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Software architecture means documenting the architecture of a whole software system. Software architecture documents help in communication among high-level stakeholders of a software project. You can find expert software architecture help from freelancers specializing in this area. To get such help, simply post your job today!

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    Need to improve the site 16 小时 left

    The website needs to include the following functions: download center, engineering project and product search system, member management system

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    Looking for expert on Symantec

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    You need to implement a different method and improve the results given in the paper. Source code and data set of this implementation can be found on the following link [登录来查看链接]

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    AI Java Application 16 小时 left

    A POP planner needed to be implemented in java and here is pseudo code for the POP algorithm in the attached figures and also the operators to be used and the initial state and goal which will be the input. The output should be a linearized plan. A report explaining the work is required.

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    1. Python Code for picture and word in picture recognition 2. With Machine and deep learning capability. 3. Ownership of code will be mine after payment.

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    I am a trader in the futures markets and I am looking to test some ideas out based on some research. I need the following works completed: 1. Build 1 or more DLL’s 2. Connect/Add DLL’s to Ninjatrader 8 using there ninjascript editor (C# framework). 3. Create a Ninjatrader indicator and/or addon using the DLL.

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    Необходимы услуги программиста Renpy на долгоиграющий проект. Жанр игры - Визуальная новелла с откровенными сценами без цензуры. Работа периодическая раз в 2-3 месяца. После подготовки всех материалов, изображений, музыки и тд – ваша задача будет собрать все воедино. Если вас интересует работа в данном жанре, пишите мне, я дам вам тестовый материал, посмотрев который вы сможете оценить ...

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    need to scrape emails from a website

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    Hello Have you worked on OpenGL and eclipse? If yes, I have some simple tasks I have to complete in a couple of hours. No companies or teams please.

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    Gaming Platform Needed 15 小时 left

    I need someone that can develop a gaming platform for tournament and ladder. Contact in chat for details

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    I need a web system lucky draw system software, details as attached. Budget of $2000

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    recruitment system 15 小时 left

    An applicant tracking system (ATS) is a software application that enables the electronic handling of recruitment and hiring needs. An ATS can be implemented or accessed online at enterprise- or small-business levels, depending on the needs of the organization; free and open-source ATS software is also available. An ATS is very similar to customer relationship management (CRM) systems, [1] but are ...

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    Visual Studion 15 小时 left

    I am looking for expert in visual studeion programming in C# more details in chat

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    Design web app web wallet system 15 小时 left

    Web app that specializes in scratch cards 1. Processing and exchanging cards for money (for people who need to sell cards and withdraw money to ATM) 2. Processing the output for residential cards (1.) of current network operators and games 3. There is integrated module with operator, other card exchange systems when linking 4. Decentralizing and managing transactions for member accounts 5. Integra...

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    1. modify the trading value by admin or agent 2. adding new private crypto 3. choose between account currencies (euro, usd, gbp, yen and nothing else) adding bittrex and kraken market values 4. we want to add the money to the client and not him to add it by himself 5. delete paypal and any other payment method 6. creating agent login area (agent will have assigned customers to manage

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    Need a someone to code a sample Dialogflow fulfilment in C# using V2 api and the .net core 3.0 web app api. . I just need a basic method that receives a request and sends back a simple response, two suggestions chips and a basic card. It also needs to receive a context and send it back to maintain values from intent ('hello world' response back is ok) to DialogFlow free of errors.

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    python coder 14 小时 left

    fyers API trading bot for trading

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    SCRIPT MATRIX 3X2 14 小时 left

    Register people with the following data: User: Whatsapp: e-mail: When you register, enter a 3x2 matrix And when the matrix is filled start with another matrix.

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    SonarQube Implementation on Azure 13 小时 left

    Here is my requirement -Deploy a sample application -create a pipeline -Install SonarQube on Azure -write some business rules for code validation -Document every step so I can repeat again Please reply with Delivery date and plan if you read the requirement reply with understood so we can discuss further Thanks

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    Integrating stripe to flutter app 13 小时 left

    I want to integrate stripe payment in flutter app

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    Pet walking native Android APP 13 小时 left

    Dear Freelancers, I am in search of a developer of an Android - Native pet walking/housing app, with the following core features: a) Client and user profiles with rating system and admin panel, b) Gps track of your pet's walker, also the possibility to take pictures and share within the app, c) Calendar system with bookings for the pet walks, d) (in-app) payment system with automatic fee (w...

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    Need a team of nn specialists for recognition of objects and situations: moods, expressions... Would like to do other integrations with facial rec and 2d to 3d facial reconstruction. Nano may have some integrated NN onboard we can use save time. Need eventually a system engineer on edge tech. I want to break this down into positions and tasks as of this moment I do not have all the tasks needed....

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    build a macro 4 13 小时 left

    I need a macro built asap in excel immediate turnaround required

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    Need help creating a simple "new order" form in Microsoft Access. I have the database and tables created, but cannot figure out how to build the form...

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    Delivery System, Online Ordering and Sales and Product Inventory

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    Track mobile internet data 12 小时 left

    Main app features - read mobile usage data - Read hotspot usage data - Read WiFi usage data - Send notifications - Monthly report (Internet data savings) Homepage: - WiFi usage - Hotspot usage - Mobile data usage - Settings (top left) - opens new page - Data analysis (top right) - opens new page settings -turn on personal hotspot -turn on WiFi -data settings - Change network carrier - Change...

