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Visual Basic is a general-purpose programming language designed to develop graphical user interface (GUI) applications. Visual Basic programming is used to build a wide range of applications and run platforms on the Microsoft Windows operating system. Visual Basic can be used to create almost any application you imagine, from inventory systems to customized games. It is a powerful programming language with many features like the ability to use the libraries, classes and objects available in .Net languages, such as C# and J#. A Visual Basic Developer is an experienced professional who is able to develop applications using this Microsoft’s programming language.

Here's some projects that our expert Visual Basic Developer made real:

  • Built easy-to-use graphical user interfaces
  • Developed financial modeling simulations for data analysis
  • Automated processes for more efficient operations
  • Created flexible reports for tracking progress
  • Optimized existing software applications for better functionality

Visual Basic Developers are capable of creating various software purposes, actions and activities. With their advanced coding knowledge and experience, they can make an application or program easily accessible and very useful in a short period of time. Their communication skills also help them work closely with you throughout the entire project.

All these makes freelancers with expertise in Visual basic extremely useful in developing various computer programs. They are responsible for designing interfaces, writing codes, testing programs and fixing errors when needed. By hiring one of our expert Visual Basic Developers on, you can trust that your project will be delivered on time and with great quality. Put your project in front of qualified professionals now and get started! Make your ideal project come to life with us!

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    I'm in need of an experienced professional with a strong understanding of Microsoft Excel and Power Automate to create a workflow for efficient data collection and management. Key Requirements: - Expertise in Microsoft Excel: As the primary Microsoft product involved in this project, a deep understanding of Excel is essential for effective data management. - Proficient in Power Automate: The chosen freelancer should be experienced in using Power Automate, Microsoft's automation tool, to create a workflow that streamlines the data management process. Deliverables: - A fully functional Power Automate workflow that optimizes data collection and management. - Integration with Microsoft Teams: The reports generated through this workflow should be seamlessly delivered to Microsoft Te...

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    Please chat with me I will explain what I need help with

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    I need a skilled Excel data entry expert who is comfortable working with advanced features of Excel. You will not only be responsible for entering the data accurately but also for conducting advanced data analysis. Key requirements: - Accurate data entry: The primary task is to ensure that the data is entered without any errors. - Advanced Excel knowledge: You should be proficient in working with complex Excel features like macros and complex formulas. - Data analysis: I need someone who can perform advanced data analysis tasks using Excel. This includes creating pivot tables, and using functions like VLOOKUP. I am looking for someone detail-oriented and experienced in working with complex Excel tasks. The successful candidate should be able to deliver high-quality work within the speci...

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    I would like to have an app ios/android store compatable designed that my employees can clock in and out from when they are working on remote locations. It would be nice if it used geo location to timestamp their location and time of clock in and clock out to make sure they are honest.

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    I'm seeking an Excel expert to create a comprehensive spreadsheet for my business. The tasks the program should handle include: - Price calculations: The program should be able to determine the price of items based on certain criteria. - Data entry: I need all relevant data to be inputted accurately into the spreadsheet. - Calculation of total annual income: The program should be able to calculate the total annual income based on the data entered. You will need to use sample data and templates that I will provide to you. These will help you understand the requirements better. I would also like the program to include data visualization in the form of charts and graphs. The ability to present the information visually is crucial for my business needs. The ideal candidate for this pr...

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    I'm in need of a professional to assist me in downloading an executable file from my Google Drive on Windows. After the completion of the download, the VB.NET script should automatically run the file with custom user permissions. It's crucial that the process is fully automated without the need for any manual intervention. The ideal candidate should be proficient in the following: - Automation scripting on Windows - Handling file downloads from Google Drive - Running executables with custom user permissions Please reach out if you believe you have the expertise to deliver on these requirements. I Need VB.Net Coding for the same.

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    Large and well established business management software written in VB6. System needs on going maintance as well as new developement. Experience needed: VB6, SQL and Git source control. Crystal Reporting and Accounting Knowledge preferable.

