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System admin is the process or person employed to maintain and operate a computer system or network. System admins install, support, configure and maintain servers and other computer systems. They also periodically do scripting tasks and respond to service outages or other problems involving servers or desktops. If your business needs help with system admin tasks, then you can hire freelancers who can work with your computer systems. Talented and experienced system admin freelancers can be found here. Simply post your system admin task or job today.

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    A job to encrypt traffic in servers to hide data from isp and an overall technician to fix many tasks in ubuntu

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    You need to be a familiar with AWS, Django. Suggest your method and plan for it, but not your experience. 'Cause it's so tired. 1. AWS virtual servers - Review AWS virtual server setup - Which optimizations can be dine? 2. Docker - Set up docker image for project - Set up process for automated docker deployment - Write documentation for this 3. AWS Deployment - Review set up if...

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    networking 6 天 left

    need to prepare a network thats y i need some one

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    My dating app is native android and was written with java, and now it only needs the following things to be ready for official launch soon: 1- (Payment Methods) 2- (Membership Packages Setup) 3- Different communication limitations depending on Membership Package 4- expansion of the web admin control panel of the app on <[登录来查看链接]> Note: (Yes! there is already A [web admin control panel] ...

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    I need my website re-configured.I need you to design and build a website for my small business.

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    Kubernetes training required. 6 天 left

    Searching for a new freelancer who can teach me kubernetes in the least budget. Thanks

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    Install Debian image on AWS 6 天 left

    Hello, I have a centos image about 100GB in size that contains KVM and some additional virtual routers running within the Centos or Debian or ubuntu desktop. this image requires 20 vcpu and 32 GB RAM to run properly. I have 12 images/copies that I need to install for lab purposes to run for 2-3 days and then remove. I am looking for an expert that will help us to create a cloud account that will...

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    I am looking for an EXPERT with opensips and astpp with multiple freeswitch to set up a complete switch in a cluster with centralize DB and billing or . When optimize the only limitation of Concurrent calls and cps would be hardware You must use the latest stable versions of everything. you must provide sample of similar work to be considered for this project. Do not waste my time if you ha...

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    install AVideo/YouPHPTube 6 天 left

    hi all i want install AVideo/YouPHPTube in my server ubuntu 18 for stream rtmp

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    System Admin 6 天 left

    We are looking for a people to setup and maintaining the account.

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    I use to have a NEGEAR ReadyNAS in raid 1, that device fails and I want to mount the 2 hard drives in order to access the data

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    I have few tasks on SCOM need someone who is expert on it

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    I do have a set of 2 WINSIS databases that I would like to publish on the web for consulting using WWWISIS on a Ubuntu VPS. Both WINISIS and WWWISIS are a set of old library management software that we have had problems configuring in Ubuntu 16 so this is why we decided to look for external help.

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    configure APISCP ON AWS 6 天 left

    Hello, i have configure server on AWS and i need a help to configure APISCP for 3 domain, need a configuration help for configuration document will provide Filesystem DNS SSL HTTP Databases Web Apps-Wordpress Docker Mail FTP Service monitoring Resource enforcement Metrics Backups Maps more info [登录来查看链接]

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    looking for mikrotik technician to remotely fixes some issues in the network

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    An alert is sent if a server does not restart (and stays shut down) set a restart script on each machine that restarts the machine accordingly to schedule

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    I need help to install VMWare and MAC OS successfully on WIndow 8.1

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    I am looking for senior networking Expert. I am going to create new engine so I need senior network developer. if you are expert on there, feel free message me

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    Hello Experts, Can you prepare the script with the following requirements? #The requirements are as follow: 1. The script should first remove postfix-2.x, add a repo and install postfix-3.x 2. It should pick all the available IP address configured in the interface and configured randmap and [登录来查看链接] file and related configuration in [登录来查看链接] file 3. Should configure SMTP Auth with Cyrus and M...

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    vmware automation 6 天 left

    Need the API for Vmware Vcenter / ESXi (Preferably) or ESX CLI for a. Changing the Network (called in VCenter) (Called as portgroup in ESXi) for an VM b. Creating a Datastore c. add a valid CA Wildcard Certificate

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    Apache proxy/balancer 6 天 left

    Hi I need someone to help me solve a redirect issue from my apache/ubuntu server

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    Hi guys! I need to provide remote MySQL access to a cPanel server for a handful of clients. However, I do not want to open 3306 to the world (for obvious reasons). cPanel's remote MySQL whitelisting mechanism isn't secure enough on its own. I've already had a server get "partially" compromised by ransomware (which has since been recovered via hardening, cleanup and bac...

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    Sou programador .net e tenho alguns conhecimentos em Linux. Mas preciso de uma consultoria para a criação de um servidor linux para rodar uma aplicação .net core web api, logo vou precisar de NGINX e SSL. E também as melhores práticas para a parte de segurança fechando todas as portas, firewall, iptables... enfim. Uma consultoria de como criar um se...