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    Hi I am looking for AI based video data processing developer with Knowledge in Python and ML. thsnks

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    I want to get a Basic crash gambling website like [登录来查看链接] But i do not want it to work with BTC Also i do not care if you make it or fork it from a github as long as it works as needed. i want withdrawls and deposits to be processed by me meaning a person pays me in currency then i manually give them balance on the site. I want to have the ability to change the house edge and other factors su...

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    Mobile Data tracking 12 小时 left

    Main app features - read mobile usage data - Read hotspot usage data - Read WiFi usage data - Send notifications - Monthly report (Internet data savings) Homepage: - WiFi usage - Hotspot usage - Mobile data usage - Settings (top left) - opens new page - Data analysis (top right) - opens new page settings -turn on personal hotspot -turn on WiFi -data settings - Change network carrier - Change...

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    SKLEARN Kernel and SVM 12 小时 left

    Need a person proficient in ML using Python 3 to solve SVM and Kernel along with providing theoritical answers

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    Programa que compare las diferentes cuotas de las casas de apuestas españolas para encontrar surebets (apuestas seguras) y las muestre en pantalla y poder lanzar la apuesta directamente a las casas de apuestas.

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    APP IPTV Player m3u 12 小时 left

    APP IPTV Android Player m3u My logo on start app URL to server edit

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    The goal of this project is to create a Reactjs component which acts as a specialized online code editor complete with a web API to provide debugging capabilities and a language server to provide autocomplete and documentation on hover to the editor. This project is not meant to be a full-fledged application or a full featured IDE. It is meant to be a component of a larger application. Features ...

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    加精 保密协议
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    Basic Face Recognition SOlution 11 小时 left

    need a basic face recognition system to build applications . basic face recognition system: 1. need Demo 2. need rights to buy this system basic features: 1. recongize person -> retrive details 2. show % match 3. not allow under face mask - detect such errors

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    CAPTURE PRINTER DATA -- 2 11 小时 left

    I got Olivia d-copia 4000mf network printer with KPDL/PCL6 emulation. Need a tool for printer security testing / capture software/tool to see all files sent to printer from different computers. or you can just modify my old python project's ps capture option to work with PCL6/KPDL. I hope that you can deliver the product with great quality on time and with zero worries.

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    Design a ALU & SHIFTER 11 小时 left

    I need to Design AlU & SHIFTER on logisim app

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    Odoo v13 migration 11 小时 left

    We are using Odoo v10 and we are migrating to v13. Can purchase a module cheap for migration but need 2 things; 1) we need all PDF migrated along with records 2) we need all UOM set to a default CS, EA and RL away from our more complex UOM setup.

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    website script 10 小时 left

    i want a script for [登录来查看链接] i can paste into the console on chrome mainly so i can input preset bet lists, *dicebot scripts would be a huge plus* would also like a cool looking live statistics chart *no white background*, profit %, largest lose steak and amount, start and stop btn's, time running, etc. similar to Dicebot, [登录来查看链接], nctdicebot but able to paste into console of [登录来查看链接], i...

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    Andriod App for invoice module 10 小时 left

    I need to create and android app for an invoice module that I have. It will be around 15 to 18 screens. Dashboard, Add Customer, Customer List, Customer Invoice, Add Notes, Yearly Charges, Quotes. There are a couple of other pages. but a simple app where you add customers, post charges and payments, and send invoices to the customer. I have the screens already designed. When bidding please put &q...

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    I am placing an ad on Facebook to promote a Birthday Club program for my restaurant clients. I market to people with upcoming birthdays in the upcoming week. They click on the link in the FB ad and it brings them into the birthday bot flow via ManyChat and to ContactReach to get and redeem their coupon. They are prompted in the flow to enter their email and phone # for the coupon to be delivered...

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    Android App or game 10 小时 left

    1. OTP recognition 2. User Login (backend database connected) 3. Spin wheel game 4. One chance to spin 5. Spin results add to profile points 6. Profile in Leaderboard (Global and Facebook friends) 7. Redeem offers for accumulated points

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    Hello person programmer Android applications and the condition that this person speak Arabic because the idea is a bit complicated

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    I need you to develop some software for me. I would like this software to be developed for Linux using Javascript.

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    I need someone to build a website by coding for an online shopping website. You can also choose to do it on Wordpress. Please write when you apply for this how do you prefer to build. The current website is [登录来查看链接]

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    ebay data scrapper 9 小时 left

    hi i am looking for vb.net programmer who can develop ebay data scrapper

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    Java developer 9 小时 left

    Java assistance required for the writing test cases

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    I run [登录来查看链接], I would like someone to develop a Scrapy middleware module to use Scraper API and deploy it to pip (and make it usable via [登录来查看链接] as well). Ideally I am looking for someone with a bit of experience in open source. You may use [登录来查看链接] as inspiration (this is a third party module made by one of our customers).

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    Experience Python Developer 8 小时 left

    I have a mobile app and I need to make some changes on the backend. The python developer will: 1) Fix bugs on the backend and make sure everything works correctly 2) Connect the apps and the database 3) Deploy the backend to my server source [登录来查看链接] And this is the complete folder [登录来查看链接]

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    Java simple task 8 小时 left

    I need an expert who can write simple java code . If you are an expert in java, bid now. my budget is low but i'll give you 5 Star rating. Thank you.

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    Solve this python problems 8 小时 left

    I have 3 problems related to computational science to be solved in python

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