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Territory Manager Chronicled is the pioneer in supply chain solutions. We want to be at the top. We are seeking someone who is quite authoritative in his/her area. We will learn towards those who have experience on the Chronicled platform. Please go through [链接已删除,请登录查看] to understand their business model before applying for this job. 0 研究, Ruby, 时间管理 Feb 19, 2018 Feb 19, 20182天 14时 -
Project for Ma. Mherzelle A. Hi Ma. Mherzelle A., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat. 10 统计学, 视频上传, 打字复印, , 时间管理, 微软Office Feb 19, 2018 Feb 19, 20185天 7时 $98
Bussines and community developments Business Developments of some projects, integrated farming and renewable energy 9 活动目录, 演示文稿, 时间管理, 微软Office Feb 17, 2018 Feb 17, 201812时 13分 $1064
Mapping Cyber Risks and issues to regulatory requirements. I am the head of compliance and have an effort to map regulatory requirements to cyber risks and issues. It requires knowledge of major regulatory and industry frameworks and an understanding of varying cyber issues organizations face today. The end deliverable is a spreadsheet mapping each requirement to applicable issues (provided). Initial phase of the project is to validate what we have in pla... 11 Excel, 计算机安全, 数据挖掘, 分析学, 时间管理 Feb 10, 2018 Feb 10, 2018已经结束 $313
Shipping Assistent in China We are looking for a shipping assistent in China. The assistance has to handle only 2-4 shippings in one month. 6 客户支持, 时间管理 Jan 30, 2018 Jan 30, 2018已经结束 $172
Personal Assistant I require a personal assistant in Brisbane. 27 数据输入, Facebook营销, Salesforce.com, 客户服务, 时间管理 Jan 28, 2018 Jan 28, 2018已经结束 $757
Stantheguy's project Stantheguy will work here. I hope he does the work well. 0 时间管理 Jan 25, 2018 Jan 25, 2018已经结束 -
Project for Yelyzaveta U. Hi Yelyzaveta U., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat. 4 翻译, Powerpoint, 统计学, , 时间管理, 乌克兰语 Jan 25, 2018 Jan 25, 2018已经结束 $1252
build me a website we need good website to sell food for pets 16 研究, 语法引擎, FileMaker, 打字复印, 时间管理 Jan 19, 2018 Jan 19, 2018已经结束 $52493
Google Shopping & Shoppify - Repost - open to bidding Hi interested in expert with google shopping and shopify . Need to build list of products in google shopping and integrated with shopify . Thanks 8 抄写, 技术支持, 文章提交, 时间管理, 服务台 Jan 17, 2018 Jan 17, 2018已经结束 $840
Looking ofr an experienced NL trainer in "Time Management" Hello, We have won a public market to support one major semi-public company in Brussels in their Soft Skill development, and more specifically in "Time Management". We have done a proposal for a 1 day course to the staff of this major company. This proposal was accepted, and need to be finetuned with the Customer before starting. There will be a lot of training sessions to perfor... 0 训练, 时间管理 Jan 17, 2018 Jan 17, 2018已经结束 -
Part time job of data posting for students only from Maharashtra We have some apps that needs daily new data updates. So your work is to post the data on the server using our internal mobile application properly. It is part time job only for students which are dedicated and looking for some extra money. We will pay 2000rs per month. And you need to post the data daily 3 times in a day. For 1 time posting it needs max half an hour. You should know hindi and mara... 4 印地语, 内容写作, 时间管理 Jan 16, 2018 Jan 16, 2018已经结束 $163
Time schedule using Primavera. making a time schedule for construction of 3 building using primavera in Arabic 13 项目管理, 土木工程, 项目调度, 阿拉伯语, 时间管理 Jan 9, 2018 Jan 9, 2018已经结束 $196
Looking for clients restaurants, bistro, b&b Im looking for clients who need a Hospitality coach for small projects, clients like restaurants b&b Bistro coffee shop, need help in making their business more successful in budget friendly ways 1 管理, 商务教练, 创业公司, 时间管理 Dec 28, 2017 Dec 28, 2017已经结束 $7244
Hospitality coach Hospitality coach for small projects, clients like restaurants b&b Bistro coffee shop, need help in making their business more successful in budget friendly ways 10 管理, 商务教练, 创业公司, 时间管理 Dec 28, 2017 Dec 28, 2017已经结束 $9205
Hire candidates for my company I require an HR to find and shortlist few candidates for my company as per the requirements. 12 项目管理, 项目调度, 时间管理 Dec 20, 2017 Dec 20, 2017已经结束 $920
Project for Csilla B. Hi Csilla B., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat. 4 翻译, 虚拟助手, Article Writing, 订单处理, , 时间管理 Dec 12, 2017 Dec 12, 2017已经结束 $102