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    I'm in need of an Excel expert to design a dynamic data table with specific functionalities and customization settings for columns. The key requirements for this project include: - The data table must be dynamic and without a pivot. This will allow for an easy update of data while maintaining the structure of the table. - Our table needs to have pagination functionality. This is to ensure that large data sets do not become inconvenient to navigate. - The columns in the table must be customizable. In particular, adjustable column width is a feature we need to allow tailored viewing options for different users. The ideal freelancer for this project would have a deep understanding of Excel and its functionalities. Experience with Excel programming and building custom data tables are ...

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    I'm in need of a comprehensive pricing document structured in Excel. This document will span between 5 to 10 pages and must total up on a final page. The information included in each page should cover: - Product prices - Quantity - Discounts - Links to actual products and datasheets The document should have consistent design or theme throughout all pages to maintain a professional and aesthetically pleasing look. It is necessary you demonstrate a strong proficiency in Excel, particularly in formulating complex equations and embedding links. Experience in cost analysis and product pricing would be beneficial for this project. If you possess these skills and are detail-oriented, this job is for you. The document should also include an option on the final page to save as a pdf version...

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    I'm looking for an Excel expert to design a dynamic dashboard for me. It's intended for budget comparison purposes and should automatically update from linked accounts. Key Components to Include: Summary Metrics: Total Revised FY24 Budget Total YTD Actual Total Encumbrances Total YTD Actual + Encumbrances Total Available Budget Departmental Breakdown: Breakdown of budgets and expenditures by department (Dep1, Dep2, Dep3). Category-wise breakdown within each department (Benefits, Cost Allocation, Pension and etc.). Visualizations: Bar charts to show the budget vs actual vs encumbrances for each department. Pie charts to show the percentage distribution of the total budget by department. Line chart...

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    I'm in need of a proficient Excel expert who has a solid understanding of Excel macros and compatibility issues with Excel for Mac 2018 or later. The project involves assessing and modifying an existing Excel macro to ensure that it functions seamlessly on Mac platforms. Key tasks include: - Assessing the existing Excel macro and its functionality - Modifying the macro to be fully compatible with Excel for Mac 2018 or later - Implementing the desired modifications related to data transfer, header and footer creation, as well as digital stamp inclusion The ideal freelancer for this project should have: - Proficiency in Excel macro development and modification - Must own a device running Mac - Prior experience with Excel for Mac compatibility issues - Strong understanding of Excel for...

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    I'm searching for a highly skilled Excel and Word expert to assist with a data analysis project. Key Tasks: - Data Analysis: The main role will be to assist with basic data analysis. This includes simple calculations and sorting tasks. - Chart and Graph Creation: There will be a need to create charts and graphs to represent the analysed data. - Image and Icon Placement: Additionally, I'm looking for support in placing images and icons within the Word documents. Ideal Skills: - High proficiency in Excel and Word - Strong background in data analysis - Ability to create visually appealing charts and graphs - Understanding of image and icon placement within Word - Attention to detail and accuracy This project is ideal for someone with a good understanding of Excel and Word cap...

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    I'm in need of a skilled data entry operator who can handle data processing for me. Here are the details: - Specialization: You should be experienced in data processing. This task involves managing and manipulating data within Microsoft Excel. - Software Preference: I prefer to work with Microsoft Excel, so proficiency in this tool is a must. - Volume: The expected volume of data that you'll be working with will fall within the range of 1,000 to 10,000 entries. Ideal candidate for this job should have: - Experience in data processing, preferably in a business or organizational setting. - Proven proficiency in Microsoft Excel. - Ability to work with large volumes of data efficiently and accurately. Your role will be pivotal in organizing and processing this data accurately ...

