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Visual Basic for Applications, commonly abbreviated as VBA, is a form of Microsoft Visual Basic for creating code within applications. A Visual Basic for Apps Developer can help their clients by creating automated solutions and customizations inside of applications. In general, these developers are computer savvy and bring an innovative approach in working collaboratively with a client's project requirements.

VBA gives developers the flexibility to use a scripting language for projects which would otherwise require writing code to build an application. With an understanding of industries and businesses, a VBA Developer can create business logic that automates common tasks or tie multiple applications together. Actively working with data to create outputs, visualizations and reports through Excel and Sharepoint are some of the daily tasks of the VBA professionals.

Here's some projects that our expert Visual Basic for Apps Developer made real:

  • Created automated solutions in Financial Spreadsheets that synchronize financial data between departments
  • Developed complex workflows with document management systems to automate dashboards and reporting capabilities
  • Built applications that facilitate data gathering, storage and extraction to facilitate business process automation
  • Worked with clients on projects to create custom interfaces that automatically populate documents with their specified fields
  • Developed powerful macros for Excel spreadsheets used for company accounting and record keeping

With the knowledgeable guidance from our Visual Basic for Applications Developers, clients can make cost-effective decisions by automating labor intensive processes and streamlining the way their businesses work. If you have a project that requires the skills of a reliable Visual Basic Application Developer, you can post your job on to make sure your project is fulfilled in the most efficient way.

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    I'm looking for a skilled app developer to rework (from scratch) an existing app. Please.... please.... no ask me "whats is your maximum budget?". Make me your offer. The ideal candidate for this project would be someone with extensive experience in app development ONLY USING B4A/B4I No Xamarin, Flutter, Android Studio, Jasonette, ... XCode, Kotlin, Objective C, Swift,... or other tools. None of these! For a new APP to be written using B4A/B4I tool, I'm looking for a mobile developer and GUI designer: (completly free) Application must show (as in attachment) - picture of application name - subtile (it depends of bottom menu clicked) - search area - maps (using a different icon) - burger menu - date range (different background colour if the range is close to t...

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    As a client, I require an experienced professional to develop a Excel VBA code that will automate the process of sending emails. KEY TASKS AND RESPONSIBILITIES: - Develop a robust VBA code that integrates with my existing Excel data. - Carryout successful email automation. - Testing of automation to ensure it's working effectively. Please note, the nature of the automated emails to be sent is not specified at this point, which will be discussed and clarified during the project execution phase. REQUIRED SKILLS AND EXPERIENCE: - Strong Excel VBA programming skills. - Proven experience in Email automation. - Strong problem-solving skills. - Ability to work independently, meet deadlines. - Excellent communication skills to clearly understand project requirements. This project is a ...

    $344 (Avg Bid)
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    I've crafted a set of Engineering Calculation Tools in Excel that I'd now like to be developed as a standalone software. This job requires knowledge in VBA and a deep understanding of Microsoft Excel to transfer the logical functions with integrity. The successful candidate will have experience with: - Structuring and coding VBA applications. - Fluid dynamics calculations, specifically friction loss and peak demand related to pump and systems. - Excel features like lookup functions and mathematical functions. The software should ultimately function seamlessly in a Windows environment. The task will involve understanding my existing Excel tools, restructuring them as a VBA software while retaining the core principles of the original design. Given the potential complexity, effec...

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    I have a VBA macro that has several issues. It's not executing properly, giving incorrect output, and even throwing error messages. I need an expert in VBA to help me with the following: - Debug the code: Identify and rectify the root cause of the problem that is preventing the macro from executing as intended. - Test the macro: After debugging, run the code to ensure it works correctly without any issues. - Demonstrate the functionality: Provide me a demonstration showing that the macro is now correctly automating the repetitive tasks as I intended. Skills and experience required: - Strong expertise in VBA programming is a must. - Experience in debugging complex VBA code and fixing errors. - Proficiency in Microsoft Excel, specifically Excel 365. - Ability to clearly communicate an...