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    Ionos /Ubantu 20.04. Just looking for an idea of the price right now.

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    I need my website re-configured.I need you to design a website for my small business. [登录来查看链接]

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    Tengo un servidor VPS con Docker Swarm, uso traefik para redireccionar el trafico a las diferentes maquinas que tengo levantadas. Accedo a la maquina por SSH. Tengo programados backups en S3 con duply. - Necesito actualizar la versión de traefik de 1.7 a 2 dejando gitlab (sameersbn/gitlab) corriendo con la información actual. - Añadir un Docker Registry para usar con mis pro...

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    I need a network expert to help in network administration task in very short deadline

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    I need to result an issue with Square Gateway and Woocommerce not showing my location with Square account.

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    vpn server 6 天 left

    I would like a vpn server. pm to discuss

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    Trophy icon fortigate firewall 19 天 left

    Build SDWAN network between five (5) sites in a hub spoke design. Main Office will be hub with four (4) remote offices that will connect to each other and the main office using VPN. Sow design and implement new SDWAN network using designated Fortinet equipment. . configuration will include define and configuration of L2 equipment and multiple VLANs (customer specification) to support data, VOIP su...

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    I need an expert to install and configure Microsoft Direct Access on windows server 2016 I have the following scenario - Windows Server 2016 machine ( Domain and Certificate authority) - Windows Server 2016 machine 2 NIC (Direct Access) - Windows 10 Enterprise Edition for test - Windows 8 Enterprise Edition for test * All Machines using local ip address * Direct Access server has 2 NICs LAN &...

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    IPV6 Proxy Rotator system 6 天 left

    We have a headless scraper system which is currently deploying a IPv6 proxy rotation service. They provide us a single IPv4 address which we use as the proxy in our app and each request we send to it, uses a random IPv6 proxy from a /64 block. We would like this same logic added in an easy to launch system. Ideally, it would be in a bash script which we can run with 1 single command on a fresh C...

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    Require consulting to understand SUSE LINUX and Redhat LINUX difference

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    We are looking for a technical support to internal users of desktop application.

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    .. for gaming and home use specially setting for low ping n lag free gaming on ps4 ..

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    Need help with automating cert based authentication for windows server 2012/16/19 WITHOUT ADCS. Server is not on domain and need to be enabled for cert based authentication. Automated scripts to generate the cert, deploy it on the server

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    Home / small business sys admin required - Ubiquity products. 2nd line telephone support for home users.

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    i need web builder -- 2 5 天 left

    I need my website re-configured.I need you to design and build my personal website.

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    i cant send more than 1000 emails at my vps

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    I need my website re-configured.

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    Need to get google drive in the finder - have this working already on another mac - can you help ? Helping me get this working properly will be the delivery and goal. Please note there is hope we can mutually complete this task; we can leave each other nice comments and 5 stars for each? Please note project is due in (2) two hours as this projects deadline, as this is needed asap from the ti...

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    Need to get google drive in the finder - have this working already on another mac - can you help ? Helping me get this working properly will be the delivery and goal. Please note there is hope we can mutually complete this task; we can leave each other nice comments and 5 stars for each? Please note project is due in (2) two hours as this projects deadline, as this is needed asap from the ti...

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    need to hire someone to configure a PC that is running virtual machines to be accessable remotely through DNS without a static ip address. when responding answer: 4x4=

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    Fix my network 5 天 left

    I have issues with my small business network, the connection keeps dying intermittently and I have to restart the server to get the network back online

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    IMPORTANT!! JOB MUST BE 100% COMPLETE BEFORE RELEASE OF FUNDS! NO EXCEPTIONS! Install (1) a freestanding mail server, (2) Mysql Database, (3) Website on 3 separate Digital Ocean Droplets under 1 domain and one VPC Network. All droplets must work together under a single domain. All SSL / certificates must be installed and work properly. (1) MAIL SERVER - Droplet 1 You will need to install and c...

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    Softswitch 5 天 left

    can create us IPRN Softswitch with IVR + Panel + firewall + database mainly it's a full system for IPRN looking for some 1 who has done this work before and really knows what I am looking for things should be with Accounting and everything

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    install malware scanning on my WHM

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    OpenGTS VPS 5 天 left

    Install openGTS in VPN and sample configurations for TK103B

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    Hello , I specifically need residential ISP vps server in Ireland for my personal work. This means a residential ISP and not a data centre ISP. If anyone can provide the ISP which i listed place a bid.

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    Hi Team, Scenario:- (AD) Active Directory (Windows Server 2012 ) created in the Amazon cloud and also created a domain under Group Policy Objects (GPO). Please tell me how can we solve the following problems:- 1. All the Users that were created in AD should not have internet access but AD (Windows Server 2012 in Amazon cloud) should have internet access. 2. Users shou...

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