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    fast purchase and pay 23 小时 left

    I am looking for a service to help me buy one off objects from a specific site, They release at a certain time every week and I need to be able to click on item and have it go to payment check a box and skip over or bypass capture. Please let me know if this is something you can do and approximate US pricing

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    i want backend project with this features 1-authentication for user in data base (postgres) 2-another data base for user that pay for specific service and get file json for this user data 3-response with 2 files json to user that already pay for the service 4-upload the project and database to server 5-admin dashboard

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    will be working with Day to Day: ill be building video on demand services that does media encoding using various libraries (ffmpeg and mpeg -dash) Cloud Technologies: AWS Step Functions, AWS Lambda, AWS Batch Programming Languages: Python, Go, C Video Processing: FFmpeg, mediainfo Deployment: Terraform, CDK ElasticSearch, Kibana The ideal candidate has experience with at least Python or Go, and knows the low-level details of at least some video-related formats. Experience with HTTP Live Streaming, MPEG-TS, DASH, closed captions (CEA-608/708) is a big plus. We can only accept candidates form these countries ( as we have geographical restrictions): USA (highly preferred) Canada (highly preferred) Germany (preferred) Ireland (preferred) Poland (preferred) Net...

    $392 - $392 / hr
    $392 - $392 / hr
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    Media compressor 6 天 left

    I would like to have a really simple program. I would like to be able to specify multiple directories in a config file The program will scan the directory and all it's sub directories looking for media video files mkv, dvd, blueray I would like to be able to edit what it scans for in config file once it finds a media file that meets scan criteria, it will queue them to be converted to the smallest video format. I think it maybe MP4. It will need to move the file from its current directory to a new processing directory do the conversion and then copy it back. I would like to be able to control how many files it can process at a time. Default 2 This program will run on windows 2019 server Please msg if you've any questions.

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    Video Encoder 6 天 left

    I would like a program that would monitor specified directory's. I want to convert video files from mkv,mp4,xvid, etc to h265 smallest format or a format that I specify. I would like this software to have a gui that will show me the next 10 files to be converted from each monitoring section in addition show current status on the video that it is converting at that time. I would like this to be multi threaded where it can take advantage of higher core/thread cpus. I would like to be able to specify how many videos that it can convert at a time from the specified directory's ie first dir c:work 5 threads sec dir c:homevideo 5 threads third dir c:homemovies 5 threads

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    Need accounting, bill of materials, inventory management, purchase orders, sales orders, work orders, scheduling system, shipping/freight, customer and vendor information, label creation , auto fill pdf creation. Reports to go along with everything and a crm that will tie into the main system.

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    Develop complex input forms in visual basic. Forms must be able to be entered, edited and printed. Then, with the data, reports and graphs must be processed. 2 types of form are sent, where data is currently entered manually and then processed via EXCEL. The idea is to develop a system in Visual Basic 6 + Mysql that processes all this information and then generates reports and graphs

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    Basically we need a python software done asap which does following 3 easy steps on my android device automatically at specified times during the day 1) turn on aeroplane mode 2) turn off aeroplane mode 3) turn on hotspot thats it! I want software to take control of my phone and do these at specified time during the day, lets say 3 pm, 6 pm, 9 pm, 3 am etc please apply only if you can do this within 24 hours

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    A simple windows app to be built which can send email & SMS to employees on their birthdays. The software will check for today's birthday daily at a specific time and shoot SMS & email to them from the SSMS database. SMS API & email HTML will be provided

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    We need an time increase of Max Execution time to 600 secs for incoming HTTP requests via API Require PHP coding The server is on Default server time is 180 secs

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    By using search algorithms in AI(bfs,dfs,best first,A*). The program should run repeatedly exploring a given map using each of these algorithms in turn. The output should be in graphical representation

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    Fin tech tool 6 天 left

    Need to build a trading strategy tool in web interface. The web page should do the following history - Page would display visualization based on trade history data 2. System page - user would enter information and page would display strategy system based on some logic which is already created. 3. Live trading page - user would execute algo trading based on above strategy

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    Need to build a trading strategy tool in web interface

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    hi, I am looking for one page offline billing application sync with our online Rest API. Our customer 80% will use our online tool. 20% sometime customer internet is down they want to use offline Simple billing with thermal printing option. when customer press sync button you need to send all your local database order to live using rest API. Very simple need quickly Cheers DCS

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    Python Pyserial read data form multiple serial ports at same time (from 3 serial prot) display seprate for each monitor(3 screens)

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    Hello I need a geofencing software for multipurpose (I await suggestions and budget)

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    Hello Guys, I need to connect api with dhl. I have wsdl files and I have to get create shipping order. More information i will put into the chat.