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    Hi I am looking for someone who is experienced in Excel. We are exporting excel sheets out of a shopify system but the data is not fromatted in the right way and it takes us a lot of manual work to form it the way we want. In detail: We need to automatically extract words out of a cell with many more words in it and put them in a order where there is cells with just the needed word. For example: Please check the attached screenshot. Out of this cell we only need the word "Zakynthos" extracted and put into a single cell.

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    I am in need of an Excel expert who can help me with several tasks. I have a considerable amount of data that needs to be analyzed and reported on. I would like to transform this data into a visually appealing dashboard and automate repetitive tasks. Key Tasks: - Creating formulas and functions to streamline data processing - Data analysis and reporting - Creating colorful and visually appealing charts and graphs - Designing a visually stunning and user-friendly dashboard Primary Goals: - Automate repetitive tasks to improve efficiency - Present data in a way that is engaging and easy to understand I'm looking for someone with experience in: - Advanced Excel functions and formula creation - Data analysis and reporting - Dashboard design (preferably with a focus on aesthetics) - Au...

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    I am seeking an expert to streamline the process of generating organizational charts, currently done manually using MS-Visio. The goal is to automate this process through the import of a single Excel file. Key requirements include: • Automating the creation of org charts from Excel data in MS-Visio. • Implementing conditional formatting based on role features. Examples include: o Differentiating between national and expat roles with distinct shape colors. o Using varied shading based on work location. • Ensuring org charts are formatted for A3 size paper. • Incorporating vertical band lines to demarcate different organizational levels. I will provide a sample Excel dataset that accurately represents my organizational data, with color codes for conditional formatting. I ...

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    I'm seeking a skilled freelancer with a strong command of Excel and Visual Basic to transition a complex Excel project to Visual Basic using Visual Studio 2022. Key requirements: - The primary task is to automate and improve the functionalities of the existing Excel project, by converting it to Visual Basic code. - I'm looking for a reasonable price for this conversion. Please ensure: - You've done similar projects before and can provide relevant examples of your past work. - Your experience with both Excel and Visual Basic is substantial. - The Visual Basic code should be structured and organized in a way that aligns with my specific requirements. Please start your bid with "done" to ensure you've read through my requirements.

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    I'm looking to automate a data collection task. I need a VBA macro developed that can copy user comments from 'Website 1' and paste them into an Excel file. Here are some key details about this task: - Information Type: The focus here is strictly on user comments. I need these comments to be the only information brought from the website into the Excel file. - Spreadsheet Organization: Each comment should be placed into a new row. This will allow for a clear review and analysis of the information. Ideal freelancer for this job should have: - Robust experience with VBA macro creation - Strong understanding of data extraction - Knowledge of formatting in Excel, especially when integrating data from web sources - Comprehensive understanding of web scraping laws and ethical ...

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    I'm in need of an Excel expert to create a process flow macro that will help in understanding the workflow of my operations. This workflow is a multi-pathway process with limited decision points, rather than a high complexity process. Skills and Experience Required: - Proficiency in Excel 2019 - Strong understanding of process flow creation on Excel - Ability to create multi-pathway process flow macros - Attention to detail to limit workflow errors Your task will involve creating a macro that makes workflow understanding effortless. Your creativity and expertise in process flow are major assets for the project.

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    I'm looking for a professional who can develop a VBA script to extract data from specific Excel files stored in a Sharepoint folder. The extracted data should then be organized and saved into a local VBA file on my desktop. Ideal Skillset: - Experience with Sharepoint paths and access. - Proficient in VBA scripting You must have solid experience working with sharepoint paths via VBA.

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    I am in need of a proficient Excel and VBA developers to assist me with a variety of tasks on an ongoing basis. Key Responsibilities: - Data Analysis and Reporting: You will be responsible for creating custom reports. This will involve data aggregation and filtering, and ensuring the reports are designed in a way that can be easily understood by stakeholders. - Automation and Macros: You will also be required to automate data visualization tasks. This should help in improving efficiency and reducing manual errors in the reporting process. - Formula Creation and Optimization: Your role will also include optimizing existing formulas and creating new ones as required. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficient in Excel and VBA programming - Strong attention to detail - Experience in data ana...

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