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Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS) is an analytical software used to carry out statistical analysis. Just as stated in its name, SPSS is designed solely to perform statistical operations such as descriptive analysis, t-test, crosstabulation, ANOVA, Chi square test, regression etc., and these are available in the “analyze” menu of the software. The latest version of the software “IBM SPSS Statistics” helps researchers to easily and quickly find new insights in their data.

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    SMARTPLS and SPSS 6 天 left

    Work on SMARTPLS and SPSS analysis.

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    Nuestra empresa requiere de un consultor analítico preferiblemente localizado en Medellín para dar soporte sobre rutas previamente construidas con la herramienta IBM SPSS Modeller durante horas no hábiles incluyendo domingos y festivos. El consultor deberá contar con experiencia en esta herramienta y conocimientos en el mundo bancario en temas como IFRS, amortizaciones ...

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    se requiere un Visor Geoportal Gis - Sistemas De Informacion Geografica, con herramientas de impresion, navegacion, edicion, actualizacion entre otros

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    Need to analyse research data on SPSS and write complete the research report with it. (1st part of the report is already done). Abouth 5000-6000 words

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    Data Analysis 5 天 left

    My company needs a data analyst urgently

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    Hallo Freelancer, Saat ini saya tengah melakukan penelitian kuantitatif dan membutuhkan jasa penyebaran survey dengan target 910 responden dengan kriteria sebagai berikut : - Berdomisili di Jakarta - Menggunakan mobile health atau aplikasi kesehatan seperti halodoc, alodokter, dll - Berusia minimal 16 tahun Kuesioner terdiri dari 91 pertanyaan yang dapat diisi secara online, durasi pekerjaan : 5 ...

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    Análise Spss 5 天 left

    Analisar os dados coletados durante meu TCC na plataforma Spss.

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    We are looking for an experienced Power BI Data Analyst who also has familiarity with other internal Microsoft tools. The right person has worked on developing dashboards, generating ROI analysis, data and reports. You will work closely with several teams (management, product, development, sales, etc) to understand the business, business needs, data related to the business goals, the internal too...

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    I have I an excel file with information about ( the frequency of model expression of Arabic language and I need someone to make quantitative analysis for me by using SPSS software

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    We are conducting a pretest-posttest (repeated measures) study with three between-subjects conditions and one continuous covariate. We have found significant interaction effects and are trying to decompose these interactions by looking at paired t-test results. However, we also want to include the covariate in our t-test analyses and are not sure how to do this in SPSS.

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    Data Analysis 3 天 left

    A data analyst is needed urgently to process data's for my company

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    My name is Arumugam Thanumalaya MD, a Physician based in US. we have created a software, which diagnoses illnesses, by asking a bunch of pertinent questions, based on there complaints, which an experienced physician would [登录来查看链接] question is weighted, and based on the answers, the software will diagnose. We are planning to test this software in the real world, with a bunch of Patients. We need ...

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    Aim is to identify weather estimated weight based thrombolysis ( usually TPA drug is given as 0.9mg/kg) is predictor of actual weight based thrombolysis and if this alters stroke outcomes including intracerbral Haemorraghe , functional independence, mortality. I would appreciate help in statistical methods for this systematic review and meta analysis. The trials are mainly observational.

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    I need support with the review and explanation of a few statistical processes. - Teaching skills required.

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    Need statistics expert 2 天 left

    Need statistics expert urgently

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    i want someone to do this verification technique

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    Analyze data to check if sample is normal using Minitab, results needed in next 4 hours

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    Preciso de fazer um trabalho de análise de dados em SPSS. Mais informações depois.

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    Statistics project 1 天 left

    Hi I have a statistics task that require your skills

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    Need data analytics expert 1 天 left

    I need a data analytics expert using R studio and statistics

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    namely try and compute the posterior for a Binomial likelihood and Normal prior – with chosen mean and variance – in the case of the coin toss experiment. So to be precise, you are computing the posterior of the parameter p, which is the probability for a Heads to turn up in a throw of an unfair coin, where the posterior is computed given the simulated data that comprises 4 data points...

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    I need to create a table showing the effects of multiple planned comparisons on p values if you don't use a correction and showing the progressive risk of false positives with each additional comparison.

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    I am looking for long-term writers who can do orders daily. Must be conversant with various writing forms and statistics in SPSS, mathematics and lab reports. I pay $1.2 per 275 words. Payment is made every 14 days. Flexible work environment and readily available wors. Contact me if you agree with these terms and conditions.

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    statistics 5 小时 left

    I have a statistics project and I need some help from a professional

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    SPSS analysis 3 小时 left

    i have survey data that i would like to have a SPSS analysis to it i can send you the survey data the survey in turkish but i can help with the translation

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