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    am getting some error timeout 5 天 left

    to fix the issue i will provide teamviewer or anydesk below is the error am geting one page of my application web application with mssql server Server Error in '/' Application. The wait operation timed out Description: An unhandled exception occurred during the execution of the current web request. Please review the stack trace for more information about the error and where it originated in the code. Exception Details: : The wait operation timed out Source Error: Line 1283: Mycommand = New SqlCommand(strnewrecord, Myconnection) Line 1284: Line 1285: vno = () Line 1286: Line 1287:

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    I'm in need of a skilled professional who is an expert in CorelDraw or Adobe Illustrator, with proven experience in macro creation and programming. We are an eCommerce business with ties to the sportswear industry - mainly football/soccer, so an interest in football is advantageous but not necessary. - Graphics and Designs: At this stage, I am unsure if assistance would be required with graphics and designs, but the freelancer needs to be experienced in these areas, capable to step in if necessary. - Macro Programming: The programming language for macro creation is not strictly defined and will be largely based on the project requirements. However, prior experience in various programming languages is recommended. - Macro Tasks: The main purpose of the macros is to automate repet...

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    I'm in need of an Excel expert who can help me visualize educational data in a bar graph. The core task is to create a bar graph in Excel that depicts educational information. In particular, I need the graph to represent various aspects of education, based on the data provided. Key Responsibilities: - Create a detailed bar graph in Excel, based on the educational data I provide. - Ensure the graph is visually appealing and easy to interpret. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in Excel and data visualization. - Prior experience in creating bar graphs. - Understanding of educational data is a plus, but not mandatory. X Axis Baseline Mid Term (1) December Mid Term (2) July Y Axis C1 C1- B2+ B2 B2- A2+ A2 A2- A1+ A1 A1- PA1+ PA1 PA1- PH3 PH2 PH1

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    I am looking to collaborate with an expert in spreadsheets for accurate review of date-related information. The selected individual will build an automated solution on dot5hosting, where it will send out email notifications based on expiration dates. Mandatory requirements include: * Proficiency in Excel spreadsheet manipulation * Knowledge in automating email notification process * Experience with dot5hosting email client The details to be included in the notification email should comprise of: * Name of the receiver * Expiry date * Details of the item expiring * Phone number * Name This requires a candidate that is meticulous, timely, and operates with precision. Strong communication skills are equally important as the project demands clear and concise notifications. Your ability...

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    I need a custom search bar tool for Excel that can highlight the search results. The main functionality required is the ability to search for a specific term in an Excel sheet. This search bar should highlight all the instances of the search term in the sheet. The tool should: - Be integrated well within Excel for ease of use. - Efficiently highlight all occurrences of the search term. - Be intuitive and easy to understand for users. - Be bug-free and efficient in performance. Ideal skills for this job include: - Proficiency in Excel and VBA - Experience in creating custom Excel tools - Understanding of user-friendly design Please note that I'm not looking for a simple Find and Replace tool, but something that can highlight the search results.

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    I'm after an Excel expert who can help me create a dynamic and easy-to-use pivot table and chart dashboard for material delivery forecasting. The project involves the following: - **Data Inclusions**: The dashboard should incorporate the following data - Delivery Dates, Quantity of materials, and Area Number. - **Organization**: The pivot table and chart should be organized primarily by Area Number. This will help in quickly identifying the material needs for different areas. - **Visualization**: I prefer a bar chart for visualizing the data. This chart should be well integrated into the pivot table to give a comprehensive view of the data. Ideal candidates for this project should have experience in creating dynamic and visually appealing dashboards in Excel, with a strong profic...

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    I require an experienced MS Access developer to establish an innovative invoicing program for Windows. It's essential to have significant knowledge of and experience in developing MS Access databases. Key Features: - Invoice tracking system: The application should accurately track all invoices. - Customer record management: Capability to store and manage customer details is a must-have. - Inventory items: Implement a skillful way of managing inventory items included in invoices. You should also be able to accurately implement my specific design idea into the invoicing program layout. I look forward to evaluating your proposals.

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    I'm in need of a highly skilled VBA 6.0 developer to create a standalone VBA code reader. This software must be able to handle VBA code written within Microsoft applications. Key Requirements: - Development of a standalone VBA 6.0 code reader. - The program should be able to parse and interpret VBA code from Microsoft Office applications like Excel. - The ability to handle complex VBA code structures is crucial. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in VBA 6.0 is a must. - Previous experience in developing code reading software, particularly for VBA, will be highly beneficial. - A deep understanding of the VBA coding environment within Microsoft Office applications is essential. If you are confident in your VBA 6.0 skills and have a proven track record in software development,...

