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Visual Basic is an event-driven programming language from Microsoft. It also contains an integrated development environment for developing GUI applications. It is popular among .NET programming enthusiasts in the form of VB.NET. If you need help developing in or working with Visual Basic, then you have reached the right place. You can connect with freelancers who have expertise in Visual Basic. Start by posting your Visual Basic job today.

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    Build Simple Macro in Windows 6 天 left

    I need a macro built that will copy and paste info from one database and insert info into another database.

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    Hello, I have a VB project which has 11 equations. I need someone to add another equation to perform the calculations. The requirements and code are in the attachments. Please not this needs to be completed in 72 hours. Thank you.

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    $78 - $130 / hr
    $78 - $130 / hr
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    I need a Quickbooks Plugin that installs and integrate with our Quickbooks Premier Accountant 2020 Desktop. - Plugin should allow me to manage stock and inventory at different sites/location. - Transfer inventory from one location to another - Display location inventory when creating invoice, quote or sales order - Generate Reports for stocks at each locations Please bid exact amount and timefram...

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    Rellenar hoja de Excel con información de diferentes facturas, son productos terminados como floreros, platos, vasos, que luego de estar en Excel se deberán registrar en un sistema de inventarios. Pero por ahora solo necesito registrarlos en Excel

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    Someone who know Programming and visual basic

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    Import live option chain data to excel and update it every 5 min and how to keep plotting the graph.

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    It is a Terminology Checker like the spell checker of MS Word. The dictionary has to store the correct term and its "wrong" terms. The addin searchs a multi-word term in a word document and if it find a wrong term have to suggest the correct term.

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    I need an export to solve a task in VB.NET. Please message me for more details

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    I need help creating excel datasets using dummy/sample data based on 7 scenarios. Help Desk Employee Engagement Sales Rep Performance Shop Performance Sales Performance Inventory Management Courier Analysis Each scenario/dataset will have it's own excel sheet and a set of rules, and I have already made a start to each one adding in sample data. (some examples attached) I need this sample...

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    Se trata de una semana tecnica, donde expondran ingenieros sobre lineas de trasmisión y sub estaciones. Es sobre la Empresa PDI - del Grupo ISA

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    Horizontal Printing in VB.Net 5 天 left

    I use the Webbrowser control to print direct html code to the default printer. I need to know how to print horizontally, which is something I have not been able to achieve. Thanks.

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    Excel expert to create report 5 天 left

    Need excel expert who can create a spreadsheet which can generate 1. checklist 2. audit list 3. dashboard from checklist and audit list 4. pdf report (combination of different sheets within workbook) The format and output of the overall deliverable must be very good quality the developer must be able to show skills at time of selection which are essential to complete the task

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    We have a Visual Basic / Visual studio app that runs as a Window service that needs one code change and probably will need some bug fixes once we start testing it with customers. If you have experience with VB apps that run as a service, we would like your help to get his app working and can probably use your help on other projects in the future. You will also have to build a very small app for ...

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    Act Development Project 5 天 left

    We need someone with the necessary skills to created and/or customize the Swiftpage Act database

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    i have a data base that i need to make better there's some repetitive stuff that i wanna get rid off, and add a little more stuff super easy project its made with slicers and basic formulas

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    Need an Excel Expert 5 天 left

    We are looking for an Excel expert to create an operational model. Freelancers can work part-time also. Please bid as per the below format:- [登录来查看链接] [登录来查看链接] 3.No. of Experience [登录来查看链接] of Expertise Thankx

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    I already have Visual basic EPOS software which prints reports using Crystal reports, the report has Item Purchases cost field and Item Sales cost field, I want to add the Profit field. This task is small you only need to add few lines of code in order to calculate the Profit.

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    Excel Inventory Management 5 天 left

    Need to prepare an Excel for my Inventory with Invoice generation

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    I need a software (prefer VBA that works with office or something like that) that will allow me to create internal labels for scientific studies. The labels are for internal use, so they don't need elaborate graphic designs, but they must be legible. The user creating the labels will know how many of each kind are needed, but we want to save the labor of having to type the data for each lab...

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    I need a excel VBA expert 4 天 left

    I have multiple workbooks that I have set up providing short term stock price history through Reuters. I would like to make a code that consolidates the data from these multiple workbooks into one. This means that each individual workbook would have to load to render up to date information through Reuters, then consolidate all the updated data into one workbook.

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    c++ project 4 天 left

    I wana convert a small project to a .dll c++ project

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    In Column B, I want a formula that can pull over the corresponding case number; and all other associated case numbers attributed to that Accession Number. On the excel file there is an example. In Column B I pulled over data from C4, C5, C6 because A4, A5, and A6 all had the same 'Accession' value.

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    Responsibilities & Deliverables: • Define and write implementation specifications, derive algorithms, and develop code from design documents. • Create and execute unit test plan • Debug and solve technical issues • Follow development plan/schedule & adhere to quality processes • Peer code review and troubleshooting • Technical support to the client. Requir...

