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3D Rendering is a process of turning a 3D model or scene into a 2D image or animation, bringing your visions to life in a realistic and visually stunning manner. Hiring 3D Rendering Experts on Freelancer.com allows you to create realistic visuals for your projects, whether it be architectural, interior design, product design, or animation work. With the right expert, you can turn an idea into reality and ensure that your project stands out from the competition.

Here's some projects that our expert 3D Rendering Experts made real:

  • Architectural and interior design visualization for residential and commercial projects
  • Product and packaging design for brands and businesses
  • Creating virtual art galleries and museum experiences with VR technology
  • Designing furniture layouts and room setups for home remodels
  • Producing realistic animations of environments and products for marketing purposes

Freelancer.com offers a vast pool of skilled professionals who can help bring your vision to life. No matter the project size or scope, there is a talented freelancer available to provide you with a high-quality rendering that will captivate your audience. By posting your project on Freelancer.com, you can easily connect with experts in different fields of 3D rendering who will work closely with you to ensure your final result meets your expectations.

If you're ready to start transforming your ideas into realistic visuals, don't hesitate any longer - post your own project on Freelancer.com today, and let our talented community of 3D Rendering Experts help you unlock the full potential of your project!

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    Expert 3D CAD Drafter Needed 6 天 left

    As a professional in need of a skilled CAD drafter, my primary requirement is for 3D designs. The drafts will be used for a variety of projects, ranging from product design to architectural visualization. Key points: - Proficiency in 3D drafting is an absolute must for this role. - The ability to translate 2D designs into 3D models is highly valued. - The drafts must be delivered in DWG format. Your application should focus on your relevant experience and expertise in 3D CAD drafting. Kindly showcase your past projects that demonstrate your capability in this particular area.

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    I'm in need of a skilled designer who can help me create two modern bathroom layouts, each 5*7 and 8.5*5.5. I have a DWG file, photos, and layout that I will provide. Key Elements: - I'm looking for a design that includes a walk-in shower, washbasin, storage solutions, and wall-hung commod. A bathtub is not required. - The main challenge will be to maximize the space in each bathroom without compromising the modern aesthetic. Skills and Experience: - Proficient in 2D design and able to work with provided DWG files. - Previous experience in bathroom design, particularly with the modern style. - Strong understanding of spatial planning and optimizing space utilization. - Creative ability to find storage solutions that fit seamlessly into the design. - Familiarity with a variety ...

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    I have an image of an alien, see attached image. I need an 3D-file to print it. Create the file with textures.

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    I'm in need of a custom mattress with features tailored to my preferences. - Size: The size I'm looking for is TBD. I may need a Twin, Queen, or King size mattress. Specifically, I'm looking to have a mattress that can comfortably accommodate two individuals - Bella and Molly. - Firmness: I didn't specify my preferred firmness level. I'd like to leave this up to the expert's recommendation, ensuring it's suitable for two users.

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    Necesito un diseño de zapatillas 3D para usar en un Reel de Instagram por aniversario de la marca que es el 8 de Agosto. El producto puedo modelarlo en 3D Modeling App. Tiene que durar aprox 12 a 15 Segundos. Es el primer video que se realizará, podría ser algo recurrente mensualmente aprox 1 proyecto por mes. Requerimientos clave: - Diseño de Zapatilla 3D: el diseño debe ser atractivo y visualmente atractivo. Debe ser capaz de cautivar al público en primeros planos. - Experiencia en Blender: El dominio de Blender es imprescindible, ya que necesito un modelo 3D detallado y de alta calidad. Habilidades y experiencia ideales: - Modelado 3D: Experiencia comprobada en la creación de modelos 3D de alto detalle, particularmente para pelí...

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    I am in need of an experienced 3D modeler and renderer who can create two detailed projects. Your work will involve: - Modeling and rendering of each project - Ensuring all projects are photorealistic - Addressing any design errors or oversights as needed - Producing 5 high-quality shots per project Key Requirements: - Proficiency with 3ds Max - Experience in photorealistic rendering - Attention to detail and commitment to quality - Ability to follow the provided design without deviations, unless a significant error is identified. Please note: The budget is $20 per project, and I won't be considering design changes or revisions unless there is a substantial mistake. It's essential that you are comfortable working within these terms.