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    I need an experienced specialist with strong knowledge in document automation to work on a critical project. The main objective is to design and develop macros for numbering and line numbering of pdf images of court papers. Here's what you'll be doing: - Propose a suitable software (preferably Adobe Acrobat, Foxit PhantomPDF, or Nitro Pro) for executing the automation task. I am open to exploring other viable alternatives too. - Develop a robust macro that can streamline the process of numbering and line numbering, ensuring accuracy, consistency, and organization of these vital images. - Lastly, as this project is not bound by time constraints, meticulous attention to detail and a perfectionist approach are more welcome than rush work. Ideal candidates should have: - Strong...

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    I need an expert in Excel data entry and formatting to carefully transfer a 50-page Word document into an Excel spreadsheet. Your task isn't just data entry. You should handle text and tables from the document, paying special attention to the following: - Data accuracy is a must, so attention to detail is necessary. - The Excel spreadsheet should have intermediate formatting. This includes cell merging, usage of formulas, and conditional formatting as the task requires. - Furthermore, I need a custom drop-down menu in the Excel spreadsheet. I'll provide specifics upon project initiation. This task demands a high level of proficiency in Excel and data entry skills. If you have substantial experience with similar projects and you're good at following specific instructions, t...

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    I am looking for an expert to help me create useful macros in MS Project and transfer specific outputs to Excel automatically. Key requirements include: - Creating a macro to calculate the daily planned percentage based on task duration in MS Project. - Building a system for automatic transfer of the daily planned percentage from MS Project to an Excel sheet. This project will suit someone with a strong background in MS Project, Macro Development, and Excel and will require a keen understanding of task duration-based project management dynamics. Proficient skills in MS Project Macro scripting and Excel-VBA will be highly advantageous.

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    Key Tasks: - **Automating Data Entry**: This will involve developing scripts that can extract, manipulate, and input financial data seamlessly. - **Custom Function Development**: I'm looking for the freelancer to create tailored functions that can streamline data analysis. - **Report Generation**: The individual should be able to program VBA to create detailed financial reports based on the automated data gathered. Below are some more details: 1. Candidate should have excellent communication skills 2. Candidate will be working for a UK-based company, so, they should be ready to work on a UK-based shift 3. Candidate should have problem-solving and leadership skills The specialist needs to have a profound knowledge of VBA programming and experience in working with financial data.

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    I'm in need of a system that generates daily logs in text file format. Key Requirements: - Daily Log Generation: The system should automatically create logs on a daily basis. - Text File Format: All logs should be stored in a text file format. - Customizable Data: The system should be flexible enough to include additional data fields in the future. The ideal freelancer for this project should have experience in developing automated logging systems and be proficient in handling text file generation. A strong understanding of scripting languages will be a plus.

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    I need an Excel expert to develop a comprehensive calculator. It will be used for estimation purposes within our construction firm, targeting at accurately calculating costs, time, and other essentials by exploiting macros and other Excel capabilities. The tool specification is as follows: Inputs Required: - Material Quantities - Labor hours entailed - Dimensions of the project Calculations Incorporated: - Labor cost calculation - Total installation time calculation Additional Features: - Breakdown of costs by category for in-depth understanding - Save and retrieve previous estimates for further reference Given the nature of the project, Excel skills (with an emphasis on Macros), an understanding of the construction industry, and a background or clear familiarity with cost and time e...

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    OI urgently require assistance in porting a working desktop macro to run as a shared file on Excel Online using office scripts automation. This is a simple application seen from a broader perspective, yet demands attention-to-detail due to the specifics. Here are the primary responsibilities: - Transcribe the macro into office scripts for optimal functionality on Excel Online. Translate the macro into a comparable office script that performs the same task. Macros and form control are not supported online, so I'm looking for comparable solution that works on the desktop and shared online version of excel. - The macro is fundamentally purposed towards data processing works on desktop excel applications - It specifically selects data from one sheet, and pastes it onto another sheet ...

