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    Hello, Make sure to include the following when submitting your proposal: • Solution Approach • Use case or example works similar to this project Client Requirements Client will require the worker to have insurance, sign standard documents (e.g. NDA, IP Assignment) and be background screened (and possibly drug tested based on project subject matter). Project Background Metadata informs ...

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    Deliverables: one main page, history page, help page, etc. (simple 3-5 page site) - with simple admin panel - admin dash - payment transaction - search transaction - historical data - location of activity Competitor: [登录来查看链接] Example: can you make home like this page, just how it works page. [登录来查看链接] will be my concept instead of current t-shirt, then all t...

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    Discord oauth 2 天 left

    Need a oauth system to verify roles in a server before allowing access to the rest of the code using discord api's, it will need to be able to be implemented in my script that i already have. It will open a chrome browser to allow user to login to discord and then the script will verify the roles, if no role script end else script carries on running. Python only please.

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    Desarrollar modulo de facturacion electronica en python

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    AI - Python 2 天 left

    Coding help on AI using Python

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    Using appropriate Machine Learning algorithms, build a python program to gauge participants' attentiveness by tracking eye gaze. Input source is the webcam. When eye gaze drops down or away from the meeting or presentation, display alerts or play sound to get attention back to screen.

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    Need a python/flask developer to create api out of policybazar to consume on our app in json

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    Looking for a Tableau expert to work on different mapping projects. We have core data, that needs to be enhanced via different APIs and related back to the core data records, then mapped. Please specify if you have Isochrone map experience. [登录来查看链接] past project or job have you had that is most like this one and why?

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    Необходимо автоматизировать отправку страниц на веб-сайте. Приоритетом является python. Website is [登录来查看链接] Основные особенности: Отправка должна выполняться с использованием fingerprint, cookies, Canvas (как будто бы запрос был отправлен с нового аппаратного ПК !!)

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    Job Description: To answer questions asked by students from US Ensure that you follow the quality parameters Ensure that the guidelines of answering are strictly followed To ensure academic integrity Benefits: No Recruitment charges Earn while you learn International exposure Academic development Compensation: Average estimated income INR 30,000 to INR 1,00,000 +. Paid per question answered.

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    Hide shop page until someone logs in(only logged in users can buy and see shop) and add file upload option on sign up page.

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    Funcion del el proyecto es: Tomarle el tiempo a competidores, los cuales recorren una distancia inicio / meta Sensor de inicio: activa el cronometro, sensor de meta: detiene el cronometro. Con un display led mostrando el tiempo: minutos, segundos, centésimas. Requiero Comunicación inalámbrica de sensor inicio con sensor de meta Sugerir el controlador de los sensores, el modu...

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    I need a program thats can perform tasks of viewing a website a store data from it

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    CSV Website 2 天 left

    I'm looking for someone to help me build a website that allows users to sign up, log in, upload a CSV file, run a Python/Pandas script against that CSV, then download the resulting CSV(s). I will provide the Python/Pandas script. I need: - User signup/login page - Upload page - Code for uploading the CSV to an AWS S3 bucket - Download page - Code for downloading the transformed CSV from the ...

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    You have to implement the k-means clustering and Fuzzy C-means clustering from scratch using the programming language of your choice (without using a toolbox from R, Matlab, Python or any other programming language, please make sure you attach your code in the folder!). Use the Euclidean distance for computing the distance between any two samples in the dataset. For implementing some of the princi...

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    We have a user story created in the azure devops portal. I need a script in python or powershell or in nodejs or bash or in java which needs to use API call and change the status of the user story to be closed. The script needs to check the status of the user story and change the status to closed in case if its not closed

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    I run an online and brick & mortar retail business that is looking for software that can: - update inventory levels in real-time based on data from suppliers' databases - update restock dates based on data from suppliers' databases - predict future trends based on historical sales data - Display best-selling, hottest, etc. products organized by category This data will need to be in...

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    I need help with analyzing a dataset and drawing detailed information for user engagement for a website.

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    I need you to develop software that convert image to Excel or word without any mistake for me. I would like this software to be developed for Windows using Python,c,c++ or other also

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    looking for amibroker afl coder ,i have a very simple 5 min open range breakout , looking for ami broker or python or tradeview or pi details will explain in chat to better understand

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    EarlyBird App 2 天 left

    Goal is to develop an iOS app. The wireframe/ mockups are already in place. The technical feasibility for scraping content from a governmental website needs to be checked prior to project begin.

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    I am looking for an Odoo developer who can build a small plugin that clients can add new tasks through the portal. I need: - A button in the menu with "create ticket", where the customer can select a project assigned to that company, add a title and description (and attachments). - When the user clicks a project and see the lists with tasks, there need to be a form add the bottom to crea...

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    software eng 2 天 left

    I need you to develop some software for me. I would like this software to be developed using Python.