Event Planner We're looking for a person to organize and responsible for an event(romantic surprise) on the D Day. Job description: - Responsible for planning and organizing events - ‎Check all preparation - ‎Set up venue with simple decoration (if needed) - ‎Contact vendors (if any) - ‎Work as a team 11 活动策划, 交流, 时间管理, 组织变革管理 Dec 7, 2017 Dec 7, 2017已经结束 $354
Personal time management log I need you to write a simple research article on personal time management. Each reflections need to be answered. 31 Excel, 土木工程, Research Writing, 施工监测, 时间管理 Dec 3, 2017 Dec 3, 2017已经结束 $235
FEMALE MODELLING SHOOT -LIFESTYLE BRAND WOMEN WEAR COLLECTION Greetings from LIFESTYLE BRAND. We are in process of new collection season. Thus, we require female models for various type of shoots. MODELLING AGENCY / CO COORDINATORS - PLEASE DON'T APPLY Shoot City: DELHI GURGAON BANGALORE KOLKATA AND MUMBAI Shoot details: LIFESTYLE BRAND SHOOT - Women wear category Age group : 18 to 35 years (Fresher models/ Experience models) Height : Minimum 5... 7 自由职业, 时间管理 Nov 23, 2017 今天已经结束 $6033
Japanese to English Translator I am looking for experienced Japanese to English translators to work on a long term project. 42 翻译, 日语, 英语(美国), 时间管理 Nov 6, 2017 Nov 6, 2017已经结束 $6978
Hire a Graphic Designer 3D video designing. Creative graphic designing. Should be able to add new ideas in the project. Should be capable of thinking more than what was said. 14 平面设计, 后效应, 创意设计, 时间管理, Adobe Illustrator Nov 5, 2017 Nov 5, 2017已经结束 $720
Need to design brochure urgent Need to design 30 catalogs (100 pages each) tight deadline (nov 15) 48 Adobe InDesign, 宣传册设计, 时间管理 Nov 2, 2017 Nov 2, 2017已经结束 $11165
HR expert US based i need HR person for full time 7 人力资源, 人文科学, 时间管理 Oct 28, 2017 Oct 28, 2017已经结束 $4444
Help me with my business it's a startup business for cold pressed juice 19 销售, 商业计划, 管理, 供应商采购, 时间管理 Oct 28, 2017 Oct 28, 2017已经结束 $1200
Speaking 2 More People a/b Stress & Health Stress is Killing Us! Want to help people understand why and how necessary & simple it is to stop the cortisol response that stress creates BEFORE it wreaks havoc on their health & well-being. Have been lecturing and conducting workshops but, need someone who excels at (and enjoys) booking speaking engagements through cold calling, etc. to help get this flight properly off the ground! ... 4 Facebook营销, 电话支持, 谷歌分析, 社交媒体营销, 时间管理 Oct 25, 2017 Oct 25, 2017已经结束 $1213
'For Purpose' product/services reviews Hello, I need some content created for my website. We use a format called 'Snippets', which are basically short reviews. I need somebody who can curate existing website copy to fit our format. Each Snippet should be short & sweet (about 200-300 words). So I expect people to able to create about 3 an hour. On top of this, we need social media copy scripted that we can use to s... 18 文案写作, 研究, 编辑, 产品描述, 时间管理 Oct 17, 2017 Oct 17, 2017已经结束 $177
Sales Position New Homes, Investment property and Portable Granny Flats $4,000 per sale Sales Position New Homes, Investment property and Portable Granny Flats $4,000 per sale No Experience needed must be mature and hard working no set hours but good to work as many hours as possible paid at frame up stage of construction 2 销售, 市场, 时间管理, Sales Promotion Oct 14, 2017 Oct 14, 2017已经结束 $21608
Help me in US I need only US freelancer who can help me. My questions are 1. How much for a computer which I can control remotely such as simple website via google chrome or IE? 2. How much electric rental fee for a month? 3. Do you have many friends? I will tell more in the private message. 1 网络市场, 人力资源, 商业计划, 商业分析, 时间管理 Oct 12, 2017 Oct 12, 2017已经结束 $235
Content Review Analyst Extract content per the guidelines shared, which are servable over ad network and are viewable by our users/ advertisers alike. Hence it calls for consistent accuracy and quality Extractor Analyst will provide the services to relevant parties(Ops and Non-ops), PM the team, hence high-quality deliverables are expected from the analyst. 0 数据输入, 客户支持, 内容写作, 客户服务, 时间管理 Oct 11, 2017 Oct 11, 2017已经结束 -
service of analytical instruments Our Business Associates are based in Holland & sell refurbished Lab Analytical Instruments viz. HPLC, GC etc. The company is now offering its products to the Indian market & are looking for Freelance Service Engineers with experience in maintenance of Agilent, Waters, Shimadzu HPLC's. The Engineers should be able to work independently identifying the reasons for break down & resol... 3 训练, 销售, 商业分析, 风险管理, 时间管理 Oct 10, 2017 Oct 10, 2017已经结束 $33