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    Need programmer from tamilnadu I'm seeking a professional with expertise in accounts, UI development and finance management for a project that involves various tasks in these fields. The developer should come to our office and do the development ,source code will be given and we'll guide to get integrate with out accounts team for the development,accommodation and food will be provided ,we are located in Sayalkudi ,Ramanathapuram dt Framework - Codeigniter Language - php, Javascript The project deals will full accounts (tally based) Key Tasks: - Conduct accounts reconciliation: You'll be responsible for ensuring that our accounts are accurate and up-to-date. This involves comparing transactions to ensure they match and are correctly categorized. - Design a user-friendly...

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    I need a tool that can generate bank statements in Excel format, with the following features: - Bank Selection: The tool should allow me to select the bank from a list of options (Bank A, Bank B, Bank C). - Date Range: I should be able to specify the start and end dates for the statement. - Customer Information: Include fields for me to add the customer's name and address. Once I've entered the data above, the tool should automatically generate a bank statement in Excel. It should be detailed, including all transaction descriptions. The ideal freelancer for this project would have: - Experience in developing automation tools, particularly in Excel. - Understanding of financial statements and transactions. - Ability to create a user-friendly interface for data entry. Note we...

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    As the owner of a restaurant chain, I'm looking for an Excel professional to create a comprehensive workbook to manage my restaurant's inventory and purchase orders. The main features that need to be included are: - Inventory tracking for 100+ different stock items - Purchase order management - Daily indenting - Stock balance - Low stock notifications for my 2 outlets The ideal freelancer for this project should have extensive experience with Excel, particularly in creating inventory and purchase order management systems. An understanding of restaurant operations would be a bonus. Additionally, the workbook should have reporting features that offer better visualization of stock movement. This should include pivot table reports, a graphical representation of stock levels, and a...

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    OFFLINE DESKTOP APPLICATION Suggestions: VBA Programming vs Python Which one is most compatible with the business concept and system flow? I looking for Offline Desktop Application, installed on a computer and run locally, performs better, works offline, and keeps data more secure (I will use a laptop for the system, portable). Business Concept: (Direct Compensation UNILEVEL MLM)/Affiliate Program Multilevel Commission Compensation (2 tiers or 2 layers) with a recurring system (Monthly Recurring Bill Payments, 2-year contract) *ONLY 2 Product SKU ( Main Product 1 Year , Replacement Filter 1 Year ) Frontend task User operating (Dashboard) - GUI Graphical user interface (Power BI) - Administration Manual Data Entry - Data Visualization, Statistics board Backend task System operating (Au...

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    I need a Power BI dashboard specifically tailored for illustrating quality control data. The following are key specifics about this project: - Build Using Excel: I expressly request that the dashboard be constructed using Excel. Knowledge of pertinent Excel features and capability to use them optimally is necessary. - Quality Control Data: The dashboard should display data related to quality control. Proficiency with such data and related industry concepts will be immensely ideal. - Manual Review: I wish all the data and the dashboard itself to undergo a thorough manual review by a team of experts to ensure accuracy and relevance. Experience with manual data review processes is crucial for this project. The successful applicant will have ample experience in creating Excel dashboards...

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    I am looking for a highly skilled VBA developer to automate complex tasks in Excel, and to create custom functions for these tasks. I need an expert person who can work on VS lookup and VBA programming. Key responsibilities for this project include: - Building advanced macros and custom add-ins to automate time-consuming and complex tasks in Excel - Creating custom functions to enhance the existing Excel functionality and streamline our data processing Ideal candidates should have: - Proven experience in VBA development, particularly in automating Excel tasks and creating custom functions - A strong understanding of advanced Excel features and functions - The ability to translate complex tasks into efficient VBA code for automation Please include details of your experience with VBA, ...