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    Necesito la instalación y personalización de "CONSUL open participation" a la vez los requerimientos técnicos

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    Any language can be used. Build a scrapper tool or bot for copying data from website / ms word to excel

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    I have PDF report that needs to be scrapped and extract the data. You need to develop a program to accept the PDF file and output the file in JSON format. You can use any programming language deemed suitable e.g. Python, C#

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    Hello, we are looking for a development team for a web crawler with which we can analyse the metadata of a web file. For more information, please contact us.

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    Looking for an experienced AI and Machine Learning expert to pioneer a health and business assistant powered by Amazon Lex and Sumarian tech - Here is the vision video - [登录来查看链接] Lex Chat Bot Authenticates Users Sumarien conducts up to 5 sets of health questionnaires (30 to 50 questions each) Sumarien conducts basic customer service Sumarien conducts basic KYC

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    I need a admin panel with login & Password access to script , need so every body can't access it. After login i will upload a CSV file which has websites , Script will do sorting and submission. Main Points : 1. Upload the CSV it will first check & sort records which has contact form 2. I need a report how many domains have contact forms and how many have failed / you can save the...

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    Purchases a specific good online at a fraction of time that would normally take a human user.

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    My budget is low so want someone who already have a high accuracy working general anpr solution written in pytorch. I will need a script which takes path to video in argument parser and will give plate coordinates and their text. Your code will be first tested on videos collected by us and you will be paid only if the accuracy for text detection and number plate recall is high. Bid only if you can...

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    Hello! I'm automating my business at the moment. I need someone that can grab me a LoginToken, which is HTTPONLY.

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    i have to develop a dimple chatbot faq based using python [登录来查看链接] be very simple and easy to understand. i need the codes also

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    i have a web application written in python(django REST framework) , now i want to implement attribute based access control(ABAC) on my web application for authorization , how can i implement ABAC policies on this application (can i use XACML policies(how to implement xacml on python web app ) or is there any other way to write ABAC policies on python and how to implement on my web application ) ca...

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    Necesito un programador que me ayude a desarrollar un script que funcione con un software llamado SUMO (Simulation of Urban MObility) usando TraCI que realice una serie de reservacion a camiones al entrar a un puerto, basado en reservacion de espacio tiempo que funcione con sumo. -Softare SUMO (Simulation of Urban MObility) -Python -TraCI

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    Hi. I am looking for Django developer with experience in IoT devices. I just want to sign up and need to access data of IoT devices. I want SMS sign up too. now i want to implement attribute based access control(ABAC) on my web application for authorization , how can i implement ABAC policies on this application (can i use XACML policies(how to implement xacml on python web app ) or is there any ...

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    Whatsapp Web API (CHAT-API) 2 天 left

    I need a DEV. I believe that the languages to be used are: Python, PHP, Json. The project is like this, a client panel where he opens a page where he reads the QR code of Whatsapp Web and stays connected within the system on his whatsapp. And the system has the functions of responding to pre-registered messages. Example, someone sends GOOD MORNING. the panel detects this and responds with the pr...

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    i want to scrape live data api .. There are 30 Casino Games and need all live Casino Video.. [登录来查看链接] ID : signup99 Pw : Abcd1234

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    Looking for an experienced AI and Machine Learning expert to pioneer a health and business assistant powered by Amazon Lex and Sumarian tech - Here is the vision video - [登录来查看链接]

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    Payment Gateway API 2 天 left

    Hi , Experts in API and Payment Gateways please write you experience in bids, I have a huge project to work on. Somewhat it is related to monitoring the transactions and adding/embedding extra features to the payment api's. Please let me know. Regards.

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    Hola! Estamos buscando a alguien que nos desarrolle el HTML y CSS necesario para poder montar nuestro sitio en Django. (Web y Mobile) Nosotros entregaríamos los mock ups de como debería verse el sitio y la idea es que nos devuelvan el código para las distintas páginas (app. 7 páginas). Estamos evaluando si lo hacemos e-commerce, ahí podríamos paga...

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    I Need the best machine learning teacher

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    just for the research purpose, scrapping photo and text from insta using hashtag or userID

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    Python Web Scraping 2 天 left

    Hello, I need a python code that automatically scrapes structured data from a website. The website has around 27 listings per page. The script must scrape data within each listing. Best, Nikolai

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    I required to design and simulate a wireless sensor network (WSN) on NS3. In this project apply SDN strategies on WSN that is called software defined wireless sensor networks (SDWSN).

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    Chat bot with ML 2 天 left

    I'm looking for person with knowledge in python and Ml . Need to create chatbot with work as recommendation engine . Secure data transaction is must.

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    We need to build a Rummy card game bot which can help the platform to play the game with a human in a Practice game. and admin can set the wining ratio in a practice match. Also, that bot can help platform like if not any user online to the rummy table and one user is waiting for another player. then the bot will join the game with human and play with them like a human, admin can set the winning a...

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    I am looking for an experienced Odoo ERP Functional & Technical Content writer or functional youtube video maker. Requirements: -Topics revolve around ERP, so a sound knowledge of ERP is very important. - Good creative writing skills - Understanding of optimizing content for SEO purposes. Note: Please let me know the cost to write per Odoo ERP Blog and make per youtube Odoo functional/Tech...

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