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    Hello, I need blockchain developers for a long-range project. U should be good in either Front end development, Back end development, Smart contract, or bot development. Comment with your skills and you will be messaged privately.

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    hello we need a very talented freelancer , real expert on flash loans , and flash loans mechanism

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    We are going to build a new NFT marketplace from scratch, so if you have a deep experience in NFT marketplace, bid free here

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    Looking to hire an experience blockchain developer for defi projects for our company. We will check your previou experience and github profile on the interview. We will start with right candidate immediately!

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    We are going to build one dApp similar to metaverse system on ARK blockchain network. If you have good experience and skills, please reach out to me. (600USD per week is our rough budget).

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    I need developer with more than a year experience in Solana and NFT for our big project. We'll teach more technology about our project, If you can create simple contract for mint, buy, sell, please send message. Only smart contract, not frontend and web3 We will teach that. If you are interested in this project, contact me right now. Thanks

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    The farms from above 3 swaps should be aggregate to my project. Users should be able to stake, unstake, withdraw their earnings. ***This is not building smart contracts.** When new farms is setup as adding the farm contract address and provide liquidity link to the .env file to display it (if the modal for that farm is included, which should be the case for all farm from 1inch, Sushiswap (Poly/ Eth), Quickswap, Dinoswap, as all farms using the same contract) The technical problems can be discussed on private chat. I don't want auto bid, please write "quickswap" in your bid so that I can know you read my post. Thanks.

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    ========I don't need designer.======= ======== I need rust expert .======= I'm looking for Rust expert who has good experience in Smart Contract using Rust on Solana Blockchain Network. I need very big smart contract. So if you are interested in this big project, please send simple smart contract for mint, buy, sell using Rust on Solana blockchain network. If you can't send this very simple contract, don't send message. Only you created, don't send other's contract. Thanks

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    Hello everyone! I'm looking for Rust expert on Solana Blockchain Network. You should have more than 3 years experience in Rust on Solana and Web3.js. I need new Smart Contract for stacking, farming. If you don't have experience in simple smart contract for mint, buy and sell, don't bid I'll check your skill and very simple smart contract created by you for mint, buy, sell It's very big project so as I said if you are not expert, don't send message. Thanks

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    Need a Smart Contract Created 6 天 left

    I’m looking to hire a developer with solid experience in creating flash loans/smart contracts for a very particular purpose which I will explain further. MUST be fluent in Solidity and English. No exceptions.

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    Proyecto de realidad aumentado con base en NTFs y criptomonedas

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    I need you to have an advisory about a contract in the ethereum blockchain (mainnet) in order to understand what happened with some transactions. The smart contract is a fork of uniswap and it seems that an external contract extract the liquidity but we don't understand how. Please, if you have the knowledge to give to us that kind of explanation, drop here a message and we can talk as soon as possible, we need this urgently.

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    Smart contract 5 天 left

    Hi! I wanted to ask you if you can help me out to write a smart contract using ethereum. I have a sole company in the Netherlands and I want to make a contract with a company in Uruguay to consultancy, but I'm not sure how we can use smart contracts to do this. Can you "translate" a common contract into a smart contract?

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    The farms from above 3 swaps should be aggregate to my project. Users should be able to stake, unstake, withdraw their earnings. ***This is not building smart contracts.** When new farms is setup as adding the farm contract address and provide liquidity link to the .env file to display it (if the modal for that farm is included, which should be the case for all farm from 1inch, Sushiswap (Poly/ Eth), Quickswap, Dinoswap, as all farms using the same contract) The technical problems can be discussed on private chat. I don't want auto bid, please write "quickswap" in your bid so that I can know you read my post. Thanks.

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    I need 1 page site with only one of the functions wonderland has, not all of them. I already have a logo for the site ! (this project is NOT a decentralized reserve currency in any way!-) This site will contain the ability to mint the native token of the site( which I have already created and posses) at the discount shown in return for the end user supplying one of the 5 assets/pairs ( USDC.e, WETH.e, AVAX, USDT.e, MIM) ( please see wl-mint for layout and wl-mint page for actually minting process) Based on the percent discount shown I would like a hidden percentage of that minting process to go to the wallet address of my choosing. I would also like if possible to have the ability to change the visible discount and the percentage I receive on the fly via some sort of web in...

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    Block Chain Developer 5 天 left

    I need a blockchain developer for my project

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    I need someone who has experience about hive chain

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    React Web3 Project 5 天 left

    The dashboard looks a little complicated but its very simple just needs to show our BSC token, regular BSC and our nft.

