Rust is a multiparadigm systems programming language used in well-known software such as Firefox and Dropbox. As a language, Rust is syntactically similar to C++, but it provides better memory safety. Unsafe code can be useful, and it is the default in C++, but Rust provides a more balanced and risk aware strategy in allowing programmers to write unsafe code, while keeping safe code as the default.

The uses of Rust can be demonstrated by Dropbox - using Rust for several components of the core storage system, for optimal efficiency. Rust is also used by Tilde, Chucklefish and Yelp.

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    Crypto trading bots 6 天 left

    We are a HFT trading company focused on crypto trading. The company is employing high skilled developers who are able to create trading algorithms on biggest exchanges. Preferred languages are: c++, node.js, python, rust so any language that has multithreading. Potential candidate will get a task of developing his own trading strategies. We will give significant level of instructions but technica...

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    $93 - $232 / hr
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    Rust programmer wanted 5 天 left

    Rust programmer wanted. Must have experience

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    Hi, Need some Rust programming. Long term project.

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    Hi, Need some Rust programming.

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    Build website with a Rust Web FrameWork and Apps

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    implement the login handler and wesocket handler in Rust, no database, no UI. deploy in the cloud.

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    Use Metaplex's new Solana based protocol to create an NFT storefront

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    Looking to have a token make on secret network blockchain. Must know rust programming language. Thier token standard is snip-20. Thanks!

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