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    Have some experience with GHIDRA

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    I have a PCB that is doublesided and i want that PCB in KiCad 6 The Job is to redraw the complete PCB in Kicad (without Schematics). So that it is possible to create Gerberfiles from there, to reproduce this PCB. For all Parts should be used Footprints and not only pads. Basic Projekt Setup is already there. Quality of the Pictures of both Sides of the PCB you can see in the Attachment. Size of the PCB is 150x120mm

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    I work in the automotive field, and as you already know there are firmware updates for cars, and every firmware update is diffrent. What iam looking for is a system/script, with a database, where it can store the firmware, and analyse it, and export the changes between these 2 binaries which i upload, and save it, in future when i upload a similar firmware to automarically copy the changes, that where extracted ( if its similar firmware ofcourse ) so i assume it should look for patterns, or blocks/sectors on the ORIginal + and to check if it can find them in the newly uploaded firmware, and if so, to apply the diffrence in the same places :) 1- Firmware A & Firmware B extract diffrences ( changes made ) from firmware B and store them 2- identify and store Firmware A & Firmware B...

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    Hello freelancers, saya saat ini sedang membutuhkan org yg handal dalam mengintercept API sebuah aplikasi dikarenakan saya ingin membuat versi desktopnya secara unofficial / pemakaian pribadi. Jobdesknya hanya sebatas intercept API saja, jika kalian sudah pernah melakukannya silahkan langsung hub saya. Terimakasih

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