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Visual Basic is an event-driven programming language from Microsoft. It also contains an integrated development environment for developing GUI applications. It is popular among .NET programming enthusiasts in the form of VB.NET. If you need help developing in or working with Visual Basic, then you have reached the right place. You can connect with freelancers who have expertise in Visual Basic. Start by posting your Visual Basic job today.

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    Sheet 1 - search engine & show results # look up within sheet 2 Then display all corresponding rows for tags, drop down option. Excel example attached.

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    I need to create an invoice in a given format in excel sheet from the data given. I need it to be automated using VBA coding so I just need to press a button and the invoice is generated in the given format

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    Create an automatic monthly sales report and payment report based on the working days and off days.

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    I need someone knowledgeable and expert with Excel VBA What I need is to cut/copy and paste a row of data from one sheet to another with a condition. Here's the details: In Sheet "AR Format" if Column A have "x" value on that cell it should select the range (A2:L5) then paste it to Sheet "Connect" Then, we'll go to Sheet "AP Format". If Column...

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    Basic inventory db needs completion, generate report from imputed data in a presentable way using company logos and pictures, needs to export in a presentable manner to excel and pdf.

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    Need a couple of Macro built to take a Power BI table, export to Excel and then create a pivot table

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    Risk dashboard 6 天 left

    Excel database and report extraction

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    This is very simple short Project. we are already using a PDF for Proforma Invoice in Salesforce we need some amendments in that PDF fields. Secondly need Colorful Alert Icons based on the Stock in Inventory on quotation and Product templates.

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    Spreadsheets 6 天 left

    i am julianna Begay CEO and Founder of Toshiba i need a freelancer that is familiar with Spreadsheets and Microsoft Excel.

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    Looking for a programmer with experience of the new and old standard of digital Tacograph card and reader software

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    Excel Macro File Creation 6 天 left

    I need an excel file that opens another CSV file via a "Browse" button. Then makes the following changes and once done it prompts to save as a new file asking the user where to save. Changes required: 1) If in column Z the word "Bank" appears, change the value in column E in the same row to "Normal" and F to "Bank Name" 2) If in column Z the word "Am...

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    Need to convert zpl command which is shipping label data to pdf with some more data to be entered which will be available in the excel file .

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    I want to make up an interactive questionnaire for market research

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    I am looking to build a costing database (i was thinking of VBA but wondered if there are experts that know a better way). I want to be able to input a number (around 100 initially but want to be able to add more constantly) of parts/equipment/tools, calculate the cost per project then for sales have base options that can collect a group off this list to create part of a quote. Then also look at ...

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    Make a excel calculation into a form that can be sent to people or displayed on a screen. Please see attached Excel Sheet

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    PHP and expert 6 天 left

    I need a PHP and expert for my current projects. If you have knowledge please bid. Details will be shared in message with the freelancers.

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    I have a Microsoft Access database with 100's of records. I want to be able to press a button and select certain records (bespoke query that creates cases to populate report) in order to create attractive reports that can be exported as PDFs and sent to potential clients to illustrate the depth of data held. I want the process to be automatic requiring: - A press of a button - A selection o...

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    We want to migrate a stone shop on etsy to [登录来查看链接] (thirty bees, PS 1.6 fork). We need customers, products, logo and banner. Orders too if possible, but less necessary. Can also need help to afterwards to improve site layout

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    VBA para Excel 6 天 left

    Em uma célula eu tenho casas Em outra eu tenho custos de uma casa. Quero associar cada casa à seu respectivo valor usando VBA no Excel.

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    Online work order application 5 天 left

    Planning to create an online work order application. I am interested in getting proposals only from developers who have created online work order applications before. If I can get a test login to the portal that is already created to see if it is something that I can customize to our needs, that would be easy. I will also need full source code for future modifications

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    Hello, I am looking for an VBA expert to carry out this project and for a long-term business relationship with the aim to maybe further develop the current project and maybe for other projects. If you are placing ab bid, I send you further and very detailed information. This allows you to evaluate the extent of this project very precisely. By placing ab bid you agree to an Intellectual Property...

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    VBA project 5 天 left

    Convert excel into VBA for automation, the person must be resident in Singapore

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    Hi, Can you help me fix an error in my VBA? Thank you!

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    I have a script that I wrote using VBA but I need to implemented on Visual Studio based on an example I will be providing

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    We are looking partner Freelancer to develop MACRO/VBA Code Button to use in MS ACCESS TABLES to rename and move files into a target folder about attachments existing inside MS ACCESS table, We would like to have a VBA OR MACRO OR ADDINS solution when we save our MS access tables, the documents enclosed in attachment column of that Access table will be copied into a new directory folder with the...

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    Quiero recibir clases online de visual basic desde cero y online , tengo nociones de modula dos ya muy anticuado pero respondo bien en programacion y en logica.

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    Excel experts 5 天 left

    I need help to design so excel files for office use using pivot tables

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    При входе появляется что-то вроде вот формы на первом скрине. В выпадающем списке 2 пункта на выбор "Размерные данные" и "Альтернативные данные" Выбирается нужное нам. Ставится галочка или не ставится в "Среднее и границы заданы", она повлияет в будущем. Количество измерений должно стать активным, только если в верхнем списке было выбрано "Размерные данные",...