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    I need a detailed architectural plan for constructing three apartment buildings in West Africa. These apartments are to be built as a cluster, ensuring that each unit is two-sided open, and doesn't share any walls with other units. Key Features: - Two of the apartment blocks should have 2 floors each, while the third one should have 3 floors. - The apartments should be 1, 2, and 3 bedrooms, with sizes ranging from 50 to 150 sqm. However, the preference is for 2 and 3 bedrooms. - These apartments may function as serviced apartments. As such, certain amenities need to be incorporated into the design. The Ideal Architect for this project would: - Have experience in designing residential buildings and cluster apartments. - Be able to design 2 to 3-floor buildings. - Possess a strong ...

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    I need a professional interior designer with a keen eye for minimalist design and expertise in retail spaces. You should have a deep understanding of how to utilize a neutral color palette to create a tranquil and elegant environment. Key Responsibilities: - Design a 450 sqft boutique situated in Bhopal Trilanga - Implement a minimalist theme throughout the shop - Use neutral tones (white, beige, grey) - Highlight and emphasize the product display area - Create a functional and aesthetic floor plan Ideal Skills: - Strong background in minimalist design - Experience in retail interior design - Proficient with color theory and creating harmonious color schemes - Ability to visually enhance product display areas - Strong spatial planning skills

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    I need an experienced designer to create a laser cut ready DXF file for a metal memorial. The memorial, themed as cowboy rustic, will incorporate religious symbols, portrait imagery, and custom text. Key requirements: - Proficiency in CAD software for creating DXF files - Experience in designing laser cut products - Creative flair to capture the cowboy rustic theme - Ability to integrate religious symbols, portrait imagery and custom text harmoniously - Willingness to take into account my feedback and make necessary revisions.

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    As an architectural visualization professional, I require the expertise of a Blender artist who can help me with 3 key aspects of my 3D model development: - Organizing Naming Conventions and Collections: It's crucial for the project's progression that all the elements in the 3D model are properly named and categorized. An artist who can establish a consistent naming convention and organize the model efficiently will significantly enhance the workflow. - Ensuring Compliance of Existing Surfaces: The surfaces in my model need to comply with specific instructions. This includes ensuring they are the correct dimensions, material, and other visual properties. The ideal freelancer should be able to review and adjust these surfaces in accordance with the given guidelines. - Scene Opt...

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    I am in need of a highly skilled and creative renderer who can deliver an eye-level view rendering of a metal workshop building. This rendering will be used for both print and online advertisements. The successful freelancer will focus on: - Showcasing the exterior design of the metal workshop building in detail. - Ensuring the design is engaging and visually appealing in print and digital platforms. Professional experience in architectural rendering and knowledge of various presentation techniques will be advantageous. Your portfolio of previous similar work will be highly considered. Make this workshop come to life through your talent and craftsmanship.

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    I need an elevation design for store front i am uploading the sample images please take the buidling approx size i want a design thats very unique and standout . Its a Jewellery store and around 5 floors building with little visibility on road but a long view of side from elevated bridge so the side design is more as in the reference images also

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    I'm looking for a skilled interior designer who can assist me in creating a modern living room. The room should primarily consist of neutral tones such as white, beige, and grey. Key points to consider: - The design should be contemporary and sleek, embodying a modern aesthetic. - The choice of furniture and decor should be aligned with this style, while also ensuring they are comfortable and functional for everyday living. I'm open to hearing your professional suggestions and ideas in order to achieve a cohesive and inviting atmosphere. Experience in creating modern living spaces is a plus. Let's collaborate to design a living room that is not only visually appealing but also practical and comfortable.

