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React.js is an efficient, declarative, and flexible open-source JavaScript library that is useful for developing user interfaces specially for single page apps. With React.js, users can build complex user interfaces from “components.” Components are small and isolated pieces of code.

React.js can also be used as a base in the building of both mobile and single-page apps. Although, complex React.js apps usually require additional libraries for interaction, routing, and state management with an API (Application programming interface).

React.js makes it possible for developers to design large web apps which can change data, without reloading the page.

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    i am looking Experienced Developer (React Node Js | Mongo dB ) For Running Project.. Need developer Long term Experienced Dedicated Resource... Project Is Urgent Basis so need responsive and hardwork Developer

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    Hi, i am Looking for a web developer on salary base of 100USD/Month skills required : PHP / Codeigniter - Mobile - Express / react / webrtc all countries are welcome Thanks

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    i am looking Experienced Developer (React Node Js | Mongo dB ) For Running Project.. Need developer Long term Experianced Dedicated Resource... Project Is Urgent Basis so need responsive and hardwork Developer

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    i am looking Experienced Developer (React Node Js | Mongo dB ) For Running Project.. Need developer Long term Experianced Dedicated Resource... Project Is Urgent Basis so need responsive and hardwork Developer

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    e have some small hourly project that may lead to a longer term role; the candidate must have mastery of these areas: * React.js Player (ability to go through the list of items) * Form data entry (AntDesign) * GraphQL API * 100% comfortable with tracing through existing code * comfortable with SCSS code/Layers/containers organization; hide/unhide a layer * Comfortable with animations such as text ...

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    There are 2 parts in this work 1) First part - React16 code Develop Popup in React16 (according to attached file '1. React16 [登录来查看链接]') This needs to be implemented using Semantic UI React [登录来查看链接] Make use of react semantic ui For Popup use modal in below url [登录来查看链接] 2) Second part - NodeJS code Develop NodeJS code to read TSV (Tab Separated - file attached '2. [登录来查看链接]&#...

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    e have some small hourly project that may lead to a longer term role; the candidate must have mastery of these areas: * React.js Player (ability to go through the list of items) * Form data entry (AntDesign) * GraphQL API * 100% comfortable with tracing through existing code * comfortable with SCSS code/Layers/containers organization; hide/unhide a layer * Comfortable with animations such as text ...

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    need similar home page for shopify "[登录来查看链接]"

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    Looking for Senior React developer who has good experience with React Hook. Short testing interview will be organized as the first step. Best, Bojan

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    Hello, I would like to customize this script : [登录来查看链接] I want to make it telemedicine oriented. Check it please.

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    We have an excellent web APP in React. We need to optimize the design, look and feel of it. We want a professional front end designer who will first do improvement designs in PSD and then convert it to HTML . React component will remain same. There are around 45 screens

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    We are seed-funded startup that helps teams improve their Agile processes by facilitating effective and engaging retrospective meetings. With over 170,000 retrospectives run on our platform, we’re the trusted leader in our market, and we’ve been helping teams continuously improve since 2015. We’re also a small, cross-functional team of passionate and fun people. We have an outst...

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    Expertise needed are python, aws lambda, react.js and mongodb. We are building shipment logistic company and needed full stack developer. we pay biweekly and monthly pay will be around 800 to 1200 usd depending on experience

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    We are building a React Native application and the starting components are already added along with the basic structure. We want to hire developers based on some task completion basis. We have a couple of tasks pipelined and would like to hire developers who have experience working with React Native. We are willing to pay $200-$300 for the whole project.

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    Mastergy will be an Educational Networking Website/Application with some innovative features and robust technology provides quality based education to every category of users. We are requiring experienced frontend developers with in-depth knowledge in REACTJS, JSX, CSS, Js to deliver some impeccable worth designs which can call backend API in just a snap. The required developers must be experience...

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    FULL TIME JOB. React Native . 6 天 left

    *** first part is to complete view. Need one more for the team. React. need to know: react native. some WEB RTC We working 8h/day 6d/week. We pay 28K inr per month, can raise later for good employees.

