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VB6 TO VB.NET I have a small project i did in vb6 and i need to to convert to vb.net. 17 Visual Basic, .NET, Delphi, 软件构架, VB.NET Mar 17, 2018 今天6天 20时 $275
Develop VBA macro to download HTML hyperlinks from Outlook mails Hi there, I am using outlook as default email client. As a routine I receive specific system generated mail (with HTML body) which may contain a hyperlink (sometimes hyperlink can be broken) of a PDF document. I need a macro that can open that hyperlink and save PDF document with specific name as per email subject (i.e. [链接已删除,请登录查看]). Once download is completed macro should mark that email as rea... 9 Visual Basic, Excel, 微软Outlook, VB.NET Mar 17, 2018 今天6天 14时 $375
VB6 Compression Utility Need to develop a proprietary compression technique in visual basic 6.0. The algorithm should be deliverable as a form with 2 textboxes with perhaps a few parameters. This project will be done in visual basic 6.0 which will not be provided. Applicants must have experience in visual basic 6.0. 9 Visual Basic, Delphi, 软件构架, x86/x64 汇编, VB.NET Mar 16, 2018 今天6天 4时 $227
VBA Macro Coder Needed! I have excel sheet which contains some data points and I need Freelancer to create a VBA Macro code to transfer required details into PDF Files as per the Conditions given, so basically write a Macro which can take details from excel and write it down to PDF as per instructions. Do not bid if you can't do it, lowest bid will be accepted! 15 Visual Basic, Excel, 软件构架, Visual Basic的应用程式, VB.NET Mar 16, 2018 今天6天 $152
Create a VB6 user control Help me create VB6 (Visual Basic 6.0) user control. Here is the description and requirement: 1. The goals is a user control which looks like "heat contour map" i uploaded. I 2. Each point/dot/origin of "heat" could be enabled or not, when it is enabled, the mapping will include that dot when rendering contour. And vice versa, when that particular point is disabed, then the... 6 Visual Basic, 算法, x86/x64 汇编, VB.NET, Graphics Programming Mar 16, 2018 Mar 16, 20185天 23时 $698
Build me desktop apps using .net to capture part of the screen I need to build desktop apps using .net that can load spesific website, capture part of that website and save as jpg and ppt (for multiple page) The apps, can load several chart (http), link to load was selected in left menu, the content need to be shown at large center box there can be several chart in one link, you need to be able to capture all as ppt / multiple jpeg If capturing indiv... 8 VB.NET Mar 16, 2018 Mar 16, 20185天 20时 $1109
A simple .vbs program is needed to pull out usb device information from windows registry A simple .vbs program is needed to pull out usb device information from windows registry. I should be able to run this with csscript in a bat file. it should provide such information as serial number. 9 Visual Basic, VB.NET, VBScript Mar 16, 2018 Mar 16, 20185天 14时 $259
cboSeries6 codefix previously working cbo option which needs code review to get working again. see spec37 attached. pls do not quote on project as it is a follow-up code fix allocated to Narek Guru. 1 VB.NET Mar 15, 2018 Mar 15, 20185天 9时 $947
Need simple Windows API to convert PNG to GIF or JPEG, Roate 90, Crop Image in background I need an API that I can call from my application do the following in the "background" 1. Need to convert PNG files to GIF or JPEG. Either one will work. 2. Need to be able to rotate image 90 degrees with a function parameter 3. Need to crop image - parameters for area to crop. 18 Visual Basic, 软件构架, C++编程, 视窗应用程序接口, VB.NET Mar 15, 2018 Mar 15, 20185天 8时 $1090
Raspberry Pi GUI Application using Windows IoT VB.net or C# I am working on a proof of concept application that would use a Raspberry Pi 2 or 3 with 7" touchscreen to send status updates to my existing API. The application would have a GUI interface that displays the location name and current status and 3 buttons. Each button sends an http request to the API to update the status. A background process would monitor the GPIO for switch input, which... 15 C# 编程, VB.NET, 树莓派 Mar 15, 2018 Mar 15, 20184天 22时 $1482
Kofax Capture - Moving from SBL to VB.Net scripts We need to migrate 5 SBL scripts files into VB.Net 12 Visual Basic, .NET, VB.NET Mar 14, 2018 Mar 14, 20184天 2时 $5039
VB.net advanced security Training-Project 3 hours Hello I am working on a project, I need the following ADVANCED training and some security questions about: - ASP.net Identity in general comparing with old Account's Module - fix (forget password) - fix (Reset Password) - fix (validate email) - Enabled (third party Authentication) - Secure Project Folder - Membership vs Role vs Profiles I can prepare a screen sharing (video co... 4 ASP, Visual Basic, .NET, ASP.NET, VB.NET Mar 14, 2018 Mar 14, 20183天 21时 $1231
