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Tax Law is a field of law that is essential in any country, protecting and guiding people regarding taxes and other related matters. A Tax Lawyer is a professional specialized in this area who can provide advice and help to anyone who might be facing misunderstanding or discrepancies regarding taxes that need to be paid. They are needed to protect the rights of people, organizations and companies and even guide governmental entities concerning taxation.

Tax Lawyers must highly knowledgeable to develop tax strategies beneficial to those they work with, needing them to constantly provide advice on the benefit of the particular option chosen.

Here's some projects that our expert Tax Lawyers made real:

  • We completed filing one tender in a government portal for an Indian firm
  • Helped organizations or companies located in Bosnia and Herzegovina manage their taxes
  • With our expertise in Quickbook Online ProAdvisors we were able to respond effectively and efficiently to bookkeeping requests
  • We provided insight and knowledge on Understanding the procedures for importing goods, especially product terms with delivery through CIF shipping
  • Our clients benefited from knowing exactly what tax their partnership firms need to pay
  • Our team had success helping nurses from India to obtain labor certifications, as well as consultation on Florida Hospital &IHS
  • Responding appropriately to tax questions related to the UAE
  • We have guided individuals through the process of preparing Canadian income tax returns from 2015 until 2021
  • Clients subscribed our services for an attorney review and opinion letter they needed signed
  • Freelancers hired by clients have helped developed contracts with Dubsado services clear enough for accounting/bookkeeping & tax preparation firms.

In conclusion, at Freelancer.com we strive always to secure professional assistance when it comes down to Tax Law matters that require specialized knowledge; reassuring our clients that every aspect will be managed appropriately. So why not post your own project today in Freelancer.com and hire an expert Tax Lawyer?

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    10 份搜到的工作,货币单位为 HKD

    Job post for CPA 7-22-2024 Three items are deal breakers: 1) You must reside in the US and have tax preparation and filing experience for 10 years. 2) If you can’t use TurboTax Deluxe Desktop version. Otherwise, it will keep me dependent upon you, handcuffing myself, since I do not have access to Drake or similar platforms. 3) Expertise in long-term capital loss carryforward. My wife and I are retired and file a joint return. We have no W-2 income, relying instead on Social Security and "passive" investment income from private equity and the stock market. We also manage a Solo 401(k) plan Trust and an associated LLC that is inactive on paper, requiring no accounting is needed. The tax preparer must meet the following requirements: You may use Drake or any other software...

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    I'm seeking full-service assistance with forming an LLC for my e-commerce endeavors in the USA, as my knowledge of the process is quite limited. I aim to establish this business structure correctly and legally, ensuring all aspects are handled professionally. Key services will include: - LLC Registration: I require help with the name search, the Articles of Organization, and the Operating Agreement. - Registered Agent Service: Since I don't reside in the USA, I'm looking for someone to act as the registered agent. - Compliance Requirements: Guidance on annual reports, tax ID, business licenses, and other regulatory requirements is crucial. Ideal candidates should have legal expertise and a clear understanding of LLC formation processes in the USA. Familiarity with the e-...

    $2210 (Avg Bid)
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    I'm looking for an experienced and knowledgeable accountant to help me with my 2023 personal tax return. Key Requirements: - Familiarity with the 2023 tax regulations and guidelines. - Expertise in handling education-related deductions and credits. - Experience in reporting oversease pension income. - Attention to detail and ability to maximize deductions within legal parameters. Additional Information: - Comprehensive knowledge of various tax requirements and regulations is a must. - Proficiency in tax software and tools for accurate and efficient filing. - Excellent communication skills to facilitate a smooth and effective working relationship. Ideal candidate would possess: - Proven track record in personal tax return preparation. - Accredited and up-to-date with tax laws and...

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    I'm seeking assistance in understanding how to structure evidence for a case I'm bringing to consumer court in India. The matter pertains to an issue with accounting services. The overview of the case is that the accountant of our business has been filing inaccurate returns over the past 5 years causing the business to be in a huge loss and paying taxes towards GST which have been fabricated sales figures. They are being sued for deficiency of services. Ideal candidates will possess: - Knowledgeable about India's consumer court system - Experienced handling matters as a plaintiff / for a plaintiff - An in-depth understanding of cases related to accounting services. - Knowledge on how to file evidence in the cases' benefit. I would like to understand how the judge n...

    $718 (Avg Bid)
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    I'm an expatriate looking to establish a women's salon in Saudi Arabia. I'm in need of a comprehensive legal advisor who can assist me with the following: - Business Registration: I require guidance on the legal process and necessary documentation for setting up a new business in Saudi Arabia. Prior experience with business registration in the country would be highly valuable. - Visa and Work Permit Assistance: Assistance with obtaining the required visas and work permits for myself and any potential staff I may hire is essential. Understanding the nuances of the Saudi Arabian visa system and a track record of successful visa applications for expatriates would be advantageous. - Taxation Advice: I'm in need of expert advice on the tax laws and regulations in Saudi Ar...

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    I am looking for a freelancer who can assist me with registering my non-resident Limited company for corporation tax in the UK. I don't have full information on the required documentation for this process, so I will need your guidance on this aspect. If you have experience with this, you could be a great fit for this project. Your role will include helping me navigate the registration process and ensuring that all the necessary documents are submitted correctly. Your knowledge of UK tax laws and previous experience with similar tasks will be highly beneficial. If you have expertise in tax consultation, accounting, and bookkeeping or annual compliance support, it could be a plus, but not required for this specific task. Please reach out if you're confident in your ability ...

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    I am looking for a skilled content writer with experience in writing for tax and law to create high-quality content for my website, Lex N Tax Associates. Your main goal will be to educate individual taxpayers about tax laws. The content should be professional and informative, reflecting our expertise in tax consultancy. It must also be engaging and easy to understand for our target audience. Ideal Skills: - Proven experience in content creation, particularly in the field of tax and law - Ability to write in a professional and informative style - Understanding of SEO best practices to optimize content for search engines Experience: - Experience in writing for tax consultancy would be a definite advantage - Previous work that has successfully educated visitors in the tax and law domain ...

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    I'm in need of an expert in income tax filing, specifically for individuals who are retired and have additional income from selling stocks. Key Requirements: - Proficiency in filing tax returns for retired individuals with only retirement income - Experience in handling Short Term Capital Gains (STCG) from selling Indian stocks - Knowledge of Indian tax laws and regulations - Ability to optimize tax deductions and minimize liabilities - Clear understanding of the tax implications of stock market transactions Please ensure you have experience with relevant tax forms and procedures to ensure a smooth and accurate tax filing process.

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    I need a legal assistant with entry-level experience (less than 2 years). The primary focus will be on immigration law and the main tasks will encompass filings and various administrative tasks. Being well-organized, meticulous, and able to communicate effectively are valuable skills for this role. Your duties will include, but not be limited to: - Filing documents - Managing administrative tasks -Translating documents - Liaising with clients and court personnel Experience with immigration law will be a distinct advantage. Great opportunity for those starting out in the legal field.

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    I require support in completing a form - specifically a request for a government document. I'm seeking someone experienced in legal documentation. The tasks you'll undertake: - Completion of the government request form. Ideal candidate will have: - Expertise in legal documents - Familiarity with government documentation - Attention to detail and accuracy. Your ability to navigate complex form terminology is essential. Familiarity with the provinces of Avellino, Benevento, Potenza.

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