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    I'm looking for an Python based Ml algorith to convert multiple call recording(these call recording contains multiple language of different states of India.). So, I want any expert to convert the recording into Hinglish (Hindi Word Written in English). I've attaiched an sample .wav audio file you an designe an algorith using this, i've thousands of such audio file your algorith sho...

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    I have a program implemented in PyCUDA, python version of CUDA. I need to run it on google Colab and make it functioning.

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    User upload his face than app grab lips eyes etc and Let it talk at funny way. And user upload image that will be misformed as funny background. this app in ios - android can be made in few days or 1 week

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    We would like to gather competitor data for self-storage business.. e.g. What room size category has what price?

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    Using the Spacy library, in python write code that will create a dataset from text. Then it should use the dataset and process a sentence by extracting certain entities and use relationships between different words.

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    Looking for expert in Python with Bamboo Bitbucket Doxygen and PlantUML job support

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    Software Documentation 1 天 left

    I need a software documentation the software is build with python and based on artificial intelligence. like face detection.

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    Hi Freelancers This project requires the ability to analyse a collection of images from high resolution aerial imagery of a major city in Australia (Melbourne) to detect certain features and characteristics, relating to water demand, rain absorption and run-off. We are looking for a solution where we can submit a batch of images that will be classified by your solution to identify these charact...

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    I need a bot to crawl through [登录来查看链接] and [登录来查看链接] and grab some useful information on basis of which we shall decide to run some code. e.g currency value of the graph at any given time. OR i need to know the API these websites are using to fetch these information showing up in graph.

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    Real estate web application with MLS data integration through Bridge Interactive API. Property search, filters, shortlisting properties, requesting a property tour, etc. Admin dashboard for agents to view, manage customer requests and activity on the web application. Something like Redfin, but for use exclusively by our small company

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    need a machine learning expert for help

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    I have a Django application where users login using their credentials. I would like to give my users the ability to login to my NEW FTP server using the same credentials. I don't want to replicate databases and share the password encryption protocol. Authentication shall happen on my webservice and users or ftp-user can be created on vsftpd.

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    Anyone who is good in data structures and python

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    Hi Developers, I have tablets and I want to use them in a meeting room. We usually present some subjects to vote on them but we do this manually with loads of papers. I wish that I can do it without any piece of paper, I upload the subjects with their appendices to the system and insert the voting system within this web application. Why web application not Android? This might be our next move. Th...

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    i need help in loading pretrained models in vott active learning mode

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    python project 2 1 天 left

    need to add some code to the existing code

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    Chatbots Plattform SAAS 1 天 left

    Please read or ask me about the requirement before making your cost proposal, I need a freelancer who has experience in chatbots issues and preferably who can show me work done. Time: 4 deliveries weekly , total time: 1 month Requirement Definition Here: [登录来查看链接]

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    Hello, I need solution to : 1. match template using SURF 2. filter matches 3. display matches (for debug only) 4. warpPerspective of original image to template (copy matched area to template size) 5. adjust wrapped image to match with template (high fitting precision) 6. has to work with Python 3.6 only I can provide my sample code, but does not work correctly - steps 4,5,6 are not implemented

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    machine learning 1 天 left

    machine learning model comparison

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    Python projects support 23 小时 left

    I have many python projects with me if anyone can handle it.

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    Looking for a Python Programmer to help me create a simple software to help me watch search & watch youtube videos. It will search on youtube & google, scroll down, and when a video is found. It will click it and watch it. Procedure: Step 1: * I provide the URL of the video * I input the keywords I want to search for * I preconfigure youtube accounts into account manager e.g. 50-100 acc...

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    I am a day trader specifically in forex and I need to have my strategy automated in order to focus on other business projects. The strategy has to be coded in python.

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    recover kidnapped information 22 小时 left

    I hired a programmer to make a system when the system had information I take it and is charging to rescue it someone can retrieve my information

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    I have the Game and the Graphic part of the Connect Four game and I need to build the player driver but it need to be smart (AI) that can win most of the time. Please contact me for more information.

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    Necesito sacar los datos de un sistema para ello requiero una solucion en python

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    Setup email on server 20 小时 left

    I have an Ubuntu server and currently have email going through GApps. I'd like to swtich to using POP and IMAP with a regular gmail and just using the sent on behalf of.

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    Bash script to download nasa images 20 小时 left

    Working to learn bash. and have a working project with requirrements as below: You have been tasked with creating a script to automatically retrieve information from the North American Space Association (NASA) website. Each day, NASA posts a new astronomy image to The image also includes a title for the image, explanation text for the image and credits for the image&rsquo...

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    python Raspberry Pi Programming 19 小时 left

    python Raspberry Pi Programming

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    I Need a Web Scrapper -- 5 19 小时 left

    I need a web scrapper for a chrome extension project. The frontend is done, only the backend is left.

