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React.js is an efficient, declarative, and flexible open-source JavaScript library that is useful for developing user interfaces specially for single page apps. With React.js, users can build complex user interfaces from “components.” Components are small and isolated pieces of code.

React.js can also be used as a base in the building of both mobile and single-page apps. Although, complex React.js apps usually require additional libraries for interaction, routing, and state management with an API (Application programming interface).

React.js makes it possible for developers to design large web apps which can change data, without reloading the page.

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    Hello Programmer, I am trying to create an app for SMS sending. First I am trying to react project then I will create electron windows app. I am using SerialPort-GSM Node package to send SMS from GSM comport . If I use this package in a normal JavaScript folder and run command node [登录来查看链接] . this is working and successfully sent Sms .But if you want to use this package in React project, ...

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    Want to build the ordering ahead system. Frontend: React (react native for mobile) Backend: Python Flask DB: PostgreSQL

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    Hello we are [登录来查看链接] We are looking for someone who is Proficient with React.js Has experience using RESTful API CSS wizard Experience with git version control systems Years of experience - minimum 3 The project is related to building a business dashboard for insurance and energy industries. We are located in Poland so we would ideally want you to either be in a similar timezone or to accomm...

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    React.js and Prismic CMS Help 6 天 left

    I require a developer who can help me make some updates to a current website built in React.JS and managed on a Prismic Headless CMS. I can give the developer the code to run locally on their machine, and access to the Prismic CMS. Things required - Add new buttons to certain sections - Add ReactPlayer to hold Youtube Embed videos

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    Amazing Full Stack, Front-end, & Back-end web design and 100% Responsive for all Devices. User features * Cross-browser optimized design * Secure Client Signup/login with Captcha * Client Backend Menu: - Dashboard = API from [登录来查看链接] ([登录来查看链接]<INSERT-ETH-ADDRESS-OF-CLIENT-HERE> - Buying Hashrate = Package Selection or, Sliding Scale to choose own Hashrate - Determine Profits = API fro...

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    a college project assignment using react just fronend Assignments/Project overview Course registration system This course work should be done with a group of 3 or 4 to fulfill the assessment of SODV2201 web programming course. Please form a group and send your member’s full name. One submission per group is enough. If you don’t have a group let your teacher know before September 30...

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    I want a website, whose content will provide to you in the form of a pdf. I just need a CSS and javascript professional who will be able to align my website content like this one have ([登录来查看链接]). I want my site well aligned in the format which the developer of this site has used. so I will strongly suggest you that please check this site /article before you bid for this project. site ([登录来查...

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    I need the landing page with animation like [登录来查看链接] on React.js I need developer with experience in Canvas, React, HTML/CSS/SCSS, CSS animation. If you dont have these skills, please dont apply.

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    integrate S3 in web site 6 天 left

    I have a REACT.JS and REDUX website with multiple forms and grids, this project's objective is to integrate documents stored in s3 with my website, so that ONE of the MATERIAL-UI Data Grids, present an "Attachment" button for each record. When clicking the "Attachment" button, I can see a list of the S3 documents related to the row, represented in a modal. The attachments ...

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    react project 6 天 left

    I want to do some minor changes to an existing react project. 1. I want you to help in setting up the project on my system 2. add additional content to a page.

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    Create add button for RFQ 6 天 left

    We have a web site that uses REACT.JS and Material-UI, when using Material UI Data Grid, we define a floating add button in the bottom right corner of the grid for adding elements. (See attachment for Grid Example) This project's objective is to: - Create an Add button in the grid. - Implement the List action using REDUX + AXIOS for added RFQs. - Create a Modal Form to describe a "Reque...

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    Hi, We're looking for a front-end developer can be join the remote team. The current project development is later than planned, and we need a front-end developer who can work diligently. - over 3 years of experience with React.js - good experience with tailwind css - bonus with [登录来查看链接] - must be sign in NDA - work 40 hours per a week - able to join the daily team meeting - preferred locati...

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    A portal build in react, now unable to start the server.

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    I am looking for a programmer who is familiar with programming with React. At a minimum, I need to update a tax table in my current financial planning software. If possible the project can be expanded to eliminate the need to recompile the program to just being able to change the tax file.

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    We are a telecom, marketing and analytics startup looking for a PHP/Laravel full-stack web developer with experience in VoIP/SIP & Twilio or similar Telecom company and having knowledge of telecom and how telecom systems work especially FreeSWITCH, OpenSIPS & PBX’s. You must have the following skills to qualify for the job: PHP Laravel  Javascript/JQuery SSH + Ubuntu Command l...