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    I'm looking for an experienced architect to help me remodel my living room. Key Deliverables: - Comprehensive plan to renovate the living room of my house Ideal Skills: - Proven experience in residential design - Strong knowledge of interior design - Proficient in using architecture design software I'm looking for a freelancer who can provide a fresh perspective and creative input on how to make this space more functional and aesthetically pleasing. Prior experience in residential remodeling will be highly valued.

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    Trophy icon Preschool Building Design Needed 6 天 left

    I'm in need of a fresh, innovative and cost effective design for a preschool building in an urban setting. The key feature I'm after is excellent play areas both indoors and outdoors. Key Requirements: - Design a preschool for an urban area - Include both indoor and outdoor play areas I need this project completed urgently, so please only bid if you can commit to a fast turnaround. Your design should be appealing, functional, and suitable for a preschool environment. Experience in designing educational spaces or previous work on similar projects would be a huge plus. Key points to consider while designing: 1. Plot area 306 sqm ( 17mtr x 18mtr) 2. Building to be G+1. 3. On each floor : Three class room , one play room, one staff room , reception area and toilet. 4. Out play ar...

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    I'm seeking a talented 3D designer to create a captivating virtual gallery for marketing clothing brands. Key Details: - **Objective**: The primary goal of this project is to market clothing brand through an innovative and visually appealing virtual gallery size for 2m*2m and high 2.5m . - **Timelines**: I'm looking for the final design to be completed within a month. Your Proposal: - **Portfolio**: I'm highly interested in reviewing your previous work, particularly if it involves similar projects like virtual galleries or 3D designs. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in 3D design software - Prior experience with marketing or branding related projects is a plus - Ability to deliver high quality work in a timely manner

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    I'm seeking a design professional to create an exterior concept for my home, reflecting a Modern Farmhouse style, as well as an open floor plan for the interior. *Exterior Design:* - Modern Farmhouse Style: The design should successfully blend the rustic charm and contemporary sophistication of this style. This includes featuring clean lines, minimal ornamentation, and an emphasis on functionality. - Large Front Porch: The key element of the exterior design is a large front porch designed with relaxation in mind. *Interior Design:* - Open Floor Concept: The home's interior design should be based on an open floor concept. This implies a design that avoids walls and uses open spaces to create a flow between rooms. For this project, I'm looking for a designer with experi...

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    Rustic Tile Floor Design 6 天 left

    I am looking for a talented and experienced interior designer to create a rustic, yet vibrant, tile floor design. Key Tasks: - Establish a design concept based on my preferences - Incorporate rustic style with colorful and vibrant tile colors - Render a final look and feel Ideal Skills: - Experience in tile floor design - Strong concept visualization skills - Knowledge in color schemes and patterns Your innovative design approach and keen eye for blending styles will be advantageous. Let's create a unique tile floor that pops out!

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    I have an existing 3D model in AutoCAD that I need to modify by adding simple shapes. The task should take approximately 10 hours. Key Requirements: - Strong CAD experience, particularly with AutoCAD is a must. - Familiarity with working on 3D models and adding simple shapes like cylinders and boxes is required. The modifications will include adding cylinders or tubes and boxes or cubes. The dimensions of the cylinders or tubes that need to be added should fall within the medium range (1-5 inches). Please provide samples of your previous work in AutoCAD and let me know about your experience working with 3D models.

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    I am in need of an interior designer with a knack for digital visualization. Your task will be to craft a digital design of a room from a provided floor plan and brief overview. Key details: - Unfortunately, I have not decided on a specific style/theme yet, so creativity and flexibility will be key for this project. Examples of styles could be Modern, Rustic, or Scandinavian, but don't feel limited to these options. - Similarly, I have not settled on a color scheme. Neutral tones, vibrant colors, or pastel shades could work. Excellent use of color and understanding of color theory will be vital. - The purpose/function of the room has not been established. It might be a living room, bedroom, or home office. Show me what you can do! Ideal skills/experience: - Previous work in interio...

