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Proposal or bid writing is a job that entails the explanation of products or services that are presented to a company at a set or agreed price. For a proposal or bid writing job to be done properly, a writer should know how to use a bid form. This task can be handwritten, although it's better if one has sufficient knowledge to use professional bidding software. The writer should also include the necessary information, including the price estimate and materials needed to complete the task. There are many types of proposal or bid writing jobs. If the contract is focused on a freelance bid proposal, things that should be included are the total estimated cost and time.

If the task is that of a professional bid proposal, the applicant should be knowledgeable in writing an executive summary in order to explain why he is fit for the job. A list of qualifications, subcontractor names, and an overview of how the job can be accomplished should be included as well. Details of past projects and safety plans should also be cited by the proposal bid writer. Apart from knowing these details, a proposal bid writing job requires a person who is proficient in spelling and grammar as these details need to be checked after the draft is finished.
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I would like to hire a Content Writer We need to write below content for our ecommerce project: About Us Terms and conditions Legel terms of use Privacy Policy Responsible Biding How it works FAQ's Winning Tips Testimonial Refund Policy Returns Policy Customer Service 14 技术写作, 提案/投标书写, 内容写作, 商业写作, 法律写作 Feb 23, 2017 今天6天 12时 $810
Write a Business Plan We have many project 15 PHP, 商业计划, HTML, 提案/投标书写 Feb 23, 2017 今天6天 12时 $2468
Write a Business Plan i want to be a researcher Freelancer for companies to develop and grow. i simply want to work by my own . its required a business plan to get the license .. i have the template for it , i need it to be written professionally and it has to be for Dubai Market only. i want to know the cost and time estimate .. 58 PHP, 商业计划, HTML, 提案/投标书写 Feb 23, 2017 今天6天 9时 $3283
I would like to hire a Virtual Assistant - 23/02/2017 01:49 EST hi! i am an events planner and stylist and i need an assistant to collate styling pegs and sort it by style for me. 14 PHP, 项目管理, 客户支持, 虚拟助手, 提案/投标书写 Feb 23, 2017 今天6天 2时 $162
Hiring Inside Advertising Sales Representative Are you interested in working for a successful start-up Tech Publication that is changing the tech industry? Job Description: TechDigg is a new online publication and is looking for people who are competitive in nature, and know how to use that competitiveness to sell! The Inside Advertising Sales Representative must also be devoted to making customers happy. As part of the TechDigg team you... 2 销售, 客户关系管理, 市场创​造​销​售​, 广告计划 与 购买, 提案/投标书写 Feb 22, 2017 Feb 22, 20175天 19时 $272
Write a Business Plan Seeking a simple business plan for on-farm slaughter business in third year of operation. 62 市场, 商业计划, 提案/投标书写 Feb 22, 2017 Feb 22, 20175天 11时 $2025
Experience Bidder needed Hi Very good opportunity to get paid high salary. Please do not bid if you are a [链接已删除,请登录查看] are looking for Individual professional bidder from kolkata west bengal. If you are not from kolkata and willing to relocate to kolkata in that case you are also welcome. Candidate must be experienced and can bring project for us in various platforms like freelancer. We have a good profile here an... 14 PHP, WordPress, 市场, MySQL, 提案/投标书写 Feb 22, 2017 Feb 22, 20175天 9时 $1856
professional writer Writing a life long learning initiative proposal to ask for funding from government. Sorry I need a Singaporean as I need him/her to sit next to me so that I can tell him/her the concept and perhaps co-create "together" before he/she finish it 23 文章, 提案/投标书写, 内容写作, Journalist Feb 22, 2017 Feb 22, 20175天 1时 $1801
I would like to hire a Virtual Assistant I need someone who can reply emails and whatsapp messages from clients. Book appointments and send proposals 39 数据输入, 客户支持, 虚拟助手, 演示文稿, 提案/投标书写 Feb 21, 2017 Feb 21, 20174天 7时 $194
I would like to hire a Proposal/Bid Writer Business proposal writer for a freelancer. Natural English speaking writer from e.g USA, UK, Australia or New Zealand. Must have over 2 years in experience in writing freelance business proposals. I am a 100% visual creative photographer and Photoshop retoucher. I am not a very good writer. Having this limitation has hindered my ability to place professional proposals to high paying prospective ... 26 市场, 提案/投标书写, 内容写作 Feb 19, 2017 Feb 19, 20172天 21时 $667
A grant purposal written as well as everything done except filing. I want to start a small company that sell custom cars as well as car parts. Also computers lab tops and tabs to all electronics mostly rare and really hard to find electronics. I would want to be able to buy rare and hard to find items that would be eye catching and would sell at a low rate compared to other companies as such any electronic for car or personally want but even otther stuff house ho... 12 融资写作, 提案/投标书写 Feb 19, 2017 Feb 19, 20172天 17时 $1086
business proposal hi we are running a small business of tv antenna installation and home security installation services, i need someone to write business proposal for big companies or builders to get some work in bulk. regards manjinder 36 网络市场, 广告, 提案/投标书写 Feb 19, 2017 Feb 19, 20172天 6时 $1030
business plan I want a business plan for a start up, the idea is to build a social media platform for independent artists to connect with each other, in each profile you can connect your work from different platforms such as soundcloud spotify facebook etc. the idea is to help independent artists from all over the world and all sectors of the creative industry to find people to collaborate with and share ideas ... 34 网络市场, 市场, 商业计划, 市场创​造​销​售​, 提案/投标书写 Feb 18, 2017 Feb 18, 20171天 11时 $2366
proposal Proposal for a custom Application Development for Web-Based Solution 36 平面设计, 商业计划, 提案/投标书写, 苹果Logic Pro, Adobe Premiere Pro Feb 17, 2017 Feb 17, 201712时 52分 $2584
Proposal Writing General information for the business: Management Consulting focused in Training & Development Industry: Business Description of support work: I need a person who is good at writing proposals for Business, who is able to write Business proposals starting from a little description. Who is able to research on line and build a nice presentation following some guidelines, ending up with a complet... 32 提案/投标书写 Feb 17, 2017 Feb 17, 201711时 38分 $2999
Write a Business Plan business plan about a young company. use of canvas model 79 网络市场, 市场, 商业计划, 提案/投标书写 Feb 17, 2017 Feb 17, 20175时 13分 $1633
Freemarket bidding spree Hey, just found you interested in my listing in freemarket so just wanted to contact you as there is no way there in that listing site to contact you effectively. 2 提案/投标书写 Feb 17, 2017 Feb 17, 20173时 26分 $147
Expert online searcher for materials cost. Hello Work details for online bidding system: 1- Employee will be paid every month as a salary. 2- Before awarding, you should pass the test by finding the best price or getting quotations for three materials. 3- Attaching datasheets and material specifications and delivery time are essential. 4- Searching for competitive prices is essential. 5- first start searching online locally then... 31 技术写作, 虚拟助手, 网页查找, 一切, 提案/投标书写 Feb 16, 2017 Feb 16, 2017结束 $1249
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