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    Build CRM For IT Company -- 3 6 天 left

    build a system like [登录来查看链接] the system needs to be able to document information like a knowledge base but also client information like a CRM and store passwords securely this also needs to be able to pull data from Microsoft office 365 via an API and GOOGLE GSuite other API integration will be needed system needs to look good but also function very well

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    Trophy icon Create a Login Page 13 天 left

    Task 1: Recreate the form below using React Native. (refer to image attached) Choose Any background Using any free API of choice, add sign-up functionalities to the created form, that persists users data upon sign-up. That is, once user is signed up, upon loading the application, he should be navigated to a home page instead of the original sign-up page. That implies, after successful si...

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    Hi, I have wireframes ready.. I need to start urgently to develop this app. I will opt for anyone of these : Front end : React native + Back end : Python + database : SQL or any other suitable one Only full time ppl, who are not handling any other project need to bid. As i need this urgently. Thanks

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    Requerimos para proyecto de 4 meses desarrolladores con experiencia en MERN. Ya se cuenta con todo el tema de diseño gráfico. Se trabajara SCRUM, con SPRINT semanales.

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    Hi, I am a Java Full Stack Developer. I was working on a project for a client but due to deadline issues. I am seeking some help in the front end. I have already designed a few pages in ReactJS and have used Kotlin + MongoDB for the Backend. I will be giving you a list of Api's around 20-30 for which you need to implement that in the frontend and we are open to designs so you could use a t...

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    Nee to install a purchased Ecommerce script from codecanyon. A small customisation task in checkout and admin page.

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    This is a crypto token on the BSC. We have a Dashboard that pulls information through several sources which may include Web3, Oracle and contract. It was working, in testing, prior to launch, but once we launched it no longer worked. The dashboard is on a React web page.

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    We are looking for a developer who can build and deploy a smart contract with the following functionality: - NFT smart contract (ERC-721) - When the mint function is triggered, the smart contract must call an external API (probably through Chainlink) and will receive as a response a URL to the IPFS JSON file. This URL must be saved as the URI metadata of the NFT. Behind the API we have a physical...

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    Django - Python & React 6 天 left

    "Django server, using GraphQL" ((AVOID FAKE BID !! please don't try to waste my time)) -Automate SQL query. and reset admins passwords -Get image url from quickblox for chat (image fetch) -Call send notification API when sending a message. -assign chats from one user to another user

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    Relay JS Development Hire 6 天 left

    Training available in Relay and PostGraphile database driven design for motivated programmers. Need experience in NextJS, React, and TypeScript, good English, and github with 2FA.

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    Project for a react developer with experience using Firebase as a backend for web applications, knowledge of NodeJS and Firebase functions is a big plus. Also straight, to the point, communication would be appreciated. Quick delivery time and quality will be highly appreciated, since the project is quite straightforward: - 9 small user stories, - more than half being common authentication scenar...

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    Looking for Fulltime UI Developer from Hyderabad with Tailwindcss exp

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    Our Requirement: [登录来查看链接] React.js for the front Framework [登录来查看链接] website will be built as front end and back end Separate [登录来查看链接] design for the website. [登录来查看链接] work with our team, your team develop the front end by React.js and our team will provide the API for features. [登录来查看链接] Multi-languange [登录来查看链接] support after develop [登录来查看链接] the codes belong to us, please give us all the co...

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    Note: Preference will be given to UK/USA/Canada/EU Send me links to recent similar websites that you have completed YOURSELF from scratch (do not link sites you have no proof of fully developing) Details: Build a web game website according to my designs and specifications (see google doc that will be sent). Website must have - - Game (game + relevant Admin Panel data + provably fair) - Deposit ...

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    Ocupamos un desarrollador frontend experimentado: * ReactJS * TailwindCSS / Tailwind UI * eCommerce Para un proyecto de ecommerce parecido a Amazon, Ebay o MercadoLibre. El proyecto ya tiene un backend escrito en Django Rest, asi que solo ocupamos el desarrollo del frontend. No queremos utilizar ningun otro framework de UI como bootstrap, materialui u otros ya que tenemos una licencia de TailWindU...

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    We have built a great DeFi project called Blue Swan. Currently, we are looking for a front-end developer with strong DeFi concept. Experience with cryptocurrency and blockchain technology is strongly required. We will go on hiring process with candidates who can work out the following assignment. Actually you are not forced to do any coding, just solution is okay since this is to make sure if you ...

