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Researching is a field that needs tremendous skill and careful analysis on the various facets that are related to the company\'s transactions and dealings. The researcher should always be alert and prove their credential to the benefit of the company. The job involves handling day-to-day coordination activity, managing the firm, and taking active part in the decision-making process. If you are a career-minded person with a self-motivated spirit, you can find thousands of research jobs at Freelancer.com.

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    I am going to ask me about fake freelancer. I hate them. I will let you know who is fake. You just report. If his account is closed, I will instantly pay you 100usd. Thank you.

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    Operating system expert having good command in English Language.. We need a report.

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    Hvac and engineering skills with management and building extensive knowledge

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    Hello, We want to run a YouTube channel and we’re looking for someone who can help in Content/Script Writing and Research for our channel. This would consist of - Researching The Content - Writing an original script - Finding clips to use The most important skill is your English and Creativity. The videos need to be at least 10 minutes long each. We’re looking for someone to work ...

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    Attached all instruction: Specify the brand campaign and the objective. Describe the campaign, and justify why you think the campaign is categorized for that particular objective TO DO & Collect: (two pages) Review coverage about the campaign in the media by researching and reading articles. You might also collect additional insights from third-party analysis reports such as Think with Go...

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    Hi! I have a project that requires someone with the following skills: - Familiarity with computer terminology (preferably a background in computer science) - Knowledge of search engines - Fluency in English This is a long-term and ongoing project. There is a short period of training involved so I will only hire you if you are available at least for the next six months. > I will provide you wi...

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    Hola cómo están? Estoy buscando un experto en creador de biografías en Wikipedia

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    We need writers who can write on tourism and hospitality in any country of their choice

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    answer the question 6 天 left

    - they have 5 questions on paper - answer the question by tomorrow - can search information

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    Internship exam -- 2 6 天 left

    1) Business Law: A TV Shop advertises its annual sale in the local press. The advertisement states that all television sets will be available at less than half price and the first customer through the doors at opening time on March 1st will also win a case of champagne. Homer arrives at the shop the night before the sale to ensure that he is first in the queue but, unfortunately, he falls asleep ...

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    Marketing and Management expert [登录来查看链接] place bid if you can start writing today

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    Competency Demonstration Report you must : 1- Prove you did this kind of work before, Show samples of previous work examples 2- Strictly follow relevant guidelines

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    Hello everyone I am looking for pharmaceutical companies ceo cfo office leads for by business campaigns. Let me know with your samples if you can provide me

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    Se requiere de arquitecto con experiencia previa para inicio inmediato. Para realización de estudios de costes. Spanish Speaking Architect wanted (Venezuela, Peru, Bolivia, Colombia, Spain...)

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    statement of purpose regarding study visa we are hiring best sop writer who have good knowledge about all study stream such as medical, non medical, arts, commerce we are deal in canada study visa. if anybody interested regarding this work kindly call me [Removed by Freelancer.com]

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    Ebook writing 6 天 left

    I need a professional ebook ghostwriters for my project

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    report writer 6 天 left

    i need to write one report. don't copy anything from internet.

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    I have to write a technical report in English. I need a well skilled writer to help me with this. The app is made by myself. After I explained how it is composed and how it works, you should categorize all system and have to write about it. Spanish speaking people are also welcome.

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    In my project, I have to do mobility simulation and network simulation, I am working with sumo software but unable to add electric vehicle features and stop the vehicle to a charging station if it is available to use.

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    Needed expert in Medical writing and citation work

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    I am a health coach and need someone to support nutritional info, lifestyle habits and recipes etc to share them for wider reach. I need some articles written for my [登录来查看链接] articles should be about interesting ideas generate curiosity and be original content. Want someone who has past 2 years experience in health & nutrition field . Please message me if you have any questions,

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    project -- 3 6 天 left

    writing research writing skills

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    I need you to write a short review paper regarding 'Deep Learning Algorithms for Cybersecurity Applications'. Need 8-10 pages.

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    I need a literature review about Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis disease and SOD1 gene and protein. The literature review must cover the following list (headings). I. SOD1function in the organisms and its relation to ALS - This part must be simple and concise. Explain SOD1 function using primary references. - Show evidence of why SOD1 is related to ALS. II. Structure of the SOD1 mutated p...

