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System admin is the process or person employed to maintain and operate a computer system or network. System admins install, support, configure and maintain servers and other computer systems. They also periodically do scripting tasks and respond to service outages or other problems involving servers or desktops. If your business needs help with system admin tasks, then you can hire freelancers who can work with your computer systems. Talented and experienced system admin freelancers can be found here. Simply post your system admin task or job today.

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    I'm interested in an EdgeRouter/Ubiquiti expert. I'm unable to get L2TP VPN server working on an Edge Router Lite device. (I'm using this setup: [登录来查看链接]). Getting error The L2TP connection attempt failed because the security layer encountered a processing error during the initial negotiations with the remote computer". I would prefer that you know EdgeRouter and have setup L...

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    Necesitamos cubrir un puesto de Técnico de sistemas y redes para trabajar directamente en el cliente y con proyectos puntuales con nuestro Director Técnico Primero empezaríamos por dos dias a la semana . Luego iriamos viendo como avanza el proyecto pero podría ampliarse a mas dias.

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    Shopify site fix 6 天 left

    Need to a fix for Shopify site

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    Windows Server Administration 6 天 left

    P2V of 2008R2 Machine( server 1). Create a HyperV machine of this P2V on a parallel 2012 server.(server 2) Inplace Upgrade of this 2008R2 VM to 2012. Test this Upgraded VM for performance with user loads. Inplace Upgrade of Physical 2008R2(server 1). to 2012 Install HYperV on Server 1 and create Replicaion of the (server 2)2012 VM on Server 1 Create open source AD on second VM of Server 1

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    Ho bisogno di un freelance che installi e configuri BigBlueButton (plugin di moodle per la videoconferenza) su Amazon AWS. La problematica è per il numero di utenti, circa 1000 contemporanei per la durata di 3 ore a sessione. Al termine di ciascuna sessione devo poter spegnere il server

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    We have 3 sites connected via a DMVPN. Each of the 3 sites have cisco routers. We are experiencing connectivity issues between sites and need an expert to review the configuration and determine source of issues. The expert MUST be an expert at Multi-site VPN, firewall configuration, DNS and Microsoft domains in a multi-site environment.

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    We are looking for someone to help setup a server infrastructure which is future proof and can scale with the number of users or downloads for our application. We are about to launch our new mobile app in the coming months and would like to choose the correct server to ensure that we are ready for any potential surge of traffic and download. It needs to be lean and efficient to start with with ...

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    We are looking for someone to help setup a server infrastructure which is future proof and can scale with the number of users or downloads for our application. We are about to launch our new mobile app in the coming months and would like to choose the correct server to ensure that we are ready for any potential surge of traffic and download. It needs to be lean and efficient to start with with ...

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    We need a WHMCS Provisioning Module that, after customer signup to the product, 1. Creates a new AWS Cloudfront distribution, using parameters read from a Linux server plain text file 2. Create and show customer the access info, created from the Cloudfront info and info from the Linux server 3. Let customer check Cloudfront usage 4. Deduct customer credit for cloudfront usage. Fixed rate. 5...

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    Need experienced who having knowledge in windows dedicated server , ip, domain registration, networking..

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    I need Ubuntu based software [登录来查看链接] installed on either my current server with bluehost or help me find a affordable VPS service

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    Setup VPN Connection 6 天 left

    We need establish VPN tunnel between two servers using dedicated firewall. Max Budget 5000 INR

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    I need my website re-configured. I have my website, it is currently offline and I want to not only get online I also want to make changes. It’s an urgent requirement.

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    i want to configure Gsuite on directadmin server. i means i want to send mail with gsuite smtp server from directadmin.

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    Hello, I want to apply to Microsoft Support Escalation Engineer Office 365 job and i need to talk to anyone that works/has worked on this job for helping me out preparing for the interview Thank you

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    bloggerholic 6 天 left

    I need my website re-configured.I already have a design, I just need you to build my blog.

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    Hi everyone I need somebody knowledgeable in server administration for a project of mine. The candidate will be nired only for a a consultation.

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    Docker based Mail Server 6 天 left

    I need a docker-compose file written up for docker based mail server using Mailu and Let'sEcrypt. I use nginx-proxy as external reverse proxy network that serves multiple websites from single server and automatically generates Let'sencrypt SSL The docker-compose file for Nginx-proxy is attached . I have also attached Mailu docker compose file which has all necessary set up however it is...

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    I'm looking for someone who can help me create a VPN tunnel between a PC (Running Windows 10) and an iPhone without using a VPN router. What i need to succeed is the following: PC is connected on LAN under public static IP. I want to be able to reach this PC from my mobile (iOS device) when i'm connected to another network or through 4G using it's build in VPN settings or other VPN ...

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    Devops engineer needed 6 天 left

    Needed DevOps engineer, Candidate must be expert in LAMP stack with Ubuntu 16.04 Also AWS EC2 instance knowledge needed I have 1 website that is running on aws [登录来查看链接] instance, But from last few days i am getting issue, Server seems all the time down. Issue seems in mysql (Check screenshot [登录来查看链接])

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    I made a a Default Route Tables and now tried to put them back and it is not working Tried using this - any ideas? [登录来查看链接]

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    Im looking for a professional Pfsense or Opnsense network Engineer who can fix our problem of 3 lans / 3 wans problems currently I need to do wither multi wan bonding or force each lan to use a wan so far all failed due to the fact the isp wan is pppoe .

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    Linux Expert 5 天 left

    I am looking for Linux Expert who can do some setup. Looking forward to discussing further.