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    ++TIME FRAME 24 HOURS++ I need a skilled AutoCAD professional to recreate a drawing from a PDF into AutoCAD format, and provide a detailed summary of outer dimensions. Key Requirements: ++NO INTERNAL DETAILS ARE REQUIRED++ - Convert a provided PDF file into an AutoCAD drawing - Utilize different sizes for BORDERS and AutoCAD's standard colors for the interior details - Attach a summary of all outer dimensions, including detailed measurements like angles and radius, in a separate file Ideal Skills: - Proficiency in AutoCAD - Strong attention to detail - Knowledge of standard drawing practices - Ability to interpret and implement detailed measurements - Experience in creating technical drawings is a plus Please pay attention that I only need walls. Anything with inside details like t...

    $1171 (Avg Bid)
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    I'm looking for a skilled and experienced craftsperson to design and create an adjustable headstrap for an Oculus Quest 3 VR headset. Key requirements for this project are: * Material and Design: The headstrap should be made out of high-quality leather, ensuring a sophisticated look and feel. * Comfort: As the user will be wearing this headstrap for extended gaming sessions, paramount focus should be given to its comfort. Therefore, the headstrap should be designed with comfort padding to provide an added layer of comfort. * Adjustability: The headstrap should be adjustable to accommodate various head sizes and shapes, ensuring a secure fit for all users. Ideal freelancers for this project should have significant experience in the field of wearable electronic accessories design and ha...

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    Designers with or without experience are needed to provide the services, for the purpose of making industrial multifunctional machinery, equipment and tools -

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    I'm in need of a talented and experienced interior designer to create a realistic rendering and shopping list for my living room. Key Requirements: - Design Style: The design you'll be working on should be Earth Tone Comfy. - Color Palette: Use earth tones as the primary colors in the design. - Deliverables: I expect a realistic rendering that accurately represents the design, as well as a shopping list that I can use to acquire the necessary items for the room. - MUST HAVE UNLIMITED REVISIONS If your initial design for the living room meets my expectations, I have plans to extend the project to the rest of my home. Skills in using design software, a keen eye for detail and understanding of how to create comfortable yet stylish spaces are essential for this project. Inspiratio...

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    I'm seeking a skilled 3D rendering artist to create 360-degree product renders for 10-20 different skincare products, intended for my e-commerce website. Your renders need to be highly detailed and realistic as they will play a significant role in illustrating the appeal of these products to potential buyers. Key Responsibilities: - Develop high-quality 360-degree renders of skincare products - Ensure all details of the products are accurately presented - Deliver high resolution, web-optimized images Ideal Skills: - Expertise in 3D rendering software - Prior experience with product rendering, particularly skincare products - Detail-oriented and able to work within deadlines.

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    I am looking for colour and design for an exterior upgrade to a house plus a new garage build. Project to include: Combination of siding textures - vertical/horizontal/shakes Designing the trim features and colours Main colour plus 1-2 trim colours

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    I require a skilled 3D artist for a photorealistic rendering of an existing product. The product is boxed shaped and should be fairly simple to render. I would require upon delivery the "live" file for further internal use, renderings and adjustments. Product has two lids with flaps and we would need to be able to open and close the lids and see the interior of the product. The attached was made with a rendering. We want to achieve the same quality but be able to have access to and manipulate the file. (perhaps using blender or another open source rendering program).

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    I'm seeking an expert interior designer with a knack for green, stylish, eco-friendly designs to heighten my store's brand image. I need 2D Floor Plan and 3D Rendering. Your design proposition should uphold: - Eco-Elegance: The heart and soul of this project lies in harmonizing sophistication with sustainability. Your design must prominently feature Plants & Greenery, showcasing nature’s tranquility within retail space. A keen eye for integrating natural elements seamlessly into the overall design is a must. - Next Gen Design: It is not a traditional fashion store, it will consist but limited to womens' fashion, sportswear, outdoor gears, bicycles, coffee brunch,. etc. - Brand Enhancement: The design must not only be aesthetically pleasing but also effective...