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    Solo empresas en Colombia. Buscamos empresa legamente constituida en Colombia y con experiencia comprobable para culminar desarrollo de software para administración de consultorios médicos, los detalles están en el documento adjunto. No contratamos por paquetes de horas y sin metas

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    I’m trying to build a marketing website for tout and pay per head sports betting software. It doesn’t have to be complex, simple is fine but something I can use to market on google. Not sure where how to do this.

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    Looking for someone to create the code/backend to a profit/loss tracker for Solana. The platform would allow user to log in with their Phantom wallet and see their profit/loss on all trades made on that account. I have the UI kits ready but need all the coding, please have experience

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    Required skills on operation system,c/c++, Linux

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    Deadline: 1 week Smart TV app Buenas, estoy buscando un programador, ambicioso y con conocimiento sobre la programación para samsung, LG... Lo que viene a ser todas las Smart TV. La explicación de mi proyecto se hará en privado y hablando todo claro, se ofrecerá estar como socio (proyecto millonario a corto plazo), o se ofrecerá el pago único por el trabajo realizado. Gracias.

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    Seeking Youtube Analytics and/or Youtube APIs such that: General Info - Ideally, API will be a common programming language (e.g. PHP) that can run on a typical website and not require additional software (free or paid). - Can capture input from a typical web-based form - Can return output from query in a manner (e.g. JSON) that can be presented with a web view. Case 1: 1. Enter: a) dynamic keywords [e.g. kitchen pantry organization], b) time range [e.g. last 90 days] c) User Ratings [e.g. likes/dislikes] d) Geographic Info [e.g. Country, Country State] 2. API responds with list of most popular videos [i.e. by views] Case 2: 1. Enter: a) A General Category [e.g Organization], 2. API responds with a list of most popular keywords Case 3: 1. Enter: a) dynamic keywords [e.g. k...

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    C project using .ppm files 6 天 left

    Perform a convolution with 3 x 3 mean filter for an input image and generate a mean filtered image as an output  Perform a convolution with 3 x 3 median filter for an input image and generate a median filtered image as an output

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    Host API For Me 6 天 left

    I need someone to host an API for me ASAP

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    15 个竞标

    Need assistance on Assembly Programming Language TM4C123GXL Launch Pad

    $1491 (Avg Bid)
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    detect liveliness on live camera android app- we need someone to help detect liveliness of face so that to make sure a real person is behind the camera on a phone

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    Develop complex input forms in visual basic. Forms must be able to be entered, edited and printed. Then, with the data, reports and graphs must be processed. 2 types of form are sent, where data is currently entered manually and then processed via EXCEL. The idea is to develop a system in Visual Basic 6 + Mysql that processes all this information and then generates reports and graphs.

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    I need a algorithm to optimize boxes in containers in C#. I need a 3D Nesting function to optimize the loading of boxes into containers. The 3D Nesting function must read the JSON containing the list of containers and boxes and process the processing through the optimization algorithm. The result must be a JSON containing the list of containers used and the boxes present in the containers with their positions and sizes and other properties All specifications are in the file. The starting project with all data models and controllers is in the file.

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    Need Python developer 6 天 left

    need Python developer for python script

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    IFR Flight Simulator 6 天 left

    I want to create an app for simulating IFR Flight and practice IFR Procedures such as holding, arcing, instrument approaches, Standard Arrivals and Departure procedures. Reference image of UI is attached.

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    Solana blockchain developer 6 天 left

    Greetings, I will need someone good who can integrate Solana blockchain into my project where I will have soon my crypto coin SHIPR on Solana as I will move from which got bad and had many changes and many people moved. If you can help let me know and we can partner maybe and help others. Project is about gaming and streaming where we will rewards users for having good scores with my SHIPR coins on Solana blockchain and more and also rewards them for watching me on Twitch on my Shipbroman channel. Let me know if you are interested and can help. Thanks

    $4074 (Avg Bid)
    $4074 平均报价
    50 个竞标

    I'm looking for senior PHP developer (upto 10 freelancers) having sound knowledge of backend development (PHP, Laravel, CodeIgniter, API implementation, Payment gateway integration, etc). Please bid if you are available for long term Full Time position. Please start your proposal with the word "success" and share your past projects Looking forward to working with you

    $4011 (Avg Bid)
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    45 个竞标
    $157 平均报价
    15 个竞标

    Dear all, We have a project of Dcim and need an expert of Sunbird dcim to make the configuration and commissionning

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    Debug Java Code 6 天 left

    We have a sample solution code that needs to be debugged to provide a solution .