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    I want mobile and website which is like zomato app but people not going to add food they can order anything like electronic accessories, grosseries, the mobile app myst be flexible must show the stock and available quantity of product

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    [登录来查看链接] This is open source plotly / dash code , the link has source code on GitHub. requirement is simple , as attached on screenshot , we need a Diff function that does A-B . The is currently a function sum that does A+B , This part of code is in JavaScript / reactjs. You need have a background of python but work is in JavaScript/ Reactjs.

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    I'm searching for an experienced Web Developer with extensive knowledge in NodeJS and ReactJS to work on my ongoing platform. I'm creating a Property Management Software, which almost the same as [登录来查看链接] This platform allows you to create vacation rental properties, connect them to Airbnb, show them on a calendar, and perform reservations. I'm looking for somebody to work on a lon...

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    Looking for a Project Manager to draft project specifications and supervise a website development process. React.js and Spring Data REST experience is a must

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    Graphs and Reports - Immaculate Visualization in React JS and React Native Need around 45 reports and Graphs in React Js and same ones in React Native (15-20) some reports need to have output in PDF, word, Excel, CSv etc.

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    Need to create new module in React Application. Your requirement is 1. Extend Backend for new module in Django 2. Create functionality of Create and Edit for Screens 3. Put a place holder for edit of Video links 4. Integrate front end and backend using GraphQL Scope of work

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    Looking for someone with 2+ years experience IN REACT, not just 2+ years of work experience. You will join a small existing team full time at a startup. This is a 3-month contract for a full-time position. Salary and length can be negotiated after the contract if work ethic, quality is good. We also expect quick communication. We are not developing a product from scratch. This is an already deve...

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    I am going to make the website which is similar with this. [登录来查看链接] Designs and models are provided. Must have - Deep knowledge at Javascript/React.js - 5+ years experience in webgl/[登录来查看链接] - Fluent English and teamwork experience Include your past work with react/[登录来查看链接] in your proposal. Proposals without past work will be ignored.

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    We are looking out for an all rounder (Full Stack) in ReactJS with knowledge for React Native as well to join our team. Strictly Individual, no teams or agencies please. Indians only Having additional hands on with Gatsby, firebase will be a plus. Minimum 3 Years of experience.

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    Well Uniswap LP Tokens need to be staked and reward those who will stake In My Own Token for 30 Days Period

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    I need some changes to an existing website. I need you to do remaining changes in front end.

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     full stack ruby on rails develop with reactjs and/or nodejs  4 - 5 years of experience  Has experience in working remote/freelancer is preferred  Has estimate project/task experience is preferred  can work independently  has experience with project management tool like Jira  has experience using bitbucket or github

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    Want to instrument the source code to get overall code coverage (E2E plus Jest unit test code coverage) for windows UWP application. Cypress cannot be used. Experience in instrumentation and overall code coverage generation is required. Serious bids only.

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    I need you to develop some software for me. I would like this software to be developed for Windows using .NET.

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    Partime hours required, around 15-20 per week. Looking for an experienced developer to mentor me in some projects. All the projects are purely for learning purposes and personal portfolio, so you can even pick your own projects ideas. My expectations are to discuss/learn various use cases, architecture patterns, best practices, and checklist before deploying the projects and of course not just ...

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    We are looking for a Web-based platform that allows customers to sign up and purchase products from a mobile friendly website and complete transactions. After the transaction is complete, the order is sent to either the giftshop or Cafe counter (the platform should be able to send to both counters in the event they chose to buy a gift+food item). Employees then start preparing the order based on t...

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    We are looking for an expert in Twilio Programmable Video that can be a consultant to our project. We have built a custom web application using Twilio API, AWS API/Websocket Gateway, React.js, node.js. Currently, we are looking for an expert to consult us in the video capabilities of Twilio API. Fixing the video bugs we are experiencing.