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    I'm looking for a talented designer to bring my vision of a modern and sleek fashion kiosk to life, ultimately to be situated inside a mall. Key Points: - The focus of the kiosk is on clothing; therefore, the design should reflect this aspect. - The design should be modern and sleek. I'm aiming for a contemporary and attractive look that will appeal to potential shoppers. Ideal Skills & Experience: - Proficiency in interior or kiosk design - Understanding of contemporary design trends - Experience with similar projects, especially in mall environments, will be highly beneficial. Your design should not only be visually appealing but also functional, making use of the space available in the mall.

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    fazer projeto de instalação de máquina de ar condicionado em

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    3D Villa Modern Facade Design 6 天 left

    I'm looking for a skilled and imaginative 3D designer to create a modern facade for a villa with a unique wall design. The color scheme should be neutral, focusing on whites, grays, and beige. Key elements: - Design a modern facade that stands out while adhering to the villa's overall aesthetics. - Incorporate a wall design that complements the facade, adding an appealing visual feature to the building. Ideal skills and experience include: - Proficiency in 3D design software. - Previous experience in designing modern facades and wall features. - Understanding of color theory and the ability to work effectively within the specified color scheme. Sizes and highs: - small villa in Riyadh City. - Width of the building is 910 cm. - Width of the wall is 1300 cm. - The hight of the b...

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    I'm in need of an interior designer who can turn my small rental home into a stylish and modern living space. The job includes designing furniture and the overall interior of the living room, bedroom, and kitchen. Key Responsibilities: - Designing a modern, trendy interior for a small space. - Creating a cohesive and functional design for the living room, bedroom, and kitchen. - Selecting suitable furniture and decor that fits the modern aesthetic. - Considering space-saving solutions for small rooms. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven experience in interior design, particularly for small spaces. - A strong understanding of modern design principles. - Proficiency in selecting and arranging furniture and decor. - Excellent communication skills to understand my preferences and prov...

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    I'm looking for an experienced 3D renderer to create a photorealistic visual of my residential house's exterior façade. Key requirements: • Expertise in creating photorealistic 3D renders • Experience working with residential properties • Sound understanding of architectural details and doctrines, primarily for residential houses. Deliverables: • A high-quality, photorealistic 3D rendering of the exterior façade of the house. Please include examples of similar projects completed in your portfolio when making a bid.

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    I am looking to transform a small garage into a functional stationery store where paper products, postcards, and paper novelties, including printing and engraving services, will be sold. I need someone to design the space in a functional modern style, making it both visually appealing and functional for my business needs. Project Requirements: - Divide the existing garage into two separate spaces: Space 1: Maintain as a parking area. Space 2: Convert into a stationery store -Create a second level within the stationery store for equipment storage, utilising the 4-meter height of the garage - Design a passage from the stationery store to the existing toilet - Redesign the facade for the stationery store section to give it a distinct, attractive appearance - Ensure to keep access to the st...

    $195 (Avg Bid)
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    Prefab metal building. 25' wide 41' long 13' high Model CG2541 from CAEL , Capital Automobile Equipment Ltd CAEL Arvin Ave Stoney Creek Ontario

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    I'm looking for an experienced landscaper to create a large garden area. The main goal of this project is to transform the space into a beautiful and functional garden. Key Responsibilities: - Designing a creative and practical layout for the garden. - Suggesting and incorporating features to enhance the area. - Implementing the design, ensuring all elements are properly installed and arranged. - Providing guidance on the types of plants and materials that would thrive in the space. Experience and Skills: - Proven experience in large-scale garden landscaping. - Creative and innovative design skills. - Strong understanding of plant life and garden aesthetics. - Ability to deliver a project on time and within the specified budget. Please provide examples of your previous work and y...

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    As a client in need of an architectural visualization expert, I'm looking for a skilled professional who can transform a Rivet file into highly detailed, realistic elevations and perspectives. This visualization should also include a surrounding landscape to resemble the project's natural state. Key Requirements: - The project demands a high level of detail. The visualization should feature realistic lighting, textures, and accurate representation of architectural elements. - The surrounding landscape is an essential element. It's crucial that the visualization accurately reflects the current natural state of the project area. Ideal Freelancer: - Proficient in architectural visualization software, with a strong command of extracting detail from Rivet files. - Skilled in ...

