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Software architecture means documenting the architecture of a whole software system. Software architecture documents help in communication among high-level stakeholders of a software project. You can find expert software architecture help from freelancers specializing in this area. To get such help, simply post your job today!

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    We are looking for a Senior Python programmer who has good experience with working on web and server-side technologies. Developers experienced with web based technologies, REST APIs, backend development would be preferable More details can be shared with shortlisted candidates

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    Code review 6 天 left

    Need to review the code of my project and certify the code which was built on PHP.

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    Hy i need you to adjust my Python Script to match the new site i also wanna scrape

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    i need to save orders from my project to access db this is resturant project

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    Discord Project -- 2 6 天 left

    website monitor and discord webhook

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    1. Draw Candle Body Size (Open - Close) below bearish candles and above bullish candles in different colors. 2. Draw Average Daily Range (3 Days) with lines in the chart. Show distance of actual price to Daily Range High and Low in realtime.

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    Micro finance software 6 天 left

    I need a microfinance PHP based web software.

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    Stiamo cercando un programmatore esperto in bot telegram o web designer che si interfacci con telegram per scrappare le offerte da amazon con dei template fatti da noi e che vengano postati all interno di un nostro canale. Questo deve avvenire per ogni singolo paese dove amazon lavora.

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    We have a small http reporting tool made with python 3.7 The data is from file [登录来查看链接] sql3 database. The main script which open server and load [登录来查看链接] is in root folder: [登录来查看链接] All the py files webpage are located in subfolder cgi/ All the pages are loading fine but the [登录来查看链接] page is bugging. It is opening the page and display source code in browser instead of executing code. The c...

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    Amazon API 6 天 left

    Looking for someone with experience implementing Amazon API. need to pull sales data automatically from Amazon to my website in order to properly track all sales.

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    I've been looking high and low for a reliablie roobet crash predictor and im sure most of the ones ive found are scams but they claim it can be done by running previous crash hashes through a python algorithm to predict the next crash with really high accuracy So I'd like someone to try their hand at it and see what they can come up with

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    Google chrome 6 天 left

    it will be a google chrome extention , that will work basicly as an adware remover, there should be a backend panel to track the number of installs active and onlinne users, expired users. Plus mainly we wanna push our advertising link through the extn, there will be a link that we will be pushing. Do you make something like this?

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    JAVA GUI Expert Required 6 天 left

    JAVA GUI Expert Required for simple Java Program

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    I have a bunch of pyc files to be decompiled to py. I need help with the same. I will give sample pyc first, and once you successfully decompile and explain to me how the same was done, the test will be assigned to you.

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    Buscamos desarrolladores expertos en Inteligencia Artificial. Se trata de un proyecto para crear una IA que con ciertos parámetros introducidos manualmente sepa que estrategia de TRADING (inversiones a muy corto plazo) seguir para sacar beneficios automáticamente. Estamos terminando de reclutar al primer equipo y le queremos dar una oportunidad a Freelancer de mostrarnos a alguien ...

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    software for online sales 6 天 left

    need a software for managing and tracking online sales

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    Design Practice with CogTool 6 天 left

    i need help with you CogTool project. please bid if anyone can help me

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    $631 - $736
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    i am looking for a custom spread sheet that uses data from QuickBooks downloads and POS downloads to make dash boards . i need to be able to combined multiple properties into one documents, i need to be able to change dates and departments by property and combined properties. i need to be able to have single property reports and dashboard, and a management level multi property combined dash boar...

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    I can do most of the work but need some consultation help or advice for the more complicated parts. Such as: - a good structure for the mysql tables - php security overall - perhaps most importantly, it is an application form for translators and other online work. I would like tables showing the different language combinations and translation subjects or job types, the records of which can be use...

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    Here is the high level of requirements - 1. Secure Login 2. User Profile Management(Admin/Super User/User should be able to Add, Edit & Delete the profile of personnel and corresponding records of personnel) 3. Make multiple subsequent entries against a personnel's profile 4. Search a personnel and access their corresponding records 5. User Management (Admin should be able to add users ...

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    I have a Java code and i need run without any problem. If the code works properly, milestone will be created.

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    I need you to develop some software for me. I would like this software to be developed.

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    PHP Developer 6 天 left

    we are looking for PHP senior developer with the knowledge of SMPP connectivity for my Bulk SMS panel.

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    WEB Scraping 6 天 left

    Freelancer who can build a paigham bot and website with it

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    I need an expert in Phalcon php, to complete simple tasks of configurations for an e-commerce site, you need to know Phalcon Php really good, the tasks are not complicated but you need to know what you are doing. The site is in a LightSail container in AWS. You need to understand what it needs to be setup so we can complete transactions (like SSL) and send email. I require new features for the e-...