    $110 (Avg Bid)
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    The tool should integrate several tools in one with a GUI. Tools which should be integrated: Acunetix API Scraping Module I'm thinking of something like in the image. See also attached Acunetix Api Documentation.

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    MESI protocol mini project 6 天 left

    Using MESI protocol, write the state transition between the three processors (P0, P1 and P2). In the attach picture, we can see list of the instruction that we need to follow. Instructions that are used: LD - load, ADD, SUB - subtraction, ST - store. The most important part is to describe for each transition, what is the current state of the registers in cache. What are the changes during every transition? So, basically the changes of the registers. For example, first transition is Exclusive state for P0. Comment for that transition: Value from memory location 3 will be placed in R1 register (R1=0x33). This is the read miss, because cache was initially empty and we need to fetch block from main memory and put it in the cache. Follow this form of the comment for each transition. Assume th...

    $1342 (Avg Bid)
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    10 个竞标

    Iam searching for a MuOnline Packet Sniffer. Need to decript C3 and C4 packets

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    Online emulatior ANDROID WEB 6 天 left

    Hi, I´m looking for someone who can develop a Andriod emulator ( NOT MIRRORING) online that can operate on a browser. 1- NO NEW FREELANCERS 2- NO PRICE NEGOCIATION 3- THE EMULATOR NEEDS TO OPEN MY PHONE AND WORK FROM A BROSER ( open apps, etc.... like a normal phone but on the browser)

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    We want to build a price/stock scraper capable to extract List Price, Discount Price and Avaliable Stock for sale from different webpages (around 25) based on a given product database. This database includes EAN Code, Manufacturer Code and SKU. In case the information is not found by using the EAN Code, the scraper should try using the Manufacturer Code. In case the information is not found by using the EAN Code and the EAN Code starts with "0", the scraper should try using the EAN Code without "0", if it still doesn't work, use Manufacturer Code. The price scraper should be able to run from Excel or Google Sheets and managed by an user with intermediate Excel VBA experience. The user should be able to update the product database (add/eliminate products and upd...

    $1240 (Avg Bid)
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    Deadline: 2 months Hello Bidders, I want to Develop a Mobile App for my Education Platform on React Native. I have attached documentation in which mention al the features or flow , please read and share price and deadline.

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    A centralized ecosystem for Token management, consisting of touch screen kiosk for passengers, touch screen device for clerk’s action at reservation counter, a monitor screen to show token status and a web module for Admins to manage the system.

    $2410 (Avg Bid)
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    I have the following situation: When someone presses a button on the intercom, it sends a call from a specific number to my phone. I need to press '1' to open the door, but with 20-50 calls a day I want this to be automated always. For this number only, I want my phone to automatically answer, press the '1' button (with a 1 sec delay) and then hang up (with a 1 sec delay). Other numbers I don't want any action (i.e. I still want to manually be able to answer or decline these phonecalls). I can direct this call to an android phone, which I think might be the only way of creating a workaround for this using Tasker / AutoInput or something similar. If you know a solution for iPhone that may be even better.

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    Hello. I have a matrimonial script that i boight from Codecanyon. The script name is "Active matrimonial script '. I need help to install on server and activate it. Thank you

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    Each action from a user of our software needs to be logged according to CRUDE (Create, Read, Update, Delete, Execute)

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    Hi, We need assistance to set up Elastix last version 5 1. 7 internal extensions 2. 4 fxo ports with analog lines (sangoma a400 card) 3. Dedicated outgoing calls from extension through the correct fxo port 4. Incoming call to dedicated extension on chosen fxo. 5. Fax to email Reach me by whatsappp 198o322872two

    $628 (Avg Bid)
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    Just like a remote control car . But a little bit change

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    It is Logistics based user input done at Frontend. Quotation need to prepared at backend. Frontend was developed, Want to write the code for functions and technical calculations at backend to prepare the Quote received for an User inquiries. Pls refer input details at front end After receiving such inputs we need to process the inquiry into Quotation and submit the final quote to customer in PDF as well as Html format via email.

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    buscando empleo y tienes conocimientos y destrezas prácticas en programación, diseño web, lenguajes, base de datos, servidores, API’s, sistemas de control de versiones y además tienes habilidades de comunicación efectiva, déjame decirte que puedes buscar ofertas como desarrollador full stack, el rol más demandado en la actualidad.

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