    $422 (Avg Bid)
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    I'm seeking a talented and experienced 3D artist to create realistic renders of tables and plinths. These renders will be used for interior design visualization and product catalog purposes. Key Deliverables: - High-quality 3D renders of tables and plinths - Realistic lighting and textures to convey the product effectively Ideal Skills & Experience: - Demonstrated experience in 3D modeling and rendering, particularly in the furniture domain - A strong portfolio showcasing your ability to create photo-realistic renders - Excellent understanding of lighting, textures, and composition for product visualization - Strong attention to detail and ability to capture the essence of different design styles - Previous experience with interior design visualization and product catalog creati...

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    I am in need of 3D designs for the living room, bedroom, and bathroom of my house. The preferred design style is modern. Key Project Details: - 3D Design Requirements: You will be responsible for creating detailed, modern 3D designs for the living room, bedroom, and bathroom. These designs should reflect a contemporary, sleek aesthetic that aligns with the overall modern theme of the project. - Color Schemes: As I do not have specific color preferences, I am open to your professional recommendations. However, please ensure that the colors chosen complement the modern design style and create a cohesive look across all three rooms. Ideal Candidate: - Interior Design Experience: A background in interior design with a specific focus on modern styles is highly desirable. - 3D Design Skills: P...

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    I'm looking for a skilled professional who can convert my 2D AutoCAD file into a 3D model view in Revit. The purpose of this 3D model is for visualization, specifically for the exterior elements. Key requirements include: - Converting the 2D AutoCAD file to a 3D model in Revit - Including detailed major interior elements such as walls and windows, but not furniture and fixtures - Emphasis on the exterior elements - I only need a 3D view of the walls, slabs, and exterior elements It's important that the freelancer has: - Proficient skills in AutoCAD and Revit - Previous experience in similar 2D to 3D model conversions - Ability to effectively interpret the client's needs for a 3D visualization - Attention to detail in the major interior elements while focusing on the exteri...

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    A client would like a simple CAD design to use for a patent application of a simple invention to help pool/billiard players train their pool shooting stroke. The invention uses a rubber hose attached at the end of each hand and is designed to act as a resistance trainer. The rubber hose is 31 inches long, the clasp is 1 inch long, and the wrist and hand wrap are 6 inches long. This design is for a patent application.

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    As a growing interior business, I'm in need of a talented 3D designer who can produce top quality renderings for various property types. The purpose of these renders is to create rich and immersive visualizations that can be used for architectural visualization. Key Requirements: - You need to be able to work across various types of spaces. This includes residential, commercial, and even outdoor environments. Experience with all of these is a huge plus. - The level of detail I'm looking for is quite high. This means you'd need to be able to produce intricate textures and lighting in your work. - The ideal candidate would be one who can understand the needs of a business like mine and tailor their designs to be both visually appealing and functional. Ideal Skills Include: -...

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    I'm in need of a skilled 3D modeler to create a highly detailed architectural model. The model should include both interiors and exteriors. Key Requirements: - The architectural model needs to be high-detail, capturing the essence of both the interior and exterior of the building. - The final model should be delivered in OBJ, STL, and FBX file formats. Skills Needed: - Proficiency in 3D modeling software, with a focus on architectural modeling. - Experience in creating high-detail models, particularly in architectural design. - Ability to work with textures to enhance the realism of the model.

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    I'm seeking a talented 3D modeler to create 1-5 different anime characters for me. The models should include both humans and creature or monster characters with moderate detail. Ideal expertise: - 3D modeling of complex characters. - Design skills for anime-style characters. - Understanding of moderate detailing in 3D models. Duties will include: - Creation of 1-5 diverse models - Preparing the models for animation - Quality assurance of models to ensure they match desired aesthetic and detail level. Experience in Photoshop, Illustrator, Blender, Maya or similar 3D modeling software is required. Specific prior work with anime-style characters is a plus.