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    Hello, We are looking for someone with experience in Solidity Smart Contracts ERC721 that can create a Full Audit of our Smart Contract. 1. Check code for Errors, Mistakes, Future Problems, Logic Issues. 2. Compile and Test Deploy on Rinkeby Successfully 3. Verify and Publish in Rinkeby Etherscan 4. Test all functions, whitelist, minting, flip state, change price, etc. Make sure everything works and it causes no logic issues 5. Create sample collection on Test OpenSea to see that minted item appears on opensea 6. SetBaseUrl test to make sure opensea is retrieving the data In summary, check that everything works well and that we will have no problems when deploying on mainnet. The Smart Contract is already READY and using OpenZeppellin so in theory it should have no issues but I wa...

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    We want develop new blockchain and coin with mining and stacking features

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    Smart Contract Consultation 5 天 left

    We want to take one hour Consultation where you would explain us at high level on 1. How smart contract works 2. How we can validate tokens created using smart contract 3. How smart contract is linked to wallets 4. How airdrop works 5. How smart contract linked to token purchases 5. Smart contract linked to liquidity pool 7. Address some of our queries If meeting goes more than hour we can pay extra. Only experts who have previous knowledge working on smart contract, tokenization can apply

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    a mint button functionality built in to connect with a smart contract for an NFT collection.

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    Looking for a freelancer to developer a Smart Contract on ERC20. Background: Welcome to Clash Cards Champions! Our goal is to provide our users with the best trading card experience using NFTs and Play2Earn. The cards are based on the Moonriver blockchain and can be collected as NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens). The cards have various degrees of unique designs and attractive images, which lead to powerful in-game combat attributes and high-value collectibles. Users can trade them freely on the NFT market, thanks to the true digital ownership promoted by blockchain games.

    $2206 - $6618
    加封 保密协议
    $2206 - $6618
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    smart contract erc 721 5 天 left

    I need to write a contract erc 721

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    Creacion de una DEX or CEX para la comunidad

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    We are seeking an experienced Rust Developer to create Smart Contracts for the Solana Ecosystem. The right candidate must be proficient in Rust and have one or multiple live smart contracts they can provide as proof of their work. We have a huge number of projects available for ongoing work throughout 2022 and beyond. If you also have experience with Solidity this is a bonus and we will take this into consideration during the hiring process. When applying for this role, please provide links to the live Smart Contracts you've developed on Solana. We have work available immediately and will be fast-tracking the process, so please apply quickly and make yourself available for an interview.

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    Looking for someone to create a bot that detects when new liquidity is added to an AMM (automated market maker) pool on PancakeSwap & Uniswap. The bot allows me to buy any newly added token from PancakeSwap and Uniswap in amazing speeds (up to zero seconds from the time of the listing). It is called "sniping". The bot works by: Connecting to the blockchain network, scanning for all mempool / pending transactions, finding and matching the liquidity add transaction of the token you are trying to snipe and then placing the buy order in the same block. Speed is important… MUST be fast! The BOT would essentially: - Scan the blockchain and find transactions based on certain criteria (pending on the block aka mempool). - Front-run (specific trade volumes, slippage and g...

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    1. Anyswap Integration we need to submit our BSC contract (destination chain contract) to use the Anyswap router option Using Anyswap No token burn, the bringing process is simple, lock token X on chain A ( source chain) from mint inherited token X on chain B. When bridge back from chain B from chain A , inherited token X on chain Bburn trigger release token X on chain A. Company BEP-20 address to make contract owner and where to send tokens: 0xcD9136A5fE06f2A805A505c812900d202551Feb9 2. Integrate LEDU Anyswap bridge into our staking website This is a simple reactjs app which supports wordpress. We will use it for the frontend for users to interface with the bridge and staking The page is hosted on our AWS Cloud. (we have an AWS engineer inhouse that can he...

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    We have a set of blockchain tasks to do. Our engineering lead has broken them down into smaller tasks (about 12 tasks) The first task is a simple blockchain task for an experienced blockchain engineer. Existing libraries/frameworks should be used. No need to re-invent the wheel. Task is to review the ERC20 smart contract and create a BEP-20 contract with similar features and add Staking capabilities. Total supply: use same number as for the ERC-20 0xc741f06082aa47f93729070ad0dd95e223bda091 Main code repo to use for work: All code is to be pushed to this repo for Audit by our team Company BEP-20 address to make contract owner and where to send tokens: 0xcD9136A5fE06f2A805A505c812900d202551Feb9 After the minting, close the contract completely. It should be publicly visible that the ...