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    Grant writing 6 天 left

    I am looking for help finding small and medium size research grants in the area of international prison mental health.

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    I want some one who is expert in writing meta-analysis medical research and knows how to do the statistics of the research. If you find yourself suitable apply

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    I need a research writer to write about an Technical research.

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    i need tutoring for my assignment

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    Ethics paper 6 天 left

    ethics paper 5 pages long need done by Saturday night

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    Find research grants 6 天 left

    I am looking for help finding small and medium size research grants in the area of international prison mental health.

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    Competency Demonstration Report you must : 1- Prove you did this kind of work before, Show samples of previous work examples 2- Strictly follow relevant guidelines

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    Estou criando a versão em espanhol de um canal brasileiro de curiosidades e preciso de uma pessoa para criar a locução dos vídeos. O locutor receberá um roteiro em espanhol e deverá fazer a gravação da narração. Então tem requisito de saber (Fluente) ESPANHOL. Os vídeos originais tem cerca de 8 min - 12min e um ...

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    A literature review on healthcare industry. On chronic pain management.

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    Freelance Assessment-1 Write a thematic/critical essays, ( Choose a subject that affects the contemporary fashion industry - Which can be social, cultural, political issue) along with- Primary and secondary research. One example is- MetroSexual Man in covid times, why taking care of yourself is important. (Changing narratives of Man)

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    We need writers who can write research papers on children mental health.

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    Hi there, i need you to prepare a feasibility study about cryptocurrency mining in Saudi Arabia using Renewable energy.

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    Greetings I need help generating a list of media markets in Texas : radio, print and news specifically in Texas cities: Houston, Austin, Dallas and San Antonio. Need a good list with current journalists, influencers and media personalities in this territory.

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    -Search list of empirical studies on a specific topic and share synopsis

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    Adventure tourism.. I need someone to draft a business plan for us

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    I need some one who is professional in articles in the fueled of oral Implantology

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    Prompt: What makes people happy? How do systems of power and privilege impact our happiness? Write an argumentative research essay that explores a research question related to this theme in our class. Below are a few lines of questioning you might consider, but these are not exhaustive. Develop (and have approved) a proposal, which will include a research question and preliminary bibliography. Co...

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    You will support the formulation of climate change-related projects for large climate funds (GCF, GEF, AD, etc.). Our office is in Valencia (Spain), but this can be a home based position with flexible working hours. Duties Conduct qualitative and quantitative research, including literature reviews and background searches on a broad range of subjects related to climate change. Present findings i...

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    I need a Russian / Ukrainian local who knows the job market and the main job sites, who can find me English speaking candidates who have experience in Quantitative Finance, order flow management and order execution. You will need to translate the advertisement to Russian / Ukrainian and post it to as many Russian / Ukrainian local pages and job sites as possible. After that, I will give you inter...

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    Research Proposal writing. See attached docs. Due date: 25 Oct 2021 at 17:00

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    Research Media Market Texas 5 天 left

    Greetings I need help generating a list of media markets in Texas : radio, print and news specifically in Texas cities: Houston, Austin, Dallas and San Antonio. Need a good list with current journalists, influencers and media personalities in this territory.

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    paper on digital marketing 5 天 left

    I need a report on "digital marketing in tourisim industry", 2500 words with a review for least two research articles from an academic peer reviewed journal on the topic of digital marketing. articles must be between 2016 and 2021. What is needed in • Reflect on the results of the studies • What are the key research questions addressed • What is the methodology applied ...

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    Write a 3-4 page research paper on explaining and comparing Communism and capitalism. Must be APA 7th addition Cover page, reference list, in text citations.

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    Design a big data project (3-5 sentences per question, 2-3 pages in total for the project proposal): 1. Choose a problem related to big data that you are interested in solving and clearly describe it. E.g. in a domain such as medicine, agriculture, transportation, government, science, etc... 2. Choose an appropriate strategy and explain how it will be used to solve this problem for big data. Re...

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    Research Assistant -- 7 5 天 left

    Hi, I am looking for a virtual assistant for a few tasks such as, Market research, company research etc.. If you are interested please answer the following questions. Questions: 1) Send sample of your research work 2) Which is the best time to reach you? Thanks, Have a Nice Day

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    Need 300 page Thesis on "A Comprehensive Study of Data Pre-processing and Supervised Classification Models for Substantial Prediction"

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