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    Build a registration app 6 天 left

    For a upcoming event, we would like our guests to have access to an app (iOs + Android) that allows them to register and select players for a competition. All the layouts and designs are finalized. We need a great coder who can implement these designs and make them usable. All assets (psd) can be sent to you

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    We are hiring a long-term React JS Developer. a must-have 1. Software development and requirement analysis skill 2. Creating elegant, tried-and-true solutions to complex problems. 3. A results-oriented, performance-oriented attitude is required, as well as a strong sense of accountability. 4. Excellent written and spoken English abilities. Excellent interpersonal and communication abilities,...

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    We are looking for a skilled, Full time , Remote ,React.js developer to join our front-end development team IMMEDIATELY (2-3 years exp) . In this role, you will be responsible for developing and implementing user interface components using React.js concepts and workflows such as Redux, Flux, and Webpack. You will also be responsible for profiling and improving front-end performance and documentin...

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    React site enhancement 6 天 left

    We have a site that is currently in ReactJs, the user is able to login and then go to their profile screen. When on this screen they are able to click a deposit option and a withdraw option. We need a developer to integrate the Braintree sdk and then when the user submits their request send the request to a php script that we have on the server. Once the user deposits or withdraws we have to updat...

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    First Contentful Paint Speed Index Largest Contentful Paint Time to Interactive Total Blocking Time Cumulative Layout Shift

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    Hello,I need support of a React.js developer on hourly basis,it is urgent for today/tomorrow only,please ping me if [登录来查看链接] should have prior experience in working in React JS

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    - Marketing automation - Chatbot - Conversational marketing

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    I have a fully built chat application but it enables user to chat 1 on 1 and i also built group chat but in that it had an issue for example ( if socket had three user connected 1,2,3 the real time messaging work for first user and last user connected ) It is a simple task might take 10-20mins for socket developer. Everything is ready just want to do socket room coding (Note : you have to work ...

    $62 - $156
    $62 - $156
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    We need an existing React codebase to be tweaked to integrate some new functionality. The codebase is related to a blockchain application, but the gig doesn't involve any blockchain programming - only Node/React.

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    On a long-term basis, we're looking for a full-stack React.JS developer with a Python (Django) backend. Responsibilities 1)Collaboration with the development team on user interface concepts and applications. 2)reviewing application requirements and interface designs. 3)Developing and implementing highly responsive user interface components using react concepts. 4)Writing application interfa...

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    Experience React Js developer needed for full time 40hr/week Minimum Ex: 3 years Indian Only

    $10 - $41 / hr
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    $10 - $41 / hr
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    React API integration 6 天 left

    Design is ready in react and API is ready in Node.JS you need to just integrate. Thanks NO PAK CHINA

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    Fix Delegate Section of web3 app that interacts with a Songbird Network Smart contract where users can delegate to price oracles using the wrapped songbird tokens. Currently there is a request in the script that is being block by CORS causing a "Network error" The website where the files are hosted is [登录来查看链接]

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    Dear freelancers, We are looking for a Web3/Solidity developer to help launch a NFT generative-avatar project on the Ethereum blockchain. The project will generate 10,000 unique avatars from a combination of traits each with different rarities. This job will require: - Minting website (frontend + backend) with MetaMask integration. - Smart contract for minting (ERC720). - IPFS integration and fi...

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    Need Web Application developer who has knowledge in Laravel and React Js Developer. Need to work in IST. Preferred " Indian Developer "

    $1552 - $2070
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    $1552 - $2070
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    So I am doing a course on React on which I have weekly exercises. However I am totally new to React and I know that it will take me a lot of time to learn it alone. And I dont have it. So I need someone to have a video call showing me how to do the exercises, answering my doubts, etc. I dont want you do to my exercises, but to help me doing it. I dont think the exercises are very hard. I posted a...

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    DELIVERABLES A application that supports sign up, login, file upload/download, an algorithm that runs on input.

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    We need an audio calling app where 2 types of users exists. 1. Normal user (Who initiate the audio call) 2. Contributor (Who receive the call) Workflow: For Normal user: Normal user come and complete the signup through mobile number and OTP. Here we give 10 free coins. He can initiate call to any contributor and we charge 1 coin per minute. He can recharge/buy coins through razorpay/Payu paymen...

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    Does someone have the cryptomania exchange pro script code to run and install and make the necessary changes?

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