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    I am looking for a skilled Excel expert to create a comprehensive and automated spreadsheet for my post sales tracking. Key Requirements: - I need the Excel sheet to manage post sales collections, dues tracking, reminder automation, receipt generation, and sales analysis. - The data to be included should encompass customer information, sales transaction details, payment details, and due dates. The ideal candidate for this task should have: - Extensive experience in Excel automation - A keen eye for detail to ensure the sheet is accurate and efficient - The ability to automate reminders to ensure timely payments and maintain the sales cycle The sheet will need to be updated daily, so it must be designed to handle frequent data input and adjustment. A quick turnaround time is preferred fo...

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    I'm on the hunt for a highly skilled individual with extensive Excel knowledge to simplify a large amount of Data Logging data for me. Your primary task will be to consolidate this data, ensuring it's organized in an easier to understand, reference-friendly format. Notably, we will not require any specific sorting criteria as these were not indicated. Our main goal is to make the data more manageable for future reference. *Key Qualifications* 1. Excellent grasp of Microsoft Excel 2. Experience in data consolidation 3. Strong attention to detail 4. Able to work independently and efficiently In this project, your understanding of data logging data will be crucial. So, a prior working history with data logging would be a distinct advantage. If you're up for the challeng...

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    Google sheet develper 1 天 left

    I'm in need of a Google Sheet developer who can assist me in setting up and automating real-time data analysis and reporting on Google Sheets. Key Responsibilities: - Develop a custom script for real-time data analysis on Google Sheets - Create a template for reporting the analyzed data - Ensure the analysis and reporting processes are seamless and real-time Ideal Skills and Experience: - Extensive experience in Google Sheets and automation - Proficiency in data analysis and reporting - Proven track record in developing custom scripts for Google Sheets - Ability to work in a fast-paced, real-time data environment

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    I'm in desperate need of an Excel expert equipped with the skills to manage and analyze large complex datasets. The tasks will require: - Strong data analysis capabilities: I want someone who can find the story hidden in my data and bring it to light. - Expertise in spreadsheet formatting: The sheets have to be impeccably organized for quick reference and easy understanding. - Mastery in formula creation: The formulas applied will be intricate and will require someone with a deep understanding of Excel functionalities. The data I'm working with is substantial and comprises multiple intricate calculations. Thus, experience with large datasets and advanced analysis is a must. Also, my work is carried out on Microsoft Excel 2019, so familiarity and expertise in this version are...

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    I am developing a Google Sheet- We are developing a google sheet to be used as a tool to assist club managers (Fitness industry) to track number of enquiries required to grow their business The sheet it self will include three worksheets and look close to the examples attached: Worksheet 1- Dashboard & Planner Worksheet 2 - Local Area Marketing Planner & Calendar Worksheet 3 - Business to Business tracker We're wanting macro's and scripts to be used so that if a logo is deleted from the sheet, the Google document is unable to be used. Example images are not ours, it is another Google document that we like. This document will need to be executed at the same standard.

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    I'm looking for a professional who can develop a Visual Basic 2015 code to record webcam footage along with voice, but only while motion is detected. Once the motion stops, the recording should end and be saved in MP4 format. Key Requirements: - Development in Visual Basic 2015 - Motion detection feature to start and stop the recording - Save recorded footage in MP4 format Optional, but a plus: - Ability to select location for saved recordings Note you can get the code in ChatGTP.

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    I am in need of a detail-oriented and experienced Excel user to assist in merging multiple Excel files, each sizing between 1MB and 10MB. These files hold crucial customer information that needs to merge seamlessly, ensuring no data gets lost in the process. In order to successfully complete this task, following skills and experience are necessary: - Proficiency in Excel - Experience with large data sets - Cross-referencing and data entry skills - Knowledge in handling customer information respectfully Your primary task will be to consolidate these files in an efficient and effective manner, maintaining the data's integrity. Your goal is to produce a single, comprehensive Excel file that holds all the customer data currently spread across current files. Please, only bid if you�...