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    Hello, my client is downloading .csv reports from an external platform. The platform is in English his computer German. So there needs to be some change of settings when reading .csv file (change to UTF 8) and some easy transformation of numbers for one column (divide by 100). Also want to show the sum for one column. I need some kind of template or automation since my client downlaods the same...

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    How much do you charge and how dast can you have it done? Thanks

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    Tengo una base de datos en Excel, quiero que cuando se ponga el folio de referencia en cada formato se llene automáticamente la información faltante . En mi hoja de recordatorios deseo que cambie de color una casilla si el proceso lleva retrasos con respecto a un tiempo solicitado por el cliente.

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    Hello, I need a Visual Studio expert who can create an .exe where if I upload that exe on [登录来查看链接] and download it via [登录来查看链接] App (or ANY Name) then the exe should open by displaying a text ABC App.. That's it. If you can make it, Do contact asap.

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    I have a form (a cash - book). There is a field called "Konto" (account). I would like that when this filed gets the focus, that a user form with a list view element opens. The list view element has 3 columns and can have about 200 lines. The data shown in the list view element are coming from a separate other worksheet called Konten (accounts). When the user is selected one of the lines...

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    Standard level Microsoft access and excel test to be completed accurately to all the questions.

    $39 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    I want to import spread sheets in excel into access and create job tickets and integrate a Inventory module in access as well

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    Tengo un código que realiza algunas auditorías de SEO a una URL específica, por ejemplo, obtiene datos sobre: lang canónico Meta ODS X-Robots etc.

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    Type and earn 3 天 left


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    make automatic to get data from another file (with button open for Frequency and July (1)) to file EOH_01072021, data get from another file is colored by red colour on the cell, output is can be save with another name

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    Create Button On Worksheet 2 for retrieval of specific data from Worksheet 1

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    Need to create a POWERBI DASHBOARD FROM Multiple excel files after data cleaning/power query with instructions. I’ll provide Dummy data to create excel files And then I’ll replace as required myself PowerBi expert required with knowledge Slicers and buttons on Dashboard to make super sophisticated

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    I have an existing excel worksheet. I use it for monitoring work completed by our employees. The worksheet allows me to answer

    $3683 (Avg Bid)
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    Through knowledge on OOPS concept, VBA programming and Macro, advance excel, VBA Forms, Toolbox controls, modules Integrating data sources and data conversions, SQL to Excel, Excel to Excel, Excel to CSV etc. Analyze and write VBA codes along with carrying out testing Understand the existing VBA based tools and codes to provide effective solution Needs to quickly understand the requirements of th...

    $101 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    Excel expert -- 2 2 天 left

    Should know advanced excel,macros will be a plus

    $544 (Avg Bid)
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    Excel Expert Needed 2 天 left

    need some changes in House flip calculator for real estate. Please bid only if you are professional.

    $132 (Avg Bid)
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    i need a virtual assistance staff to assist me with my task

    $155 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    I need someone who is familiar with Microsoft Visio script to help me automate my shop drawing process, Currently we spend a lot of time producing shop drawing for mechanical and electrical jobs on Visio and I know there is a better way. Unfortunately I'm not a programmer so I need some one who can help me write script to automate the data entry and document setup

    $567 (Avg Bid)
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    We are a Pharma services company and work on knowledge area with huge data and information . We are looking for someone who can help set up a Excel macros with VB application . This IME macro has 2 excel sheet, one is blank (Sheet 1) and another one has all the important medical event (Sheet2). So when we copy paste article in to sheet 1 and run macro, so all the important medical event will g...

    $1904 (Avg Bid)
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    I would like a macro or add-on in order to take some info (such as address) from one webpage and past it to another one. Plus take some info from the latter and copy them to a google sheets page (database).

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    Buenas tardes, necesito un aplicativo que pueda cargar los clientes, direccion, telefonos, ubicación geografica, vendedor, productos, cantidad, precio, presentación y observaciones. Una vez que se toma pedidos esta información se debe alojar en un archivo de excel para proceder a la toma de pedidos e ingresar los pesos, tomar apuntes y posteriormente a facturar en el erp.

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    Sistema de escritorio para Control de ventas e inventarios para negocio de comida rapida

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    Quick Look 1 天 left

    resturant pos under test

    $155 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    It will be a hello fresh excel test

    $62 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    VBA Expert 1 天 left

    I'm looking for an expert VBA programmer for bug search in a developed application Dotnet Thanks

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    Need a detail oriented Excel expert... There's 2 spreadsheets attached to this project. I'd like to use the one titled house flipping calculator, but I need changes to it made. I'd like someone to confirm that those calculations are functioning properly and then I'd like the layout changed a bit to be more like what you see in the other spreadsheet titled house flipping sprea...

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