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    I would need the software to be able to: 1) Load File Import & Export 2) Load File Validation 3) Production Quality Control 4) Document & Volume Viewers 5) Image Processing 6) Generate OCR text from Images sample of this can be found at [登录来查看链接]

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    I need a universal module that will fully connect a Magento2 website with the API payment gateway. The module should be ready to customize to input - public key - private key - payment URL

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    I need a PHP or Python script in which I return the list that an Instagram profile is following (as soon as possible) without having a rate-limit. I already have a system currently, but I need millions of Instagram accounts to be able to make the number of requests I need (I make an average of 3000000 requests per day). I need help urgently.

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    We will import products with information including names description prices and stocks We will setup separate api call to import the images We will build a cron job to sync orders cron job to update prices and stocks every 10 minutes

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    Development of a client-server application for working over the Internet with a J2534, RP1210, D-PDU (ISO22900-2) adapters according to ISO 15765, ISO-14230, ISO-14229. Diagnostics and working with car/truck CAN BUS. Development environment must be QT (program not for sale). Client: 1. Client authorization on the server by login and password 2. Getting the maximum number of IDs from the PC, the l...

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    加精 保密协议
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    The idea is to develop a softwate of weathering grade from ordinary image to LAB color space and to weathering grade

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    La cadena de 3 sedes necesita implementar una solución de negocio que le permita realizar el seguimiento de todo el ciclo de ventas de su organización, como así también, controlar y administrar la totalidad de las interacciones con sus contactos externos e internos, accediendo de manera fácil, rápida e integrada a la información histórica rel...

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    Hello, Freelancers. I am looking for iSIGHT expert on USA right now. Only USA engineer join.

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    java expert needed 6 天 left

    Need some regular debugging help, guidance and feedback on Java code for Object oriented programming.

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    We need someone who can work with Konnektive CRM via API. [登录来查看链接] Knowledgeable with PHP, APIs and some database (SQL and/or NoSQL) Must be from Ukraine

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    I have a software, where I need to connect an industrial camera with a graphical user interface. In this process I have to do some processing. I have used OpenCV to do the processing. I am a programmer too. But I have no experience in GUI. So, I am looking forward for you to do the GUI part of the software and perhaps help with the architecture. To able to run on windows.

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    As above, set up Klarna in Stripe using Soruces [登录来查看链接] Videos from Stripe [登录来查看链接] [登录来查看链接]

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    web scraping 6 天 left

    I need to scrape data from this website [登录来查看链接] There are around 50 post which i need to scrape it and paste it into note pad. For each post create each notepad file. If this project will do good than i have further more work also. Don't bid if you are not able to do this.

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    Data Analyst 6 天 left

    Graduated in Production Engineering, innovative data analytics professional with experience in ETL, data warehouse, SQL and creation of KPI dashboard using tools like Power BI. Provides key operational changes suggesting automation whenever possible to mitigate risks and increase productivity. Proficient in writing Python scripts, VBA, SQL queries and gifted with analytical and constructive analys...

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    Google Drive File sharer 6 天 left

    i want to build google drive sharer like [登录来查看链接] & also include google api verification. if anyone who can build , let start the business.

    $78 - $155
    $78 - $155
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    Clock in / clock out an application for staff with geofencing A quick and cheap solution will be needed to be estimated right now in the beginning just for the customer to use - MVP (minimal viable product). So there will be a customer account "admin" and "worker" accounts that customer can create into MySQL database (no need to estimate - will be done with PHPgrid by our in-h...

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    I need you to develop some software for me. I would like this software to be developed. I need to develop a program that makes calls and send sms worldwide . Such as I call and send sms from the system without sim card. I would like to put any number that will showed to th receivers. The program should make multiple calls and multiple sms at the same time. The experts and developers who know how t...

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    desarrollo de un app para rastreo de vehículos. Development of a vehicle tracking app

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    setup kitchen printer and counter printer for a laravel pos project. code in a way so it will come a dialog box

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    Email server setup using Mailwizz and IP rotation proxy

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    Developing a Software for Project Management with access permissions, email notifications, reminders, etc, which shall be maintained / operated from a server.

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    Flashscore scraper 6 天 left

    hi everyone, i am looking for a developer to create a data extractor from flashscore(dot)com. The data must be able to be exported in xml file, the extracted data must also be automatically transferred to a database for analysis. If you already have experience with this type of project, please submit your application to me.

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    Hi Urgently need a very good expert with knowledge of System Design and Analysis, Use Cases, SDLC , UML . The deadline for the project is 26th September but you ll be hired before to get it started Thanks for reading

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    I need you to develop some software for me. I would like this software to be developed for Linux using Python. I have python scripts I want to automate them In Raspberry pi 4 Detect the response sent from the device, and restart in case not on Connect to internet to fetch data and send to device via usb serial

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    Looking for a webrtc expert to fix few issues in Video conference app. Admin panel is pure php and socket server is Node.js Will be shared to selected freelancer. Thank you

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