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    I will give you a LISP program to draw C section in AUTOCAD. You need to debug that program and demonstrate it with the example files given by me.

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    This is a simple data recorder software to record 3 variables and display the results of them according to the options below. Javascript and HTML would be best to make this type of program. 1. 3 buttons: Player, Banker, Tie - when you click on one of the variables, it'll record it in a data sheet. It can be in MySQL, excel or any kind of database. 2. Selectable rows and columns for displayi...

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    Necesito hacer una sumatoria por colores pero en una celda que ya está programada con macros para ponerse de ese color , graficas y cuadrar la caja con diferentes candados para que no puedan inventar los datos

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    Hola, necesito desarrollar una funcionalidad en un Excel que consiste en lo siguiente: Tengo una lista de personas (Col.A) que han realizado una serie de viajes (Col. B) y me gustaría que al poner a una persona en la celda E1, me mostrase la lista de de acompañantes y el número de veces que ha viajado con cada uno (D4:E7). En las columnas G, H e I he puesto la solución...

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    vb6 to -- 3 5 天 left

    got a vb6 prject need to convert to

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    vb6 to -- 2 5 天 left

    got a vb6 prject need to convert to

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    I need some immediate extra help to take a scoring logic I built in excel and put it into a format that lets me play around with the inputs and easily view the output. It would also like to have someone to go to for future work. In its current form, the excel model uses tons of nested if statements and other functions that require a ridiculous amount of processing power, so it's too slow for ...

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    Please read carefully. What I need is a very simple but fast and stabil working software to remote a Lenovo ThinkBook 14 with Windows 10 Pro on my iMac with macOS BigSur 11.3.X and higher. That means: I will use my iMac as an external display for the Lenovo ThinkBook. The software is just needed for my own and will be used in the same network only. Both, the laptop and the iMac are connected to t...

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    Hola, Necesito un pogramador con experiencia en el desarrollo de aplicfaciones para Casa de Bolsa del mercado venezolano (INDISPENSABLE). Debe tener experiencia desarrolando aplicaciones en Venezuela (EXCLUYENTE) El proyecto es desarrollar un software para el manejo de cartera y portafolio de inversiones NO acepto ofertas para desarrollo web. Este es un desarrollo para escritorio Escucho ofer...

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    I would like to create an excel file that has the KPI data for 12 month and create a visual appealing dashboard based on these KPIs. I will need to make the dashboard easy to adjust based on changing the list of KPIs so I can re-use the same template in the future for different departments by changing the KPI list

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    Currently working on automating Attendance compiler through Excel VBA

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    Looking to automate the manual forms a lof of those that the staff keep on writing

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    Please send proposals only if you already have done similar projects !!! I will ask for print-screens !!! To do is a Data Logger Software solution to log signals from 4 analog input channels. - 1 digital input to trigger the recording cycle; - Continuos recording or repetitive triggered timed recording; -Plot of each channel is recorded and shown in real-time on the screen; - A so called calibra...

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    Desarrollo de Aplicación web conectada a sistema ERP Microsoft Dynamics, con el propósito de extender su funcionalidad como productos independientes al ERP pero integrados a través de web services o similar. Para Backend se requiere desarrollo de API´s en modelo de capas y tecnología moderna sobre plataforma Microsoft, azure, microsoft graph, SQL, y demás...

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    Rasberry Pi Platform. Third party device data read from virtual serial USB port, store, monitoring and display. Strictly CONFIDENTIAL. Person selected should sign NDA and confidentiality agreement.

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    We are looking partner Freelancer to develop MACRO/VBA Code Button to use in MS ACCESS TABLES to rename and move files into a target folder about attachments existing inside MS ACCESS table, We would like to have a VBA OR MACRO OR ADDINS solution when we save our MS access tables, the documents enclosed in attachment column of that Access table will be copied into a new directory folder with the...

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    Uygulama yapma 3 天 left

    Özel okulda öğrencilerin ogretmenlerin ve velilerin kullanmasi idin ios ve android uygulama

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    Nuestra organización es una pequeña asociación solidarista ubicada en Costa Rica. Necesitamos un archivo basado en Excel o en Access (solo aplicaciones de Microsoft office), con controles de acceso, multiusuario (que varios usuarios lo puedan ingresar y modificar al mismo tiempo, máximo 5), bitácora de cambios, que se pueda manejar en la nube, específica...

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    Nuestra empresa desarrollo un producto que es una alarma residencial se llama qBit Control Smart Security, necesitamos un video donde se explique su funcionamiento, casos de uso, factores diferenciadores para poder dar a conocer el producto donde la informacion sea muy puntual para que quede muy claro el funcionamiento y beneficios del producto

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    Hello, So this is the job summary I want done: I have an excel file that contains in a list, among other things, hyperlinks to downloadable pdf files. I want a program that : 1) Downloads automatically all those files (for start they may be something like 100.000 files, after that about 1000 a week) 2) Opens each pdf, looks inside to find a specific Table format that contains some specific symbol...

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    Need to design a form which when filled submits the data in the already designed template of invoice, packing list and dispatch slip at one go.

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    Write script with me just inputting the numbers

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