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    Hi, I want to remotely access to my clients routers online to check if router is online or not and to access to SSH, The idea is to use OpenVPN. I need a solution without opening a port in the ISP router

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    Its a very easy task to the experienced Network Engineers.. Not able to open my desktop app and the error message says "Application download did not succeed check your network connection or contact your administrator or network service provider" . I need the freelancer to solve this issue immediately

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    Hi guys, I've a err connection timeout error on secondary IP, how can i configure it to plesk to allow connections without timeout? thanks

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    Hello I am migrating some Windows Servers 2003 from Hyper-V cluster to Azure Site Recovery. Some of them, after making the failover, it's possible to connect to them trough RDP, another VM's it's not possible to connect through RDP Please help me

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    linux openwrt package compile 5 天 left

    we are needing someone to compile this package to work in Openwrt as a OPKG package with all its dependent packages. [登录来查看链接] [登录来查看链接] Dont BID unless you have an OPENWRT router where you can try and test it

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    Oracle Database 11g Enterprise Edition Release [登录来查看链接] - 64bit Production § GlassFish (build 5) / ADF Essentials 12.1.3 / JDK 7 § Tomcat 8.0.26 / Java 8 (Acumen BI) § Weblogic/Frm Version 10.3.6 (with Forms / Reports 11.1.2) § Liquibase 3.4.2 (The Liquibase documentation states that Liquibase 3.x requires Java 1.6+, however Liquibase 3.4.2 does not appear to be ...

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    In the section myaccount/edit-account I need to hide the 'Display name'. I need someone who fixes the code below and sends it back to me: add_filter( 'woocommerce_billing_fields', 'remove_account_display_name_field', 20, 1 ); function remove_account_display_name_field($fields) { $fields ['account_display_name']['required'] = false; // To be sure ...

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    Tôi cần sửa một trang web Ghjvhmnvjng

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    Fix email server spam 5 天 left

    Hi, I have a web server running virtual min webmin. This is freshly set up with a domain however all emails from the server are being flagged as spam and sent to junk folder. I need a professional to take a quick look at my domain records and virtual min setup to resolve this. Thanks

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    Setup Webmin Virtualmin -- 2 5 天 left

    Setup webmin virtualmin community version on a fresh Ubuntu Digital Ocean server. -The setup needs to be connected to my domain. -The server must have a valid let's encrypt certificate. -The server must be setup as a WEB & MAIL server (with emails succesfully being delivered). -It needs to accomodate future domains being added to the one server.

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    DNS & SSL Guru 5 天 left

    I have some troubleshooting to do whereby the wrong SSL certificate is displaying on a website. Need someone who is familiar with SSL, DNS and terminal./

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    help set up IP cameras (Panasonic) for view/access on web with huawei routers Pretty basic. Have older IP panasonic camera and a couple newer models. Can see on LAN, but can not get working to see via web Use team viewer to help remote access

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    I need help with my mail server. all our emails are going to spam box.

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    I need someone to troubleshoot my server when i boot from sysrcd it goes to maintanance shell

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    Need to implement authentication and authorization for emr cluster using apace knox and ranger

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    We have a disclaimer that is added through the Exchange MailFlow Rules in Office 365. Two weeks ago, the rule stopped getting triggered. This happened after we enabled Phishing and Anti-Spam rules. We need someone to investigate and fix the issue.

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    apache and ispconfig error 4 天 left

    Hello my server apache with ispconfig is down i search a specialist networks thank you

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    We are an ISP in the USA. Project is to set up a VPN using Mikrotik CCR router to support WAP-lte routers as remote VPN clients. The VPN will need to supply each client a live IP address from our ISP network. The goal is to allow our ISP customers to be monitored and for bandwidth control even though the Customer is running an a different LTE network provider.

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    Need to install let's encrypt ssl on aws ec2 which is using tomcat 7 server and also set the certificate to auto renewal.

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    We need somebody who can migrate a domain from a [登录来查看链接] account to another [登录来查看链接] account or godaddy account. At the end what's easier would be the best. The most important part of the task is that I need to migrate over 50 emails that are with my domain currently into a new [登录来查看链接] account. This is the most important part because we need these emails to be able to work on Monday. B...

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    I need to have engineer near Zurich to install 15 access points in office with all the necessary tools. A network engineer or a technical who has dome something similar would be an ideal candidate. Please bid per hour rate. Expected duration for all the tasks is not more than 2 days.

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    Hi, we are looking for an experienced Windows Server ( Standard 2019 & 2016 ) System Admin to help us. - We have a Windows Server 2019 ( Server1 ) - We have added a second older Windows Server 2016 to our network ( Server2 ) - Server1 is the domain controller and hosts our SQL database, Active Directory etc - We want active directory users to be able to remote desktop into Server2. They shoul...

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    Woocommerce/ wordpress order E-mails sent to the customers needs to be customized. Whenever a new customer places order, automatic e-mail is sent to the customer. I want to customize that e-mail according to the payment method seected by the customer. Immediate project!!

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    Estou com um problema no meu servidor alugado na LocaWeb, de uns 10 dias pra cá ele começou a reiniciar sozinho do nada. Não instalei nada novo, não mexi em nada que pudesse ter algum efeito nele. Parece que dá tela azul e ele reinicia. Mas não sei exatamente o que é. Preciso de alguém com muita experiência em servidores Microsoft para ...

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    I need to setup a server with PRTG and Netflow. Server is already installed. Configuration required includes setup, user creation (for customer access) 4 routers + 10 interfaces aprox. I also need basic training (45min)

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    DNS issue on WHM server 4 天 left

    I started to face an issue where all my websites are not accessible from anywhere except for the WHM itself and the main domain, also I have noticed that only users who use their DNS as are be able to access the websites fine , if they use their ISP DNS, most likely this user wont be able to access the websites hosted on my server whatsoever , seeking your advice

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