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    I need an Excel spreadsheet that will allow me to efficiently manage health care payment data. - **Data Entry Form**: The spreadsheet should have a user-friendly data entry form to ensure easy and accurate data input. - **Calculation Formulas**: It should include calculation formulas to automatically process and analyze the payment data entered. - **Chart/Graph Creation**: The ability to create visual representations of the data in the form of charts or graphs is essential. The payment data that needs to be entered into the spreadsheet includes payment amounts, reference numbers and location. I need this project completed as soon as possible. Ideal candidates for this project should have: - Proficiency in creating user-friendly Excel spreadsheets with data entry forms - Advanced k...

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    I'm looking for a programmer to develop an AI desktop interface for a Windows environment using VB.NET. The ideal freelancer will have solid experience in VB.NET and a proven track record in developing AI systems. Key Skills Required: - Expertise in VB.NET for Windows-based development (UWP) - Experience with Google Gemini for AI implementation and other chatbots Responsibilities will entail: - Developing the main framework using VB.NET - Incorporating Google Gemini and other chatbot for AI functionalities - Registering demo APIs and providing assistance to register working APIs - Ensuring the AI interface supports natural language processing, able to understand and chat Please note, only applicants with a demonstrated history of similar projects will be considered. Anticipate a...

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    I am currently using a custom made program that was developed in house several years ago. Since then we have a laundry list of updates that we want to make to the program including exporting BOMs to QuickBooks/excel csv and other various things. The original designer is no longer employed with us. The program is for designing wiring harnesses and it populates point to point connections between connectors that are within a template that the program draws from. Wire gauge/color/function are all moved between the connector templates. basic work flow is this. templates are chosen from dropdown menu and ID is selected (FC1-19) 2-AWG/Wire color/Function/Source/Group is populated if not already from template used. 3-Attach pins button is pressed and menu pops up showing all connector and sou...

    $617 (Avg Bid)
    $617 平均报价
    17 个竞标

    I need assistance in managing my customer data effectively. The ideal candidate needs to set up a system that allows me to keep track of my customer data and generate Excel reports based on this data. Requirements: - Set up a system for me to input and manage customer data - Ensure the system generates Excel reports with the necessary fields - Ensure the system is user-friendly and easy for me to use The ideal candidate will have experience in: - Database management - Excel report generation - User interface design for data management systems Please only apply if you have demonstrable experience in these areas.

    $86 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $86 / hr 平均报价
    26 个竞标

    Buenas,necesito la creación y diseño de una hoja de Excel para recogida de datos para crear una base de Datos estadística de un proceso asistencial sanitario

    $172 (Avg Bid)
    $172 平均报价
    53 个竞标

    I want to design a vba code where i can send text or whats app message

    $86 (Avg Bid)
    $86 平均报价
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    invitaciones boda 2 小时 left

    requiero configurar en la plataforma greenvelope invitaciones de boda digital

    $141 (Avg Bid)
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    Excel Data entry 2 小时 left

    I have a sizeable amount of data that I need inputted into Excel to generate reports. This data is a mix of textual information and numerical data. There are numerous columns that this data needs to be sorted into. The ideal candidate for this job will have: - Proficiency in Excel and experience in data entry - An understanding of how to organize mixed data into clear, readable reports - Strong attention to detail to ensure accuracy of the entries - Good time management skills to complete the task in a reasonable timeframe. I need the output to be organized, coherent, and easily understandable, so please only apply if you have a strong background in Excel and data entry.

    $2429 (Avg Bid)
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    178 个竞标
    Excel XLSM Password Recovery 1 小时 left

    I need a professional who can help me recover a password for an Excel XLSM file. Key Requirements: - Recover a lost password for an Excel XLSM file - Ensure the process is secure and compliant with standard security practices - Maintain the integrity and functionality of the document post-password removal Ideal Skills: - Proficient in password recovery methods for Microsoft Excel - Experience in data security and encryption - Strong knowledge of Excel XLSM file structure

    $141 (Avg Bid)
    $141 平均报价
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