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    I Need a Web Scrapper -- 4 19 小时 left

    I need a web scrapper for a chrome extension project. The frontend is done, only the backend is left.

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    I Need a Web Scrapper -- 3 19 小时 left

    I need a web scrapper for a chrome extension project. The frontend is done, only the backend is left.

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    I Need a Web Scrapper -- 2 19 小时 left

    I need a web scrapper for a chrome extension project. The frontend is done, only the backend is left.

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    I Need a Web Scrapper 19 小时 left

    I need a web scrapper for a chrome extension project. The frontend is done, only the backend is left.

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    I have a CSV file of phone numbers and Twilio's account (webapp for automated phone), Looking for someone to build a script in python utilizing Twilio's rest api to call. I want to be able to drop ringless voicemail to the phone numbers. I script should be able to dial out each number twice, the first call will timeout withing 10 milliseconds (approx), allowing the second call to reach ...

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    PDF to TEXT 19 小时 left

    I wrote a simple Python program that convert PDF to JPG and then cut a specific place of the image and converts this image to text I want a programmer to make my Graphical User Interface for this program

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    I want to monitor 24/7 sites to see if something new has been added ( sneakers etc) i need like 20+ sites

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    Hay varios trabajos a realizar, pero se irán haciendo por fases. En esta primera fase, se necesita: - Actualizar Odoo 11 bajo centos 7 a Odoo 12, (no tengo datos, solo la configuración de dos empresas) - Modificar el formato de impresión de factura por defecto, por uno personal.

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    ODOO Developer 18 小时 left

    Buscamos un desarrollador que tenga experiencia en el desarrollo de módulos para la implementación de ERP ODOO, el proyecto será de 3 a 5 meses con posibilidad de extensión Beneficios • SGMM • 20 días de vacaciones • Sueldo de $20,000 a $25,000 mxn libres

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    FLASK project 18 小时 left

    I have a simple python/django script. it send messages to people after I add CSV but recently it is showing 502 errors on my digital ocean server is this something you can fix? it will be good project to start with budget: $10.00 bid only if you can fix problems right now

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    senior cloud engineer 17 小时 left

    This Senior Cloud engineer will be part of the Global infrastructure organization, reporting to the cloud architect. This position will also engage all of the IT teams supporting this investment firms cloud transformation programs across the firm. Responsibilities: -Contributes to the enterprise cloud strategy, standards and best practices with all cloud offerings. -Manage, support and continue...

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    I need some data cleanup required

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    I want to connect my interactive broker trading account with an excel based trading robot via their API . Trading logic will be set in excel which will call data in a separate spreadsheet for every symbol and place order , modify stop losses when prices match the predefined trading rules. Programmers have basic understanding of trading system are welcomed .

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    [登录来查看链接] is a platform that helps startups to attract investments. The challenges ahead: Development of distributed applications based on blockchain (DAPP) Improvement of existing products of the company: investor's office Automation of processes allocated in a separate product: Airdrop Wishes to the candidate: Understanding the principles of blockchain technology and smart contracts Exc...

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    Bicycle rider helmet detection APP 15 小时 left

    We need an APP that will detect if a bicycle rider is wearing a bicycle helmet or not. The camera is mounted on the handlebars of a bicycle or scooter. If the rider is wearing a helmet the APP will send a message saying "helmet detected" with the confidence level and if not "No helmet" with the confidence level. I have attached a short video of the location of the camera used t...

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    power bi - api - POC 14 小时 left

    am looking for someone to put together a POC (PhP or Python). We are looking to test the following: 1) On my [登录来查看链接] account I have a dashboard that also has a QA visual. The dashboards dataset will not be a connection to a sql server database – we will be pushing data to the backend tables (through the api) 2) I want to CLONE the report (through the api) and put it on my [登录来查看链接] ...

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    Necesito una persona para trabajar en diseño frontend sitio web odoo . bien sea por un contrato por un tiempo definido o por hora. la idea es cambiar el diseño frontend de unos modulos en odoo. Requerimos preferiblemente este fisicamente en santiago de chile , la idea es que trabaje un tiempo en nuestras instalaciones.

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    i need help in loading pretrained models in vott active learning mode

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    I need you to develop some software for me. I would like this software to be developed for Windows using Python & Robotic process automation

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    I am looking for a professional able to build a website to compare products, a price comparison website. The most similar thing available is [登录来查看链接] but it will be about a different industry. 1.) Database must gather data from 8 sites, all from the same industry, by using crawlers that must renew the data each 24h. Websites where data must be taken are organized and clean but they contain hundr...

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    This post is to hire for lots of small projects in java

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