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    Criptoarmada 4 天 left

    Somos un holding de criptomonedas en desarrollo de su metaverso donde parte del proyecto es el desarrollo de un play 2 earn.

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    I'm building NFT Website. I'm looking for a developer who has much experiences in solidity, web3.0, dao etc. Please feel free to contact me if you are good fit.

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    I need a staking dapp website with contract

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    BBC ETH Smart Contract ERC 721 NFT: - Mint - Whitelist - Reveal (delayed 2 days after mint) - Reserve (presale and public sale mint raffle) - Pre Sale of Genesis collection (1,000) and Public Sale of rest of collection (8,108) - 1% lifetime resale royalty to mint holder - 5% resale royalty to Founders - 3.5% resale royalty to community wallet for $CHAKRA token - 10% NFT mint royalty to community wallet - Breed function - ‘serum’ like BAYC (fork) ERC 20 Token ($CHAKRA) - [ ] Token ⁃ Burn ⁃ Mint ⁃ community wallet - votes, hierarchical ⁃ Change NFT Name ⁃ Staking (Chakra Collection) ⁃ Mint Buddha NFT ⁃ Whitelist - Slim Buddha - new NFT collection (costs 500 $CHAKRA) - [ ] Claim $CHAKRA - [ ] Chakra ‘genesis’ Buddha- earn 10 $CHAKRA daily x 10 years (Staking) only 100...

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    This project is for a Blockchain/web3 consultant that will help me understand and draw a more detailed plan on something that we wish to build.

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    Propuesta Descripción: Proponemos el desarrollo de una landing page de preventa para la captación de capital para el proyecto. El proyecto contemplaría el diseño, configuración y programación de la landing page con un sistema de compra interna de cofres o paquetes de preventa. Metamask: Será necesario integrar Metamask a la plataforma para que los usuarios puedan realizar compras en USDC o en la criptografía definitiva para la preventa ( red de Polygon). La integración permitirá cobrar directamente desde la página de preventa al monedero definido como receptor. Panel de usuario registrado con el monedero: Tras un registro con el monedero el usuario podrá visualizar en un Panel básico la informaci&...

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    Hello, We looking an expert on blockchain domain for create ( using open source or from scratch ) an marketplace for our NFT collection. As we meet lot of scammer and bad people, we will pay you when you will done the task. no upfront, no payment before. If you are not ok with this, please find other hirer. Thx you.

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    Hey Guys, We have a iOS app NFt marketplace that we made in swift. Our users are connecting via WalletConnect v1. And we have our buy and sell functions on our server and we are using the OpenSea-JS to submit the transactions. Our issue is that our users from our app need to be able to sign the transaction request in order for us to call the buy order using the OpenSea JS. We are looking for someone who has Web3 experience and also iOS development experience. We already developed everything from the wallet connect implementation to the OpenSea JS implementation. We just need someone that can make this work.

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    I need a script that will mint Solana using smart contract directly, not going trought mint engine or Magiceden.

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    If you are a developer and you have past experiences with creating nft websites, apply for the job I also need someone to create the smart contract

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    i need to get this done asap...

    $568 (Avg Bid)
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    Need to build smart contract with smart chain If you are interested then will start

    $164 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    Hi We are build DEFI and NFT mint website now. I need to add one of blockchain expert for long term jobs. - ERC721 smartcontract - NFT art generator from layers There are 3 investors for my projects. I will explain more details what you have to do on my project. Thank you

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    Hey can you implement wallet connect into my site I need you to do Meta mask direct Wallet connect Works for all transactions

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    Math and Cody - We are a blockchain company based out of India working on ethereum devtools and decentralized finance. We are partnering up with a award-winning, software company, and we are looking for an experienced blockchain developer with strong experience in smart-contract development. ** Applicant must be an independent Developer ** Agencies must not apply for this job ** Preferred based out of India Job Description : -------------------- Currently, we are seeking an experienced, smart-contract blockchain developer. The developer must have at-least 2 years of relevant working experience in blockchain development. Responsibilities: ---------------- Proven experience interacting with the EVM and writing high-quality, well-tested Solidity Deep understanding of EVM, Solidity, Vyp...

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    have already github files but they on azure blockchain just want to deploy blockchain base evoting system on testnet or any polygon mainnet.

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    $140 平均报价
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