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TensorFlow is an open-source, python-friendly library used for high-performance numerical computation that makes machine learning easier and faster. It replaced “DistBelief,” its closed-source predecessor.

TensorFlow has a flexible architecture which enables an easy deployment of numerical computation across several platforms – TPUs, GPUs, CPUs; from desktops to collections of servers to edge and mobile devices.

It was initially created by engineers and researchers from the Google Brain team for both research and production. It comes with a strong support for deep learning and machine learning for dataflow programming across varieties of tasks.

When it comes to the application of TensorFlow, it is being used by social media companies for photo tagging; image analysis for microscopy; retail stores use it for object detection during checkout; space exploration, automotive, aviation, and healthcare also use it for image and object recognition.

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    I need to create OCR that can read all my symbol and text and create reinforce learning

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    update generator function 5 天 left

    update generator function to get y and x

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    Run empathy chatbot 4 天 left

    Follow this github link: to run these empathy model on Parlai for chatbot.

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    I need to create OCR that can read all my symbol and text and create reinforce learning

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    I need to create OCR that can read all my symbol and text and create reinforce learning

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    Se trata de una aplicación de reconocimiento facial que por exigencias de los reguladores (NIST) debe de estar en C++ y debe de usar Tensorflow.

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    Run a python code ( chatbot ) 3 天 left

    Worldwide The github in the links in attached file. I have a Linux server with GPUs, you can use Team Viewer to let it run on mine. All setup ready.

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    - Experience in software development and knowledge in several of the following areas: C #, Python, Java, JavaScript, Machine Learning, NLU, NLP, SQL, Docker, HTML, RESTful, Webservice, Bash, PowerShell, Linux, Windows, Azure, AWS , Visual Studio, Eclipse, Git Hub. - Monthly salary - Remote work - Passion for programming and knowledge of Python ideally also C++ - Having Linux and ROS knowledge

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    yolov4 and rcnn expert 2 天 left

    please help me out in this work let me know i need this work asap

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    Machine Learning should be used to test the game "Dirt 5." There should be 10 - 15 mins of continuous input where the car will try to stay on the tracks and go around the tracks. The goal is not to win the game but to simulate someone playing the game. If the car hits a barrier or another car or gets off track of the course, it correct itself and get back on track. OpenCV, TensorFlow and Keras should be used. No other deep learning languages. The requirements listed are I’ll of the requirements. Other than that I am open. You can look at how the game is played on YouTube for more details: 1 Example: Here is an example video of another game Deliverables Must be in the languages mentioned. Must have continuous input for 10-15 minutes. Most have good code quality. Must co...

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    AI Car Damage 2 天 left

    Application to recognize damage and parts in a car accident. using python and tensorflow. Result: API/Json

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    The project is divided into two steps, each consisting of the following stages.

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