VBA Coding The easiest $10 project. I need someone who can build/fix my macro where it can search/find and attach specific named file to an email and sends out email to specific list of people. I've done basic part where it creates the email and attaches the file but i need someone to fix the macro where it search through not just main folders but also a sub-folders. Currently it only looks into m... 19 Visual Basic, 数据处理, Excel, Visual Basic的应用程式, VB.NET Mar 13, 2018 Mar 13, 20183天 6时 $133
Point of Sale & Inventory System I am looking for a complete Point of Sale & Inventory Management Software if there is someone out there that has an existing Point Of Sale application that's complete thats coded in VB6 or VB.net, please send me more information on your application and some screen shots I might be interested in purchasing it!! Now the POS Application must have the following functions - Point of Sale -... 16 软件构架, VB.NET Mar 13, 2018 Mar 13, 20183天 4时 $5443
Convert .Net WPF project into .Net Class Library Working VB.Net WPF project that sends & receives serial port commands to be converted into Class Library - standalone DLL. Create Windows Form to call and send/receive commands thru it. To send serial port commands, 1. DLL is initialized 2. string passed to DLL with PortNumber As Integer, BaudeRate As Integer, mstime As Integer, CertPath As String, msg As String 3. DLL must set Set ... 18 .NET, C# 编程, 软件构架, WPF, VB.NET Mar 13, 2018 Mar 13, 20183天 3时 $1482
Modificación de formulario usuarios- selección multiple La aplicación web ya esta desarrollada y en funcionamiento. Los usuarios de esta aplicación pueden ver resultados de las empresas. El requerimiento es hacer un cambio en la selección multiple de empresas al que un usuario tendrá acceso. Te daria acceso al código fuente de esta funcionalidad. ¿Cual sería tu propuesta de solución? ¿... 9 数据输入, Excel, SQL, ASP.NET, VB.NET Mar 13, 2018 Mar 13, 20182天 23时 $180
Read ID Cards MRZ text and barcode or QR from HD webcam We need OCR (Tesseract 3,04) or other to read idcards text and barcode on hd webcam image with an accuracy about 98%. Requirements: 1. Build a simple winform vb.net where we can get id card image from hd webcam and read MRZ text or barcode (qr, pdf417, etc). 2. Image webcam must be get from [链接已删除,请登录查看] 3. MRZ must be like [链接已删除,请登录查看] 4. Barcode or QR Scan must be like [链接已删除,请登录查看] 5... 7 视窗桌面, 光学字符识别, VB.NET Mar 13, 2018 Mar 13, 20182天 22时 $1082
Solid edge .dft (Draft file) List the properites in Excel using VBA I want a VBA program which can get the text from the file property , I have few pictures that might have a clear idea. I want this to be done automatically by Excel. Need the error less code for this job ,.. Thank you 18 Visual Basic, 数据处理, Excel, Visual Basic的应用程式, VB.NET Mar 13, 2018 Mar 13, 20182天 17时 $271
Integrating BIM (Revit) with external tools and application I am trying to integrate BIM Tool (Revit Architecture) with external tools and database. The integration will be done through Plug-In which is proposed to be built in the Revit software. (Using VB.NET) 10 SQL, 软件构架, AutoCAD, 微软 SQL 服务器, VB.NET Mar 12, 2018 Mar 12, 20182天 5时 $7084
visual basic expert needed visual basic expert needed to do a simple project 15 PHP, Visual Basic, .NET, 软件构架, VB.NET Mar 12, 2018 Mar 12, 20182天 $111
Visual Basic. net Aplication Visual Basic. net Aplication. Please come on chat for further details. 33 Visual Basic, .NET, C# 编程, 微软 SQL 服务器, VB.NET Mar 12, 2018 Mar 12, 20181天 14时 $259
Word Search and Table Creation - open to bidding Find defined letter groupings in Word doc, highlight those letter groupings, create a map of those grouping locations in Excel. 27 Visual Basic, 数据处理, Excel, 微软Outlook, VB.NET Mar 12, 2018 Mar 12, 20181天 12时 $949
Need TODAY!. Need a couple of easy Visual Basic programs done I even give you the instructions on how to do them. I need this today!!!! Two simple visual basic programs using Visual studio 2012 or higher I will pay 40.00 Bid more than 40 you wont be chosen. Be a good coder and bid a little less and I have will 7 more projects for you in the next 2.5 months. This should only take a good vb coder less than 1 hour. You must have good feedback. 3 Visual Basic, .NET, C# 编程, 软件构架, VB.NET Mar 11, 2018 Mar 11, 20181天 2时 $298
