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Solidworks is 3D computer aided design (CAD) software. It is widely used by engineers and large companies worldwide. The software helps in creating models and assemblies. If your business needs help designing with the Solidworks software, you can hire freelance help for the same. All you need to do is simply post your Solidworks job here on this site and let the bids pour in!

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    we're designing a floating solar array on a dam in turkey and we want to know the the most relevant code we should use as the design wind speed.

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    Hi I am looking to have a form of motorized scooter designed and drawn for manufacture. It is essentially a slightly modified scooter (skateboard with handlebars).

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    I need someone to model a CNC machine out of F17 formply in Fusion 360. Need to do an assembly with simulation, include ballscrews and linear rails. Must be able to output drawings and CAM so plywood can be router with a CNC. Should minimise the number of plywood sheet required and also add drilling holes for all screws. Neeed parts and full assembly in Fusion 360. This project is ideal for a me...

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    Need a Solidworks design of a small rocket engine (combustion chamber and nozzle) ready for 3D printing. Similar to the uploaded example. It is required of you to know how to use RPA software (Rocket Propulsion Analysis) software. It’s a regenerative rocket so will need cooling Channels in the walls of chamber. Look at example.

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    Wir suchen Technische Systemplaner bzw. eine CAD-Fachkraft im Bereich Elektrotechnik und HKLS (W/M/D)

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    Hi I need a 3D Modelling, AutoCAD expert for my current projects. If you have knowledge please bid. Details will be shared in message with the freelancers. Thanks

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    I have designed metal screens for a job. They are designed on Ai. I need to know the permeability percentage (open space to solid) for each of these 11 screens as it is Shire requirements. I can send the Ai files to the winner. I need this to be very simple, but accurate. If I need to alter the designs I will again need to know if the permeability is correct as it needs to be 50-80% depending on w...

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    3D Cad of Furniture piece 6 天 left

    Need a CAD drawing of a component for a furniture piece. Design and measure measurements are complete so need a CAD for foundry and a 3D render

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    Designing and simulation of surveillance car that can avoid obstacles and can climb stairs. It is used for fire emergency situation where it can be used to guide a safety passage and also to detect human presence, so that human lives can be saved. Objectives: Designing Stress-Strain Analysis Simulation portion that covers the programming of surveillance car, when given coordinates will reach its ...

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    Hello We are looking to hire a designer/engineer that will help us do changes to our designs. Monthly wage will be 400 dlls this is a month job where you will have a few tasks per week. we need to hire a person today. We will do an interview and will assign you some simple test t evaluate your speed and skills. We basically have files that we will send you and you will have to change the text...

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    加封 保密协议

    I have just purchased a new 5axis CNC router, but currently only need 3axis toolpaths in Vetric Aspire or possibly Vetric Cut 3D. I have two other 3axis routers and am fairly proficient in 2D toolpaths, but am having difficulty with 3D toolpaths and job setup. This could later turn into more work with 5axis programs. The parts files are done, it is just the setup and toolpaths required. In spite o...

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    We require technical drawings for production of silicone. We require the following: 3x2D view with dimensions 3D CAD file for the engineer Non negotiable - The expertise we nominate to proceed has to be willing to sign an NDA Once, i have the signed NDA i will provide my brief to be quoted and answer any questions you may have. many thanks Maria

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    3D model in gcode 6 天 left

    I need a pipe made with a flange and 2 plugs for each end.

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    We manufacture project kits for DIYers to build outdoor structures. The need is for someone who can take our concepts and produce a 3D rendering, line drawing/blueprint, and step-by-step assembly instructions (similar to the pdf example).

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    Looking for a Modeller that can take 3D models and prepare them for 3D Printing. Any 3D print technology experience would be good.

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    I'm looking for someone in Norway to assist with the custom build of a smart asset test machine. The project includes mechanical and electrical engineering, soldering, wiring, setup of PCB and sensors as well as finish work on the details of the asset. No actual CAD or "design" work is needed, only work on the build of the asset.

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    We require a SolidWork designer to work with us on several projects in the coming months. We have mainly photos / measurements / sketches and then require 3D solid works model. We need someone who can take ideas (in the form of videos, sketches, written notes) and then also create 3D model with solid works. Thanks

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    We are India based startup company. We have the real world prototype of the electric bicycle. Need a 3D-model for the same concept electric bicycle using Solidworks software.

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    We are India based startup company. We have the real world prototype of the electric bicycle. Need a 3D-model for the same concept electric bicycle using Solidworks software.

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    Need to design a tractor attachment along with structural analysis. Inputs needed will be provided.

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    HI, I want to build mu own house with steel and sandwichpanels. I saw at YouTube how easy some people can draw steel constructions. [登录来查看链接] I would like help with somebody who can make me a design were i can get the assembly drawings including bom's for the prefab. If possible also the calculations, not sure if solidworks incluted calculations. Made that way so i can assemble everything on...