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    The project is moving from the MVP phase and we need additional hands to scale the app. Requirements: -experience in [登录来查看链接] -experience with React -Scaling and finding bottlenecks -works well in a team to salve issues. We will hire a right developer soon.

    $256 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    I am going to build a website who can provide wonderfull interior design of the room to customers. Design file is already ready. website has to be for mobile responsive. please place a bid if you can finish it.

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    Long Term Developer Needed 5 天 left

    We are looking to hire an experienced developer to do ongoing development of our websites. We will be updating website functions. We will work on many updates from simple changes to complex php code and java changes. Requirements: - You MUST have Anydesk Screen Sharing. Online all times During our daily updates, You will be screen sharing to perform updates all the time when you are working. -Yo...

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    react.js Frontend Developer 5 天 left

    Looking for an expert react.js developer with the following experience formix redux bootstrap axios

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    I am looking for a React JS developer who can work on Gatsby

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    The deliverable will be for a complete React application. There is an API that has been partially developed, and will continue to be developed that will need to be consumed. This front end will be a redesign of an existing application using modern technology. The front end will be built using React, and probably Antd for a component framework. I am expecting this front end to take a few months t...

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    Are you passionate about creating something completely new in the world that people need? Are you driven by creating technology that helps people be more human - not less? Do you believe, with the right guidance and support, everyone has the power to improve their life and deserves that opportunity? We’re looking for 1 strong contract frontend engineers WITH 4+ YEARS EXPERIENCE to help brin...

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    We need a component for our React app Where a drawing or map can uploaded (already built) You can drag around on the image and zoom in You can place different numbered markers - when clicking on these markers they will show a 360 photo (already built) You can mark areas in the map - see video to see how implementation should be acting like - it should be similar to area drawing in the DroneDeploy...

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    The FancyThumbnail is a component for displaying a URL (of a long page image) as a thumbnail. We want to show that image on the thumbnail in multiple ways (eg. slanted, same image overlapping, with a background, etc.) and animates it when you hover over the thumbnail (you'll need to know CSS this) - there is NO backend integration, I simply need a working demo of the component. - the task is...

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    I have purchased ReactJs theme and Apis. i need to make admin panel in react js. 2+ years experience required.

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    Django/Python Geek 5 天 left

    Hi, freelancers. I am looking for a Senior Django(Python) developer. If you have more skills, that would be great. I have tons of projects and works and I am a Senior PM/developer myself. I want other hands that can work with me. Hourly is $10/h The candidate should do some tricky works such as making python scripts as well as 3~5 Django projects at the same time. I want to keep growing together ...

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    We are looking for React and React Native developers to help you build new web and mobile applications. I have a working web application for reference and a finished spec and wireframe. The project was split into 5 releases (3 alpha and 2 beta).

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    Hello, we have a ongoing project.. we need someone who can write some typescript function. . please mention your experience in bid

    $158 - $1316
    $158 - $1316
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    Hello Everyone, Need VueJs and ReactJs specialist for a long term work on some of our ongoing prestigious projects. I will inform the details of the project over chat, what most consider to me is I need a person who is expert as well as responsible. Looking forward for best candidate asap. Thanks.

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    Hi, We are looking for a MERN stack developer (3 to 4+ years of experience) to join our team and to work hand in hand in completion of various tasks. The hiring model will be on monthly payout at INR 25,000/-. Please bid only if you are interested.

    $2790 (Avg Bid)
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    Hi, we're looking for someone who will help us with our current development of our applications, specifically in online advertisement industry. Our technology stack is React.js, [登录来查看链接], MongoDb, Redis, plus AWS services such as SQS, S3, CloudFront etc. Ideally if you can work full time, but part time could be also considered. The team is distributed, we work in Kanban with daily standups....

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    1. copy all required contracts and deploy all of them on ether mainnet 2. change name, logo, function names, contract references, etc that is making a working copy of uniswap/sushiswap exchange on a live server reply if you have done this in past or 100% know how to do it

    $4418 (Avg Bid)
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