Windows App I need a visual basic windows application which use Coin-Hive script to do mining. - The software should start each time when the computer restarts - We should be able to customize the secret and public key (for Coin Hive) in the source code - We should be able to customize CPU usage - The program shouldn't be visible in the taskbar but the user should be able to close the program from ... 21 Visual Basic, .NET, C++编程, Bitcoin, VB.NET Mar 11, 2018 Mar 11, 20181天 1时 $19844
Save print file using the Printerqueuewatch plugin (Csharp .Net) -- 2 I currently have a system in C # .NET windows forms called VixPrinter (windows service) that aims to monitor / capture information of all documents printed in my company. We use the PrinterQueueWatch component ([链接已删除,请登录查看] - to capture simple information such as total printed pages, total document pages, the name of the printer receiving the print, and more. The component does not pass ... 9 .NET, C# 编程, 软件构架, C++编程, VB.NET Mar 11, 2018 Mar 11, 201818时 50分 $1019
VB6 to Visual Basic 2008 I have a vb6 desktop project that i am trying to convert to vb 2008 project. It has several hundred forms, needs clearing out some conversion errors. i need to know every single step that you take to convert the project. I am attaching a screen shot of the project. 65 Visual Basic, .NET, 软件构架, VB.NET Mar 11, 2018 Mar 11, 201814时 48分 $12753
POS by VB.net and SQL Server HI , i need full project for POS touch screen with source code - for restaurant and coffee if you have a ready programs its better . 22 .NET, SQL, 软件构架, 微软 SQL 服务器, VB.NET Mar 10, 2018 Mar 10, 2018结束 $4604
Fix IE settings for javascript radio button recognition selection Hi everyone, I am having a problem with order's confirmation page on aliexpress using Internet Explorer. I think that the problem is about the payment method selection that is made with radio buttons but when i select it, the site is not able to recognize it and i am not able to confirm and pay for the order. It works perfectly in other browser such as Firefox and Chrome, but i need to use... 4 PHP, Javascript, Visual Basic, VB.NET Mar 10, 2018 Mar 10, 2018已经结束 $281
Need Rating and review system for Existing site - Online shopping, - Platform VB, .Net (Version 3.5) - VS 2008, - MySQL DB - Need Full rating and review system from scrap. Kindly provide demo link of working samples along with the quote. 9 AJAX, MySQL, jQuery / Prototype, ASP.NET, VB.NET Mar 10, 2018 Mar 10, 2018已经结束 $1150
VB.NET Add Form of POS (Touch Screen) I have a project and need to be add a form for front end users for Sales. On required form need Show Main category , Sub Category and Product buttons with images and Price. When click on Main category , load Sub category on same place and then click on sub category show Products list as buttons with image and price. when click button of any product item will be add in list of sales. after final o... 19 Visual Basic, .NET, 软件构架, VB.NET Mar 9, 2018 Mar 9, 2018已经结束 $1396
Built a automated system to get a data from a website [链接已删除,请登录查看] This is a website where you put like this 3520196321492 it shows that this number has following active sims on his name. This site get only single number and shows the result in next page. What I want to do I need a software which load list of numbers like 3520196321492 3520197407547 3520198706775 3520199139078 3520199646085 3540185259568 3540456524336 3650273672770 an... 10 PHP, Javascript, 软件构架, VB.NET Mar 9, 2018 Mar 9, 2018已经结束 $329
Simple Audio Fingerprinting Proof of Concept I need a simple proof of concept code for Audio Fingerprinting: 1- A small windows application that loops through mp3 files in a folder and extracts the fingerprints into a database. 2- A small windows or android application that listens through microphone or line-n and detects the songs from the database that was scanned. This needs to be a Visual Studio Project (Preferrably VB.Net) The max... 11 Visual Basic, .NET, C# 编程, 软件构架, VB.NET Mar 9, 2018 Mar 9, 2018已经结束 $1671
I need a part time freelancer to add some functionality to an existing WinForms VB.Net/SQL app The solution is around 8 years old and is a bespoke job management solution for a professional services company in the engineering space. It is all VB.net (winforms) with SQL server back end. Has mid-level complexity. The customer is looking to add some workflow capability to the solution to allow triggering of event based on changes to the job (eg email to other staff or customer) 27 微软 SQL 服务器, VB.NET Mar 8, 2018 Mar 8, 2018已经结束 $1702
App Mobile in ionic + Web Panel I would like a simple program, that I sent complaints of the city, by video and photo. 26 PHP, Javascript, HTML5, VB.NET, 离子工作框架 Mar 8, 2018 Mar 8, 2018已经结束 $1444