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    Hi! For the development of a consumer electronic device (similar to laptops/ portable DVD players / rotating screens camcorder), we are looking for a mechanical engineer with considerable experience with locking systems buttons sliding rails bending cables torque small springs in mid/small size components. If you are mainly experienced in buildings/construction or in pure design onl...

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    Auto desk 3d modeling work.i will share complete details via chat

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    Need a Solidworks design of a small rocket engine (combustion chamber and nozzle) ready for 3D printing. Similar to the uploaded example

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    Make a 3d printable file 5 天 left

    I need someone to cad up the robot file with our logo name on its chest ready to be printed by 3d printers.

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    Looking for an Experienced Mechanical/Electrical Engineer to assist with Developing a series of Educational Toys. Requirements are: * Have Experience in 3D printing * Have Experience Designing and Printing * Have Experience in Solid Works Job Duties: * Converting Concepts and Mechanisms into Actual Designs (with gears, motors) * Providing Design in Solid Works to show that Mechanism Works * Del...

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    I need a cad and solid works designer who can complete the project in 24 hrs.

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    Food grade tanks need to be designed and manufactured under the supervision of a dedicated Engineer. 3D modelling, Food grade material knowledge, P&ID , Sheet metal fabrication experience is desired

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    3d modeling ornement 5 天 left

    i need someone to make 3d modeling of ornement

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    Looking for a CAD designer 5 天 left

    You will be asked to design a product prototype in CAD. Easy job, nothing complicated. PLEASE NOTE: You will be asked to provide all files, including STL.

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    We need 3D drawings for technical documentation and product representation. As base can be provided 2D drawings with measures. Please find examples attached. The files have to be provided in stepp - format. The products are mechanical parts from instrumentation field. Neccessary are round about 20 drawings. In case of questions please don´t hesitate to contact us.

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    I need someone to design me a progressive die. For punching aluminum caps for pens. dimensions- Length : 16mm-18mm diameter : 13.30 mm thickness : 0.20 mm raw material will be Aluminium coil.

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    We are a business developing and manufacturing MEMS based electronic components. We need a 3D modelling and photorealistic rendering of one of our up coming products. Hand sketches and dimensions will be provided. The successful applicant will need to translate that into a Solidworks or equivalent 3D model together with a photorealistic rendering of the part. The 3D model and rendering will be an ...

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    The freelancer is required to design an automatic car washing machine using Solidworks software. The design should include all the necessary components to produce an efficient design. The maximum size of a car should not exceed SUV. Brushes or higher-pressure washing can be used. The freelancer should first provide me with initial sketches showing primary components and dimensions then once approv...

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    We have developed a product which we want to put into production (still pending TBD if through injection molding, aluminium or plastic mecanization). The design of the prototype has been developed with a rendering program and what we need to do is create the various STP of each of the components of the product (between 4 to 5) some of them really simple. We are looking for a designer which based ...

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    We have to fabricate Air Pressure Vessel for 200 Bar working pressure. We need expert who can help us in designing and fabrication of tank. Welding procedure will also be required. Anyone can participate and provide us online support. Thanks

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    Flow Analysis around an object WITH ANSYS

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    CAD surfacing project 4 天 left

    I have a part in SW 2020 and step format. It is a solid body but with a complex geometry. I want to add a thickened section to this part. Please contact for more info. My budget is 10 Euros Thanks!

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    Hi I need a 3D Modelling, AutoCAD expert for my current projects. If you have knowledge please bid. Details will be shared in message with the freelancers. Thanks.

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    We are a company that has been developing and distributing wireless paging solutions since 2010. We are currently looking for someone to create our product demo (see attachment) in 3D using Blender. 1. Capable to draw using Blender 2. Animate the product to project it shockproof and waterproof feature If you have any queries, do send me an email. Thanks

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    I need map, details, parts dimensions and fine all we need for project. I have some limited for doing that: we can not going more than 6 inch for all columns

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    Optimisation of the Golf GTI 1.8L 8v Mk2 Cylinder head (EV engine), in particular the shape and texture of the ports, bespoke intake and exhaust manifolds to maximise gases flow. Fluid dynamics simulations specifically applied to this cylinder head welcome.

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    3D Surface Modeling Engineer 4 天 left

    We are looking for someone with these specific skill sets: 1. Has Surface Modeling Skills 2. Is proficient in solid works 3. Able to work with and import existing 3D files & make changes 4. Ability to export typical File formats for solid works such as STEP, IGES & others Our project is simple. We need someone to adjust a design we've already created. Our capabilites are lim...

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    3D Scanning Sneakers 4 天 left

    Hello, I want some sneakers 3D scanned. Thanks

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    Solidwork expert program needed

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    I need a 3d design of an emblem to be 3d printable based on provided reference images as close as possible with the right scale, need source file as well. if you read through the description please write "Orange" in your proposal.

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    hello To all job seekers I have one project for a non-linear drop test of 12 cylinder assembly design in Solidworks. assembly is very big and bundle size is HxWxL 2700x2000x2000mm approx. you need to provide us test report with all boundry conditions which will be use for analysis. will provide us analysis video detail of deformation of the bundle and internal parts suggestion for how can ...

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