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    In this project, I require an experienced and detail-oriented Autocad designer who can help create a 2D design for my residential house. Key job responsibilities: - Creation of a 2D Autocad design with specific focus on the design of bedrooms, bathrooms, and the dining area. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Extensive experience with Autocad software, especially in creating detailed 2D building designs. - Previous work examples in residential house designing. - Detailed understanding of bed rooms, bathrooms and dining area specifications. - Creative and innovative thinking, able to suggest design ideas and improvements. This project requires an individual who is attentive to detail and can closely resemble a comfortable and beautiful residential space in a 2D design format.

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    I have a 2D plan of my shop and I'm looking for a 3D interior design, with a modern style, in neutral tones. The project will cover the entire shop, including the entrance and display area, the cashier and checkout zone, and the storage and back office. Key Responsibilities: - Create a 3D modern design based on the provided 2D plan. - Ensure the design adheres to the modern style requested. - Incorporate a neutral tones color scheme throughout. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in 3D modeling and rendering software. - Strong understanding of modern interior design principles. - Proven track record of designing commercial spaces. - Attention to detail and ability to accurately convert 2D plans to 3D designs. - Experience working with neutral color schemes is a plus. Please ...

    $1944 (Avg Bid)
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    I am reaching out to inquire about obtaining 3D renders for a funerary crypt design that incorporates modern styles, natural elements, and environmental considerations. Our vision includes the integration of light, religious symbols, and modern cultural references such as Star Wars and cartoonist themes. Specifically, we require 3D renders in various sizes to accommodate different capacities, as follows: 1-body crypt 2-body crypt 4-body crypt 6-body crypt Crypt for 10 or more bodies Could you please provide a quote for each 3D render, considering the unique design elements mentioned? Additionally, if you have any recommendations or ideas based on your expertise, we would greatly appreciate your input.

    $78 (Avg Bid)
    1 项参赛作品

    I'm looking for a highly skilled professional architect or architectural visualizer to curate a comprehensive portfolio I will use for job applications. This portfolio should include some of my best work showcasing my ability in interior design and project planning. As a key requirement: - You need to present more than 10 different projects in this portfolio. - The projects may include designs for different types of buildings or public spaces, but the focus should be on interior design and project planning. Ideal Skills & Experience: - Proven experience in curating architectural portfolio, preferably for job applicants. - Exceptional design and visualization skills. - Proficient in related software such as AutoCAD, SketchUp, 3DS Max, etc. - Portfolio or examples of previous arch...

    $180 (Avg Bid)
    $180 平均报价
    23 个竞标

    I'm seeking a skilled 3D artist to render my 1600Sq Ft kids clothing and accessories store. The 3D model has been created in G Sketch up and now requires a realistic touch to bring it to life. Key Elements to Focus On: - Lighting and Shadows: These are crucial to create a realistic and serene atmosphere in the store. The lighting should be soft and gentle, not harsh. - Textures and Materials: The textures of the store elements like walls, floors, and product shelves need to be accurately depicted. The materials used in the store should reflect a serene and calm ambiance. The ideal mood and atmosphere for the rendered image: - The overall desired aesthetic is one that is soft and serene. The rendering should evoke a sense of calm and tranquility, which is essential for a kids' ...

    $687 (Avg Bid)
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    I require a 3D robot design for use in CGI movies. This robot will be highly detailed, especially for close-up shots. It also needs to be fully articulated for complex movements. Key requirements: - 3D Robot Design: The design needs to be engaging and visually appealing. It should be capable of captivating the audience in close-up shots. - Articulation: The robot should be fully articulated, enabling complex movements for dynamic scenes. - Expertise in Blender: Proficiency in Blender is a must, as I require a high-quality, detailed 3D model. Ideal Skills and Experience: - 3D Modeling: Proven experience in creating high-detail 3D models, particularly for CGI movies. - Blender Proficiency: Advanced skills in Blender are essential for this project. - Articulation: Prior experience in creati...

    $2952 (Avg Bid)
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