Illustrator Picture Export Plugin The Illustrator plugin should be able to export pictures based on individual configurations. Configuration settings are for example specific layers or artboards, resolution and similar - quite normal and easy settings. In a first step that's all. In a second step it would be great to add "third party" code or connectivity, which will be to another "own" code/program. 12 C 编程, Illustrator, C# 编程, C++编程, VB.NET Mar 8, 2018 Mar 8, 2018已经结束 $262
Visual Basic programming need to rewrite the program for only electric turntable(the previous program has another 2 type turntable) and atenna must with new UI and using .NET serial port function. As the previous version, the program still depending on MScomm function of vb6 20 Visual Basic, C# 编程, 软件构架, VB.NET, 编程 Mar 8, 2018 Mar 8, 2018已经结束 $68
Visual basic application I am a VBA developer with 4 yrs experience currently working, Interested to do some home basis VBA project hourly basis. 12 Visual Basic, Excel, 软件构架, Visual Basic的应用程式, VB.NET Mar 7, 2018 Mar 7, 2018已经结束 $222
Project for kcbStar Hi kcbStar, I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat. 1 C 编程, Java, C# 编程, C++编程, , VB.NET Mar 7, 2018 Mar 7, 20185时 55分 $94
VB.net to Javascript Need developer to translate VB.NET project to javascript. 13 Javascript, Visual Basic, .NET, ASP.NET, VB.NET Mar 7, 2018 Mar 7, 2018已经结束 $212
Visual Basic Expert Needed Visual Basic Expert Needed to fix a bug. 31 PHP, Visual Basic, .NET, 软件构架, VB.NET Mar 7, 2018 Mar 7, 2018已经结束 $220
Build me a user control(battery) using WPF(.Xaml) I need a user control for battery for a windows application it should be .Xaml file WPF the battery should change as per time remaining it should have 5 bars, 4 bars, 3 bars respectively 14 .NET, C# 编程, C++编程, WPF, VB.NET Mar 7, 2018 Mar 7, 2018已经结束 $526
Visual Basic, .NET, C++编程, Bitcoin, VB.NET Mar 7, 2018 Mar 7, 2018已经结束
Need a VB.Net Excel Expert Hi we have a code in VB.Net which is a macro of Excel. Now we need someone who can read the code and give us the algorithms, logics, etc... if you can convert the same as a JAVAScript or into any other language its an added advantage. 21 Visual Basic, .NET, Excel, 软件构架, VB.NET Mar 7, 2018 Mar 7, 2018已经结束 $1106
Android Development - long term developer required I am looking for a long term Android developer to help develop Android application. The first project we are looking for is to develop android app to build QR Code scanner and scan the QR code then link back to the Microsoft SQL server. 100 PHP, Mobile App Development, 安卓, 微软 SQL 服务器, VB.NET Mar 6, 2018 Mar 6, 2018已经结束 $1796
BUILD A WORK MONITORING SOFTWARE/APPLICATION IN EXCEL USING VBA (OR VBA.NET) Hi. Thank you for taking your time reading my project. Project goal is to have a reliable working and error free work log/monitoring application in excel or any application. I need it on my job right now to automate my work log. If you have any suggestions fill free to offer. Project requirements, *Know how to do VBA Codes in Excell or Acces *Fast worker *Any age or gender. If you h... 10 Visual Basic, 数据输入, Excel, Visual Basic的应用程式, VB.NET Mar 6, 2018 Mar 6, 2018已经结束 $193
Build a Plagiarism tool Using Excel VB, create a macro, which can check for each sentence in a word doc or PPT from all websites, and create the list of source(s) from where the sentence has been copied 2 Visual Basic, 数据处理, Excel, Visual Basic的应用程式, VB.NET Mar 6, 2018 Mar 6, 2018已经结束 $573
help needed in asp.net I have a task to accomplish in asp.net if someone smart please message me 36 .NET, C# 编程, ASP.NET, 微软 SQL 服务器, VB.NET Mar 5, 2018 Mar 5, 2018已经结束 $212
Vb.net multi tabbed form template, Tree design template Hello I am trying to come up with a multi tabbed template (3 levels) for User Interface for a project I am working. I am not new to VB but I don't have enough bandwidth to develop the UI screens from scratch. Need some one to help me with a scalable template for the multi tab forms. I also need suggestion on form scaling when one of the lower level tabbed form is much larger than the size of ... 5 .NET, C# 编程, HTML, ASP.NET, VB.NET Mar 5, 2018 Mar 5, 2018已经结束 $227
Help in visual Basic i need some one good in visula basic and can start right [链接已删除,请登录查看] details in pm 27 Visual Basic, Excel, 软件构架, VB.NET Mar 5, 2018 Mar 5, 2018已经结束 $227
Visual Basic expert required - Urgent needed Details will be shared with winning bidder only. Small project. Please do not over bid 13 Visual Basic, .NET, 软件构架, VB.NET Mar 5, 2018 Mar 5, 2018已经结束 $313
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