ORGANIZATIONAL EFFECTIVENESS A research paper with a body of 5-6 pages (approx. 1,500 words) in two phases. Your paper must include a minimum of five sources, at least three of which are peer - reviewed academic journal articles. Develop and discuss one of these two research options: 1. An element of personal effectiveness that can have a significant impact on organizational performance. ... 69 研究, 人力资源, Research Writing, 合规, 时间管理 Oct 10, 2017 Oct 10, 2017已经结束 $681
PROJECTS AND PERFORMANCE WBS, CBS and Time schedule for building a Gymnasium. I will provide more details via pm 26 项目管理, 报告写作, 项目调度, 时间管理 Oct 8, 2017 Oct 8, 2017已经结束 $913
Assist with Project Management Need someone to handle the project management. 12 项目管理, 软件构架, 人力资源, 时间管理 Oct 5, 2017 Oct 5, 2017已经结束 $188
Guide / Convenient / Communication Learn French easily Language methods 2 法语(加拿大), 法语, 交流, 客户服务, 时间管理 Oct 2, 2017 Oct 2, 2017已经结束 $407
kids school and social arrangements all school related communications, emails, arrangements and similar for to be done for 2 kids, at age of 7 and 8. also need to arrange the daily cab services in case there is a need for a taxi pickup for kids. 14 英语(英国), 电话处理, 时间管理, 邮件处理, 家庭布置 Oct 2, 2017 Oct 2, 2017已经结束 $4784
Runescape Game Playing Power Leveling Hello I am seeking someone with a bit of experience playing the runescape game - looking for a human to play the game between hours 11pm and 9am GMT (UK Time) - you will have instructions on what to do - it is a very repetitive task, need to complete 40 hours/week - will lots of work I have available on different accounts. Will be able to show you through what to do, you need a good intern... 2 时间管理 Oct 1, 2017 Oct 1, 2017已经结束 $42
Assist with Project Management STATA MS PROJECT 21 项目管理, 软件构架, 人力资源, 时间管理 Sep 26, 2017 Sep 26, 2017已经结束 $2384
Assist with Project Management complete assignment with coding and comments. using simple coding..no complex coding 8 项目管理, 软件构架, 人力资源, 时间管理 Sep 25, 2017 Sep 25, 2017已经结束 $158
Project Management Work,, Project Management Work Need Expert Help 16 项目管理, 软件构架, 人力资源, 软件开发, 时间管理 Sep 24, 2017 Sep 24, 2017已经结束 $232
Baby Dedication Certificate Baby Dedication Certificate 14 艺术 与 手工艺, 烹饪 与 食谱, 圣诞节, 时间管理 Sep 15, 2017 Sep 15, 2017已经结束 $2347
Admin Support pros should be familiar with financial transactions, coordination of meetings and cordinating direct mails 31 数据输入, 客户支持, 技术支持, 时间管理, 微软Office Sep 15, 2017 Sep 15, 2017已经结束 $1287
California Sun Care Customer service at Santa Monica and Malibu. 11 销售, 西班牙语, 英语(美国), 客户服务, 时间管理 Sep 14, 2017 Sep 14, 2017已经结束 $86
Marketing - Flyer Creation • Design and development of digital and print based promotional materials. I have attached examples of flyer creations. 9 计算机图形, 交流, 英语语法, 时间管理, Web Development Sep 13, 2017 Sep 13, 2017已经结束 $122
Integrated Project Manager required - 13/09/2017 12:39 EDT Immediately available Integrated Project Manager required to help drive through a number of large existing projects we are working on on behalf of our biggest client. 5 项目管理, 项目调度, 视频制作, 时间管理 Sep 13, 2017 Sep 13, 2017已经结束 $244
Looking for a assignment in warehouse and logistics department Completed school from Our Own English High School Fujairah UAE. Did graduation form Punjab Technical University India, Currently working in Dubai as Warehouse Supervisor at [链接已删除,请登录查看], got UAE driving licence, Fire & Safety Protection Certificate - Level 1 and Basic First Aid with CPR & AED 3 时间管理, 网络管理, 存储区网络 Sep 4, 2017 Sep 4, 2017已经结束 $1127
Project for dataprotech Hi dataprotech, I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat. 1 虚拟助手, 业务流程外包, , 时间管理, 采购, Excel Macros Sep 4, 2017 Sep 4, 2017已经结束 $60864
Project for OliverFA Hi OliverFA, I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat. 4 数据处理, 数据输入, Excel, 客户支持, , 时间管理 Aug 29, 2017 Aug 29, 2017已经结束 $96
In need of an English translator. Translator needed for translating Mandarin to English. Payment will be based on SKUs and copywriting. If the results are up to standard and according to the deadline, this can be a weekly basis. 8 视窗桌面, 微软, 自然语言, 英语(英国), 时间管理 Aug 28, 2017 Aug 28, 2017已经结束 $714
Sales and marketing I need some help with selling something. 5 广告, 时间管理 Aug 21, 2017 Aug 21, 2017已经结束 $2694
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