve c. Wait (Time=T) d. Click Accept 3. Click Hand  Click “Export Strategies”  Select “All Strategies” 4. Save as $line#.html without “-“ (ex...

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    vorrei creare un comparatore di quote di scommesse sportive per uso personale con i principali bookmakers italiani e altri che elencherò successivamente. le variazioni devono essere con una latenza di pochi secondi

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    Hello Have you worked on Snort programming? If you have good expertise in the same, please apply.

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    I please need an initial, just crude prototype adaptation of a software application surrounding golf swing and/or clubfitting analysis. When I say crude it does not have to be completely operational at this time. Most importantly first is that unique features of the application that distinctly separate it from all others need to be implemented as well and as much as possible for initial IP regis...

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    Sistema a la medida -- 2 5 天 left

    Hola Desarrollador, te comento que es un sistema muy completo, con interfase para 2 básculas que pesan camiones y trailers. El lenguaje seria que se analizara según los requerimientos para cumplir con el propósito, el sistema debe poder accesarse en linea. FOTO-1 Esta es la empresa, es una Recolectora de basura para los municipios de Guadalajara, de aquí llevan ...

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    This site is geared toward sustainable /green living essentials for work, travel and home

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    Need an economical Zoho CRM and Whatsapp integration so that msgs can be automated on workflows. Preferably through TWILIO. However any-other economical integration method can also be choosen.

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    Hi, I have a basic jitsi server. I want to customize it. Experience people most welcome. If someone has capabilities to complete this project in 10 days most welcome for this project. Before read kindly read the doc carefully. All the project tasks mention below.

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    Need a Java Expert who can handle my daily tasks . I want a long Collaboration from that person so first i want to run a test or trial . i will give you a easy question you need to solve it make sure test cases gets verified so that i can hire you immediately long Collaboration send me qoutes

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    Hello Have you worked on Snort programming? If you have good expertise in the same, please apply.

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    Tibia Otserver 4 天 left

    I just want a server 10.0 running, I dont want you to eddit it. You can find websites for download those servers + website, I need those 2 running together.

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    $233 - $1939
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    I need a Chemical Engineer with a background in programming and cars

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    Hallo, wir nutzen neu den Cookie Bot von Usercentrics ([登录来查看链接]) um DSGVO-konform zu sein. Nun müssen wir den Bot richtig auf unserer Webseite implementieren. Hier eine Anleitung dazu: [登录来查看链接] Hier nun unser Problem: [登录来查看链接]

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     Busco un programador que sepa realizar un programa o via web, que autopublique los anuncios de manera automatica de la pagina<br /><br />Tambien que pueda publicar anuncios en el programa con imagen y luego autorenovarlos por lotes<br /> 

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    we are looking for an expert programmer and proxy expert to join our marketing company. we are looking for the best of the best. You must be a master at programming, software development,coding,etc.. you must also be an expert when it comes to proxies.

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    Video Marketing Software 3 天 left

    we are looking for someone to create a tool that can download videos, upload videos and promote them. you also need to be an expert with proxies to do this project.

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    Busco programador para implementar en el equipo. Imprescindible que sea experto en Front-End, maquetando sitios web y con experiencia en HTML,Boostrap,CSS, javascript. Trabajo fijo y flexible, pago 100 USD mensuales fijos y trabajo constante.

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    We are seeking for developers having sound knowledge in python and micro services who can help our developers in our organisations

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    Two basic exersices using the programming languages MLton or OCaml for university project. If you are interested we will send you the file with the detailed description of the exercises.

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    Hello , I need someone who can create a billing software. For example there are here already a few samples Easy I’[登录来查看链接] Or [登录来查看链接] For any questions I’m happy to assist and give you all answers u need

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    I need someone who can create a pretty simple program that will need to have some if/this then/that and/or functions. I would also like the program to keep track of my winning/losing statistics and overall profits and loss.

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    I have a mash-up of indicators and scripts and I would like consolidated and put into a master strategy for backtesting. Honestly it's pretty basic, but my coding skills are just horrible. Hopefully you can teach me a thing or two in this process

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    To take a Weathlab Pro custom script written in C# and create a functionally equivalent custom indicator for the TD Ameritrade TOS platform. Total lines of code for the core functionality under 100.

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    I am proposing a solution for the harmful effect of volatile organic compounds on human health that are inhaled by car drivers during periods of a rise in temperature.

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    netlogo software 1 天 left

    I need someone to help me with this assignmemt by Netlogo software

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    I am seeking an algo expert to develop a spy swing tragedy program

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    i need help in coding in assembly using atmel as compiler in Arduino/ Atmega328P

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    Helvetia Education Group SA (HEG) wants to implement a comprehensive web-based and mobile application supported system to deliver its education services in the following 2 phases: A. Phase 1: B2B service of providing its clients (universities) and itself with the following ability: B. Phase 2: in addition to the B2B service in Phase 1, HEG in phase two, will extend the services directly to stude...

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    Objetivo del programa a desarrollar: Se entrega una base de datos con números telefónicos fake que han sido generados por un programa. El programa tendrá que decirme cuantos números de la lista son reales y cuantos falsos, los reales los necesitamos en un archivo csv. Con números reales entendemos que deben ser números que esten activos en chats tipo signa...

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    Iphone app that provides tow truck service. Registration to the app is using mobile number. The app tracks the user location and the user inputs the destination of where he wants to tow his vehicle, then he is provided with two payment options : Debit card or cash. Once submitted, the information is sent to a call center to help the customer. This is the whole concept of the app. No one bids unles...

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    hi , I want someone to find a way to edit Microsoft Zoom app and change the language to arabic

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    only pdf printing issue , technology is electron

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    I need a small game streaming software that can stream the game running on my PC to an application.

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    Computer Design Project -- 20 小时 left

    I am looking for someone who have knowledge about DLX architecture.

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    Software developer who can integrate API's and build a system to track people via GPS co-ordinates. If you have worked or willing to work for next 5 days please hit me up. Its a government based project so you will get a good exposure with 5% share of the project.

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    Proyecto de aplicación para jóvenes con el fin de revolucionar la forma de realizar juntas

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    FIVE M CUSTOM SERVER 14 小时 left

    Hello im looking for someone that can build me a Custom Five m GTA V server and make the server i want it to be so not only a simple server but in game needs to be changed a lot as well so if u can help me let me know

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    We need a simple "Proof of Concept" Add-on for Google Slides that will allow a user to insert a specific iFrame with content from a third party site.

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    desktop application 11 小时 left

    Desktop application as in the link: [登录来查看链接]

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    There is an API service I purchased. I want the data provided by the API to be transferred to my database in tables and updated regularly. We have done this before using Laravel and Postman. If you know any other better methods, we can talk. I will reject the bids of those who write messages and bidders without reading the description.

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    Only message me if you are very knowledgeable and know what you are talking about. EXPERIENCED programmer only please. - MUST BE ABLE TO OPEN MY PROJECT IN NATIVE-SCRIPT PLAYGROUND. Explain my code files. Show me how to open the database on my system Explain each file and if it’s necessary. For this simple task I’m happy to pay £10 but I need to understand the whole code as...

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    Требуется разработчик для написания Role Play сервера с нуля для GTA 5. Сервер на клиенте RAGE Multiplayer. На постоянную работу. Возможны другие варианты. Готовность объяснить любые вопросы относительно сервера.

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    ubot studio expert 4 小时 left

    Hello, Im looking to hire some who is an expert at ubot studio. It is a paid program, so im hoping you have this program budget - $3/hr

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